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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 15, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four ugh Point Enterprise published afternoon and sunday mornings a j p Rawley publisher Mhz a Quot 1915-1937_ b. To a Rawley Sec y and treat. Emmett a. Ceil Gen. Mgr pus m. Waynick. Editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns a j1? months to fir rec months. 90 e month. On e week. Earner in towns Are not netted to collect Tor More than one Var Kiu Adai. Carriere in Cit Are not Perm Ltd w Cej. I for a period of More than Ute week u subscript Iun for a Tonger period dog. Vent should be made direct to once. Frh Assn lab ii v c>., s in led to the Fuce for it a it n it a., a Dis patches credited to it or not be credited in this a past and also Lai news published therein Mimm. A Mauu a Quot us a a of int Rcd As master at the Sweis a a a a a a a �l8sjr of Congress of March 8. A. National adv. Representative Iii John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York Ity Edn is Day. November 15, 1139. Cd a Hough jr0t thy father himself Loveth you a Ewe be have loved me and have meted that i came out from god. Him 16 17. J # a a Ian True love is grounded on esteem. Buckingham. Of i d Bigon i pm b r philosophers lie smiling philosophic i. Will Durant was the speaker the Charlotte executives club heard St night. He discussed his \ Iowa How the weaknesses of demo a might be eliminated or Reed. A a Ling to the Charlotte Chilver report he suggested a a Una Mal advisory Council to map a future and guide the Intel Loet new Well Cei Jinny not newer than Plato Sec a i Blic. Fhe idea of a Circle of Jasones Wise men Back of the a ministrative agents of govern it is ancient. Or. Durant was too realistic i his politics to suggest that the Neil be other than advisory doubtless the chief reason Why us kind of super government ver has been employed Success Illy is because the a a advisory re Tio ship is inadequate implementation of the Wise men. To a certain extent the pres it National administration has night to develop a group of Luo Sophers around the pre sift l utterly they have let Een ridiculed As members of a bunted rain Trust but for several years in brain trustees were going Reat guns and while they were a Looper subject for prayer certain they wore not a laughing latter. Or. Durant would establish his Ivi Sory Council with the aim in Lind of having a Fine come it Ospe la that is Learned ii ii the biological the moral the Momic and the political ills of piety and capable of proposing palliative in lie it i i in to the doctors lawyers in mrs Psychol t i 1 in mists Bankers educators. Tigers and publishers for the pick of each flock to tone his Council rid invest it with neither admin by rat Ive nor legislative authority. The speaker outlined some of tis own ideas of what such a coun la would promote and altogether in made an interesting speech. Be offer suggestion without suggesting that any onside Rahle increased police excise would be necessary or helpful in the matter we direct at ration to the distressful frequents of traffic killings in this com Unity As an insistent demand for serious planning at the t its ii ill traffic safety has been promote in other Small cities As Well is Large through intelligent coh iteration of the factors of la Liger. Greensboro for instance has it n Alert officer employed As traffic Engineer who keeps himself Bif Ormed fully of what other com-1 unities Are doing through the a lice and otherwise to keep Iown the toll in life and property incidental to the general use of automobiles. The least we would noose is that the City manager Elk to have that officer come ii orc a meeting of High Point the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina wednesday november 15, 1950 police for discussion of the problem. We believe we could expect that neighbourly service. We suggest an invitation to him because we know the extent to which he has gone to make himself expert in his Field. What further special Steps High Point authorities should take in order to get a better grip on conditions now seemingly out of control might await deliberation after getting the Best advice available and after analysis of the Accident record. We believe special self conscious municipal efforts in the interest of safety on the streets and roads of the Community Are indicated. The a Little Flowers mayor Fiorella la Guardia went to Kansas recently. The Farmers of that state liked him and William Allen White was so impressed he was led to say in his Emporia Gazette that la Guardia a has More political intelligence More dependable courage and More winning ways than any other politician before the the a or was born in Arizona the son of an italian Soldier and musician with the United states army in the last Days of Indian fighting. He has served As Consul in an italian City and has been in Manhattan politics for nearly a generation. Whites description of the Man is Worth noting a the is not a Clark Gable for Beauty nor even a Cagney for being Tough and hard boiled. He is a Little sawed off barrel chested Short necked Square Jawed razor eyed statesman who has been in Public life since Theodore Roosevelt a Day. He knows his Way around. He is forthright probably getting that from t. R. He is volatile. But rarely utters any ill considered words. Instinctively he is politically smart but his political smartness consists in being right and taking a Chance that the right is also the expedient thing to do. He never lacks for courage and never brags about editor White concludes his pen sketch with this bit of advice a if you Are interested in american politics keep your Eye on the Little mayor la Guardia has an impressive record in new York to his credit. It is rather Early to predict just How he would fare in the South As a presidential candidate. Recalling though his appearance at Wilmington a few weeks ago his failure there to head a Parade and his speech in which he criticised the South for her attitude in North South Industrial evolution we Are inclined to believe that new Hanover county at least would lie against him. All in All both la Guardia and District attorney Dewey Are just where they belong a in new York City. The nation has not forgotten How a great humanitarian Herbert Hoover was damaged w Hen they put him into politics and the White House. In the news life does not look so Lovely to Al Capone now out of Alcatraz in the hands of officers and still having a few things to Clear up with the a a Law. Reported to be a millionaire several times Over he finds Little Comfort in his Money and possessions. It is said that he is afraid if he even Sticks his nose through the Gates of his Florida estate that the underworld a a typewriters will Clatter. All his yesterdays a have lighted fools the Way to Dusty death a but Al is wary of the fools remaining. Ity of persons would pass by rather than remove the lid to be rid of coca cola cups cigarette packs and the looking Back we recall something like that happened in High Point when the push toppers were installed along main Street. Sad to say the Novelty has rather worn off and too much unsightly trash is now in evidence. Amp in. Cons is. I with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people a the Raleigh times says that a pc. I. delightful Little creation the a slow Down strike is going great guns in Detroit where production in the Chrysler automobile Plant has been so effectively tied up that 55,000 employees Are out of John l. Lew is creates a situation and a new word and eventually moves on to something else. Just now he seems to be ahead of Europe where according to a correspondent they Are having a a sit Down in a often asked this question what is the secret of Success. A very difficult question but Vul answer it by telling you what the Carnegie Institute of technology discovered a Tew years ago. The i investigations revealed that in business ones Success depended As follows 15 per cent on Superior knowledge 85 per cent on Superior personality. Startling in other words your Chance to succeed in business does not depend so much on what you know As on How you act toward other people. The next step is to find out How you can develop the All important Quality of personality. I went to probably the most outstanding authority in the United states on this subject to get his advice. This Man is or. Henry c. Link who is the director of the psychological service Center in new York. He has studied about 3,400 people on matters of personality problems. And is the author of two Well known books on psychology. First i asked Hirn to Tell me what a a personality is and this is his definition. I wrote it Down so As to get it exactly right a your personality is the extent to which you have Learned to convert your energies into habits or actions w hich successfully influence other people. Here a a striking thing he said a a homely girl who can play a piano entertainingly has a better personality than a homely girl who cannot play a i asked him if we were bom with a definite personality and could never change or alter it. His answer a a you can develop your personality just As you can your piano playing or your Tennis i then asked him to give me three ways for my column by which my readers could develop their personalities. Hen they Are 1. Play games at least once a week which require physical exertion. Play games once a a Cek which require Matching wits such As Bridge checkers. This will help you make friends. You can often make More friends in an hour playing games than you would ordinarily make in a month. 2. Do something for other people. Become the Secretary of a club Call on a sick neighbor hop into your car and make a trip into town to help someone who is not free to make the trip. Done to develop the idea that the people you associate with at the office and in everyday life Are Ordinary people and that you Arf Superior to them. Mingle with them help them make your like a part of theirs. 3. Learn to do some one thing exceptionally Well. For instance let it be your Job. Become master of it. It will give you self Confidence and authority Over other people. Then he threw out a warning in personality developing As you get old done to narrow your interests. Don t withdraw into your Shell and take an interest in no one except yourself. There you have three definite and Concrete ways to develop your personality Given by one of the greatest authorities in this country. You can begin to practice them at once. Now. Try these three for a month and see if you Haven t added to your personality. Try it Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes has been invited to join the grouch club of America because of his recent Book criticizing the american press. Maybe or. Ickes Wasny to really mad about it a just Hurt. A Young woman returning from a two year stay in Germany says even the nazis think Fritz Kuhn is a nuisance. Its a cinch he a a lot slower than Hitler was. Word comes from Hollywood that after All the trouble they went to. Press agents Are now trying to in Gla Morize Ann Sheridan. The oomph is going poof Asheboro courier a the new push top Type garbage containers placed along the Asheboro street8 certainly Are proving their Worth. First Day in use showed them crammed to the top with trash which usually would be dropped alongside the curbing. They Are a decided improvement Over the old galvanized Iron cans with removable tops which the major Max Schmeling says he would like to come to America to Challenge Joe Louis to another fight if he could Only figure out some Way of crossing the Atlantic. Would it help any if we sent the Brown bomber Over there or. Schmeling night guards in a new South Wales prison must Wear slippers so they won t awaken the prisoners. Some of the tenants have apparently threatened to give notice. Well the last one did no to come out so Well but this one will and i Hope its my last marriage. A Eleanor Holm swimming Star upon getting License to wed Billy Rose producer. Life in the Low countries Walter Winchell on Broadway Cater rite ret Felly Mirror a or. Sonnet to Don Wahn after Reading his latest lament the literature of so Netry abounds in songs of loves that come and then Are gone. But few the bards who weep with better grounds than was favorite Romeo Don Wahn. Read Shakespeare Marlowe. Milton. You will spy at least one lady love forever True but Don Wahn is a different sorta Guy he always gets the Good old Bru Sheroo. Many a the Type he s sighed for fat and thin. Blondes and brunettes and Titian so Short and tall. But on this single Point they All were Kin a they did no to want no part of Don at All so who can blame him if his footsteps falter he s got no one to Tell it to but Walter a Arnold b. Horwitt. Police reporter. He formerly exploited la Conga Here. Then the Casa a the aquacade and a Diamond Horseshoe a newspapermen respected him. They could always depend on his accuracy. He was not the sort of press agent who would fake anything just to get his client into print. Anything cheap appalled him. Lbs influence was great among some of us. He was also this kind of person. He staked Many a fellow and chorus girl to the rent and then forgot about it. When these kids needed a Champion it was Spier who enlisted the columns to fight their Battles. They will miss Sydney terribly. And so will we. Services thursday la a. In. At Campbells. Madison and 81st St. Gosh yes Benny Venuta has a Good suggestion for a scallion. List All the a a authors and a a Waters who keep palming off As their own Beau Brummell a Quot i am successful with women because i merely treat a charwoman like a Duchess and a Duchess like a Haw Billy Wilkerson the Hollywood editor tells about the agent who tried to Date up one of his actress clients. Finally feeling it would help his Case he phoned her a hurry Honey. I be got you a swell bit. Come on Over and let s discuss it. A when docs it Start a a monday a he said a but come Over now i can to wait to Tell you All about it a but s its no use my coming Over she said. A i can to take the part. In a being married monday a a you Are a he gasped. Then catching his breath the undaunted Wolf inquired a Well a How Long you Gonna be married a incidentally the above reminds us of Broadways latest squelch a a you re such a big rat a an elephant could be your jockey a porters. Capone needs medical attention. The hospitals locale was kept secret to keep the press from storming the scene. The tension of waiting three hours sunday night to learn if we had a scoop or vice versa drove us Wacky. Not one editor or press service tried to confirm it. All they seemed interested in a w As Quot knocking it none contacted us to ask a How Good is it Quot an investment of a Nickel for a phone Call would have Given any of the news services a a a first. Instead they wasted considerable Money to get a a planted denials. Too Many opposition newspapermen Are such a Little to hum Kuhn trial reveals Fritz a Romeo. A headline. Well does no to nazism preach a strength through Joy Quot Shaw Story George Bernard Shaw was the guest of Honor at one of those tee Juss Oddys held for the purpose of ionizing him. During the evening the hostess cooed a Are you enjoying yourself a a yes a flipped Shaw a but that a the Only thing i am enjoying a observation on the Day that Fritz Kuhn a chemist from Munich went on trial in new York on charges of being a just a common thief Quot to quote District attorney Dewey a lad named Richard Kuhn of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute Berlin got the Noble prize for chemistry. That a what a German chemist can get if he stays Home and minds his own business. Sen Ayuma Eddie Cantor tells about the time f. D. R. Got on his launch one week end for a Little relaxation. As it sailed Down the Potomac it was followed by a u. S. Cruiser. A Cabinet officer leaned Over to whisper something. A just a moment a hushed the president. A a done to look now a but i think we re being followed a picturesque reportage from the Herald Tribune a the third Bullet struck him in the head and he dropped with a finality w hich convinced officer Mcshane he would be there when he wanted him. From Magazine digest a the original writer is not the one who does no to imitate anybody but the one that nobody can . Anonymous a was for As having a Rich voice he is Only another five and Tenor. Benjamin de Casse res in the journal american a i have an open mind but a closed earn to jazz. Clifford Evans in the Eagle a simply Send a columnist the Type of stuff you w Ould like to read if you picked up a column and sat Dow n to read it.�?�. From the film Quot the fighting 69th�?� Frank Mchugh going up to the front line trenches says to a buddy a i feel As though in a going Down in a fast paging father time ten years ago local news a during the past four years the taxable valuation in High Point township has increased approximately $18,000,000. A the american theatre was comfortably filled last night for the first of the series of concerts to be Given Here this season under the auspices of the musical Art club. A j. G. Shelton of Statesville was elected to the presidency of the Southern furniture manufacturers association at the closing session of their 18th annual convention at Sedgefield inn this morning. About people a mrs. H. A. Millis was a visitor in Winston Salem today a or. And i s. Edgar Hargett and Small son returned to Kinston yesterday after a visit Here we Ith mrs. W. L. Hargett. A i s. Harry Raymond and miss Katherine Raymond expect to leave sunday night for a visit to new York. If we do not want to get Trade by trading and do not wish to lower learners to facilitate trading lets Stop talking about the glorious possibilities of Trade increases in the Western hemisphere assistant Secretary of state Henry f. Grady. By Way of report we broke the Capone Story sunday night. The gazettes which invariably go to the bother of adding a Walter Winchell a Story was denied etc.,�?T failed to state the source when they practically confirmed the beat. This is to report that they Are wasting a lot of Ink and time paying any attention to the denials of government officials. Capone Isnit in custody. He is a free Man. A few agents accompanied him East to a protect him from re dear old Russia an american was being shown a big soviet sign factory. A we turn out about 500 signs a proudly said the russian. A a that a great a said the yank. A that is said the Russky a we stepped up production to 1,000 signs a w Eek and when business demands it we can step it up to 2,000 signs a w Eek a. A amazing a said the visitor. A by the Way w Hytt do the signs say a a elevators not was the remarkable remark. News briefs a testifying against five men charged with insurrection and rebellion against the state sheriff o. F. Adams of Marion today said members of a mob that halted him and his deputies in an Effort to eject a striker from a textile Mill House had cursed the officers. A heavy profit taking swy ept Over the new York Stock Exchange in the last half hour of trading today. Our Cit and Guy dept Sydney Spier is dead. He succumb Bruce Cotton in Washington of eds fear outbreak in Chicago Gangland Washington nov. 15. A there Are government sleuths in Washington who be at All surprised if Chicago presently had a new outbreak of gang warfare in the old style. These a a feds interpret the recent murder of Edward j. Of Hare. Wealthy race track owner As a possible curtain Raiser. Al Capone is due to walk out of prison a free Man nov. 19. Of Hare Back in the Days of Capone a greatness ran a dog track for him and was an important figure in his organization. Since Capone s imprisonment of Hare has risen riches he did have in the old Days. One Rumor is that Capone was turned i Down when he tried t Olevy on of Hare for a contribution to help pay the $10, 000 in tax liens which Capone must pay before his release is final. Would ease building payment at least one and possibly several attempts to liberalize the Federal housing act in the Hope of stimulating Low priced Home construction will be made at the next session of Congress. One senator a a Republican by the Way a is now drafting a Bill which would make it possible to build a Home under Fri a financing without making any Down payment whatever. He proposes to have this apply to construction costing less than $1000, and to stipulate a to per cent Down payment on Homes costing More than that. His argument is that there Are plenty of people whose annual incomes Are enough to enable them to pay for a House but that the Down payment proposition is a Hump they can t get Over. By removing it he Hopes a w Ide new Field of construction would be opened. A a propose help for stranded migrants one of the innumerable complications in the problem of the dispossessed sharecropper tenant Farmer and a dust bowl migrant is that of Relief. The department of agriculture estimates that some 350,000 families in this group have gone adrift in recent years. They wander into other states and when they fail to find work fall into dire distress since the local authorities naturally tend to deny Relief to them on the ground that they Are not residents of the state. Congressman Jerry Voorhis Hopes to get Public hearings this Winter on a Bill he has introduced to meet this situation. He would have the Federal government make Grants to reimburse states for Money spent on Relief for out of state people. Under his proposal administration of this Relief would be handled locally subject to the general approval of some Federal Agency such As the social Security Board. Incidentally farm Security administration officials say that while a number of families were set adrift this fall by drouth in the Southwest a few of them headed West. They a heard too Many stories about people like themselves who went to California in search of work and could t find it. He said it we should not allow War hysteria to destroy our business sense. A Robert c. Lee. Executive vice president. Moore Mccormack steamship lines. Too Many people mistake the discomforts of democracy for defects and Are ready to Burn Down the Ham to get rid of the rats. A or. George t. Hunt history department chairman Cleveland College. We should not jump so quickly that we do not know what we Are jumping into. If we go slowly our reforms will be better in the end. A mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Events have shown that they Germany would be satisfied with nothing less than repetition of forcible attainment of their desires which they had unsuccessfully tried before. A prime minister Neville Chamberlain. In be always been opposed to too much leniency. Life in prison is not sufficiently different from life outside. A gov. Luren Dickinson of Michigan. De after a Brief illness yesterday. If s there was a finer Man anywhere than Sydney Spier it was our misfortune not to have encountered him. Sydney a very Young Man he was 28 got his apprenticeship in the South As a Twenty years ago local new a Dick Miller one of the Best minor league baseball players in the country has been engaged to Pilot the High Point furniture makers during the 1920 race in the Piedmont league. A on november 15 the state Law takes Down the bars and it is open season for the Bird Hunters again. This Section of the state is said to abound with Birds this year. About people a private Robert s. Greer who has seen service overseas for the past year returned to his Home Here this morning. A Thurman Bradford leaves tomorrow for Georgia where he goes to re enlist in the army. A miss Cora Giles of this City social functions at the White House Are being curtailed and guest lists to receptions Are being limited to too names. Just a Nice Homey Little crowd. No one is Ginging to be prosecuted for his political beliefs. A . Frank Murphy. Is spending the week end in sails Bury. New Brief a Omsk capital of the All russian government has been taken by the bolshevik. A Moscow official dispatch says. A republicans and Democrat joined today to shut off debate on the peace treaty and put into effect for the first time in the history of the american Congress. A cloture Rule which will limit each senator to one hour s debate and probably bring final action on the treaty Early next week

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