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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise monday october 18, 1876 7bcase bound Over to Superior court for trial Cro Twitt Andy Griffith Brady Bunch the Adams chronicles lors Nio ii Henrietta music performance at Wolf trap nil football a Yoi executes suite executive suite Best of Groucho charges of kidnapping armed robbery and conspiracy to commit a felony. He was Given 90-Day Active sentences on two counts of Possession of drugs and one count of Possession of a hypodermic Needle and syringe he gave notice of Appeal. Anthony Moore and Keith Moore both of Kent Street were bound Over after probable cause was found in charges of common Law robbery against them. Anthony Moore also was bound Over on a charge of Auto breaking and entering. Two persons waived hearings and were bound Over on charges of breaking and entering and larceny. They were Michael Duncan and Robert m. Duncan 18, both of Clara Cox apts. Danny Hunt of Wise Avenue was bound Over after waiving hearings on two counts of receiving stolen goods Johnny Flemming 17, of Asheboro Street was bound Over on one count of receiving. Another charge of receiving against Hunt was dismissed by the state. Also having receiving charges against them dismissed by the state were Hilliard Brown of Asheboro Street and Carl Jones 32, of it. 4, Thomasville. James Harper no address listed charged with Auto larceny pleaded guilty to Misdemeanour larceny. He was Given a 60-Day suspended sentence and was fined $20 and costs. Nancy a. Zimmerman 35. Of Turnpike Road in Thomasville was Given a two year suspended sentence and was fined $50 and costs on a charge of making a false statement in connection with an insurance claim. She also was placed on probation Ray o. East of Dogwood Circle was Given a six month Active sentence on a charge of assault on an officer. He gave notice of Appeal. James keen 30, of Lambeth drive was Given a 30-Day suspended sentence and was fined $10 and costs on a charge of assault by pointing a gun a similar charge against Richard a Billings 17, of it. 2. Jamestown was dismissed by the state. Wednesday Haworth made Active a nine month sentence against Michael Quick Iii no address available. Quick had been Given a suspended sentence originally but was in court again on a charge of violating his probation Ricky j Lewis 23, of High Point was Given a six month Active sentence on a charge of Misdemeanour breaking and entering. He had originally been charged with a felony count. He gave notice of Appeal. Anthony g. Daughtridge 19. Of Tate Street charged with Auto breaking and entering was found guilty of trespassing. He was Given a 30-Day suspended sentence and was taxed costs he also was placed on probation. James Harper 49. Of e. Commerce Avenue was bound Over to Superior court inc blown insulation Sears electric co. Cau Day or night. Phone 883-9280a my a Btu Wunch a tag a Gap soc Xii Edca Wret p i f cd. 2 cd. 3 cd. 4 cd. 5 cd. 8 cd. 9 cd. 12 cd. 20 cd 36 i m Greensboro Charlotte Chapel Hill Washington High Point Charlotte w. Salem Washington Charlotte i dream of Jeanma Beverly Hillbillies movie any second now Quot movie fade in movie a movie Jolt reflection of for you fear Mcaa highlights honeymooner untouchable Sammy and company Star trek emergency one Andy Griffith Comer Pyla Rhode Phyllis Rhode Phyllis m Little Hou a on the Prairie Little House on the Prairie Ironside Marcus Welby a. D. After probable cause was found in a charge of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. John l Peguese. 37, of Kroll Lane was Given a six month suspended sentence and was fined $25 and costs on a charge of Possession of marijuana receiving 90-Day suspended sentences and fines of $100 and costs for Drunken driving were Michael r. Pierce 19, of George Avenue in Thomasville Franklin a Wiley or59. Of Albert Street Howard f. Gore. 40, of scientific Street Harold a Garrett or. 20. Of Greensboro Ronnie l Efrid 32, of Rockwood Road and Arnold g. Clark no address listed Charles r Koontz no address listed was Given a six month suspended sentence and was fined $100 and costs for Drunken driving Charles e Talley no address listed charged with Drunken driving was found guilty of driving while his License was suspended he was Given an eight month suspended sentence and was fined $200 and costs. The state took a voluntary dismissal in a charge of Drunken driving against James g. Pyrtle. No address available Bobby l Byrd. 38. Of route 5, charged with Drunken driving was found guilty of reckless driving. He was fined $50 and costs. A speeding charge against him was dismissed a Drunken driving charge against Donnie j. Mcmahan of Greensboro was dismissed he was Given a 90-Day suspended sentence and was taxed costs on a charge of not having a Driver s License James p Short 18, of Danville awas fined $25 and costs on a charge of driving after drinking a television schedule Roger Moo re plays Sherlock Holmes treasure Hunt 7 30 Rhoda 8-00 Rhode gets fixed up with a Quot Blind Date a a loud Pushy Showbiz Type who has to be seen to be believed Phyllis 830 Phyllis has a new rival at work a the City s garbage problem which takes All her Boss s attention. Maude Omo Walter s in bankruptcy. Maude s efforts to make him feel better Only result in disaster. New show All s fair 930 after much discussion and with a few reservations Richard and Charley decide to try living together. New show executive suite Moo shortly after the company president s daughter is arrested an employee finds herself in jail for harbouring a fugitive liar dub treasure Hunt lbs news Price a right Newt movie a Mcmillan it sign off new England Odd coup love american style Newt tonight show Newt tonight show Mary Hartman Mary Hartman Burnt and Allen Mary Hartman Mary Hartman love american style but if your mind is on your present or upcoming fall expenses new clothes. Final school needs for the children. Car repairs. Last minute Home remodelling or repairs. Or just cleaning up old Bills we can arrange a loan to fit your needs and your budget. Give us a Call or Stop by and see us today. Safeway finance where people and Money get together to toss to >1,500 144 n. Main St. 882-3371 High faint by Jay Sharbutt a television writer los Angeles apr the Sleuth the whole Sleuth and nothing but the Sleuth Are on display tonight at no we have reference to a two hour to movie called a Sherlock Holmes in new York a while sir Arthur Conan Doyle did t compose the plot his three most famous characters Are All in this opus which i d bet will be hailed by Baker Street irregulars and civilians alike. Roger Moore plays Holmes Patrick Macnee is or. Watson Holmes aide de plot. And John Huston checks in a with Fine malevolent gusto As Holmes arc foe the nefarious professor Moriarity the game s afoot in 1901, and As usual involves Moriarity a unrelenting Effort to publicly humiliate and destroy the famed detective who seeks to have him fitted with a Hangman s Cravat All this is quickly established when Holmes visits the Good professor s digs near the London docks and informs him he s just demolished Moriarity a infamous crime organization a blast you Holmes blast you a Moriarity growls not at All mollified that Holmes can to get anyone in the gang to Fink on their Boss and put him in the Slammer for keeps. After displaying some lethal office gadgets Moriarity whips out a gun but he does no to use it snarling a i will destroy you but in my own said fashion he adds will be a the crime of the Century a hell pull off before Holmes very eyes with the idea of humiliating history a most famous detective in the eyes of the world. District court judge Byron Haworth thursday found probable cause in the hearings of John d. Whitehead of Westchester drive charged with rape and carnal knowledge. Whitehead was bound Over to Superior court for trial. Haworth found probable cause in the hearings of three men charged with breaking and entering larceny and receiving they were Leon c. Goins 27, of Gordon Street Keith Cash 16, and Charles g. Parker 17, both of n. Centennial Street. Thomas m. Quick 20, of Chestnut drive was bound Over after waiving preliminary hearings on Carter Backer can ride bus to twin City Asheboro a Randolph county residents who wish to go to hear democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter in Winston Salem next tuesday can get a ride on a bus being arranged by the county democratic party in Asheboro Charles Sanford party chairman announced today. Sanford said the bus will Cost $3 for a round trip he said it will leave the democratic Headquarters on South Fayetteville Street in Asheboro at noon and should be Back by 4 p m Sanford also announced that on tuesday two rallies will be held for fourth District congressman Ike Andrews he said the rallies will be held simultaneously at Randleman senior High gym and the gym at Eastern Randolph High both affairs will get under Way at 7 p m and will feature Dixieland Western and country music congressman Andrews is expected to play his saxophone while congressman Richardson Preyer will perform on a Simular instrument and congressman Bill Hefner will also take part in the musical program. Featured musicians will be the a thrasher Brothers nationally known gospel singers admission is free he proceeds to lure him to new York having caused him to suspect the Moriarity magic is about to worked on Holmes sweetie an actress name of Irene Adler Charlotte rampling. The sweetie it turns out in t in peril Only her 9-year-old son a an apparent Baker Street irregular by virtue of Holmes first meeting with the lady. The lad has been kidnapped Channel converter program schedules listed in to schedule Are furnished by the television stations and networks and Are subject to change without notice network addresses network addresses Art Lilied below for to Schodl it. Readers who win to writ dire la to the network for question criticism or program ticket requests Uso be of America new York n v 1001 it is karst sstn.1 Street new yet re n v Kwh of m rim be Fetter l ult new York by ism Channel station 2 Wfmy-6 Greensboro 3 a Btu Charlotte 4 Wunch Chapel Hill wet Goa thing ton 8 wish thigh Point High Point Cable Davidson county Cable 12 Xii Winston Solem _ Washington Quot writ cilia i o tie

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