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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina She should level with her caseworker High Point Enterprise Friday october 15, 1976 7a dear Ann Landers several years ago my husband was killed in an Accident. I was left with no Job skills and a four year old to raise. When i became desperate a Friend suggested i apply for welfare. I did. Later the same Friend suggested that i take some College courses again i followed her advice. I graduated from College a year ago and found a Good Job with excellent pay. My problem because i was financially strapped and deeply in debt i did not advise the welfare office of my employment for several months. In addition to the debts left by my husband i had heavy medical expenses which i could not have paid without medicaid. I live in constant fear that i m going to be found out disgraced and fired i d gladly repay the welfare All the Money i collected from the state while i was employed but in a afraid they would prosecute me anyway will you please consult with your Legal experts and find out the probability of being prosecuted and what Steps i should take just sign me a sleepless nights dear sleepless i checked with the state of Illinois department of Public Aid. And was told that your Best bet is to level with your caseworker. In order to avoid prosecution you must sign forms saying you intend to reimburse the state in full then you should arrange a pay Back schedule i applaud your desire to right the wrong get going a and pleasant dreams. Dear Ann Landers i am in desperate need of some intelligent unbiased advice 1 11 get right to the Point. I was pregnant when i married r the baby was not his he knew it and said it did t matter. I decided it would Best to give up the child for adoption immediately after birth. R and i have had ten wonderful years of marriage our three children will soon be of school age. The problem should they be told of my first child if so How much should i Tell them our families know about my first pregnancy but no one Speaks of it. It s As if it never happened. I love my children dearly and must know How to Deal with this ghost from the past a anxious dear anxious i m not fond of cliches but in this instance i can think of no Bettr Way to say it. A let Slewing dogs a prospective husband shold always be informed of a out of Wedlock baby or pregnancy but Tell the children no if in later yeas they should ask. Tell thei the truth but i see no poll in initiating the sub Jec tar Ann Landers in a furious with that Mother who Clwyd you out for writing a Bai sex in your column so complained about having to Hie the paper from her Hart 13-year-Olds. The women must be crazy. A have helped millions of Kos stay out of trouble me included my parents Neve told me one thing you Wen like a Mother to me. I hate to think of where i d be Toda if it weren to for your frail easy to understand Collin i m signing this a grateful Dar grateful so am i for our staunch support. My thanks to you and to All others who wrote. Don t get burned by a Quot line that a too hot to handle play it Cool with Ann Landers s guide to Quot necking and petting a what Are the limits Quot Send your request to Ann Landers p of Box 1400, Elgin 111 60120, enclosing 50 cents in Coin and a Long stamped self addressed envelope Sale lingerie skirts blouses shorts $5 of each bargain Hunters the Mckernan shop adjacent to factory 2420 English Road we offer unbeatable prices on jackets jeans Western shirts. Jean skirts ladies tops and blouses Etc. Open to the Public . 9-6, sat. 10-6 i table assorted items h off it Al Day a is 666 us juju steel open monday saturday 9 30 a m free parking in rear 5 30 p m classified ads provide results that Are unmatched by any other method dorms can be made comfortable having survived orientation scheduling and Matching names to dozens of new faces College students have settled into new routines. Now Many Are tackling another dilemma to make their first Home away from Home feel like one with the growing trend toward single rooms on campuses the Only Quot room mates Quot most students can expect Are their possessions even when there s a room mate to take the Edge off loneliness the typical dorm needs a generous smattering of personality to make it feel like dorm decorators take heart Quot there Are dozens of ways to brighten even the Deariest cubicle a says Anne Winfield Home adviser for Kwh Wool Worth Shes full of ideas for transforming those Humble quarters into a cozy Haven a easily quickly and inexpensively is. Winfield says it s not necessary to spend a lot of Money and she insists you re actually better off if you Don t Quot some students Rush out and buy expensive rugs. Book cases or bedspreads and think they be make a Good she notes a what happens is they live with their Choice and a decreasing enthusiasm for four years then they end up giving it away at graduation because they can t stand the thought of looking at it again in a first she suggests keeping the financial outlay Small Quot then. If you want to. You can change the entire personality of your room next year without feeling you be wasted anything Quot is. Winfield says that students who waited until they saw their rooms before buying were Wise. She recalls How a Young Friend did her dorm decorating site unseen Quot and had to live with some rather unfortunate color combinations besides As she Points out Quot a shopping expedition with someone who lives Down the Hall might be the Start of a new the fastest Way to warm up a room a physically and visually a is with a colourful Rug is Winfield suggests inexpensive carpeting such As the Type used in bathrooms or Bright throw rugs to pamper your feet and your Outlook for Walls posters Are a perennial College favorite but decorating possibilities Are As limitless As your imagination. Quot later on in the year Quot is Winfield says Quot you can probably pick up some original student Art work at prices Well below Market value Quot for now. Oriental kits an arrangement of favorite photographs a collage of Post cards from friends. Get rid of excess fat no Pill Tablet or capsule Reducka plan sold direct to the Public is stronger More powerful or More effective than the new triple action super of Timex reducing Pian Why take time capsules when super Odri nex delivers the Manmit amount of the Best hunger Tamer a Peak hunger periods1 and you get More Days Supply with the super Zolti if re glueing plan follow the program Vou eat upturn a Ood and excess Tai into bump of up Energy instead not a a tra weight Vou la lose the weight you want on the super Odri nex reducing Pia i or your Money will be refunded no ii some Best loved poetry a anything that tells about you and your interests a can help turn a Blank Wall into a Comfort and a conversation piece there s a wide selection of colourful contemporary frames at Woolworth at prices inexpensive enough to snatch them up by the dozen so done to be timid decorators say the More the merrier you May also want to invest in a bulletin Hoard or a length of vivid Burlap for posting reminders schedules assignments and invitations. If your room does t have one add a Mirror. Quot other than for the obvious uses Quot quips is Winfield Quot a Mirror comes in Handy when you re in need of a Friendly face a pillows Are another decorating Boon a big ones for sitting on the floor and Small ones for the bed buy them ready made or cover them yourself with Cotton scarves or fabric remnants to complement your Bedspread. Or treat yourself to a Vinyl bean bag chair for collapsing in after class they re available at Woolworth in White Black yellow or red for an affordable 116 97 As for the Bedspread you might consider those inexpensive Indian ones. A if you get tired of it next year Quot is Winfield suggests a you can always use it As a Wall baskets Small enough to hold paper clips or big enough for stashing laundry Are another Nice touch and practical to Boot and is suits any occasion wifi eld says a Good desk lamp is a Quot must for Shedd inflight on your studies and offsetting a Bare bulbs go re another trick Learned by apartment dwellers and of Lee workers alike is that Lusters of plants Are a lowest Way to fill space and add us of cheer. So add some Feenery for now the pots in plants come in will do and later As your budget Hows you can replace them Ith Gay Ceramic or plastic aes. Is. Winfield says facts serve a dual purpose the foliage improves the new and gives you Seething to talk to a if Yjih re so inclined a a Nee you be made your rom inviting you and new trends will find it s a Wacome Retreat. Add some Cooee mugs an immersion heter some Fla Wear for Das you want to eat a in Quot an says is Winfield a you my begin to realize that acne is where you make it. Vote no Abc Issue november 2 slip into something soft. Slip into something Scholl. The Beauty of Scholl $ new tailored casuals does t end with their classic Good looks the soft natural leather that looks so elegant also feels wonderful. And those fashionable crepe soles Are so easy on your feet you la feel like walking everywhere but it s not just the outside that s extra Ordinary. The feeling inside these great casuals is pure Scholl too thanks to our famous Arch Cushion that gently cradles your foot All Day Long classic Good looks for All your stylish clothes and a comfortable feeling that no one else can quite duplicate that s Scholl for Yea a a a it styles shown at top the commuter Here. Left to night Crosstown. Campus Margie and Melva Scholl 108 North main St. Wilson s downtown High Point dress up or Down whatever your life style whatever your mood. Left a three piece vested Denim suit with Peak lapels stitching and pocket details dresses up with a tie. It has the european shaping in a relaxed fit for the mature Man. The suit at right sports a Continental flair in an easy to care Glace popular 25-Inch jacket with pocket variety and Belless pants. The highest in fashion at affordable prices a we carry juniors misses amp half sizes sweaters raincoats Pant suits Coats Pant Coats a pants a dresses a blouses a jackets a sleepwear 4 convenient ways to shop fashion shop charge layaway master charge Bank am Ricard grand opening we have received a selection of remnants Roll ends amp drops from Mohawk carpet Mills. Let us pass these savings on to you Sale starts 10 00 am Friday. Type shag commercial commercial commercial commercial Plush commercial shag Hilo Shaw sculpture Plush shag shag Saxony Plush Plush Axminster Pat. Tufted shag shag Plush shag Plush shag twist Plush Saxony Plush shag commercial Saxony Plush Pat. Tufted shag Saxony Plush Hilo Saxony Plush Saxony Plush size color regular Sale 5x8 it. Green 62.22 6 88 12x4 Orange Tweed 49.73 10.60 10x7 Orange Tweed 76 92 14.88 12 x 7 4&Quot glowing Copper 62.53 34.00 12 x 7 5&Quot Green 102 36 61.42 12x9 Avocado 111.06 63.52 12 x 15 9&Quot Avocado 109 61 65.77 12x9 Gold amp Brown 115.32 69.18 12x7 Brown Gold 120.50 72.29 12 x 15 it. Green 130.20 74.47 12 x 810&Quot Avocado 131.56 74.65 12 x 9 8&Quot Earth tones 127.21 76.33 12 x 15 Orange 144 72 86.83 12 x 811&Quot Avocado 149.78 89.86 12 x 10 6&Quot Blue 156.36 93.81 12x9 Almond beige 164.22 98.53 12 x 13 red Black 188.24 107.66 12 x 13 it. Green 189 28 108.27 12 x to Blue 191.20 to 9.37 12x11 Cream 199.14 113.91 12 x to Gold 201.80 115.43 12 x 115&Quot Cream 21 1.28 120.61 12 x 10 9&Quot Gold 120.76 12 12 yellow 211.57 120.95 12 x 12 8&Quot Gold amp Orange 214.38 122.62 12 x 15 2&Quot Green 209.34 125.60 12 x 16 4&Quot Brown 214.80 128.89 12 x 15 7&Quot red Blue 225.67 129.09 12 x 1510&Quot Gold 230 52 131.86 12 x 12 4&Quot it. Green 221.92 133.15 12 x 19 Green Blue 228.93 137 37 12 x 1410&Quot Spring mint 269.86 154.37 12 x 15 purple plus 271.50 155.30 Merlin s Garret Center 1202 Eastchester or. Pm. 80s-22�s store hours closed mondays open tues. Thru. Thur. 10 00 am-5 00 pm Fri. 10 00 am a 30 pm sat. 1040 am-540 pm every Day is savings Day on everything re co discount drug centers

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