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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather cold tonight More data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 284 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon october to 1972 18 pages Call us circulation. <42-1719 classified ads. <45-2177 All other departments <15-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c �?o2�sb by Washington Post gop spying and sabotage alleged for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Whats Banca Rotta o. What is the origin of the word Quot bankrupt Quot i just saw How the property revaluation affected my mortgage payment and the word seems to stay on my mind As a portent of the future. . A. Recall if you will those ancient times when Money changers went about their business not in marbled edifices but in the open Market place. Here on tables or benches called Bancas in Italy they exchanged foreign Money for Domestic. Their wealthy patrons also gave them Money which with their own they loaned to others at usurious rates. There was risk involved to the Money lenders however in the event the Borrower lost his goods or life or his ship did t come in. The banker then could not repay his own creditors and by the Laws of Rome he grievously did answer for it. His body could actually be divided into parts proportionate to the claims of the creditors but it is doubtful this was indeed Ever carried out to the letter of the Law. Later it became the policy of those to whom he was in debt to merely break up his table or Bench to show he was out of business. In Florence this was called a Banca rottau a broken Bench. This was carried in time to England where the italian a or Ottar gave Way to the latin so from Banca Rotta to Banca Gupta comes bankrupt. It it it Why no demolition 0. Why Haven t they demolished the last two houses in the <00 Block of Park Street. The one at the Corner of Lake and Park is an eyesore. It is supposed to be a Model neighbourhood and if this is a Model it is a Model of slums and they Are beyond repair. I think the owner should either be made to tear them Down or have them repaired. It is a shame for the houses to stand around like that. They Are a Bunch of junk and i would like to see them disposed of. An owner in the neighbourhood. A. The House facing Park Street at the Corner of Lake is scheduled to be demolished in the very near future says building inspector Hill. The owner of the House on Lake Street is now getting bids for making the necessary repairs to comply with the local housing code. If the Cost is too High the owner says he will also demolish the Lake Street. A cold weather clipping q. What would be a Good time to trim your shrubs mrs. . A. Late Winter february or March before the sap begins to Rise is generally the Best time. Notary Public note 0. I would like to become a notary Public and want to know what i have to do to become one. J. T. A. You will fill out an application for a commission. Enclose two letters of endorsement from Well known citizens of the Community where you live and pay a fee of $10, payable to the governor s office. When the commission is issued it will be mailed to Paul Craven in High Point who has been deputized to swear in notaries Public formerly it was done Only in the Register of deeds office in Greensboro. You must appear before him to take the oath of office before your commission is effective. You will be notified when your commission has been issued. A sunny is Muddy q. I am calling about sunny Lane Road ult in Randolph county and would Lika Soma information on How to get the ditches cleaned out because every time it Rains we have Muddy water out Here. The water from both ends of the Road come on our lot when it Rains. We would like to know How we could get some action and find just what is going on because we taxpayers feel that is it not our duty As we have done for the last several years to get out and dig the ditches beside our House out Here. We would appreciate it very much if you could help us in this matter. Mrs. E. M. A. District Engineer Richard Siler to whom we sent your message writes a this will be handled in our usual manner and assistance will be Given consistent with present state Highway commission copies of his letter went to messes. Lynwood Smith a. J. Hughes and b. Morgan. Although no specific Date is promised we Trust that with so Many advised something a bound to be done before you Are awash in the monsoons of autumn. It it h maybe so. Maybe not q. This May sound like a crazy question but it is important to me. Is a mexican divorce Legal in North Carolina anon. A. An attorney says that a mexican divorce which is Legal in Mexico May not always be Legal in North Carolina. It in it sound off q. The High Point Myca chess club is sponsoring a local chess tournament with Nice trophies to the top two players. It will begin wednesday october la at 7 00 p. M. At the y. More information is available at the weekly club meeting on wednesday night at the y. Washington apr chairman Wright Patman of the House banking committee said today president Nixon As chief of his re election Campaign is directly responsible for the a most sordid political tactics Ever employed by a major political the Texas Democrat made the comment at a news conference which he said was called because of reports in today a Washington Post detailing alleged plans by republicans to disrupt and sabotage efforts by democratic presidential contenders earlier this year. Referring to the Post Story Patman said a this is an attempt to substitute espionage for political discussion. It is a chapter out of the political handbooks of the totalitarian a president Nixon is in control of his own Campaign. He is responsible a Patman said. The Post said in today a editions that the Fri has established that the watergate bugging incident developed from a Campaign of political spying and sabotage on behalf of Nixon a re election. The newspaper said the a a massive Campaign was directed by White House officials and the committee for the re election of the president. Patman who last week was voted Down by his committee when he sought to launch a full scale investigation of the watergate incident said he is renewing that Effort. Calling on Nixon to open up the records of his Campaign organization. Patman said he was summoning his committee to a special session thursday and would ask four key Nixon aides to appear. He urged Nixon to require that All presidential aides be available to answer questions and a to reveal publicly what has gone on behind the backs of the american Patman said the four witnesses he was asking to appear thursday were Maurice stans Nixon s re election finance chief former atty. Gen. John Mitchell who stepped out in july As Overall Campaign chief but remains a top consultant to Nixon Clark Macgregor current head of the committee for the reelection of the president and John Dean White House staffer Kissinger in third Day of talks by Jim Luther associated press writer Washington a Henry a. Kissinger went into an unprecedented third Day of talks with the North vietnamese in Paris today then took time out to Call on the French foreign minister Maurice Schumann. The presidential adviser on National Security affairs went to the foreign minister with Arthur k. Watson the . Ambassador to France. Reports in Paris said Kissinger is believed to have discussed Vietnam with Schumann. Kissinger conferred with the North vietnamese envoys to the Paris peace talks sunday and monday and decided to stay Over for a third Day to continue the meetings. A apparently they have something to talk about a White House Tess Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said monday in announcing Extension of the talks. He added that the United states and North Vietnam have agreed not to discuss the substance of negotiations. But diplomatic observers read the Extension As evidence that if nothing else Kissinger. Be due Tho and Xuan Thuy have stepped up the Pace of negotiations in Saigon meanwhile South vietnamese president Nguyen Van Thieu whose future has become a Pivotal part of the negotiations and the broader peace talks in Paris met for 45 minutes with . Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker. Again . Officials would not discuss the substance of the talks. Government hired consultants private school reimbursement ruled illegal Washington api on an 8-1 vote the supreme court ruled unconstitutional today an Ohio Law providing tuition reimbursement to parents of private and parochial school students. With Justice Byron r. White dissenting the court affirmed the decision of a Federal panel in Ohio invalidating the state Law. White said a hearing should have been held by the High court. The justices did not give their reasons for ruling against the state. Last year again with Only White dissenting the court de dared unconstitutional a variety of state programs that reimbursed roman Catholic and other Church related schools for instruction in nonreligious subjects. In that decision the court held direct financial Aid to parochial schools involved a excessive entanglement Between government and religion a Ohio officials had attempted what s inside amusements 10b Bridge. A classified ads. At comics a crossword. A editorials. 4a financial m obituaries. 2b sports 3-5b women s news. A 7a television 10b weather. A to save the 1971 Law by appealing to the supreme court. It provided for $90 payments to a child per year. The three judge court in Ohio held the reasons advanced in support of the Law do not alter a the Plain fact that. As it permits reimbursement for tuition. It will Transfer Public funds to religiously oriented private thus the court continued it violates the constitutional prohibition against establishment of religion. A the District court denied reimbursement because these parents Send their children to Church related s c h o o i a said Ohio a Appeal. A this Isnit neutrality this is hostility to coupled with the private Aid provisions the Law established a statewide income tax and a minimum allocation of $800 per Public school student per year. These provisions and others providing Public assistance to private school children for such services As teaching materials assistance to the Blind and others were not removed by the lower court. Ohio has some 334.000 nonpublic school students out of a student population approaching 3 million. Of the nonpublic students 95 per cent attend roman Catholic schools. Ohio which saw a 1969 Law to supplement the salaries of non Public school teachers struck Down had appropriated some $61 million for two years operation of the tuition reimbursement plan. Diet pills have trivial value panel concludes by John Stowell associated Potts writer Washington a a government hired panel of consultants has concluded that diet pills Are of a clinically trivial value in weight loss and with one exception should be tightly controlled. The recommendation if accepted by regulatory agencies would permanently crimp the profitable multimillion Dollar ant fat business by prohibiting refillable prescriptions and imposing manufacturing quotas. After reviewing mountains of effectiveness data sorted in a pioneering computer project the consultants said diet pills in general cause the loss of Only a fraction of a Pound per week in Short term use. The total Impact of drug induced weight loss Over that of diet alone a must be considered clinically trivial a they said especially in Light of the High potential for abuse of the diet drugs. The group of four physicians and two statisticians was headed by or. Thaddeus e. Prout associate professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and a former member of the food and drug administrations advisory committee on metabolic and endocrine drugs. The Fra is undertaking an extensive review of All diet drugs in preparation for recommendations to the Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs. The Lone exception to the panel s findings was Fen Laramine. Patented As Pon Dimin by a h. Robbins co. Of Richmond a clinical trials have shown Fen Laramine to be significantly effective in weight controls but with an apparent absence of the stimulant Side eff eds which make other diet pills popular among youths truck Drivers athletes and other persons seeking a boost. Fra officials Are concerned however that the panel s recommendations would give the Robbins firm a virtual monopoly on the Market for appetite curbing pills. The drug is not yet approved for weight con Trot. A everybody would like to treat them All equally a said or. Barrett Scoville Deputy director of of Day a division of Neur pharmacological drug products. A but we Are scientists and there Are some facts we can to Shipley confirms Post report Nashville Tenn. A Alex b. Shipley jr., assistant state attorney general confirmed today a report that he had been asked to act As an undercover agent for the republicans during the current Campaign. The Washington Post said Shipley and two other attorneys were contacted by Donald Herb e r t Segretti a former Treasury department lawyer and All refused the offer to engage in what Shipley said was termed a a Little political Shipley 30, is a Democrat. The other lawyers mentioned in the Post article Are Roger i a Nixt of Dennison Iowa and Kenneth Griffiths of Atlanta. All served with Segretti in Vietnam the Post said. A about a week ago a Shipley said a i received a phone Call from a or. Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post. I have told or. Bernstein All that i know about this. The Washington Post article fairly reflects what i had to then retreating into his office. He said a i have a lot of work to do. I have nothing further to say. Will you close the door please a anti using filibuster cutoff fails Washington a a first move to Cut off Senate debate on a House passed anti using Bill failed today to win the necessary two thirds majority the vote was 45 for and 37 against or to Short of the required margin supporters of the Bill had said they did not expect to prevail on this initial test of strength in the Battle Over sharply restricting busing for school desegregation but the groundwork already has been Laid for another vote wednesday on halting the debate. Of necessary still a third vote is in Prospect for thursday. If a two thirds majority cannot be obtained in three tries the House passed Bill is Likely to be shelved for the year. Opponents contend the Bill is a regressive one that would turn Back the clock on nearly two decades of Progress since the supreme courts landmark ruling in 1954 that a separate but equal schools for Blacks and Whites Are unconstitutional. Who conducted an in House investigation of the watergate incident. Patman said he had consulted with the general accounting office which is charged with enforcement of a new Federal election Law and that the Gao had agreed to reopen its own investigation of Nixon finances already linked to the watergate. The Gao investigation. Patman said a is under Way at this the Post reported that White House aide Ken w. Clawson has acknowledged fabricating a letter that damaged the presidential Campaign of sen. Edmund s. Muskie a statement Clawson denies. The newspaper reported that White House aide Ken w. Clawson has acknowledged fabricating a letter that damaged the presidential Campaign of sen. Edmund s. Muskie a statement that Clawson now denies. The newspaper quotes Law enforcement sources As saying the Clawson letter is the Best example of a Republican strategy of see gop on Page 2-a on the Block the 23-Story Allied chemical Tower at times Square traditional gathering spot for thousands of new years eve revellers is for Sale the Allied Che Mic corp. Announced monday. The corporation which bought the Tower in 1963 from the new York times said it will take bids on the building until March i with $7 million As the minimum offer considered. A wir�po�0 Nixon to continue to keep Low profile Washington api president Nixon apparently intends to keep his personal Campaign schedule Light and his Republican profile lows right through the election four weeks from today. Herbert g. Klein director of communications for the administration said Nixon will do substantially less personal campaigning in 1972 than he did inc years ago that of course was a year in which he was not running but was campaigning for re Mcgovern outlines peace plan tonight by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Detroit a sen. George Mcgovern outlines his step by step plan to end the Vietnam War tonight after declaring that rumours of an impending peace settlement Are a just election eve talk fostered by the Nixon administration. Mcgovern said in Advance of his speech which aides consider one of the most crucial of his Uphill presidential Campaign that the War remains a the clearest and sharpest of All the issues Between Richard Nixon and George Mcgovern on nov. 7.�?� the half hour program taped sunday will be shown on the lbs network plus other stations at 7 30 pm. 6 30 . In the Central time zone Only. Mcgovern predicted in a speech monday night to a $50-a-plate dinner in the Detroit suburb of Southfield that anyone who watches the telecast a will vote for the democratic candidate for president on nov. 7.�?� at the time it is shown Mcgovern will be in Chicago for a speech to a $15-a-plate a a people a dinner planned for More than 7,000 he scheduled speeches earlier in the Day to a United Auto workers rally in Detroit and another rally at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Although the specifics of Mcgovern a speech Are being kept secret until just before air time the democratic nominee has indicated some of the Points he will make he continued to dismiss the likelihood of an Early Vietnam settlement while talking with reporters during an appearance at new Yorkus Columbus Day Parade which Drew cheers from his supporters and jeers from top Republican leaders. A i Hope they re True a he told a reporter who asked the candidate about the peace rumours during a pause in the Parade. A but frankly in a afraid its just election eve a statement issued by Mcgovern aides said that statistics about costs casualties and extent of bombing show a that the War is not winding Down a and listed a series of optimistic predictions from administration spokesmen which it said a reveal four years of bogus a they Are especially useful in providing a realistic context to View the current admits to r a t i o a imitated speculation about a breakthrough in Paris a the background Sheet added. Mcgovern spoke to what some Michigan democrats said was their largest fund raising dinner in history. He told his audience that monday was the fourth anniversary of Nixon a 1968 Campaign statement that a those who have had a Chance for four years and could not produce peace should not be Given another publican congressional candidates Klein told newsmen monday that while Nixon a Campaign schedule will be increasing in the final weeks a i done to expect a full time full blown Effort. In any week i can foresee a if there is anything approaching in an intensive Road Campaign he said it will come during the week before the nov. 7 balloting Klein said that represents no change in strategy. But the president and his spokesmen had Given the impression that once Congress adjourned As it is expected to do next weekend he would be putting in considerably More time on the Road. His Only Campaign travel this week is scheduled thursday a one Day trip to Atlanta. Two Days of Nixon campaigning Are Likely next week. Klein said the option for More intensive campaigning remains open. He declined to speculate As to exactly How Many Days Nixon will spend on the Road saying that no firm schedules have been set. But every indication is that Nixon and his strategists have decided things Are Tine As they Are with vice president Spiro t. Agnew and nearly three dozen proxy campaigners doing the Road work while the president stays close to the White House. 4 %

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