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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 17, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy Ami Cool a Tad year no. 291 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation rn-1719 classified ads ms-2177 other dept. Xxs-2141 High Point. N. C., sunday morning october 17. 1976 112 pages daily i be sunday 35c erroneous7 charges protested by Carter by the associated press with i political flits bared. President Ford Rode a whistle Stop train saturday through Illinois telling crowds that Jimmy Arter will say anything to get elected and attacking his democratic rival on issues that Carter claims Ford has distorted a the wanders he wavers he waffles and he wiggles Quot Ford said of his democratic challenger a he in t the Man you want for president Carter told a news conference e in Kansas City that he had wired Ford on Friday asking him to Stop misrepresenting the Democrat s position on four issues the Telegram asked the president to Quot refrain rom making. Misleading and erroneous statements to the american Ford replied with a Telegram of his own he said it told Carter in effect that Quot we re just telling the truth Quot Quot i sent gov Carter a Telegram indicating i m delighted to help him clarify his position on such important issues As income taxes the deductibility of mortgage interest payments Federal spending programs and the defense budget the president said. At his stops along his whistle Stop trip Ford attacked Carter on three of the four issues a income taxes Federal spending and defense cuts and the president Riding a Campaign train called honest Abe Quot told reporters Quot we re just getting warmed up a meanwhile the vice presidential rivals. Sens Bob Dole and Walter f Mondale. Returned to the Campaign Trail following their acrimonious Friday night debate in Houston Dole went to his Home state of Kansas where he defended his debate remarks blaming democrats for every War this Century Quot of they want to twp dredging up watergate and the Nixon Pardon then Well dredge up a few wars. Dole declared As he began a four Day Campaign swing through the Midwest farm Belt Mondale also campaigning in Illinois told a crowd at a shopping Center in Fairview Heights. 12 Miles East of St i Nils that he would be glad to debate Dole again Carter said his Telegram asked the president to Stop misleading voters into thinking the democratic candidate would raise taxes for everyone earning Over . Slash $15 billion from the defense budget push for social programs costing at least Hoo billion and try to end tax deductions for homeowners mortgage interest but soon after Carter spoke. Ford began his 10-hour trip for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one Westchester holes q. I want to know Why on Westchester drive Between Lexington and main Street they have dug some 25 holes in that new pavement. Thank you anon. A qty Engineer Jim Oliver says this is a routine adjustment of manholes and water valve boxes before applying the final course of Asphalt citation details this is in reaction to the article in which someone asked if an officer had the right to ask the color of your eyes hair weight and measurements and the reply was yes that is needed. The same thing happened to me a week ago and this information is in no Way on the traffic citation. The Only thing on it is the Date of birth and this is on the Drivers License. I Don t see Why they would need any other information. Thank you. Anon woman. A each time an officer serves a warrant or citation an arrest card must be made out and submitted to the records department at police Headquarters this arrest card Calls for More detailed information than the warrant or citation and requires that a person s physical characteristics be listed the officer is not doing it just for fun such a detailed record in some cases would prevent another persons record from being attributed to a person with the same name pension plan particulars q. I would like to know the address a probably some government body a that could give information on pension plans when they were made mandatory and any information As far As longevity required Etc. Thank you. B h. A. The employee retirement income Security act of 1974 erisa for Short does not require a company to have a welfare or pension plan but existing or new plans must meet certain standards. The act does no to guarantee a pension to every worker just to those who meet the plans requirements a and it does t specify the amount of Money to be paid As a pension or pass judgment on the adequacy of the benefits it does protect participants from mismanagement and misrepresentation the plan administrator usually the employer is required to furnish employees 90 Days after they become participants a Clear summary of the plan which must include among other things the eligibility requirements for benefits Cir a cum stances that May result in disqualification or denial of benefits procedures for presenting claims and a statement of the nature and amount of deferred vested benefits when employment is ended vesting Means that after you have worked a specified time with an employer under a pension plan you Are Given the right to certain pension benefits you have earned which you will receive on retirement even though you leave that Job before retirement. You can get general information in a Booklet Quot often asked questions about the employee retirement income Security act of 1974.&Quot this was prepared by the . Dept of Klaibor i Abor management services administration office of employee benefits Security Washington d c. 20216. For your specific situation questions should be directed to your plan administrator or employer. Aboard the Amtrak train Quot honest Abe Quot in Joliet. Ill with a blistering attack pm Carter Ford said his challenger Quot will say anything anywhere to be president of the United Carter told his news conference before making Campaign stops throughout Ohio that Quot those who work for a living and report All their income for tax purposes would not have an increase in their taxes Quot under a Carter presidency. He noted that his economic advisers have estimated that taxes could be Cut at All income Levels if the tax code was reformed to tighten tax shelters and other provisions that Carter considers loopholes Carter said he did not recall Ever endorsing a $15 billion reduction in the defense budget As Ford charged in their foreign policy debate jct 6 and in his White House news conference thursday. The los Angeles times and the Savannah morning news have said he did the democratic candidate declared that he has said consistently throughout his Campaign that he favors defense cuts of five per cent or $5 billion to $7 billion asked about two newspaper reports. Carter replied. Quot i can t deny that i Ever said that i Don t Carter said that As president he would continue mortgage interest and property tax deductions he acknowledged that he said during the Massachusetts primary that he might consider eliminating them but he insisted that the following Day he made Clear that he opposed eliminating the deductions. Carter has not estimated How much new social programs would Cost but he contends economic recovery and elimination of waste could generate $60 billion for social spending in his first term he has said that could be used to finance his programs. He also has said he would balance the Federal budget by be erroneous on a Michael and George resting after a hard Day at the fair nine year Oid Michael Elliott of Mocksville sleeps on a feed Box beside his Angus steer. George Michael and George teamed up to win the Junior showmanship championship in the under 14 Competition at the North Carolina state fair in Raleigh a nuclear Accident payments revealed Seattle map i in their first report on the subject insurance companies say they have paid about $400,000 in the past 19 years to persons involved in radiation incidents in the nuclear Power Industry the companies said none of the payments stemmed from accidents at nuclear Power plants they said most of the incidents of cured during the transport of nuclear materials the report said there have been 30 incidents since 1957 that have required settlements of $400 000 and another $200,000 in expenses. In one Case. $300 too was paid to the estate of a Man contaminated with plutonium at a truck terminal in another a Man died after some nuclear material reached critical mass and fission de his wife was paid $70,000 Quot no accidents involving radiation release have occurred which posed even a minor threat to the general Public a said the report of the nuclear Energy liability property insurance association. Nel-p1a is one of two insurance pools covering about 425 commercial nuclear Power fuel and waste plants Charles Bardes liability underwriting manager for Selim a. Said most of the incidents involved Small amounts of nuclear material and materials of Low radioactive concentrations the report did not detail the names of people or the places involved in the incidents the $300,000 settlement involved the death of a Man who was among seven per sons contaminated by plutonium in january 1963 the seven were employed at a truck terminal through which the plutonium was shipped the Man lost an Arm to cancer and later died of the disease his estate was paid $300 too in an out of court settlement. The report said the settlement was made even though a there was not satisfactory evidence of a causal connection Between his illness and nuclear material Quot the fission incident occurred in july 1964 at a scrap recovery Plant when a worker poured a nuclear substance from a Safe Container into an unsafe one. A Brief Chain reaction occurred and the worker badly exposed died two Days later. The $70,000 settlement was made after the widow sued persons responsible for procedures used in the Plant other incidents for which Small payments were made by the insurance group included a the August 1967 theft of Radium Quot by a group of Young boys Quot from a Plant the Radium was recovered the report said a a May 1972 incident in which a worker was contaminated by a radioactive isotope which had leaked from a ruptured Container. The worker failed to Monitor himself and spread radioactivity to his Home and that of a Friend All were decontaminated and their personal property was replaced. A the March 1975 loss of two boxes containing contaminated reactor filter the boxes fell from a truck and were found by the state police who stored them overnight in a lost and found facility As Arab leaders meet lebanese fighting stops Beirut Lebanon apr fighting Between syrian troops and palestinian guerrillas stopped abruptly saturday As Yasir Arafat syrian president Hafez Assad and other key leaders gathered in saudi Arabia for what could be crucial talks on the War in Lebanon the saudi arabian foreign minister Prince Saud. Announced in Riyadh that the syrian president on Friday had ordered his forces to cease hostilities the Cairo based Middle East news Agency reported Saud said the cease fire order a makes us More hopeful that the six nation Summit is the beginning of the turning Point in Lebanon so desired in the Arab and islamic worlds Quot the Agency said Saud also said Assad issued the order a a in response to the urging of his majesty King Khaled a according to the report. Fighting continued however Between right Wing Christian and leftist moslem forces in Beirut saturday. The saudi King was sponsoring the six party conference aimed at producing a peaceful solution to the 16 month old civil War Between the lebanese christians and an Alliance of palestinians and lebanese leftists the conflict has deeply divided the Arab world especially since the syrians intervened in june on the Side of the christians arriving in Riyadh were Arafat head of the Palestine liberation organization. Assad egyptian president Anwar Sadat lebanese president Elias Sarkis and the Emir of Kuwait. Sheik Sabah Al Salem Al Sabah. The official saudi news Agency reported together with King Khaled they were expected to begin their general talks saturday night or sunday morning after a series of individual meetings inside Reading Rosalynn s travels. Campaign impressions. Page 12c school columns. Editorial. Women new. Sport. Telex upon. Entertainment. Page 13. 14 15c obituaries. Clarified. . Urging investments in Rhodesia new York api the Federal government is urging major american corporations to invest in Rhodesia after its Black majority takes Power according to business and government sources investment by the american companies is considered crucial by Federal officials if the african country is to maintain close ties with the West the sources said the sources said William d Rogers undersecretary of state for economic affairs met Here oct. 5 with officials of about 20 . Corporations to discuss future commercial involvement in a Black ruled Rhodesia the sources said corporations represented at the meeting arranged by sen Jacob Javas. R-n.y., included the Chase Manhattan Bank the 3mco Citibank. Union Carbide and Mobil Oil corp sen Dick Clark. A Lowa chairman of the Senate subcommittee on african affairs. Sent a representative and javits. A ranking member of the Senate foreign relations committee. Attended. Don Kellert Nann javits administrative assistant said javits called the meeting because he is interested in the economic and social Impact of the situation Quot no decisions about future ventures were made at the meeting the sources said. Pending developments at the constitutional conference on the future of Rhodesia scheduled to begin gel 28 in Geneva homers could not be reached for comment on the meeting however congressional and state depart ment sources who asked not to be identified said discussion focused on training programs for Black rhodesian and investment policies most american firms Are forbidden from doing business in Rhodesia under United nations sanctions imposed after the White minority regime declared its Independence from Britain in november 1965 he will hang 22-year-old american convicted of murder in Bahamas Nassau the Bahamas a shortly after Dawn tuesday in the Small Gallows room at her majesty s prison at Fox Hill Michiah Shombek. 22, an american will be hanged Shombek who said he killed three american visitors Here because they were a the Angels of Lucifer a has exhausted All avenues of Appeal authorities say he will be executed tuesday morning. But his Mother a Milwaukee cleaning woman still is searching for a Way out for her son. My boy needs care a Juanita Spencer said in a Telephone interview Quot he in t right in his head. It started before he left Here Quot mrs Spencer believes her son is mentally ill in part from a viral infection he suffered As a child. She also contends he suffered a nervous breakdown and was beaten while in the bahamian prison. Shombek was sentenced to die by hanging Michiah Shombek on sept. 26, 1975, after his conviction for murder in the january 1974 stabbing death of Irwin Borstein a new York City accountant during his trial Shombek also confessed to killing two other americans. Shombek was originally scheduled to be hanged oct. 7, 1975. But mrs Spencer s Appeal to authorities won her son a reprieve the execution was later rescheduled for this get 19 however. Shombek appeared not to comprehend the meaning of a reprieve a the had trouble understanding the news a said Consul a Stephen Vitale at the time a the looked stunned and a Little groggy i had to repeat what i said he just shrugged his shoulders mrs. Spencer has tried for another delay letters to Wisconsin congressmen and the White House have brought vague replies she said Quot they All say look into it but nobody s doing anything Quot she said she attended his trial and has visited him since his sentencing Quot i d like to get another stay because he was never represented right the first she said Quot after they got the confession the attorney was telling him How to act because All they would do would be to Send him Back to the United states he believed bahamian government spokesman Cyril Stevenson says ail Legal procedures in the Case have been exhausted we Are not like the you would have said Shombek was a Lunatic and put him in an Asylum and let him out in six months to kill some other people a a Shombek spent time in various Reform schools for Petty crimes As a youngster and was an aggressive and Quot Street Wise teen Ager his Mother says. At age 17, he left Home. In november 1973, Shombek went to the Bahamas. Quot he was just bumming around Quot she said. During his trial Shombek confessed to killing Paul Howell 50, a Massillon Ghio attorney attending a convention Here. Howell was stabbed in the neck and Chest dec 5, 1973 Shombek also admitted strangling 17-year-old Katie Smith of Detroit on Jan. 26, 1974 her body was found in a ditch

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