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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair and mild More data on Page 3a 92nd yeah no. 289 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon october 15, 1976 24 pages daily 13c. Sunday 35c by corporate Heads gradual economic recovery foreseen hot Springs a. A it a the nations Economy will grow by 5 per cent next year but there will be Only slight Progress in reducing inflation and unemployment the business Council predicted Here today. The Council s forecast said unemployment should drop to 6 5 per cent by the end of 1977 and that inflation should decline to 5.5 per cent the business organization said it make much difference to the Economy whether president Ford or Jimmy Carter is elected in november although most members expressed a Clear preference for Ford a the economists we talk to say 1977 in t going to change no matter who is elected Quot said one of the nation s leading Bankers. But he and other corporate executives criticized Carter for allegedly setting Quot contradictory Quot economic policies such As aiming for a balanced budget while also trying to return to full employment. The business Council is an organization of top corporate leaders who advise the government on the Economy from a business Point of View the Council forecast is close to what the Ford administration is predicting president Ford said in his news conference thursday night the Economy should grow Between 5 and 6 per cent next year he remarked that the Economy Quot is coming out of the dip or the pause that we had Quot the president also said that he s willing to risk an economic Jolt from higher for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Eer it one. Import duty q. I m interested in finding out about the import duty on sporting goods coming into this country. Please Tell me where i would Call Tor information. Or. F. A there is a i s. Customs office in Winston Salem the Telephone is 761-3001 sidewalk detours q. I would like to know How the High Point furniture Market can tear the sidewalk up Block the sidewalk completely. I am a downtown businessman and i have had work done and i have had to pay for walks built around the sidewalks. I would like an answer in action Ione please. Thank you very much. A downtown taxpayer. A. There Are four pages in the City code Book concerning the Quot use of streets and sidewalks during construction or demolition Quot the amount of space and conditions under which Public property May be used while the work is in Progress Are determined by the City traffic Engineer ordinarily a covered Walkway is required for pedestrians where there is an overhead danger but in this Case the conditions at the site on w. Commerce were not Ordinary the underground wiring work being done by City electric Crews in the Street and the Telephone and Gas lines being installed were the main reasons a Walkway was not constructed. Added to that was the heavy traffic in trucks and Cement mixers to get the building ready for this Market r a a Moss said in his judgment he Felt it was better to divert pedestrian traffic to the other Side of the Street which has been done in some other instances liquor Law q. Is it against the Law to serve liquor in your own Home to people who Are under 18? anon. A it is illegal to give it to anyone anywhere in the state under age 21. Section 18a-8 of the Abc Laws covering the Quot Sale to or Purchase by minors Quot also covers the Quot giving a to minors the first paragraph on Beer and wine says Quot it shall be unlawful for any person firm or corporation knowingly to sell or give any malt beverages or a fortified wine to any person under 18 years of age. Quot the third paragraph makes it unlawful for Quot any person firm or corporation knowingly to sell or give any alcoholic beverages to any person under 21 years of age a anyone under 18 cannot Purchase or possess malt beverages or a fortified wine anyone under 21 cannot Purchase or possess any alcoholic beverages nor can anyone Aid or abet their Purchase or Possession of it. Rough or crossing q. Could you Tell me Why the City or the hot amp a Railroad is not required to repair the track in the 700 Block of w. Green drive the track had been paved Over and was then Cut out for a siding. There has been one bump up that i know of and such squealing of brakes you have never heard a it in and Day out As people Fly under the stoplight at Green and Taylor. Anon traveler. A. M w. Franke vice president and general manager of the hot amp a Railroad company advises that the crossing you referred to plus several others Are scheduled for installation of automatic electric crossing signals within the next several months their plans include improving the smoothness of the Green drive crossing As part of the same project which he said Quot should help make the passage More pleasant for the motoring natural Gas prices because Quot a bigger Jolt would be to have the jobs lost and the House a the economists do not believe that recent developments have changed the Over All thrust of the recovery or the forces powering said John Debutts chairman of american Telephone amp Telegraph who delivered a summary of the forecast to reporters however the forecast showed that the corporate economists do not expect the Economy to do As Well next year As it has done so far in 1976. It said the nations Gross National product should grow by 5 per cent next year following an increase of 6 4 per cent this year. They said the recovery from recession Quot will continue throughout 1977 and into 1978. Quot but they indicated that Progress in reducing unemployment will come slowly in that rising pressures from wages and other costs in the Economy will hinder further Progress in reducing inflation. Meanwhile in Dusseldorf West Germany Harvard University economist John Kenneth Galbraith said that Carter would have to impose wage and Price controls to meet his Campaign pledge to Cut unemployment. The former advisor to the late president John f. Kennedy and said economists were finding traditional methods of controlling the Economy and monetary system inadequate by themselves to Deal with modern Industrial society Quot Only when unemployment is very severe so severe As to deter the unions in pressing for wage increases and the firms from exercising their Power to raise prices do the traditional monetary and fiscal measures begin to work Galbraith told a conference on world economic recovery. Carter May ask equal to time Washington a Jimmy Carter May decide to ask for his own televised news conference after watching president Ford assail him for Quot slandering Quot the nation by criticizing Ford s foreign and defense policies. Carter and his staff were considering today whether to demand equal television time to respond to Ford s accusation delivered thursday night in a televised news conference held in Washington. Ford opened his news conference by saying he was pleased that the watergate special prosecutor has cleared him of allegations of mishandling Campaign funds during his Days As a Michigan congressman then asked to explain again his misstatement about soviet domination of Eastern Europe Ford launched into a scathing criticism of Carter. In it he made note of the democrats statement that the United states has lost respect in the International Community because of Ford policies. I done to approve of any candidate for office slandering the Good name of the United states. It discourages our allies and it encourages our Ford said Carter had changed his schedule in new York in order to remain at a Queens restaurant to watch Ford on television president explains his Bank accounts Washington apr the Gerald Ford family finances involve lots of checks and a number of Bank accounts and the president says he once had to move Money Back and Forth Between accounts to pay for a family vacation during his thursday night news conference Ford gave a nationally broadcast lesson in his household finances As he talked of a special political account the Cost of his golfing outings and How to live on $5 a week in Cash Ford repeatedly emphasized that several investigations have found no improprieties in his personal finances he also said he has never overdrawn his checking accounts. Quot i think a few people in this country have written checks and then waited until the end of the month and then mailed the checks a maybe you Haven t done it. But i suspect a few people have Quot he said. Ford said that was exactly what he did with a $1,167 Check on his personal account that was to repay a political Bank account a Check from the political account dated nov 30, 1972, had paid for the Ford family ski vacation to Vail colo., for Christmas 1972 Ford wrote a Check on his personal Bank account dated dec 16, 1972, to repay the political account. But Ford said he did t mail the Check until later when he knew his pay Check had been deposited in his personal account. Quot it is a perfectly legitimate thing and there has never been an overdraft in my he said. Thus Ford in effect borrowed the Money from the political Bank account and repaid it with a personal Bank account Check dated within 16 Days Ford indicated that he wrote out the repayment Check but did no to have it cashed right away. Instead he waited until his next paycheck from Congress had been deposited in his personal account. Quot i think a few people in this country have written checks and then waited until the end of the month and then mailed the Ford observed it was not immediately Clear Why Ford dated the Check dec 16 when his account did t have the funds to cover it at the time. Later Ford firmly rejected a reporters characterization of this process As Check kiting the term for creating a false Bank balance by manipulating Deposit accounts. Nixon lobbyist Issue avoided Washington apr president Ford has not directly contradicted John Deans allegations that Ford conferred with a former Nixon lobbyist about blocking an Early investigation of the watergate break in. At his news conference thursday night Ford sidestepped several questions on whether he met with a lobbyist for former president Nixon As alleged this week by Dean a former Nixon aide. Dean s statement led to Calls by three congressional democrats for special watergate prosecutor Charles Ruff to investigate whether Ford lied at a 1973 hearing on his confirmation As vice president Ford said at the hearing that he had not conferred with Nixon administration representatives on the matter the Nixon lobbyist named by Dean Richard k Cook has denied that such meetings took place Ford replying to a news conference question of whether he had talked to Cook about blocking the probe. Said Quot i responded fully Quot at the confirmation hearing Ford noted that he was exhaustively investigated before he was confirmed As vice president and said congressional committees Quot came to the conclusion that there was no substance to those allegations Quot later a reporter suggested Ford had not answered the query on the Dean claim Ford again noted that his confirmation hearings had looked into his role in ending the House committee probe he added Quot i am not going to pass judgment on what or Dean now alleges Quot asked if he would oppose the investigation proposed by the three democrats Ford said Quot that is a decision for the special prosecutor to make Quot Ford in 1973 acknowledged supporting the Effort by Nixon forces to Block an inquiry by the House banking committee into the watergate break in. Ford then House gop Leader said in sworn testimony that he did so on his be Nixon on 2a what s inside amusements 10a classified ads. .5-1 in comics. 12b crossword. 12a editorials. .4a financial. .2a obituaries. .2b sports. 3-5b television .2b women s new 6-8 a weather. .3a Mondale Dole argue on to tonight Houston apr two men who have argued Many times in the . Senate Are staging an argument in a Texas theater tonight in a once Only Campaign performance for National television Democrat Walter Mondale says it won t be a Dull show when he and Republican Bob Dole tangle in Houston s Alley theater beginning at 9 30 p m. Edt but Dole keeps saying he might go to a High school football game instead their 75-minute debate is a Short subject spaced Between the second and third debates pitting democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter against Republican president Ford both vice presidential nominees arrived in Houston on thursday. They planned today to look at the theater where they la debate and to rest and study. Dole said thursday he was edgy about the confrontation but he said he would Quot try to do my Best and Hope i Don t forget my Mondale said he Hopes the session won t be Dull and that he is looking Forward to it As a Chance to Hammer at some important issues. Quot i done to think it s going to be Dull but of course i done to know How Dole plans to perform Quot said Mondale Mondale said he Hopes to keep the conversation on Quot unemployment runaway inflation and mismanagement of the Economy Quot under the Ford administration and on a foreign policy that does not see Mondale on 2a sen Walter Mondale sen. Robert Dole 3 chinese guards die in arrests Belgrade. Yugoslavia apr three guards were shot and killed during the arrest of four chinese Radical leaders including the widow of Mao tse Tung. But neither she nor the others arrested were harmed the yugoslav news Agency Tan Jug reported today Inch from China quoting what it called reliable sources the Agency reported the four had plotted a coup and relied on the help of Chen Hsi Lien the commander of the peking Garrison. But the military Leader informed Premier Hua Kuo Feng Hua has since been named to succeed Mao As China s top Leader according to various reports. In Tokyo Japan s Kyodo news service reported Wall posters denouncing the four had appeared in Shanghai marking the first Public censure of them there has been no official confirmation of the purge which reportedly began oct 7. In addition to the arrest of the four leaders others were arrested at the peking universities of Peita and Hsinhua Tan Jug said. Tan Jug said Mao a widow Chiang Ching had prepared the coup while her husband was still alive. She also sought assistance from Navy officers but failed the report said. After Mao s death a meeting of party leaders proposed Hua As the new chairman but the four who were later arrested a Chang Chung Chiao Wang Hung Wen and Yao Wen Yuan in addition to Chiang Ching a opposed the move parking provided for buyers by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Quot its a Good beginning Quot Joe Patterson chairman of the Market improvement committee said today after the first Day of use of parking facilities for salesmen attending the october Southern furniture Market Southern furniture Market Center officials reported approximately 160 vehicles parked free at lots located North and South of the downtown Market Center thursday. Patterson said the fact his committee was not Able to Quot get the word out Quot As much As would have liked probably contributed to less than full use of the 700 spaces offered to salesmen. However he said he believes the amount of use will increase. John Loving assistant general manager of the Simc said the Drivers Manning the shuttle vehicles travelling Between the lots and the furniture Complex reported passengers were pleased and that they promised Quot to spread the Quot the word Quot has already gone out through information provided by the display centers and by Patterson s committee. Loving said the Simc is continuing its efforts to inform salesmen of the free parking program the Effort includes maps showing location of the lots and schedules for operation of shuttles together with reminder cards. Representatives of the Mosesco company said salesmen arriving in the High Point area were Given information on the parking plan a furniture executive commented thursday he is parking where he has for the past to years and a Salesman said he would have used the free parking but he arrived too late in the morning Patterson explained the plan Calls for the Peak period shuttle service to operate from 6 30 to 8 30 a in each morning from the lots to the furniture complexes in the evening the Peak period service will operate from 5 30 p m to 7 p m. To return salesmen to the parking lots. In addition Loving said the Simc has an on Call service available at the downtown area until to p in for those leaving during the Day or after the Peak period and a shuttle program during the Day on an emergency basis largely for those going to other showrooms he said the shuttle service is not intended to replace the regular tax see parking on 2 a cancer society going All out against smoking new York apr the american cancer society is about to mobilize nearly two million volunteers in a five year All out Campaign against cigarette smoking the tobacco Industry says the society should stick to research and not engage in propaganda among the campaigns main targets a to get 25 per cent of americans 50 million adult smokers to quit. That a 12.5 million people a to induce 50 per cent of 9 million teen age smokers to quit or not take it up that Means 4 5 million teenagers a to induce the government to quit giving $60 million a year in subsidies of various kinds to tobacco growers and the tobacco Industry. A to seek reduction of tar and nicotine Content of cigarettes by at least 50 per cent. The program named Quot target 5,&Quot Calls for mobilizing most or All of the society s two million Volunteer workers and raising $1 million in the first year said Allan k. Jonas of los Angeles chairman of the society a National task Force on tobacco and cancer a spokesman for the tobacco Industry accused the society of engaging in propaganda Quot instead of the Basic science research needed to prove whether its beliefs about smoking Are right or at a news conference thursday during the society a annual meeting Jonas listed goals and ways to achieve them. He said the program would begin if approved saturday by the Board of directors he said the task Force has declared that cigarette smoking Quot is responsible for nearly 70,000 cancer deaths a year practically one in every five deaths from this disease Quot Jonas said a primary goal would be to try to prevent Young people from taking up smoking another goal would be the holding of a series of meetings in cities to get Public opinions on smoking and seeking Quot a mandate to go to the Congress with Quot to halt subsidies and to require reduction of tar and nicotine

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