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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair warmer More data on 5a 90th year no. 284 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. Cd a saturday afternoon october 12, 1974 36 pages Rockefeller made gifts of $7.8 million expressions in View of Copernicus mrs. Edward Gierek smiles As she watches her husband Edward communist party Leader of Poland use his hands while answering a question at the University of Pittsburgh Friday after noon during a week Long visit to the United states. They Are seated before a portrait of the polish astronomer Copernicus in the schools polish nationality classroom. A wire photo new York apr vice president designate Nelson a. Rockefeller says he made gifts totalling 1,778,878 to 18 present or former Public officials or staff members while he was governor of new York. The former governor also said he had outstanding Loans totalling $155,000 to three of the 18. Rockefeller had previously disclosed gifts and Loans to five of the 18, including a gift of $50,000 in 1969 to Henry a. Kissinger now . Secretary of state. Rockefeller said he made the full list Public because confidential information he submitted to Congress and the executive Branch was being a leaked piecemeal to the press causing the compromising of the privacy of Many individuals and misleading interpretations of the Rockefeller said All of the gifts had been a fully reported As required by the internal Revenue code and that he had paid a total of $840,000 in Federal and state taxes on the gifts. Congressional sources in Washington said reports of the gifts prompted a House judiciary subcommittee to request renewal of an Fri inquiry into Rockefeller a activities to answer questions not covered in initial Fri investigation reports. The gift giving was detailed Friday night in response to a request from chairman Howard w. Cannon d-nev., of the Senate rules committee which is investigating Rockefeller a qualifications for the vice presidency. Also in Washington chairman James b. Allen d-ala., of the Senate rules committee said a i think chances Are Good the rules committee will reopen hearings on the Rockefeller nomination after the congressional recess. He a been called on to explain the gifts and Well have to see what he in a letter to Cannon Rockefeller said All recipients were a administratively responsible to me. A we had identical objectives. There was no conflict of interest involved and there was nothing illegal or immoral about either the gifts or the Rockefeller who served As governor from 1959 until resigning late last year also said a throughout my life i have made Loans and gifts to friends and associates to assist them in meeting the kind of pressing human needs which All people have from time to time. Nelson a. Rockefeller Ford signs Energy Bill into Law Washington a president Ford has signed into Law a measure that abolishes the atomic Energy commission and creates two new agencies including one that could be the nucleus of a new Cabinet department. In a Cabinet room ceremony Friday Ford approved legislation that establishes an Energy research and development administration Erda to place under one roof the Energy research activities of the dec the Interior department the environmental Protection Agency and the National science foundation. A nuclear regulatory commission henceforth will perform the licensing and regulation duties of the dec. The Law also authorizes establishment of an Energy resources Council and Ford signed an executive order to create the Council naming Interior Secretary Rogers c b. Morton As chairman the reorganization of Energy research programs is a major step toward the administration a goal of creating a department of Energy and natural resources that would absorb the Interior department. Erda will be headed by an administrator yet to be named and will assume responsibility for a 12 65 billion appropriation for the current fiscal year that ends next june 30. It will inherit both those funds and some 7,100 employees from the dec and the Interior department. The nuclear regulatory commission will have a chairman and four commissioners and officials said some of the present dec commissioners May move to the new Agency. I be realignment has no effect upon the Federal Energy administration which was created last december to manage Oil allocation caused by shortages and to study the choices available to the president in establishing a National Energy policy. The Fea will go out of existence next feb. 28 unless its life is prolonged about representing Nixon Justice on defensive Washington a the Justice department is defending the propriety of representing former president Richard m. Nixon and other watergate figures in multimillion Dellar civil suits stemming from government wiretapping. Sen. Walter f. Mondale d-minn., questioned the practice Friday and urged atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe to disclose the full policy to the Public. Mondale said he a would be deeply troubled if government lawyers defended Nixon in civil suits arising from the same conduct which led to impeachment proceedings. Nixon a lawyer Herbert j. Miller notified department officials Friday that the former president wishes government attorneys to continue defending him in suits brought by actress Jane Fonda former National Security Council aide Anthony Lake the socialist workers party and two other individuals. A emr. Nixon does wish us to continue the representation and we will do it a said Deputy asst. Atty. Gen. Kevin Maroney. A in each of these cases we would get in or stay in regardless of whether we were representing a particular defendant a he told reporters. If Nixon had refused the offer the department would have participated As a Friend of the court a to insure the ongoing interests of the government a he added. In the five cases Nixon is being sued both As an individual and As a former president. The department will represent him in both capacities Maroney said. The Federal Treasury As Well As Nixon himself May be held liable for damages if the government loses he acknowledged. Maroney said the department would not represent the private interests of any watergate figure unless the individual agrees to permit relevant information developed in the Case to be turned Over to the criminal division and special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Mills incident handling May Hurt Little Rock Ark. Apr the manner in which reports of an incident involving rep. Wilbur Mills were handled May be More politically damaging to the 36-year-Veteran congressman than the incident itself according to some of his associates. A ifs kind of to me like another cover up i guess you could say. So i think what i would Hope or. Wilbur Mills would do is come Forth and be honest with the people. I think this is what we need in our government and that a my biggest objection to this whole thing that a happened a said the Rev. Keith Goza pastor of the Arkansas democrats Hometown Church the first methodist Church in Kensett. Mills has attended one service at the Church since the Rev. Or. Goza 24, became pastor three months ago. In Washington rep. Thomas l. Ashley a Ohio said of Mills a i think he a a goner. I done to think it needed to be fatal but he allowed it to be fatal. You done to disappear for four Days with no Mills chairman of the House ways and Means committee originally denied involvement in the Washington incident Early monday but later admitted that he was present when police stopped his car for speeding and operating without headlights. Police said Mills a passenger in the car was bleeding from facial cuts and smelled of alcohol and another passenger later identified As a former stripper jumped from the car and into the tidal Basin after the vehicle was stopped Early monday. In issued through an aide on thursday Mills said he was trying to take the woman Home from a party because she did not feel Well. He said his original statement denying involvement was the result of a misunderstanding. Classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Jaworski quitting a source Washington a Leon Jaworski plans to resign next week As special watergate prosecutor a source close to him says. But Jaworski himself told a radio network reporter that he does not plan to quit. The source told the associated press Early today that Jaworski made the decision to resign earlier this week and would leave Early next week As the watergate cover up trial gets under Way. Neg news correspondent Carl Stern reported Friday night that Jaworski a departure was imminent but a lbs radio reporter reached Jaworski at a new York hotel later in the evening and the prosecutor denied he intended to resign presidential press Secretary Ron Nessen and other White House officials said they knew nothing of Jaworski a plans. Jaworski 69, has made no secret privately of his desire to return to his Houston tex., Law firm As soon As he Felt that his major tasks in Washington were completed. He has been watergate prosecutor since last november. The jury in the cover up trial was Impan eled and placed under guard Friday. Jaworski a son Joe said in Houston that he had last spoken to his father to Days ago and a has not mentioned any plans to resign to a it is presumed that if the announcement does not come tomorrow saturday it will come in the near future a Stern reported aides to Jaworski Are to handle the presentation of evidence in the cover up trial in which five former aides to former president Richard m. Nixon Are defendants. Ford Congress begin work on inflation ills cover up trial lawyers polishing presentations Washington a prosecution and defense lawyers in the watergate cover up trial Are spending the weekend refining their opening arguments and planning strategy for the Long awaited Start of presentations to the jury. A jury of nine women and three men was sworn in on Friday. Another six women were seated As alternate jurors after hearing . District judge John j. Sirica admonish them to a use your Good common sense. And. Approach this matter objectively a the jurors and alternates were escorted Home to pack for what could be three or four months separated from their families. Sirica made Public pretrial motions which he had sealed during jury selection. In one former president Richard m Nixon a doctor said he must undergo treatment for phlebitis for a period of Between three and five months and that to travel to Washington to appear As a witness during that period could create a a potentially very serious risk to his John i. Ehrlichman former White House aide and the prosecutors have subpoenaed Nixon to appear As a witness. In addition former White House staff chief h. R. Haldeman said in another motion that he intends to seek Nixon a testimony. Sirica told defense and prosecution lawyers to submit their responses to Nixon a motion by the end of the Day wednesday. Haldeman and Ehrlichman contend that the sex president a testimony is essential to show How much they knew about watergate and How they advocated full disclosure of what was known. Richard Benveniste assistant special watergate prosecutor is scheduled to begin the trial monday with Abou v a hours of opening statements. Opening statements by lawyers for defendants Robert c. Mar Dian Kenneth w. Parkinson and Ehrlichman will follow. The five defendants Are charged with conspiring to Block the investigation of the watergate break in. All but Mardian also Are charged with obstruction of Justice. Additional counts charge Mitchell former . Attorney general and Haldeman and Ehrlichman two of the top White House aides during the Nixon administration with lying to investigators. I whats inside amusements16a bridge16a classified ads.11-i5a comics.10a crossword.5 a editorials4a obituaries.3a sports.8-9a, 11a television Sec. B Washington a the Ford administration is pushing ahead with a twofold Effort to talk prices under control while Congress begins work on Fords legislative remedies for inflation. An Agency set up to Monitor inflation held its first formal meeting Friday and selected its first targets food processing and distribution. Medical care sugar and Antifreeze. Meanwhile Ford meets to Day with his new 18-member citizen action committee to fight inflation. The president plans to spell out in a speech tuesday in Kansas City what he wants americans to do voluntarily to conserve Energy and to fight inflation. The Council on wage and Price stability labelled food processing and distribution a High food prices have been a leading ingredient in the current 11.2 per cent inflation rate and Are expected to increase More rapidly As a result of disappointing harvests. A the Council will also devote a major Effort to the costs and prices of medical care a the Agency said. Medical care now costs 12.8 per cent More than a year ago. Antifreeze which is expected to be in Short Supply this Winter costs 5 to 6 per gallon compared with 2 last Winter. And sugar prices have tripled in the last year the Commerce department estimates. The Council has no Powers to enforce restraint in wage and Price increases but it can coax and cajole through Public hearings or private conferences. On Capitol Hill the House set a $300 billion spending target for the current fiscal year As requested by Ford in his economic address last tuesday. However there was Little Hope that the new goal would be met. Kissinger Hussein to Confer Amman Jordan apr Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger meets again today with Jordan s King Hussein on How to achieve an israeli jordanian disengagement. Kissinger met with Hussein late Friday after flying Here from Damascus and Cairo. He was to Fly to tel Aviv this evening armed with ideas from leaders of Egypt Syria and Jordan about a possible resumption of Arab israeli peace talks. A . Official told Mexico hits Rich Petroleum site along Gulf coastal area Washington a Mexico apparently has struck Rich Oil formations on land along the Gull of Mexico the Washington Post said today. The newspaper said an american Oil company geologist who has been analysing Industry intelligence about the find described it As a exciting enough to be another persian Gulf of president Ford is expected to discuss additional Petroleum shipments when he meets with mexican president Luis Echeverria on oct. 21 although state department officials say this was not the reason for the meeting in the first place the Post said. The newspaper said the new mexican Oil discovery was in the states of Tabasco and Chiapas some 800 mites South of Houston. The Post said preliminary estimates place the potential yield at up to 20 billion barrels of High Grade Oil double the amount believed to be under alaskans North slope. . Experts the newspaper said estimate that Mexico could boost its current exports of Oil from 200,000 barrels a Day in 1975 to almost two million barrels a Day by 1980 the United states now imports about six million barrels a Day much of it from Arab sources in the persian Gulf area. Mexico nationalized Oil operations some time ago. A government corporation known As petrol eos Mexicanos or be Max directs the Industry. The Post said Pemba discovered the new Oil deposits by drilling deeper in old ground that had proved dry in previous drilling reporters during the flight from Damascus that talks Between Kissinger and syrian president Hafez Assad did not Center on the prophets of resuming peace talks at Geneva. Sources said Assad complained about israeli construction of antitank ditches along the Golan Heights demilitarized zone. Prior to his luncheon meeting with Hussein Kissinger flew by helicopter for a two hour sightseeing tour of Petra where the Majestic relics of a 300 b c. Croman City stand As Jordan s major tourist attraction. Government sources meanwhile said that Hussein wants to reiterate to Kissinger that Jordan will not take part in any Arab israeli Overall peace talks unless a military disengagement Between Jordan and Israel is worked out first. Hussein has frequently demanded a reasonable israeli pullback in the occupied West Bank similar to the partial withdrawals Israel made under disengagement accords worked out by Kissinger on the egyptian and syrian fronts earlier in the year. Hussein and some of the other Arab states have been at Odds Over who is to represent the palestinian people in peace negotiations. Syria and Egypt both recognize the palestinian liberation organization As the a sole legitimate representative of the 2 85 million palestinians throughout the Middle East while Hussein himself wants to represent the palestinians living on the West Bank and in old Jerusalem in related developments a soviet Leader Leonid i Brezhnev said in Moscow Friday that the continued israeli occupation of Arab territory is a a powder Keg that can explode at any he did not mention the Kissinger tour in the televised address. A israeli troops chased out the last of the jewish squatters who tried to stake illegal land claims in israeli occupied territory on the West Bank

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