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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - October 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina To High Point . Friday. October i 1976 business and financial news Stock Market report Penney i to it 14 san san Jim. N pm Poluh i 43 jul Jio Juv Penn rot i 17 9 it it 31 i n it a 4s Ian in in plier m 13 it to Toh 74m to Phelps Jou la 4j ii 41-% a ii in 4 to in us Ira Ira Gam May filibuster Auto emissions Bill by c Het Cummer a Ruver writer new York api the Stock Market was mixed today. Failing to make an Early gain stick the Dow Jones average of % Industrial stocks up 3 Points at the outset was off 3 90 at 98ft 29 by noontime on Wall Street tamers held a slight Lead Over losers in the Over All count of new York Stock sex Chang listed issues but the spread had narrowed from More than 2 to i earlier brokers noted some Early encouragement Over the Federal Reserve s report late thursday of a Sharp drop in the Basic measure of the Money Supply a week after it had posted a record increase rut brokers also noted that the Sharp swings in the Money Supply had injected a new element of confusion in efforts to figure out the Likely direction of fed policy and interest rates household finance was the most Active nose Issue up a at 20 a 90,000-share Block of the Stock traded at that Price the Nyser a composite Index of All its listed common stocks dropped 14 to 56 09 at the american Stock Exchange the Market value Index was up 03 at 101 98 volume increased a bit on the Rig in lard totalling 8 59 million shares Over the first two hours against 6 25 million in the comparable period on thursday. Ctr teed 5 to bit chomp no i fax ave pc 1j Che to Chi neut 111 Chitra Chrysler is i 44< pm corp to Hoo 70 i 474 cloaks 10 la to Introit a to in cd Otto Aiu a co empt Tajo by Colo a my Joo Voigat 14 i a comb Hoji Cowf 40 to am Cornet i 6 Iii copes i 0 a Joi coned i a i 64 Cong i 4 Coni Upo Juja conf Alf Ltd it conc p to in 44 Cintio Ilso Bijj cont Oil i pc 4 Aja co flow i Oill control do 0 jul Cooper in 14 a Jao Corno Mojo jul conto a 14 co Asci Mil Craig to 4 Crovi i it Croom Cor i pm to Hoh curl Tver 4010 do inn my 4 of Yco Job Daytel i m to door i to i oat Mon i to Volt oar to to Jan Penny 44 it att cooled it t 4a la i i to a dolt Folco i my >3 do toy up to j44 drop Opp 40 ill Don cd i in j4j or Rotor to to made of 4 a to 147 Ducep i 0 f 344 cx�<1 i t t 72 4 at e lie a eoa<7 i a 77 a7a Elton i h in 142 i poach i to 7 141 Fine i to 14 137 eni orb i 7j 4 i e pm re t 7 7 40 Ethyl i to a 13 e rant prod 40 4 i Enon to. 4 777 f-7 new York a Exchange 1 quotations from the new York Stock Exchange Are incomplete because of mechanical difficulties. New Vork apr Inlet to afternoon notional it to Tor men Vot Stock Exchange. Sate be by High ton la co a a a a i of i to 4 Joja Amene i to 44 44 lop us i a sch addres of of 14 44 in Aetna i of h jj7 Jim Ait Rcd Joi j�0 3 Aire Pine a anon to 4 it us 37 allege p i a 23 to Artigl of is a att pm i 0 7 la Ali dub i to 4 la Almaite i to 4 a Allt cd 0 7 Ijo Ako i 40 a 44 Amu i 7a i 43 Ambar do i acc Jap 7 am airline 17 a brn Ltd Jio t Ambo a in a am cult Jai i acre i of 9 am flow 4 am Monte i a 31 am hot 40 72 i am motor t Joa a a w in i ii Ampf and in in am t Ai Jio la too inc Al Jijo Amati corp la Ano cond 0 Apo to corp arc Din to 4 a men i to 9 Arm la i u aver co to a a Pittl i Job Avo or g i to to at Titch i 0 la allo corp 19 a co corp Avn i be 0 7 144 Avo Ned i Roll 4va a to pc wit i 4 47 Bultge Joi 9 a a oomph to 9 by Foufa in 14 a Ecxon i in mete Paic belter i to Bellsite 14 Bend a i Ujj 4 Berthp i 4a a Benge b 07f Belesti 4 bloc a he i la boding i in Bowel to to Borden i 40 to Bor War i 0 i but imy i to i of i be a is of in we to to a Coyer 41 4j7 Buddo to 4 71 Bote. A Oai Bein Simi behind i to i be no we 6 Burgh Al 72 Bogie in 01 24 23 la 7 in i 4 m a Ati a a Ion i11 my 0 Ion a j4t 1 i 4 Jim. A 4 t 0 27 x �0 4 cd a to. 24 a us a a i Jan Jih Jsn 17 14% a a it Jija Joun a a a ish Aan to. I a a a Jih a4 Atn us Java 124 Ain a we i9,t ath of 37n-3 Trio Ion Ion Jah ton to 4-a4 a Joh at a car i Imp Tine 17h-414 a pm i 14 Poi rcom 1014 Joh Pedder up pen of m t Pedott i i la Pilot Rolp i if Eton i to 9 a Tab a tit i of to non i Joh p i i 4 pm pal i a i Pupo to i Popour to for of to Par my k i frn Klym 70 i pee pm i 0 17 19 in to 70$ Prudot i to i 17 g Gapp 0 i a Gar Nett i to 7 Gen Mynom Gen Al i to 14 a Pood i to to Gen to to 714 Gemot 3 to i Opo put i 0 to it Etui Jio 731 it ire i lop Al gentle in a Gapac thu Gerber i 30 i Getty of Jeu i to to global mar Good in i 17 la Good or i to it Gould i 9 Groat i to i i Stipec 23 gown pin to to Greg tool i 074 Green i 04� Fumm to a gut a or 0 4 Cit new Gubtil i to gust i i u 4 i 17 17 it i Jon Jon Joh 74h 24n 74n6 o i it Toh Toh Jon in Jar a i 7 4 to it Toh h i 6 so 4 4 a it 20 Ion Toh a i Jih Johll n i Ira son we h 47 41 a Jhin i Jih Jihun Ith Ith in 46 Ash a h eth 2ta it Jan Tan Tan a 4 at. 4$� 4sn Jih Jih 110 a ton to. 70h n in Ion 1474. 74 a 24 a 74% 20n 24 77 Vul n 4 n a i Rva Ash Ash sch a a a Van a a Ith us h Ian ish ish a a 24 a tin Vijh a n Ion Joh in. A he to n n iou he tot. A in it in Jan in huh a Jinji Jivu Jih 7iw h my to m to Ith Ira it by n a d is a a in it i8�?Ta Ian h Ira in Ira eth Jihun h Toh 2�a to a a a 41 406 to. Hutch Nusi in. In 14 a we Arn m a h Jan Ith Jin n 41 a. Tro h i Paun is 44. 44 44 a n 47m 40n 41 in Ito it it a a tin Jin tin to i of Ion ii n i o. In in a a we ooh Orn i 4 47m 47n 47 it i4m i14 a a a Jan in 17a n it Ash menu 32h was Ith jvt4 it a ii la Ila Sah Sah Sah a -9 74 i 74 24 a aim a 4 so i 9 4 4 Ina h in a set a of. Tan 6>4 att Ara 4 76 the in nutty 27v- h Ion i 4 in a or. A i 4 ii on ii a a in 7m Toh Toh 29. Ton s an 4h ath or. 54 h is 144 >4 0 a Jan 374 13 a 1 a eth eth Tom in us 10-6 a Tahr eth h i m i 344 knig irid 2 14 i a Copper 40 i to Bronco in 4 Al Bro gel Juji ins Broger i 44 4 to 40 4 Jon Atn at Ach 234 Ltd corp Lear Sno to lob pc 40 is Louvot a Lebman 44f> levity purr a lop i to i Lagg up 7 to i la -74 up to in a Jia i u Lifto Nln 1123 h9 Loci by Aire i i new i to 4 lond Send i to in Glt i at 7 Lapacik top i Kurtys Moll i cites i 0 7 late ice i a or Ibn i la it i 4 my ish of 24 la 4 u a Vijh 74in. Who a 7 a 0 4 Ira ii la Ian i ii Ahll my us 4h Jih Vijh Uriah Vijh Jah Ith mock 38 i mat in it a 7 Macy i to mod of a to a pc o 4011 mrs no ii mar mid to mar a i to i Moos for i 17 to May a i to 14 my onto 0773 Vidondo 44 4 he Taio m m 9 to of the Toh no he he i Vijh 40 a Ach on of Vijh Jan Joh Joh m Ira aah 74 Ian me Educ p 07 too in Melville till Al to off cd i 40 74 mgr or m Sui i 17 4 Mitic. E tee la Vomm i a 24 Vinnel i 44 7 Mobil i to 7 mob Ico 40 Mon to i von do to Mon pm t m to to no m motor Oujo 74 Mif Utju Isi la 74a it in 747 la 4 70 a Jih in it Vijh a 4 71 ii Vijh m i Jan in in sch 434 aah Vijh ish us tit jj�4 us in it 4 ii to ii a 4 a 4 Jon us Srain to 6 3h-47 4 6 Aon huh to non ii son n a min Ian a of Job no irn of Vijh Uhn 1 irs 24 i us a a two Jinn Sun Jan a a 0 re a Onn a Jin Jon Jan a he a Jih 1 i Shn v unit Jihu i Vijh v it 4 a ii n m 4 71 Abji moral to is Jas Ain to Philip i to in 117 tin al1 Pitney m a Ian Vijh pneuma i 4 4 in Ian of it Rod Jojo Aba aah 43 Portage i 4 to 70n us pro ctr 7020 m Hugh is Vel i 4 4 i Jihun Peg to 4 17 eth eth pub for Ina ii a in pug spa 7 34 i la Jon Ion Pullman i 70 Roll Jah we is i la us i purity pain 2 to Jyh out co 47 to in 7th j7h Quak Sto Jill i in or que or Cir to i Ash it a pc i 14 Bijj Vijh Vijh Patton up i is it Ain Hareem at i a in a tepid am a an a typhoon i toll Iuar pet debt 0 4 0 us Pic bib 74 i Pepin i to Hope foil Nii Revlon i m u a Tynan 301 i Pey me i 70 i Roc Wunt 7 poor Ina 4 Poy Cocoi m 4 is porno a a in Ryder by Ioja us is 104 of 44 Jan 154 ish it 14 ath it 34 23 70>, 4 a Ira n h in n no pc no my i to Nab to 7 to to to 77 it con $7 t Nat ant i to 7 ntfu#i7 it 7 a Gyp i Osio Nail re to a 4em.cn a it till 7 to u a Tea Nelom i to 7 in. 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Stock a averages Stock averages compiled by the to Quot i i"0�?T Ina rail util. Stock to 24 i in 3 17 13 Tine cit., be pre Day wee ago month ago year ago 17 High 147 Low Uta High 17$ r it 4love u t Uhn 4 no a 23 a 73 in a in in i i i it. A 34 2ln Al in an Ion in in Jon 77 4 in 7an la Atn at is us. 37 an 3 4 21 a 60 4 m 2 a Jon in us 2n 2an Ian 7ac Joh a i san 3n 4 Ian Ian unit 47h 41 4 37 an a 4 it a to 2 a m 2-� Ion a Ihu 12.4 30 Jan in a. N Joh Over the counter bid asked by the Atto Ciatteo pre . A from the not Ona a Oci Ai on o secant a Meaier Are rep Een Tyr n dealer Price a 0 approx Moiety pm daily or teat do not include retail Mot up Fri or Donn or comm. Aion bid a til of i 4 412 a a a 0 44 0 in 1 a 7 4 i 474 4 4sa0 Jia a Bond averages compiled by the at toe lated pre to Quot to Quot 10&Quot 10 Quot to rail my util fun l cd notching it on a i in noon Friday ai17 i 92 0 it 2 pre. Day 52 7 it i 47 9 101 2 Ita m 11 3 74 7 12 / a 74 i i week ago 57 3 month ago 57 0 Yea ago 47 i Haj High 17 Low u75 High Uta Low 57 3 aia 49 7 4a i i in 7 141 4 191 i it 7 147 9 14 Isa i 131 a 93 0 42 7 140 43 4 a a 7 a a la 9 117 i 117 Iii Hoa 401 is i 44 a 103 7 �?�4 7 101 2 i0� 0 too to 3 too i Loos a i 4 Jia 9 377 4 jul 9 ass is 4 it s 216 4 Chi i ii 9 a i it �?�3 i r. 4$ 4 a 7 it a 9 4 Ual my to u pc a 1 1 up to pvt Ltd i to 4 urn Are to to in enc i 3 i u Noc 11 i to 7 a Pacchi m to 13 17 uniroyal so la 77 in unit Brand Alt until up 17 a in in item to 104 in a Egypt Imp to 77h used toll 57 on us sleet 7 to 9 43 Sou in tech i to i Utah in to 170 10 104 la Upjohn Imi in it Utah int i 2t?i 12 197 m a a vat a 20 12 35 u 13 us in 2b ath ish Sah m 1 4 i in us 77 4 a1. So m Ith a Ith >4 Uhn n the n to t 4 h Mno h Hhd 4 san i in John n in Toh h t a St Ivna n huh h us n Ain h in Sanna a in St inn a lax a fun it a Uhn h eth a a ao1 an. M a h Vijh of h Sun a in he a Dow Jones a averages a stocks x input to to 20 trn por lation is Uli Litie As Sloe Bonds 20 Bondio Public to Industrial get 946 79 3 of 716 4$�?0 4 96 03 no 2t> .109 11-0 43 in Jino i 95 32noo? 13 4an0 72 17 321 Al 7 i it 17 Lull 424 out 64 124 364 ill a a in m to. Ith Inhta 20vj to 141 42 2s lbs 1617 top in 7 70 i pc in 7 30 9 cadent my 9 a Marl a u can up i 3 la co Row i 72 i Carrop a is 233 car Waii Mai cat tick my 7 Cater per i Roll relative 2 m 7 Cen sow i to to to ii Vul 24 x to 4 in 19 x Ain Jan a a in or jul 40 i if. Ii 4 4 he Jan 204 74 of Ibn Tbs ii by i m my ath both Jin c a 21 77 4 Jan a x to fun Jan i 4 in Ibn 14 aah Avn in 27 fut Una 7 i 69 77 a to c Jan 73h Ion Ibn tin la i 64 7 Tbs 42 n w1 1 ii Al a in 42l 34 to 4 Unish Ira ii 7 to 16 774 56 4 Imaa 37 he Atn my 47 34 ton in 73. La 6h in Avn a ibs. Tin ,4 7jhx -4 Ion he t Jin 4 la 4 in in 204 x a Atn n by in Jinx a styx la Jyh x a Ain a inn a ton Unn a 73. It n aha a 16 at h a it Ibn the High Point Enterprise Eli big Ned 66. Pub a a a f very alte noon and sunday morn no an Independent be a spat a by the High Point Enterprise inc 2u Church Ayeno Mig Point n c 2726 member of the associated press rates by mail payable had Ync i or a to 3 to i to deny and sunday Max Stix Sio to s3 so sunday Only Sii to 19 to m Assi so by Carrier wkly in monthly $3 to or $42 x Man Ludt Cristion a n c tubiello 4% sales tax the associated press a entitled to me be Tor reproduction of All local news primed in this newspaper a Well a Allah news dispatches f Mere As second last matter at the pot of High Point n c under act it March 3. Hub second Clat Pottage paid at High Point n c ail Carrier dealers and distributor emd pendent contractor and to High Hunt Enle Runje. Inc it not responsible Tor Advance subscription payment made to them or their represent Xei for Home Deh Yery rate Contact your local earner London associates. 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To my 22 n i Ion Taegu corp Agio Why Airt 27 Amic corp army nip u 4 Samera 25 8 Aliata m b i aut Tralo l it Autman Rad 3 bar men to bound a a Berg b in to by Wall to 105 Bra ddn to 6 brat Ana i 3 Chi corp $ Carbon Tea to carnal i m 1$ Champ Mem circles 32 8 Coleman 52 8 concur fab 2 Cono Rigat 6 Cony exp it cooking 40 3 Cornel it u Cruft p my Oata prud to dome Petri 8 Dyn ctn Nae 8 Dyn Amer 7 e at to it re i 7 Delcorchio 8 to inc of in Falcons 60 7 Ped re rce filmy 8at 6 or lip giant be to k Gladding up a Basin in git Ken 28 is main my 6 mar us lie it Hobohm Mai Macei inc 19 Impila Xuy Inco Lerm a 13 in Trum by inn banknote 9 Terway up a cats Rand 26 8 Kewanee 72 8 Kinar Kurp 8 Lay Rad m 6 Lincoln am 33 Lowthe it Mcculo jul 33 Meg ont 20 6 Miller to 40 8 Mitchle to not paen a proc 80e 9 anytime of ii no exp x Nordn Oil 12 Ozark a Ose 7 pal corp 40 la pert Ecamp 7 Plant int Plant inc 12 14 Prensa i 12 to Presley co u retch to 08 is Risdom 36 12 Ron tech Phanh 40 11 Shear 70e Shan do Oil i Spencer 08c v syntax m 12 system eng 33 Terric 60a a i pc 16 5 in Asbestos s Ulbrand it a spilt 24 8 or Nitro 8 we stats it 19 copyright by the Aito Ciatu pre 1976 a 21 35 34. 34 h i 76 Tan 754 a m7 Jojn a i i 8 i a 6 14 it in in 6 h to the 6 4 6h 71 94 94 94 1 177 �4 9h 9. S he 164 in i �?�6 in ohm n 45 9. 9 9 59 Vijh Vijh Ith n 13 Jim in Jahn h s 3h 3h Jyh is a 6�?Ta 6h6 a i i to in 17n n s 6h 6 a 6h i 3 3 4 in in 6 n 6c 26. 2s Jan in s s a s 6 the it the n 4 a it 2h i s in in in i 4 4 4 6 n 37 4h 4h 4h 37 34 34 34 6 a 22 22. 22. To h 7 12 it it 145 69�?Tx 68-n to to i 79 3�?Ta 3h. Jug. I 14 tin 21. 21h6 n 116 us 174 Uhn h la i i i 103 7�?~a a in s ii ii ii a 68 144 it. 164 a 92 79>. 28 x a t s 22 in i a in6 a i 8 4 in in 6 n Iosh 3h Jyh 3 6n 6 a 6 a 18 3 3 3 �?�0 ish Ian i s vaio 164 i6h i6h h 156 36 3an 3ah h 8 so ii in u 8 ii in in la us Vijh Una n Iosh Shah s 8 8 i 6 i 2 3�?Ta 3h 3h 16 26 a 26 26m n to 6h 6 i 4n n la in i 4 in i 74. 24 4 24 4 4 8 la 4 2ih ii n la 9�?Th 94 9>.4 n 65 i6 a 16 4 in n i me 18 a 18 a it 8 23. Eth tut n i i9h i9h i9h6 it 32 in in a no n 35 23h 23 23n 6 Shan in w 66 Tah to 2ah h 27 the 7 7n n 4 ii ii ii i 3 a 3n 3n s 3h 3 13-16 3h6ii6 3 9 16 a n -1-m 16 Ion Ion on n 3 4h a 4h 12 9h 9h 94 new York a Stock Index new York a noon new York Sloe Exchange Index Market cent Index 509 of u Industrial 62 15 Oji transportation 39 73 of Utility 38 8 no 06 finance 53 63 -0 10 Carters from Page i a Derx Tood from other employees that Carter requested the use of the facility names on the guest Book for the july visit included Jimmy Carter of Plains a William in. Harper then Carters Legal counsel and sen Robert Smalley of Griffin Betty Rainwater a Deputy press Secretary for Carters presidential Campaign said the meetings a were publicized at the time i believe in both instances those were times when the governor was taking maybe a weekend off they were publicized at the time and have been previously mentioned in this she said Carter s administration also introduced a some pretty stringent legislation a air and water pollution Bills a that probably resulted in some of the most productive actions of his she said the legislation affected Brunswick pulp and paper Coaming others. Some ideals Are almost As High As today a Cost of living. One thing is sure a temptation comes to those who wait. Washington Apas the 94th Congress works to wind up its work the Senate is faring the threat of a filibuster that could kill legislation extending the deadline for Auto makers to meet Tough exhaust standards sen Lake Gam s pledge to talk All night and into next week to prevent a vote on the Bill could delay final congressional adjournment. Both the House and Senate hoped to conclude business today and adjourn for the year to allow time for some political campaigning Gam. A i Tah Republican wants to kill legislation that would give a one year delay until the 1979 mod year. For Auto makers to reduce car emissions of Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Prohibitions against a significant deterioration of air Quality in relatively smog free areas of the country Are also included Gam claimed the Auto Industry needs a longer postponement and that the other provision would impede economic growth the Bill is the product of a House Senate Compromise following two years of congressional hearings. The House May take up the proposal today if it clears he Senate the Senate is also to consider a doubling of the unemployment tax on employers and extending jobless benefits to All state and local government workers. The House must also vote on the Bill the House plans to debate and vote on a Grain standards Bill designed to halt the abuses of the Federal Grain inspection program uncovered in recent investigations. The House May also consider a Resolution offered by rep Charles Wiggins. R-calif., seeking the expulsion of rep Andrew Hamshaw. R-calif., because of Hinshaw s bribery conviction on thursday Congress overrode president Ford s veto of a $56 5 billion appropriations Bill and passed an Extension of the Revenue sharing program that Ford has promised to sign the appropriations Money is for the departments of labor and health education and welfare Ford had objected because the proposal was $4 billion More than he had requested for the agencies Ford answers questions went to me personally from his political campaigns. Carter campaigning in Boston said to was willing to accept Ford s statement and. As far As he was concerned the matter was closed but late thursday the Justice department said it was atty Ien Edward h Levi and other top department off Icia is who told the watergate special prosecutor there were allegations involving Campaign Money irregularities in Ford s Home congressional District that started the special prosecutor s probe Ford s running mate. Sen Bob Dole had been attributing the special prosecutor s investigation to political motives but a Justice department spokesman said the allegation was made to the Fri by an informant and that the Fri referred the matter to Deputy atty Gen Harold r Tyler it was Tyler who sent the matter in july to watergate Specia i prosecutor Charles Huff the department spokesman said Tyler at the time was unsure whether the allegations involved Ford. Quot the allegation was that there might have been some violation of the election Laws some laundering of Money that was used As contributions in Kent county or grand Tyler said. According to the spokesman published reports have said the uni Denti led informant told the Fri that Ford illegally diverted Campaign funds to his own use the reports say the Money was contributed by maritime unions to the Kent county gof organization and then was funnelled secretly to Ford from rage i a at his news conference thursday. Ford also was asked about reports that he accepted golfing weekends from four major corporations while he was a congressman he said he saw nothing improper about accepting the corporate hospitality. Carter touring the Northeast was critical of Ford s Reliance on Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger and on the tone of . Foreign policy under Ford in Portland. Maine he said Ford had abdicated his foreign policy duty to Kissinger and that u a policy now a is conducted in secret by one person who is not the president and who has no regard Tor and he said foreign policy a in the last few years has been amoral in nature there s been no commitment to truth there s been no constant search to Correct the deprivation of human rights. There s been no openness because there s a lot to be concealed a in Boston. Carter rapped the Sale of offensive missiles to saudi Arabia and Ford s approach to the Arab Boycott of firms that do business with Israel. He said if he is president an Oil embargo by saudi Arabia or other Oil producers will bring retaliation in the form of an embargo on sales of All goods to that country. In regard to any Arab Boycott. He said it is Quot a disgrace when a foreign country can Tell a . Company it can t do business with them it they have a jew on their Board of directors. We can t afford any More to yield to that kind of error from Page i a nation s manufacturers it is in this statistical procedure. Bullock maintains that there has been a Quot slippage a Over the years he said the standards of these estimates have not been maintained until now a you cannot compare the series to that is. The current series cannot be intelligently matched against earlier estimates. He said asked about the allegations of statistical errors a spokesman for the House subcommittee on census and population. Donald Terry said flatly Bullock is right there is a Gross under-statement.�?�. Terry said a regardless of the basis of the allegations they Are substantial and should have been checked out. It poses the question Why not four years ago a Bullock said repeated requests that his findings be examined led Only to frustration until this Spring when he said an examination revealed them to be essentially Correct. Nevertheless he said. His efforts to have a Public warning issued were denied. Cia considered from Page i a vices testified under oath that Quot there s no material in the Central intelligence Agency either in the records or in the mind of any of the individuals that there was any Contact had or even contemplated with Oswald the nov 25, 1963, memo explains that the Agency a interest in Oswald As a potential intelligence source was due to his a unusual behaviour in the .S.R.�?� to which he had defected in 1959 a we were particularly interested in the deleted Oswald might provide on the Minsk factory in which he had been employed on certain sections of the City itself and of course we thought the usual deleted that might help develop deleted personality dossiers a the memo states. The memo about the Agency a interest in Oswald said the discussions about Oswald occurred a sometime in summer 1960 Quot the author continued a i done to recall if this was discussed while Oswald and his family were in route to our country or if it was after their deletions made by the Cia before releasing the memo make it impossible to determine with whom in the Cia the officer discussed Oswald or to whom his memo was directed he said the Ford administration a has consistently opposed Strong enforcement of the anti Boycott Laws now on the books and it is doing everything in its Power to keep needed new legislation from being passed Quot first from Page i a ministration Congress allocated $135 million for manufacture and nationwide distribution of the vaccine and the Atlanta based Elk a made sure that initial shipments of it got to pickup Points. A spokesman at the pc said the Federal Center expects 177 million doses will be available at state health departments by late november with More of it being manufactured. About 25 million doses have been shipped to states so far. He said in Wisconsin there were doses on hand and an additional 410,000 doses were expected by weeks end however. William Schatz of the state department of health arid social services predicted that much of the vaccine would arrive too late to do any Good he cited an estimate that dec 15 is the last Day a person can take the vaccine and expect it to be effective in preventing the flu which has been traced to the same disease that killed 500.000 americans in 1918-19 according to the present delivery schedule. Wisconsin will have less than two thirds of its promised 4 i million doses by then he said the massive immunization Campaign was prompted by an outbreak of Swine flu at fort Dix. N j., last Winter eleven army recruits became ill with the disease Early last january doctors at the University of Virginia Hospital have reported that a 55-year-old radio announcer from new York also contracted the disease possibly from another human flu experts who have supported the inoculations say they done to expect a second flare up of Swine flu before late fall or Early Winter the immunization project was launched by president Ford and adopted As its slogan a Holl up your sleeves it was delayed until Congress agreed to relieve the four vaccine manufacturers and states of insurance liability for the mass immunization although legislation to do that went into effect today most states have delayed administering the vaccine until mid october or later. The final version which Congress enacted with the override votes contains a limitation on the use of Federal Money for abortions except where the life of the woman is endangered the $25 5-Bill Ion Revenue sharing Compromise would return Federal tax Money to states counties and local government units through 1980 Ford had linked passage of this Bill with his action on two jobs Bills one would provide $3 7 billion in Public works jobs and the other would extend 260.000 Public service jobs in state and local governments. The president announced that he would sign both Bills after the Revenue sharing measure passed he also said he would accept a second version of legislation authorizing $3 3 billion for construction at military bases and other military facilities he vetoed an earlier version because it contained provisions that would have delayed for a year any actions to close or realign major military installations Congress took these other actions thursday Law enforcement the House and Senate passed and sent to the president a three year $2 5 by 11 Ion Extension of the Law enforcement assistance administration. The program designed to help state and local governments fight crime some $15 million a year would be set aside for Community ant crime programs this Bill also limits an Fri directors service to a single Lovear term copyright Congress approved a substantial revision of copyright Law. The first such revision since 1909 the measure which now goes to president Ford for action gives authors and composers copyright Protection for their lifetimes plus 50 years the current maximum term of a copyright is 56 years sponsors said the updating was necessary because of technological developments like radio and television computer storage and copying machines Energy the House agreed to a Bill giving Congress veto Power Over the presidential decision on where to build a pipeline for transporting Alaska natural Gas to the lower 48 states. The Senate must act on the Bill before it can go to the president it gives the Federal Power commission until May i 1977. To study pipeline routes and make recommendations to the president Public comment would be accepted until july i when the Council on enc Iron men to i Quality would be required to hold Public hearings before sub Nutting its own recommendation and report to the president census the Senate authorized a population count every five years beginning in 1980 the Bill which now goes to the House provides for a mid decade census every to years to go along with the regular decennial census Public lands final legislative approval was Given to a limited resumption of Clear cutting in National forests both the House and Senate acted on the Bill repealing an 1897 Law that has been interpreted As a ban on Clear cutting entire stands of forests Are levelled in the Clear cutting process instead of Felling Trees selectively Pound s from Page a of undo a value made British exports More competitive abroad because they were cheaper to buy the latest slide will mean this advantage would be outstripped by increased prices for the raw materials that go into their products. British Petroleum Britain a biggest Oil company said the average Cost of Middle Eastern crude Oil had risen by about four pounds $6 80 a ton in the past two weeks because of Sterling a slide. Last year Britain imported 85 8 million tons a about 63 8 per cent of its consumption and with the present monthly average running at about 7 million tons estimated the times of London the latest slump of the Pound Means that the Oil import Bill has been pushed up by about 28 million pounds or $47.6 million a month. That works out to about 336 million pounds $571.2 million added to Britain a annual fuel Bill the increases will inevitably be passed on to the consumer in higher prices. Since Britain imports about half its food and pays for it with foreign currency food prices Are also bound to go up. A we Are very concerned about the latest crisis a said a spokesman for Tesco a supermarket Chain. A we Haven to got Over the effect of the drought. Not All food is bought through the Dollar but in a afraid increases will be

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