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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 15, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday november to 1930the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three what would you do of you knew you were to be murdered j Tut lift the Tab of that Little red ribbon at the top of each pack. We re going coff foil we re going to see Moil coing to save by a going greyhound mean super coach warmth and Comfort extra sightseeing and big savings on round trip tickets. Next trip every trip go greyhound i Sam pit one Way Forte Charleston w. A. $6.25 Chicago Iii. 1025 Detroit Mich. 9j Roanoke a. Pm Jackson tile a. 5.49 Miami fun. 9.79 new York. 6 St Knoxville Tenn. Jul Atlanta a. 4 55 big extra Taring on round trip tit Kate i mox by s terminal 224 North Wrenn St. Greyhound am s. \ a. A i m la i a a Kifft s a a in. I i it a a it Jive Al it f in -4<p i it be 1 web pm pm a it i in Quot i the pause that refreshes is part of Bowling a to nothing is so Welcome in any sport As a Chance to pause a a a and refresh. And that s when coca cola is Welcome too. For ice cold coca cola always makes a ten strike when it comes to thirst. Try it. Coca cola highpoint ii i inst twilite Ion is. Phone 8284 3�syh is. A in say it ribbon lip a round the top slices through two a Scheu of cellophane. I top is off clean now americans freshest cigarette is easiest to open too would i a new mystery by Tom Horner Douglas Ditorio 1940 be Kylloe Baker Champa acclaimed by Over 50,000 Happy owners Studebaker Champion owners can Tell you that they re getting 10% to 25% better gasoline Economy than any other leading lowest Price car can give. And this Good looking restful Riding super Safe Champion is a distinctive full fledged team mate of Studebaker a commander and president. Come in and go for a thrilling 10-mile Champion trial drive. Low Down payment easy . Terms. Studebaker shill tire and Battery station inc Harry pikm1ng Jere Sloan Rhone 4349 819 North main St. The division of Highway safety reports a marked improvement in the reporting of accidents by Highway patrolmen sheriffs City police and other peace officers All Over the state. For october practically 1,000 i Accident reports Wens received by the division a figure far above any Ever before attained in the j state. Division officials estimate however that even so Only about one 1 out of every three accidents is actually reported As required by j Law. It is pointed out that North j Carolina has been reporting Only about 8,000 a year while in Vir i Ginia reports Are made annually of about 20,000 accidents and i nobody believes there Are two and j a half times As Many crashes in j the old Dominion As in North Carolina. Incidentally reports for october indicate that there will be shown a reduction in automobile fatalities for the to Mhz though by no Means a startling or sensational one. A a delegation from Washington headed by state senator w. B. I Rodman called on the Highway department tuesday in an Effort to get a $25,000 Bridge authorized to connect Washington with Washington Park. The visitors talked with chairman Frank Dunlap and their District commissioner e. V. Webb of Kinston but when the conferring was All Over the Only announcement was Quot taken under a the Highway safety division is planning to make a number of Short Snappy announcements on the loud speaker at the Duke Carolina clash in Durham saturday. With More than 50,000 in the audience it was too Good an Opportunity to be wasted. Carolinas colors Are Light Blue and White while Dukes Are dark Blue and White and tar Hee rooters Are hoping that the Devil supporters will continue to be a Arnold Henthorne knew five would kill Henthorne accused 1. Helen Benthos new his wife 2. William Alston his partner 3. Joey Ditorio a racketeer 4. Aram the mystery girl big red a a prospector 5. A thrilling mystery chapter i a a i will be killed tonight a my Luck has run out. I have been warned. That Anonymous Telephone Cal. The Black cat that ran across the driveway tonight. Third Light on a match. Quot i be had special police posted All around the House but they can to save me. But before i die Quot there Are rive persons who would rather see me dead than alive by wife Helen Henthorne William Alston my father in Law and former partner Joey Ditorio the gangster a woman named Ara and an old prospector known aa1�?Tbig red. R Utah Fob thought in metering a hoi. In n York apply Thi formula u it centrally located convenient to brain eat and amut Amenta and doer it have Roo or what you can really Laap can you Roach ii handily rom Tho ablation Tho hotel governor Clinton Mentor. Up on All Point convenient to Pennsylvania train Bho motor coach. End airline Bua Aea and local noway and Boa line i Soo room Ell with Beth radio sen Ridor circulating ice water. Boom Tor thought end deep a Well. Write or Booklet from $3.00 single m from $4.50 double a hotel governor Clinton seventh ave. At us St opposite bean station new Tork Hebert j. Glean manage Quot i hate All of them and t know they hate me. I leave this list that the police May know one of these five would kill me Quot Arnold Henthorne smiled a a bitter twisted smile As he read the words he had just written. They would pay All of them for hating Arnold Henthorne. In death he would still retain his Power Over them. They would suffer. Only Henthorne could have conceived such a vengeance. Deliberately he folder the Aper. Then rising quickly from his chair he hurried across the study pulled a Bookcase away from the Wall and Knelt beside a Small Safe. He twisted the Knob and in a moment the door swung open. Light from the desk lamp glistened on the Metal. Henthorne paused undecided. Quot first place Helen and Joey would look a he said half aloud. He stepped to the window Quot Quot pulled Back the drawn Shade. Rain drummed unceasingly against the panes. A fresh Cool draft swept into the room Asho raised the Sash a few inches. A Flash of lightning revealed the dark coated figure of a policeman huddled against the Gate. There was another in the garage a third at the rear driveway Henthorne knew. Thunder Shook the House rattled the window. The ticking of the clock above the fireplace echoed throughout the ensuing silence. Only a few minutes More Henthorne thought. There was yet one chances Only one but he would take it. Quickly he returned to the turned the lamp Shade so thai the Light fell More upon the closed door to crumpled the paper in his hand tossed it in the wastebasket. He opened a desk drawer took out a revolver. The safety i licked. He replaced it carefully leaving the drawer open. Pulling his chair Back from the Circle of Light yet still within reach of the gun in the drawer Arnold Henthorne sat Down waited for his murderer. He could see the headlines Quot bloody Henthorne that would be old Parker a Sheet. They hated him too. Fought his methods tried to trap him. But never quite succeeded. Quot b tenth o r n e. Fina no Ike. Found Good old conservative Carter Smith. Wish Washy. Afraid to Call a Spade a Spade. Henthorne admitted he liked the Parker a paper better than the Smiths Sheet. That gang Over at Parker a had courage. That a what it takes. That a what it took to make Arnold Henthorne. He saw a lad of to thin clothed in castoffs crying in a doorway. He saw an old boy heavier stronger taunting the weeping lad. Funny that he should remember now. The older boy Billy Watson had challenged his right to sell papers on that Corner. Arnold his name was not Henthorne then had refused to fight had run away in terror. Another picture came to mind. Billy a face disappearing beneath the Waters of the River. Arnold had run screaming to the nearest policeman men had dived into the River for Billy a body. The crowd praised Arnold he had done All he could. Even Billy smother was Nice to him after her hysterical crying had stopped. They never found Billy a body. It was just As Well. Someone might have wondered about those bruised Knuckles bruised As Arnold pounded Billy a angers As he Clung to the Dock. The papers would not Tell that Story tomorrow. Not there would be columns about Arnold Benthos new a phenomenal Rise in the business world. They would Tell How dying stocks revived under his magical touch How he Pyra Mided his wealth into millions. There would be the Story of his vast factories his thousands of employees. His charities would be mentioned and the scholarships his wealth had made possible. There would be pictures too of Benthos new dark haired Dayish hts cold piercing eyes staring out from the lean hardness of his face. He hoped they would use that picture he had had made last month the one the photographer said made Hloi look like a dictator. Helen a picture would be Back in the papers again too. The society editors would see that his marriage to Helen Alston daughter of one of americans greatest motor truck manufacturers would not be forgotten. The gossip columnists had enjoyed a Field Day guessing the real facts behind the Alston Henthorne wedding wondering How one of society a favorite debutantes could marry a Man almost As old As her father. Only one reporter and Henthorne recalled grimly that he had soon lost his jobs had hit the real reason. He had heard that Henthorne had theat ened to wreck Alston motors and that old Man Alston thought More of his trucks than of his daughter. There was one mystery about Henthorne that no Newspaperman would Ever solve. For years they had been speculating As to where Arnold Henthorne got his stake. No one knew him when he first came to new York armed with $50,000 and the determination to turn it into a million. No one knew nor would Ever know a the Story of Quot big they had met in Alaska. Quot big red had come in with the Klondike Rush hunted his strike for 20 years. And he had found it who held that gun Quot you Quot be thorns gasped. The muzzle of a revolver shone held Beni Horne a hypnotised gaze. Illustrations by de Gunder in the Light. The round Black Hole far Inland. Among unmapped mountains Quot big red Quot had found his Gold. Benthos new his name had been Benson then Learned of the mine when Quot big red filed his claim. He had followed Quot big red Quot northward. He remembered Quot big red so piteous cries As he left him Blind and dying in that forgotten Valley. He had taken Quot big reds Quot name a John Douglas As Well As his claim title and Ore samples until he had sold out to a mining company. He had listed Quot big red Quot As one of the five and Quot big red Quot was dead. Head scratch off the name. No use blaming a murder on a dead Man. Queer that be had imagined even for an Nat ant that Quot big red was alive. He reached for the wastebasket. A Quot done to move Henthorne Quot the soft voice almost a whisper came from the half opened door. Quot you a Henthorne gasped. The muzzle of a revolver shone in the Light. The round Black Hole held Benthos new a hypnotised gaze. Quot bring your hands up. Keep away from the desk. You be been expecting me a Henthorne did not answer. His 1 head was still above the level of i the desk. If he could fall Forward i suddenly he might beat the shot j reach his own gun. One More i second flame spouted from that Black i Circle As Arnold Henthorne took his last Chance. To be continued capital shorts Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henry Averill Raleigh nov. 15.�?commissioner of Illier Forrest Shuford is in Washington this week for the annual conference of labor officials from All Over the country a conference under the direct auspices of the Federal department of labor. That Over the North Carolina commissioner is expected to remain in the National capital for a Day or so talking Over details of the recent agreement under which the Federal wage hour Law will be enforced by state in Tnp tors Darker Blue after the saturday Melee. Over at Central prison Here there is considerable construction under Way and a Good Deal of night work is being done. Wonder if the overtime is being put in because the architect or Foreman a time is about up. Graham to speak Berea ky., nov. 15. A or. Frank p. Graham president of the University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill n. C., will he one of the principal speakers at the inaugural exercises of Berea colleges new president or. Francis s. Hutchins november 25. Comm Vav Nuj special to the Enterprise Kent Huv Ille nov. 15 a a Community singing program will be rendered at Shady Grove Wesleyan methodist Church next sunday afternoon beginning at 1 30 of clock. J. W. Johnson. Of Randleman Well known director of Community singing programs will direct the to during which Seye angers will Render gospel songs. Stories of hidden fabulous treasures has inspired a treasure Hunt near Middleburg South Africa. 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