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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather colder tonight Mort data on Page 3 a 88th year a no. 283 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A monday afternoon october 9, 1972 24 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classify ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c offensive far from goal n. Viets greatly improve position for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Peeling paper q. I have a problem that i Hope somebody can help me with. The wallpaper on my Kitchen Wall is beginning to Peel off around the sink and stove. I pulled it off thinking i would get the rest of it off with a razor Blade and paint it. To my disgust the stuff will not come off with a razor Blade and now i have a half papered Wall. Doe anyone have a suggestion out there for getting wallpaper off of the Wall without ruining the Wall anon. A. The composition of the Wall and the kind of paper would determine the remedy and your Best recourse would be to consult a Salesman in a wallpaper store. They never recommend hanging paper on sheetrock unless it is painted first or the sheetrock comes off too. If the Wall is plastered there Are steamers you can rent to Speed the removal process but if the wallpaper is Vinyl with a backing like oilcloth water won t penetrate it. Better get some professional advice before you paint or re paper. A a a Why no Speed signs q. It live on Jackson Lake Road just off of Kivett drive and there Are no Speed limit signs posted it is heavily used and there Are lots of houses and Blind Stop on the Road. We would like to know Why there Are no Speed signs posted or any kind of signs and would also like something to be done about the speeding cars through Here. Anon. A. The state Highway division traffic Engineer v. L. Rollins says restricted Speed zones Are based on Roadside development and existing Roadway conditions. On Jackson Lake Road the development is not sufficient to warrant a reduction in Speed limit at this time. As development increases to the extent a reduction would be warranted he says they will submit a recommendation to the Highway commission. In the meantime As soon As time permits they will Post the Road with signs indicating the statutory Speed limit. He adds that All appropriate signs Are in place and in Good condition. If vehicles Are exceeding the statutory Speed limit this is an enforcement matter that should be brought to the attention of the Highway patrol. A High Point s ground Zero q. What and where if the Marker Monument or whatever from which distance is measured to and from High Point i understand every town City etc., has a definite place. J. B. A. The Center of the business District is the Point from which distances Are measured Between towns generally. There is no specific Marker or Monument but the consensus of two it a City planner and a state highwayman was that High Points Point would be the Railroad Bridge on main Street a perhaps Halfway Between the Center Geranium pots. Or rust in the tank q. I have a 250-gallon Oil tank at the Back of my House which has gotten rust in it and is there any kind of solvent or something that can dissolve the rust a. An Oil dealer says adding anything would probably gum up the Burner and cause problems with your Furnace. If the tank is above ground he says you could Drain out any Oil remaining and flush it out with a Garden Hose. The Oil and sludge will kill any grass or vegetation so watch where you Drain it. The Best rust preventive is to keep the tank full. Above ground tanks Are subject to the heat of Day and Cool nights which causes water to condense inside the tank and More rust forms. Burying the tank below the ground minimizes this problem. If your tank is already buried and Rusty and you re not of a mind to disinter it guess you la have to get a new one. A a a High school Hotbox 0. Andrews senior High school is keeping 24 to 25 children in a room where the air conditioner is broken Down with no windows and Only the door open and All we can get out 0t Dean Pruette is that he is going to Pray for a cold spell As it will take three weeks to get the conditioner running. I Don t know what the children in the meantime Are supposed to be doing. Thank you. Anon. A. Never underestimate the prayers of a superintendent. Divine Relief came faster than that mortals could deliver. Principal Hipps said they have kept fans circulating the air and the parts for repairs due within the week Are probably Here now. Saigon a although falling Well Short of the shattering Victory that apparently was its ultimate goal Hanoi a 1972 offensive in South Vietnam has greatly improved the communist sides strategic position for a settlement military or political. And while Battlefield reverses have forced numerous changes in the original plan there Are no signs the North vietnamese Campaign is letting up. Instead it is moving into a new phase. Future of Thieu discussed Washington a the White House indicated today Henry Kissinger a secret Paris talks with the North vietnamese will go into an unprecedented third Day. A i would anticipate there would be a third Day of meetings a said presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Zieger As he Drew even tighter the curtain of secrecy surrounding the Vietnam peace talks. In turning aside questions at a White House briefing. Ziegler referred to an agreement with the North vietnamese not to discuss Content of the negotiations. He said he was applying that Standard a to All questions on the subject of the situation in South Vietnam a regardless of whether they related to the Paris negotiations. It appeared that the future of South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu was the chief Issue under discussion. But Ziegler said a i have no new statement of policy to give you Kissinger Nixon s National Security adviser and his top assistant maj. Gen. Alexander m. Haig jr., flew to Paris on saturday and met sunday with be due Tho of the North vietnamese politburo and Xuan Thuy chief of the North vietnamese delegation to the Paris peace talks. Thieu again rejected the communist demand sunday that he quit and make Way for a coalition government including the communists. The White House also has termed news stories that Thieu would resign sheer speculation. But the belief that Thieu a future was being discussed in Paris was heightened by the presence of Gen. Haig. It was his first appearance at the secret talks and he returned on wednesday from talks in Saigon with Thieu and other High ranking officials. Kissinger a last meeting with be due Tho and Xuan Thuy was on sept. 26-27. Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said sunday the Paris talks were in a a very serious significant and sensitive stage but there was nothing to indicate any Early cease fire in Vietnam. He asserted however that Nixon a Broad peace plans were a a near reality and a a there a no question that we Are on the Road to sen. George Mcgovern the democratic presidential candidate said in Campaign appearances during the weekend that he does not find it accidental a that the peace rumours Are flying As the Campaign nears its showdown phase. A it done to believe that or. Nixon is going to end the War a Mcgovern said. A i think the peace rumours Are flying to coincide with the closing Days of this Campaign. The Lull that followed the recapture of Quang tri City by the South vietnamese last month has ended in a new surge of communist attacks. The a Center of Gravity a As one senior american officer phrased it has shifted South to the Region around Saigon. Military commanders expect a rising level of enemy attacks in the Vicinity of Saigon and perhaps even on the capital itself timed to coincide with the . Election in an attempt to Embarrass president Nixon. But officials say they find no indications that North vietnamese regulars elsewhere in the country Are pulling Back from the areas which they have seized in the last six months. A the communist units Are rebuilding their former base areas to maintain their presence and to declare a we re Here a a said one . Officer. A they Are Here to As soon As they Are refitted and resupplied the North vietnamese could launch another major offensive push. This time they would have the advantage of starting from positions far Forward of where they were when they launched their offensive last March 30. Viewed politically the control the communists have won of Large areas of South Vietnam and a sizable number of its people would be a crucial Factor if current mane vering produced a standstill cease fire. This apparently is Why president Nguyen Van Thieu recently reemphasized that any cease fire must cover All of Indochina. It must be internationally supervised and the North vietnamese must pull All of their forces Back within their own Borders. Some 408.600 persons were officially listed under communist control at the end of August the most recent month for which figures have been disclosed. This is Only 2.1 per cent of South Vietnam a total of 19 million but it is la times More than were listed under enemy control when the offensive be Gan. And . Experts say Many areas where the South vietnamese claim to have regained the Edge Are actually no Many a land. One official cited coastal Binh Dinh province where three heavily populated districts were lost in the Early Days of the communist drive. He said government troops made a Token recapture of one District Headquarters and then pulled out. A if anybody is there now its the other Side a he said. Four held in killing of trooper mount airy . A authorities said they were questioning four occupants of a car stopped near mount airy Early today regarding Tho fatal shooting of a South Carolina Highway patrolman near Orangeburg s.c., late sunday night. Officers declined to identify the men being questioned but said they were held for additional questioning by South Carolina authorities. Additional details were not immediately available. Patrolman Roy 0. Caffey 56, was shot on interstate 26, eight Miles Northeast of Orangeburg and died on the Way to a Hospital. An unidentified Motorist found the wounded patrolman nears his car and telephoned the patrol station which sent another car to bring Caffey to a Hospital. The men being questioned in mount airy were apprehended by Surry county deputies Early today on Highway 602. Mount airy due North of Orangeburg is a few Miles below the Virginia Border. Caffey a 25-year member of the patrol is survived by Hie widow and a 15-year-old son. To a will raise rates for Power Chattanooga. Tenn. Apr users of Tennessee Valley authority electric Power can expect higher electric Bills after the first of the year when Tva plans to hike rates to its distributors sources Here said today. Representatives of distr tutors have confirmed that Tva told a recent meeting of Power distributors the Agency will charge More for electricity a a after the first of the year and no later than a spokesman for the Tennessee Valley Public Power association i n Chattanooga Wiley Bowers said the amount of the increase would not be determined before the last week in november when a rate committee representing distributors meets with Tva. North of Saigon enemy holds area despite air strikes by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a from 250 to 500 North vietnamese and Viet Cong still held Huong Phuong Village and three hamlets 15 to 20 Miles North of Saigon today despite heavy air strikes. The enemy Force occupied the hamlets Friday and Huong Phuong on saturday cutting Highway 13 Between Saigon and a big South vietnamese military Headquarters at Lai Khe 30 Miles North of the capital. A i done to think anyone regards the threat to Saigon itself As significant because of the relative capabilities of the two sides a said one . Source. A a the South vietnamese territorial forces and regular units have Good defensive capabilities. The North vietnamese units Are still under strength from previous combat. They Are still capable of terror attacks by fire sapper attacks and perhaps Small infiltration efforts but the likelihood of any main attack on Saigon is rather other american and South vietnamese officers thought the Small scale attacks might be designed to keep government troops Busy while larger enemy forces slipped past to attack important targets As the big base at Bien Hoe Saigon and its Tan son Nhut air base. . B52 bombers attacked by a a it j4 a a j v s it i a ate ? autumn All around a worker at the Owatonna minn., Canning co., sits in the midst of thousands of pumpkins brought to the Plant each fall about this time of the year As the company prepares for the halloween and thanksgiving season. Wire photo Mcgovern tapes to speech what s inside amusements. 4b Bridge. 12b classified ads.7-11b comics. A crossword a a. 6b editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries 7b sports. 3-5b television. 10a women s news. 6-9a weather 3a new York a on a Bright but Chilly Day democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern marched up new Yorkus fifth Avenue today in the City a annual Columbus Day Parade a traditional political Stop to woo the italian american vote. Mcgovern set off on another 12-Day, coast to coast Campaign swing after taping a major television speech for showing tuesday night on his detailed proposals to end the Vietnam War. He flew to new York from Washington after barely 30 hours in the capital after his last Campaign trip and was due to go on to Detroit later in the Day. With temperatures in the 50�?Ts, Mcgovern embarked on a 25-Block Parade walk. Former mayor Robert f. Wagner his new York chairman accompanied him. Eunice Shriver Battles for microphone Springfield 73 q. Where can you find bullets for a u. S. Springfield 1873 Model 44 rim fire Rifle anon. A. Jimmy Howard of lock Stock amp barrel gun shop in Thomasville says bullets for this Rifle Are now collectors items. He a seen single bullets advertised for $12 on up. A shape up or. Q. Please have the folks at a clean up their Yard As it is a rat Breeding place. Anon. A. Chief building inspector Freeman Hill reports that the residents at this address were contacted and agreed to make their premises clean within 30 Days. Baltimore a Eunice Shriver plunging into a pro Nixon democratic gathering indulged in a Brief tug of War with a Maryland politician for control of the stage microphone. She emerged shaken but confident that a a it a their Sargent shrivers wife was campaigning sunday for the Mcgovern Shriver democratic ticket in the Baltimore Anna Polis area when she ventured into a Beer party for state sen. Joseph Staszak. Although he a a Democrat Staszak recently announced he is backing president Nixon. City councilman Barbara Mikulski a Democrat of polish ancestry who often travels with Shriver to smooth the Way into ethnic sections had advised mrs. Shriver to a Tell them to keep an open As the Shriver party entered the packed noisy Hall Staszak greeted miss Mikulski with a Chi sweetheart a and Shook mrs. Shrivers outstretched hand. Afterwards miss Mikulski said Staszak told her head a give them five minutes to mrs. Shriver went straight to the stage where she said she barely uttered a Good after noon before the master of ceremonies John Jakubik a state Central committeeman a grabbed the microphone out of my mrs. Shriver said she protested a i Haven to finished yet a and tried to get the microphone Back. A a in a like to talk for 30 seconds so give me Back the mrs. Shriver said she and Jakubik both gripped the Mike but with a firm tug she finally got her half minute. A a in a from a proud Irish family and i know you re proud of your heritage a she said Over the embattled microphone. Her voice was barely audible in the Hall. A i came Here to dance not to listen to this garbage a shouted one Man As he lifted a Glass. Mrs. Shriver smiling stiffly fled to her Campaign bus. A i wonder How we stayed alive in there a she sighed slumping into the seat. A there were 50 places we could have gone today we did no to have to go in there. They were so rude about it a Liz Abernathy mrs. Shrivers press aide said she was particularly puzzled at what went on inside the Hall because Jakubik himself had invited mrs. Shriver. The democratic candidate started the Campaign swing after taping a television speech on Vietnam that aides say could prove More important to his underdog Campaign than his daily speech making. After new York his next scheduled Stop was Detroit. Before his scheduled return to Washington a week from Friday the democratic presidential nominee will have made another round of the nations eight largest states that constitute the base he needs to overhaul president Nixon by nov. 7. With funds beginning to come in at a quicker Pace Mcgovern Hopes to make increasing use of television in the last four weeks of the Campaign starting with tuesday nights speech outlining his step by step plans for withdrawal from Indochina. He said $1.4 million came into the Campaign Treasury last week. The 12-Day Campaign swing will include a weekend visit to California Mcgovern a fourth trip there since labor Day and a two Day visit Early next week to Texas which the candidates advisers still think he has a Chance to carry despite polls showing him far behind there. Troop positions base Camps and infiltration routes on All sides of Saigon. Some of the raids were Only four Miles East of Huong Phuong and of Highway 13. Despite the secret Vietnam peace talks in Paris the United states also kept up its heavy air strikes across North Vietnam and the communist forces showed no signs of pulling Back from battlefields in South Vietnam. A we Are continuing to carry on the same operations As we have All along a said one american source. A we have had no directives to do anything different. There is no indication that any of the 14 North vietnamese divisions in South Vietnam Are pulling out withdrawing or Dis continuing offensive the b52s dropped nearly 3,-000 tons of bombs sunday and today on munitions stockpiles troop positions and Supply lines near the North vietnamese cities of Vinh and Dong hoi and around Saigon. Missile decoded with flare Washington a the air Force has countered a worrisome antiaircraft missile in Vietnam with a Parachute flare device that decoys the heat seeking weapon away from . Jets and helicopters. The russian made Strella missile caused deep concern last Spring when North vietnamese soldiers used i to Knock Down a number of . And South vietnamese planes and helicopters. After a couple of the Bazooka like Strellas were captured in South Vietnam one of them was flown to the United states for study. Nothing was said publicly about the countermeasure experts devised until Secretary of the air Force Robert c. Seamans or. Mentioned it briefly in a speech last week. Seamans said a we were Able in just 18 Days to develop and deploy to the Field an infrared suppression kit to counter the heat seeking Strella missile a asked for details air Force sources said the technicians modified an existing flare system for the Decoy task. The device is ejected from an aircraft. A timer opens the Parachute when it is Well Clear then fires the flare. The Strella is attracted to the intensely burning flare instead of to the plane because the flare generates More heat than the planets engines sources explained. There was no explanation Why officials chose to disclose the Strella countermeasure now but it appears Likely they believe the North vietnamese have caught on by this time

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