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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy through monday 90th yeah no. 285 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., sunday morning october 13, 1974 too pages classified ads 885-2177 other depth. 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores state. 22 Virginia. 21 Duke. 33 army. 14 Georgia tech. 29 Carolina. 28 Penn state. 55 Wake Forest. O Maryland. .41 Clemson. 0 Guilford. To Catawba. To watergate prosecutor resigns Washington a Leon Jaworski resigned saturday As special watergate prosecutor saying the investigations which have led to the resignation of president Richard m. Nixon and the indictment of his top aides were nearly Complete. In one of two letters to atty. Gen. William b. Saxbe Jaworski emphatically rejected suggestions that he try to indict Nixon As a Means of challenging the legality of the Pardon granted the former president by presi Dent Ford. Without specifying who had made such suggestions Jaworski wrote to Saxbe a i think it proper that i express to you my views on this subject to dispel any though that there May be some relation Between my resignation and that a a for me to procure an indictment of Richard m. Nixon for the sole purpose of generating a purported court test on the legality of the Pardon would constitute a spurious proceeding in which i had no Faith in fact it would be tantamount to unprofessional conduct and violative of my responsibility As prosecutor and officer of the the 69-year-old Texas lawyer sent the letters to Saxbe the Day after a jury was seated in the trial of five former Nixon administration and Campaign aides charged with having conspired to Block the investigation of the watergate break in. He told Saxbe that with the Start of that trial his staff a is beginning to address itself to the completion of remaining investigations and to such prosecutions As Are still to be conducted. Quot the bulk of the work entrusted to the care of this office having been discharged i am confident that such of our responsibilities As remain unfulfilled can Well be completed under the leadership of another special Jaworski recommended Henry s. Ruth Deputy special prosecutor to be his successor. Jaworski. A senior partner in a Houston Tex., Law firm that is fourth largest in the nation has never made any secret of his wish to return to Texas As soon As his work was done. A Titi Tell you that i m certainly not going to stay with it any longer than in a needed a he said in one interview. Neither the White House or the Justice department had any immediate comment on Jaworski a resignation. John j. Wilson attorney for h r. Haldeman former White House staff chief and a defendant in the cover up trial called Jaworski a a Fine gentleman. He a a Good lawyer. He a always treated us very Wilson said he doubted Jaworski a departure would have any effect on the coverup trial. Opening arguments in that Case Are scheduled for monday. Jaworski was named special prosecutor on nov. I be watergate on 15a three gunmen capture radio station. Surrender is s�2��1 Montgomery Ala. Apr three Black gunmen took Over radio station Wax in a Hail of gunfire saturday that left a White Security guard dead. Pleading on the air for a a Black revolution a they surrendered after their last hostage made a bold escape. The City police chief said two other Blacks Are being sought in the deadly bizarre series of events that began when a 78-year-old White Man was hacked in the face with a Machete and ended with the takeover of the soul music station. Chief de Wright said that the five were Black militants who a had boasted that they were going to kill police officers and make a grandstand play in the Trio in the Bullet riddled radio station in downtown Montgomery had at one Point cried Over the air a there s a negro revolution and a Black revolution. In a in the Black revolution. We want All you niggers to come on chief Wright said that the elderly Man was hacked without provocation and that the five then fled in a car. Police pursued it rammed it and the five began running he said. Wright said two escaped and the other three armed with sawed off shotguns took Over tin radio station in a burst of gunfire that killed a guard m. E. Furr on a downtown Street. The elderly Man slashed with the Machete was not immediately identified. Wright said he was undergoing surgery. The takeover of Wax ended after two hours of tense stalemate when the Black disc jockey Alphonzo Dixon scrambled to Freedom. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. On the record q. My wife left me about two years ago. I heard she had a divorce. How can i find out if she has would i have gotten a paper please help me because i can to afford to get a divorce right now. Anon. Q. How could you find out if a person has Ever been married or not . A. These questions Are related in the difficulty of finding out. It May be impossible in some cases. A person May secure a divorce without the other party being informed. From relatives or friends or those who a a heard a divorce was secured More clues might be available leading to where and when the divorce was granted. An attorney suggests it would be simpler to secure a divorce yourself and if finances Are preventing this try the h p. Legal services office to see if they can help. There is no National Clearinghouse for marriage records either. One would have to take the persons word or undertake a private investigation into their past. Dogwood fatalities q. I would like to know How to get Dogwood Trees to live. I have put out 15 and Only five lived and i would appreciate Tome information on that. Anon. A. Dogwood Trees transplant Best in the Spring from feb. 15 to april 15. As with All Trees Small ones transplant More easily and adjust better than Large ones since not so much of the Root system is destroyed. The Hole should be Large enough so roots can be spread out work in topsoil or compost around them to eliminate air pockets. When the Hole is about 3/4 full add water until thoroughly soaked and when that drains add the rest of the soil. The tree should be planted the same depth that it was before. Dogwood Trees Are rather shallow rooted a it May be you be been planting them too deeply. If the Trees Arentt Nursery Stock but Are some you Are digging up for transplanting be sure to wrap the roots in wet Burlap or something to protect them from Sun and wind. Also if your soil is heavy Clay you might work in some Leaf Mold Sand peat Moss or other material to improve the drainage before planting. State maintenance q. Could you Tell me How i could get the Road i live on maintained by the state. A Guy came out stating that the state would no longer maintain the Road and All the property owners on the Road signed some kind of papers giving them a 30-foot right of Way. The Road i live on is in Davidson county off of Burton Street Extension and part of the property on the Road is owned by somebody that does not live on the Road and they will not sign giving a 30-foot right of Way. How can i get somebody to keep the Road i live just a Short distance from the City limits and off of Westchester out Burton i would appreciate any help i could get on who to Contact or what to do As we pay taxes out Here just like anybody else. Akl. Horton jr., the ninth division Engineer for the state highways explained the problem with Cecil Road which he says is a dead end Road .2 Miles in length with five houses on it. They have tried on several occasions to add this Road to the secondary roads system As recently As june of this year. They were however unable to secure the necessary right of Way a 80-foot right of Way was acquired from All property owners involved with the exception of one woman who refused to give any right of Way at that time and who also has refused in the past to give any. The division of highways must have sufficient right of Way donated before the Road can be added to the system. To our question a is More consideration Given to those who reside on a Road than to Absentee owners a Horton answered that the same consideration is Given to All property owners they must have right of Way donated for the entire length of the Road. Until this necessary right of Way can be secured by some Means this Road cannot be added to the system. He suggests if any new developments take place that is if you and other residents can convince the hold out to donate right of Way you can Contact or o d. Rents District Engineer in f Salisbury. His number is 704 837-3100, recruits for Ford s War on waste sought Washington a Uncle Sam wants you again a this time to enlist in president Fords War on waste to save Energy and fight inflation. It remains to be seen whether americans will save gasoline and Home heating fuels As readily As they once saved tin cans aluminium foil and animal fat during world War ii but Ford having turned Down tougher proposals for Energy taxes is relying on the Public a voluntary cooperation to reduce Energy consumption he Hopes the nation can Cut one million barrels per Day from its imports of foreign Oil by the end of next year. Federal Energy administrator John c. Sawhill says it should take Only a few months to find out whether Fords Appeal to patriotism works if it does no to Ford himself warned on tuesday he will move for mandatory fuel saving measures. But voluntary conservation will work Ford said if americans just follow these rules a drive at least 5 per cent fewer Miles to save some 250,000 barrels of Oil daily and increase the savings still More by car pooling Riding bikes or walking. A turn Down heating thermostats in Winter and use less air conditioning in summer. A keep vehicle engines tuned and maintain proper tire pressure to improve mileage. A reduce temperature settings on hot water Heaters. A turn off Furnace Pilot lights in summer. A Wash laundry with cold water. A ride Public transportation and use car pools in place of private autos. A try to reduce the use of stoves refrigerators televisions electric lights and washing machines. A reduce the use of nonessential appliances. A turn off outdoor Gas lights. Kissinger to in Israel a for talks surrenders Ford asks rejection of violence Washington a president Ford asked the people of Boston saturday to a reject violence of any kind in the current school desegregation conflict. The president tap recorded a statement in the White House at the request of sen. Edward w. Brooke r-mass., for broadcast in the Boston area where court ordered busing has caused an eruption of violence. The president said a i know that nothing is More important to you than the safety of the children in Boston and Only your Calm and thoughtful action now can guarantee that Farmers holding portion of crop Houston Tex. Apr the great wheat holdout has met its severest test and held firm. In the week following the cancellation by president Ford of a russian wheat Deal America s wheat Farmers Are showing continued determination to withhold a substantial part of their 1974 crop from the Market. The aim is to develop a Market in which the Farmers control the Price by controlling the Supply a this was the first real test and they did t panic a said Gerald Frazier president of the massive Union equity Grain Dealership in Enid okla. A a they re holding on a Little faced with tight Grain supplies president Ford last weekend mane Vered a cancellation of a $500 million soviet Grain Deal with two major american dealers. He also clamped on a partial Export lid requiring dealers to get government approval before closing Large Export Grain sales. News of the White House restriction on Grain exports caused a Short flurry of Selling by Farmers but Grain dealers and elevator operators in the wheat Belt said the holdout quickly firmed up again Jerusalem a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger joked and posed with an Arab headdress in Jordan on saturday conferred there with King Hussein then flew to Israel for talks with israeli leaders. Israeli Security sources said that hours before he arrived at least five Arab guerrillas slipped across the lebanese Border apparently planning a terrorist raid to coincide with his talks but so far it was quiet. In Sidon Lebanon witnesses said israeli gunners shelled three villages in Southern Lebanon before Dawn destroying one House and setting farms afire but that there were no casualties. Security roadblocks sealed off the Northern area of Israel near the Frontier of Lebanon. The sources said the infiltrators crossed somewhere North of maalox the israeli Village where 23 children were killed when terrorists captured a school May 15 during Kissinger a last Middle East Mission. At the time of the maalox raid Kissinger was in his Jerusalem hotel and Security troops found three Katusha rockets pointed at the building on a nearby Hilltop. Maalox is about la Miles South of the lebanese Border and about 80 Miles North of Jerusalem where Kissinger is staying during his current visit. Kissinger said on arrival he was a confident we will come out As always with an agreement that will be to the Benefit of All of the people in this area a and above All to our friends Here in Israel who have suffered More than anybody from the absence of one of three Black gunmen lifts his arms in surrender As a seige of Montgomery Ala radio station Wax ends saturday. A Security guard was killed when the three overtook the station. This Man was identified Only As a Arthur a a a Muslim. A wire photo on opponent Rocky accepts blame for Book new York a vice president designate Nelson a. Rockefeller took full responsibility saturday for publication of a Book he admitted was derogatory to former supreme court Justice Arthur j. Goldberg his opponent for the new York governorship in 1970. The Book written by columnist Victor Lasky appeared during the Campaign but it was Learned Only this week that its publication had been financed by the then governors brother Laurance Rockefeller. Nelson Rockefeller said in a statement oct. To that he had been unaware of this and would have opposed it. However in a Telephone conversation with Goldberg saturday Rockefeller said a it is quite Clear that when the project was brought to my attention i should have immediately taken Steps to see to it that it was stopped As utterly alien to and incompatible with the standards i have always tried to observe in my political life. A i take full responsibility for the whole regrettable the vice president designate sent a copy of his closer ties seen London a communications Between Britain and the United states May become brisker soon As the two allies seek solutions to inflation problems. William Eberle president Fords special Trade representative arrived Here this weekend and said of prime minister Harold Wilson s election Victory a we Uke to see a majority party in Power we know this government Well and i am sure we can work Well with them. The main thing is to Piave a majority party with leadership that can move Forward and solve some of Britain a Eberle told a news conference that America s rate of inflation of around la per cent is a not so High As some but we consider it too High. Asked about Britain a inflation rate of 18 9 per cent Eberle said a Britain must face what we have a High Harold lever null Bonaire financier and top British government adviser asserted recently that the world will be engulfed in a a devastating financial and economic crisis if we do not succeed in raising the level of International lever also Lias said that vast Arab profits rom soaring Oil prices May impose intolerable strains on the economies of the major Industrial Powers and threaten the breakdown of the no communist world s trading system. Recently the line of direct communication Between the american and British capitals has remained quieter than in the past. It was used extensively when the Cyprus crisis threatened War Between Greece and Turkey. Inside Reading police probe. Page id school columns. Page 13, 14c growing dish rags. Page 2a classified. Editorial. Women s Newt sports. Television. Entertainment obituaries. Page 5220page 4asection b Section c Page 16c pages 15, id 17cpage 4d apology by Telegram to Goldberg but declined to say what the reaction of his 1970 opponent had been. Rockefeller began his conversation by telling Goldberg a i watched you on to last night and i totally understand and sympathize with your indignation. You hereby have my sincere and unqualified apology for a Book derogatory to you that was published during our 1970 Campaign for Goldberg had caused the Book a Arthur j. Goldberg the old and the new a a phoney he asked Hep. Peter Rodino in. J., chairman of the House judiciary committee Friday to hold formal hearings into the circumstances surrounding its publication. President vetoes 2 measures Washington a president Ford vetoed two Bills saturday a one that would have financed a longstanding deficit in the Railroad retirement system the other aimed at revising provisions for Public remuneration in the event of a nuclear Accident. The president said the general taxpayer was being asked to contribute $7 billion Over the next 25 years to solve the Railroad retirement system s problems and he considered it a an unfair the president said the atomic Energy measure had a a constitutional infirmity because it contained one Section huh provided for consideration by a joint committee on atomic Energy before the Bill could become effective he urged Congress to re enact the Bill promptly to remove this from the legislation

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