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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 15, 1939, High Point, North Carolina We a i h e r fair to partly Cloudy tonight and thursday. The High Point Enterprise High Poi ii the outer of diversified manufacturing Enterprise vol 55 no. 319 Mem kor associated press High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon. November 15, 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cent Oil Blaze takes 800 lives a a a a a a a a a a a k a a a a a a a a american seamen will be Given Relief Byrd s North s to starts Long trip to Frozen Little America Boston nov. 15.�? up a without the slightest fanfare the first half of Cycle same Sti rat Antarctic expedition in too years sailed away from frigid Boston today on the first leg of the Long journey for the Frozen Southland. Just before Dawn the motor ship North Start loaded Down with everything from food to phonograph records. From sled dogs to a 27-ton Snow Cruiser past off her lines at the army base and Sib quietly Down the Harbor Enro Ute to Philadelphia Rodiun i s said All the goodbyes were said the Tai e Well ceremonies completed the final kisses exchanged yesterday. And with the declaration that he believed Little America might provide a new and a a safer base for a United states Austral Lan air Trail rear Admiral i ctr Ltd e. Byrd. The expeditions Leader gave the signal for the take off after a halt in the outer Harbor to make Compass adjustments the North Star s next top was to be Philadelphia to pick up some lindane. After that she will head for Panama then for new Zeal ind and anally for the expedition s West base in the Antarctic Harken Unk will follow next week the second ship the Evel the barkentine j loading the Clumsy snowmobile. Bear will follow the North Star j on the 12.000-mile journey. They by thus occupying the Frozen expect to Kelt p a rendezvous about ands of the spa maritime commission to provide Aid Roosevelt sure to oppose Transfer of u. S. Steamers Imma w. It a off for the an tart tic a Byrden in process of Washington nov. 15.�? apr following Strong indications by president Roosevelt that he would refuse to permit Transfer of eight american liners to panamanian registry the maritime commission and the spa offered assistance today to seamen made Idle by the neutrality Law. The spa raised Relief quotas in five coastal cities so that 5,out sailors May be added to the Rolis. They will be assigned to waterfront improvement and similar projects. The maritime commission of after tragedy Volunteer workers search for missing bodies in Lake Caracas Venezuela nov. 15.�? apr Volunteer workers searched Lake Maracaibo today for the bodies d 500 to 800 persons estimated to have died in a fire which swept the Oil town of la Gui Nillas a Village of wooden shacks perched on stilts at the Waters Edge. While the searchers paddled through floating debris and Char i red piling All that remained of the shanty town which housed j 2,500 natives employed in Fhi great Oil Fields nearby the gov Lommen Downs a German planet eminent mobilized its resources to Aid the survivors. Air planes brought scores of doctors and nurses to Ald in the Relief work while additional Host j Aid parties and supplies were i rushed by boat from the other Side of the lake�?60 Miles away. National guard detachments took Over the task of maintaining Ord downed in a London Street this a German Fer facilities for training 8.360 bomber went up in flames and its a nazi Crew foreground became but now mobiles of Ane 675,000 Outh Polar Region Square Miles of unknown Terr port Atlon officers and Crews of ships tied up by restrictions in the neutrality Law. While in training the seamen will recede 136 a month and officers $125, plus food clothing quarters medical care and trials it was All part of a realistic air raid precautions exercise using a Home made Model of a German plane. New years Day before establish j they Hope to strengthen previous tory. Byrd said my the bases at which the Exil s. Claims on the territory it ran of a Cinelu pierces Hope to live for about 13 also planned is further explore it Neft Ted but months. Action with the u 15 different would be researches to be of the giant conducted by the expedition. German a boat finns make Home captures prize reports on Parley same sub responsible Bor sinking of 26.000 tons Allied shipping Paas Kivi tells reporters russian demands differ greatly from Finland a Berlin nov. 15�?of a sinking of 26 boy ions m enemy shipping was credited by the German High command to7a\ to a Luh Marine which returned to its by Lynn Heinzerling proposal criticized the commission s proposal was criticized last night by the Marl-1 time federation of the Pacific coast an organization of several unions mostly affiliated with the Cio. The federation objected on the ground that Quot no Seaman will receive Relief unless he first Enrols in the maritime training from san Francisco the Feder at Ion sent telegrams to or. Roose j Elt and All West coast senators and representatives saying a this is outright regimentation and can Only result in a gradual i disintegration of the Trade Anion i movement amongst maritime la i Bor. Such a policy is an exact contradiction of the new Deal policy toward organized labor a fresh open Jap new reinforcements drive in China a Bonanza vein discovered j in old Georgia Gold mine combined army and Navy. Force for offensive near Ludo Border Eli be ii and raised president Eleazar Lopez Contreras. Who decreed three Day of mourning throughout the nation. Quickly raised a Relief fund of .�?~5 5 5,0 00 bolivars $110,050which was swelled by subscriptions taken up in Many venezuelan towns and cities. Temporary quarters for the injured and homeless were hastily established in the nearby towns of Ciudad Ojeda and a Esquero. Recovery of the bodies of the victims Many of whom were believed to have been children was hindered by the debris which covered the Wrater. Approximately too bodies had been recovered last Helsinki nov. 15.�? apr a finnish delegation re Vaj turned Home from Moscow today after steadfastly resisting hoi old he violation soviet russian demands for territorial concessions and pre a base escorting an unidentified pared to report at once to the government. Prize vessel delegation was greeted at a a this announcement was contain f the station by Premer Aimo Ca a pm in a communique w hich noted in Ier members of his Cabinet Dahlonega ga., nov. 15.�? that All land in the Dahlonega i pm a new Gold strike Baring a area is under private ownership lode of Bonanza Ore which a slate making a claim staking Imossi geologist said assayed $60,000 a i Hie. Ion was disc Lowed today by of. _ night and authorities could Only Hon Kong nov. To. A guess at the number still lying be apr fresh japanese forces math the wreckage landed today on the Kwang Isil a a Shore r i hundreds of weeping survivor lung province coast near Pak who a Law a re a in a. How a hoi and launched an assault paint Nam the. Shore generally viewed As the Start search progressed. As the f Lander. Met it a. Or Hilt Tram linking of a British destroyer by an Ltd ministers of the scandinavian no j i 111 011 v German mine and destruction j nations. I who. In i Ujj i York mayor slain by cop i nations. Of a British freighter by an a sex prot Juho k. Paas Kivi a Losion losses reported yester j headed the Mission told Lay by the British admiralty. viewers he did not know xxx extern i Ron i Tel i la via there were a no special events would be resumed in the Western front Aid the a the positions of the russians communique the Lext of which and finns differ greatly a he de follow dared a in the West no special events More resistance wept minor local artillery a Tiv asked to comment on stately i ments by Tass official russian a the British admiralty an news Agency which said that Fin bounced loss of one destroyer land would be forced to come to Nohich ran on a German mine. terms within even months. Or. Rhe English freighter Matin a s. Paas Kivi said Loo dins was destroyed by an a such calculations Are obvious explosion y erroneous. We can certainly a one of our a Bat Sank 26.000 bold out much longer. Diplomatic observers previous in. Roosevelt told reporters yesterday that granting the request of the fulled states lines to Transfer eight ships to the Panama Flag so that they might continue service in the North Atlantic combat zone would Violat the that it appeared As one continue spirit of the neutrally Law in part Oil ribbon of yellow Metal x x i. Secretary Hull recently expressed Peyton a Veteran in his f a similar View. I and habitually cautious in it the president questioned retort of the Century old Calhoun line three Miles South of Bere. State geologist Garland Pey i it a described the strike As a a Ein of Quartz two inches in thickness and of unknown depth o thoroughly impregnated with old Over approximately ten inches id whether the United states ought i mating Mineral wealth Assi the vein was the richest he Peyton said he assisted in gouging out three Millers pens full of the Ore. Which he estimated a High As one third Gold a it was ohs red a lie added a that the yellow Metal was still in evidence in the Rock left in place without any apparent ten of a new South China offensive. Japanese Headquarters an a Floun cing that a combined army and Navy Force had landed at the Southern port on the Gulf of Tonking. Said it was pushing in a land against chinese defenders. Hon Kong spokesmen for the Dency to diminish in size or Rich chinese government acknowledged Rock blasted out thus far. That an attack had been launch he said a probably constitute the de but denied the japanese had upper Edge of a considerable Lens accomplished a Landing. The to put a sister Ain Iii a position Oil ii ent from that of thai some tankers have but furred to panamanian but that was done Belo was enacted he said Long Beach n. Y. Nov. 15. A Ltd a mayor in it Uit f. Edwards of Long Beach was shot and killed and his bodyguard. Patrol water Over the dam. Man James Walsh was wounded or. Roosevelt added today while on Tiv mayors Home As i ing to leave for his office. Soon afterwards. Pat i olm an Alvin Dooley presented himself to an Republic laity differ j is country. It Een traits n registry be the Law d was in cd seen in 2 a Yean a is definitely to Bonanza with an apparent Richness comparable to the famous Comstock lode near Virginia City nev., which yielded $34,00, in Gold Between 1851# and 1890. I no Gold Rish that the the geologist hastened to warn Steps of the administration is seeking to find that the strike a should not create was prepare new jobs for the ships ruled out i anything which May be termed a of the North Atlantic Trade and for their Crews. On of shipping and brought in a. A _ i a of a a Niwo a inn. I by had expressed belief that Lins Long Beath police for question me priz a. Sia would continue massing troops i ing. Sii ii \ i muons Mill it or latest losses at sea i by the associated pre Neutral countries have lost More continued on Page two Helen Henthorne of the finnish Border in the Hope that the economic Strain of counter mobilization might Force Finland to yield. Met three times Paas Kivi said that during the 12 Days the delegation was in Moscow on the third and last visit Dooley was formerly president of the patrolmen s benevolent association. Last week he was Defeated for re election by patrolman Walsh whom the mayor had favored As a candidate. Of a patrolman Dooley ,15 and married. Was on duty in a polite czech students stage near riot Gold Rush or considered a an invitation to the uninitiated to Stampede the District with a View to other possible in this connection it was pointed out of Rich Orp Quot still Gold there a it indicates quite clearly that All of the Gold has not been taken out of the Georgia Field and that properly directed prospecting and exploration of depth with Aile Quat finance and modern equip ment May possibly uncover Rich Lodia and veins comparable with other famous deposits the new lode is in the same mine and in the same a a shoot where the first Gold lode was discovered in Georgia in 1828. The mine was worked sporadically during its history at one time yielding approximately $ 1,00b per Day but later was discontinued. Said chinese Shore batteries re the cause of the fire under investigation by a special commission composed of three Cabinet ministers remained Uncertain but was generally attributed to the explosion of a kerosene lamp in one of the shacks. So swiftly did the flames sweep through the Stilt Village that hundreds were trapped in their Homes without a Chance to reach the Shore. The surface of the Lake continually covered with a film of Oil. Was transformed into a Ottery caul plied vigorously to the fire of 40 Drun which Cut off All Chance of japanese warships lying off the own Ngung coast. Near Init minx ror Der pile chinese placed the scene of the attack at a Point Only 35 Railes from the Border of French indo China indicating the japanese May be interested in Cut escape. The flames roaring High above the surface of the water walked Rescue attempts. Loaded launch sink witnesses said that one launch which attempted to approach the burning Village was engulfed by the flames and Sank with All Ting Chiuan a rail and Highway j aboard. A a lifelines which reach the out of properties in the Side world through indo China. I tit had met Only three times with both outside the mayors Home at soviet officials. Joseph Stalin was the time of the shooting present at two of these meetings in Les fore times and was a very Active Paas Kivi witnesses told police that As added. The mayor and meanwhile civilians removed 1 emerged Dooley Prague. Nov. 15.�?,/pi�?two j thousand czech students demonstrated today against the German j protectorate government but were dispersed before clashing with j police. The youths attempted to escort i the body of a 24-year-old student who died of injuries Ort. 28 to a railway station. The his bodyguard demonstrations extended from suddenly Drew i he medical school where the i m. Guggenheim slight quake taken by death Felt in East it was believed the japanese i were More interested in this j Man Euver than in simply i paying Lakhoi South China a Only remaining treaty port in Chine c j hands and not considered vital. The chinese said the attack was launched at a Point on the i coast 4 con. On Page two Italy launches eighth warship Genoa. Nov. 15�? ply Italy Miles West of Lakhoi i aunt Hod today the 35.000-ton battleship Impero third vessel continued on Page two constructed in a program to give a $4,040 pauper from Helsinki As a precautionary his revolver and flied four shots Fontal was held to the station measure during the Moscow Nego at the mayor All of which took xxx Hen police prevented the nations were urged officially not effect. Funeral March the youths sing new York ii i Ami philanthropist succumbs to Long la Lii is a Psi area in Pennsylvania Jersey Delaware Joliet during night new York nov. I Murry Guggenheim to return because a the causes which inspired the removal remain patrolman Walsh attempted to slavic songs tried to enter j member of the famous t Opper i Vav once i a s is mire and Karl a lining family died today. Continued on Page two Square from Side streets. Kyser a picture definite Success the victims widow. She married hut not for love. Why was she named a suspect Hollywood. Nov. I 5.�? up a for the Benefit of folks in i Rocky mount n. C., and else where it might be noted that i band Leader Kay Kyser a motion picture debut is excellent comedy. North carolinians will see it j tonight in a special premiere i Hollywood saw it previewed last night and laughed uproariously. The picture a a that a Hight. I you re revolves around the theme of an unsuccessful attempt to cast Kyser in a musical Annenberg liquidating National race service Chicago nov. 15, a the nationwide race new service turf information network serving thousands of bookmakers across Iii country will Stis mind business today counsel for the system announced in Federal court. Chicago nov. 15.�? up pm. 5 would kill i film because he does t look Uke j Annenberg and his associates a great Lover. Began liquidating their vast Rao notable among several Good news Empire today with the in i songs is As Deli Tendon of quitting the business j ered by Ginny Simms and Harry i forever. Babbitt. Band numbers special the far Flung organization ties and the customary Worth i known As the nationwide news a mystery serial begins today in Page 3 while performances of such veterans As May Robson Adolph Menjou. Edward Everett Horton and Hobart Cavanaugh liven the proceedings. Service inc., took Steps to end dissemination of horse race information by tomorrow noon. Recently a target of Federal and state prosecutors the wire network for years has carried race entries Odds results payoff prices and other information i from tracks to betting Parlours. Soldiers tilt a need Brussels nov. 15.�? up further relaxation of tension in i Twenty de Belgium was reflected in the res meanwhile Annenberg and 19 horation today of leaves for solvers were summoned to Federal Diers. I court today Tor arraignment on Inch tents alleging violation of the income tax and other Laws. Ii. S. District attorney William j. Campbell said dissolution of the wire network had no hearing on the criminal rates that a no agreement of any sort had been discussed or contemplated the income tax charges against Annenberg alleged he owed the government approximately $5,-500,000 in Back income taxes and penalties. The liquidation of nationwide news service will affect every state in the nation As Well As Canada Ami Cuba and apparently will deprive bookmakers of their Only nationwide wire net work. Denied monopoly in a civil suit Here last Spring counsel for the news service denied that it had a monopoly on the rate information held hut admitted it was the Only organization operating on a National scale. Guggenheim Long identified with philanthropic work in new York died at his fifth Avenue Home after an illness of several Days he was 81. He is survived by his widow mrs. Leonie Bernheim Guggenheim a son and a daughter. Organized business with his father and three Brothers. Guggenheim organized the firm of m. Guggenheim a sons in Issi which merged its smelting and relining branches in 19 o 4 with the american smelting and refining company. Guggenheim was a director of the Yukon Gold company the Nevada Northern railway conium Lade Luli i a nov. 15, a capitalist we a ten second earthquake Shook the Eastern Seaboard from j Baltimore to Trenton n. J., just before to of clock last night St but apparently caused no serious injuries or property damage. seismographs at the Franklin Institute Here and Fordham uni j verify new York placed the Center of the quake at a Point near i Westville n. J., just across the i Delaware River and Philadelphia. The earthquake was a vigorous j one for this Region but As f. Wag. I Ner Schlesinger in charge of Franklin Institute seismographs j put it. Effect area uitts i , nov. nut ses preparing the body of lira. Anna Meyer til for a a a paid hrs burial today found a Money Belt a slumming Muoio m nipped around the woman Waist. Or Meyer died at the May View City Home where her Lins. Hand Lucosh Meyer die Iii years ago and was buried at the City s expense. The Money Belt contained to Alloo Hills and some smaller currency. The italian Navy a total of eight capital ships. Two sister ships of the Impero a Lite Littorio and Vittorio in Eton already have been launched and a due for completion next year. A fourth the Roma. Is under construction. The new warship scheduled for completion in 1942. Will carry nine 15-Inch guns. 12 6-Inch gun. 12 anti aircraft guns and 20 machine guns for anti aircraft Protection. The Impero is 7 75 feet Long has a beam of 103 feet and will carry a complement of 600 men. Dry sooner governor allows vote on repeal Oklahoma City nov. 15.�? Phillips attached but on the shocks hit an area about j up a Oklahoma dry Fotioo years i string q his decision to allow a 130 Miles Long and 30 Miles wide. Today was a hotbed of argument and frightened residents of North Over the Lite in question in Rinei Utah pm Maryland Delaware Southern j the turmoil had us genesis in new Jersey and Eastern Pennsyl i a statement by the sooner states Piny the Utah Copper company j Vanla. Driest governor Leon c. A a red the Keun Ecott Copper company jolted from a doze a Philadel Phillips that while he personally Keno Hill Ltd. The mine rec i Chian exclaimed was opposed to repeal he would corporation and the Pacific tin a it Felt. Just like two Fellows permit a vote on the question As corporation. Picked up the Davenport and Shook a a straight moral he was born in Philadelphia j it Back and Forth like a baby sgt this statement stirred repeal aug. 12, 1858. The third son of vote. He said he would not submit the question if it contained a provision earmarking the Revenue for schools or of Dage pensions. Dry since 1007 Oklahoma has been dry since before admission to statehood in 1907. Federal Laws before then Meyer and Barbara Guggenheim. a Rita re institution its into action on aft initiative forbade the introduction or pos Calls from excited household petition and Drew ers lighted up police and news Drys. Fire from i continued on Page Twy continued on Page two Coa limed in Cage Luu greek Steamer sunk london., nov. 15.�? up the 2.216-ton greek Steamer Georgius Sank today Tiff tile coast of England after colliding with a ii a i of us b m urged w rec k. Dies from Knue wounds Wadesboro. Nov. 15.�? up Everett Chen nos 20-year-old grocery store employee died in a Hospital Here today of knife wounds police said he suffered session of liquor in Indian territory. It wag in these Days that too generous the term a a bootleggers was said Xiv. Losinger superintendent to have been coined. Whiskey of the Oklahoma anti Saloon runners brought liquor into the league accused the chief exec Indian districts in their Boot tops it Ive of going a a far As he can statewide prohibition then was to help the a Phillips has accomplished More for us than any other governor a said Losinger. A the has made included in the state Constitution. Her Crew of 22 was rescued j saturday night in an altercation drinking unpopular at the Cape by a coast guard Lifeboat. None the officers said a negro was injured. I Sci a held w without bund. Was Tol but to promised not to give i the wets a spec Ial immediately after Phillips statement officers of the Oklahoma repeal association announced they would have an initiative petition ready for Mircu. Lion a within to

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