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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 6, 1939, High Point, North Carolina E four the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina monday november 6, 19393h Point terpr1se bulls sad Ai a a and sunday morning p Bailey it a Btl Lier a a a i 1915�?1937 Erry. President Awley. Sec a Aud treas to a. Cecil pen. Mgr m. Waynick editor subscription rates y and sunday by Carrier in its Point and nearby town months. Jio 09 520ss.2 f the in nearby Tow a Are not per to collect Tor More than one i Advance. In City Are not permitted Tocci. Period of More than five Jetton for a longer period la Nirad a hound be made direct to of Lee. Isolated pre la exclusively in the use for republication of All patches or rolled to it or not omitted in this paper and to the it published therein Ber of audit Bureau of Cir u latin i a a Cunt Ciata matter at the i a High Point in v. Bot the ingress of March 8. Hui. Antonai adv. Representative the John by us co. 420 Lexington ave. New York Julty _ Day november 6, 1939-ct thou Chi you wimp men and understand i known among your tribe and stake them ruler Over you. Tinniey 1 13. In no St be a Wise Man himself capable of distinguishing my. Ai of in Ason i of Joe of parole parole system has been un-1 severe if scattered fire in listed states recently. Too parolees Are in the Galaxy important Public enemies lain killer thugs say the Lan who sits at the Center nations prison system and As had a Chance to observe Dorkings of the Federal a system As Well As of the hits Back. Director Ben of the u. S. Bureau of Prisland a politics Quot with much t systems failure aking at an International no of police chiefs in san Isco or. Bennett said Imit that parole has Many Short $ and that it is Only a partial a to the perplexing problem of est to redirect the anti social aes of the offender but it than honest trial because no is yet been Able to suggest a or More satisfactory method Ding a Man from the penitent greatest obstacle to the perineal toning of the role system t it la too closely Allied with i. While i do not mean to Imit parole boards a in venal or est or that they would turn i Man who is clearly dangerous own Community no matter How us the Reward might by. I do that parole granting authorities be professionally trained for Zork sufficiently secure of their not fear the District Leader and a to devote their time to their Only one of the is states is the Board appointed for a definite i f ice at a salary Sui Talent to career men. Des taking the parole system out tics Bennett declared that the necessity is to provide Suffi funds for carrying out the sys i its logical conclusion costs in the neighbourhood of ,000 a year Quot he stated a a to feed and clothe the 162,000 and women now in prison while 1,500,000 is spent in supervising living the 40, xxx men and a com 0 Are on parole. In other words and ten times As much to keep n prison As to supervise them doubt edly or. Bennett has thing there. Not so Long ago North Carolina held an int prisoner his parole was sue which i penetrated the try Campaign for nomination governor. About the time it rated around that All canes were committed to parole Ssue was ended by actual a we May never know the about the rumours As to is in the Case and they May Justice to aspirants to office mention the matter because one Way in which a a politics ugh to become involved in handling of parole cases e Are other ways for Intro As every Man invested with 1 responsibility respecting a might testify. A thing a a politics out of the a in As Long As imprisoned men have outside help in efforts Pringl them is an extremely ult problem. We do not Ulhand that or. Bennett went i Luther than to Soith protests protest against wage hour Law and regulations continues particularly in the a deep South Quot and Southwest. Up to the present we have seen no suggestion that the Southern states secede again but in some of the comment about Federal bureaucracy is the intimation that we still Are paying unholy tribute to the regions conquerors. In some phases of North Carolinas Industrial life the state has emerged from the struggling condition under which bids for markets had to be made with Price concessions made possible by Low wages. Other Southern states later in their Industrial development insist the differential is vital. Some of them see in the National wage hour Law not a defense of workers the country Over against exploitation but the ultimate extent Ion of the a protective Tariff principle for the Benefit of northeastern manufacturing. When the minimum wage went to 30 cents october 24 and the maximum work week dropped two hours to 42, 405,000 of the 690,000 immediately affected workers were in twelve Southern states. Analysed in Light of other statistics this Means 21 per cent of Southern workers were advanced and Only three per cent of workers in the other 36 states received wage raises. If the Southern wage differential has been based in justifying conditions argue those who protest then the Law amounts to a dangerous body blow at the Southern Industrial movement. Basically says the Texas weekly the South cannot pay wages in Industry equal to the National average because in the 13 Southern states a the average value produced per worker amounted in 1937 to $1,857, while in the rest of the country the average value produced per worker was $2,794.�?� a a now argues that publication a is there any mystery about the fact that the 16.2 per cent of the wage earners in the Southern states did not receive 16.2 per cent of the total wages paid considering that they produced less than 11.5 per a font of the total value a the rumblings indicate the feeling below us that the wage hour regulations May work As a a protective Tariff for the Northeast after All. There seems to be a minimum of that kind of concern about the adventure in this state. Kissiar inconsistency the authoritative russian manifesto condemning the repeal of the american embargo on munitions As a a a Bourgeois move to draw profits from the War is before us. From Berlin comes the same kind of denunciation. Would our russian friends not be More consistent in their passion for embargoes if they were to invoke one of their own what is the essential difference Between russians recent declaration that her goods were on the counter for All Comers and our own about All that England and France can expect from the removal of the Barrier to Trade in this country is a resource to equalize that which russians understanding with Germany gives to Hitler. As far As we can see into the murkiness of european affairs the Peoples of England Germany France and Italy should work for an entente which would serve to keep them from one another a throats. Their interests Are common. No such commonalty has been established with the russian people an illiterate mass under the direction of men w to worship expediency clinging to the false doctrine that the end justifies the Means. With a government established in Germany with whom the allies could Deal in Confidence there should be Little difficulty in making adjustments which would Supply All the a living room needed. Either through War and readjustment promptly thereafter or through some internal change which would permit realignment without a military show Down we believe the ultimate and log ical a a front in the old world will place the British the French and the germans Side by Side in defense of capitalistic democracy until that political system should be much More thoroughly discredited than it is by experiments conducted thus of franchise we understand that the action of the City Council in granting a permit to a gasoline dealer to run a conduit under Willowbrook Street and along Russell for some hundreds of Yards is not final. Certainly a franchise should be granted Only after mature consideration both of the hazards involved and of municipal policy. Doubtless the experience of other cities has matured enough for it to be helpful to High Point in determining what should be done with respect to this Case and others which May be expected to arise. If the City should find As a fact that no extra hazards to life and property come of the laying of a gasoline pipeline As desired by the company and if it finds that it can giant similar petitions commonly enough to eliminate any question of special privilege then the permit would be in order. Until those questions Are answered clearly we assume there will be no consummation of the plan to Lay the pipeline in this one Case. With Alec Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people the most unusual desk motto i Ever saw was on the desk of William Mcchesney or. President of the new York Stock Exchange. Strictly speaking it was not a motto but it served the same purpose it was an Aztec Calendar made of Stone and covered with their ancient hieroglyphics. Or. Mcchisney said that when he is troubled he picks up this old relic holds it in his hand and looks at it. Thinking How eternal time is and How fleeting is trouble. He claims that it always relieves the Strain and cheers him. One of the finest of mottoes was that of Admiral Peary discoverer of the North pole. Once when attacking the North he was beaten by the ice. His feet w Ere so badly Frozen that he had to be carried by his men. They took him into a room at fort Cresson and Laid him tenderly on a rough bed and turned away fearing he would never be Able to walk again. He slept heavily for hours. When he awoke he was refreshed and his mind Clear. He inched himself Over to the Wall called for a Pencil and wrote his motto Quot i will find a Way or make Cecil Rhodes who did so much to win Africa for England had a Down to Earth motto that will help everyone who will apply it it deals with that tremendously important subject handling people Quot never quarrel with people you Are eager to he employed this simple principle when he went to see the King of the Mata Bole the warlike fighting tribe that meant to kill him and he won the King Over to his Way of thinking by employing those nine words. The same theory was Practised by president Theodore Roosevelt who used to say Quot the most important single ingredient in the formula of Success is the Knack of getting along with judge Elbert h. Gary steel magnate had the shortest motto i know. Three words. Quot organize. Deputized. Here is a humorous one by the first Man to Fly. Wilbur Wright Quot a Parrot talks much but flies Joseph p. Day. The Only Man in the w orld vrho has Ever sold a billion dollars of real estate has a motto under the Glass on his desk. He has six children their pictures Are under the Glass with the motto Quot eternal vigilance is the Price of Success As Well As of Robert Ingersoll who a generation ago flashed across the country like a flaming challenging meteor chose he following Quot the greatest test of courage on this Earth is to Bear defeat without losing who could want a finer guide of might he a Good idea to Cut out this column place it in a the Glass top of your desk and study these mottoes when things go w Rong. Frankly i am afraid we have overemphasized the importance of neutrality legislation. It is important yes. But it is not More important than our entire foreign m. Landon 1936 g. O. P. Presidential candidate. Roll Cal Walter winched on Broadway ism daily Mirror Lac. Rwm Nan about town the Prim Murat Laura franc is in Miami Beach acquiring a Floridivi-sion.,mrs. Clifford Odets Luise Rainer next mate will be a big British govt official. Dorothy Mackaill sex screen Star and Tex Reber son of the Texas chairman Are a merger threat. The French govt purchases in new York last week amounted to Over $35.000,000,.exclusive of armaments. England is buying most of her supplies from her colonies. Kathleen Williams the Soco pretty Model did not melt from her Erie. Pa., Groom As it emed. It la happen in Florida soothe de buttons a rift rumours Are the bunk. The Franklyn buttons Barbaraus pop who parted recently when he advertised that he was no longer responsible for his Bride s debt shave secretly reconciled. Fritz Kuhn a Many aliases will be brought out in court this week including local hotel registrations As Quot Frank Carson Quot and Quot Henry Larsen Quot. The Paul White mans insist that the Buzz of a bus Tup is exaggerated. Eugene mat lean formerly the publisher of a san Francisco newspaper and once managing editor of a Gazette in Washington is Here to buy a newspaper if tile owners will peddle. His backing is called Quot fugitive Ham and egg Quot Money. Belonging to California Bankers who hear that the $30 every thursday plan out there is going through. And All concerned want their Coin removed from California As quickly As possible. The Queen of England has been keeping a diary since the War started. Life is rumoured to have bought it for publication. When the City of Flint gets Back the state depot will be wealthier with German naval Quot inside Quot a the a s. Crew made matters miserable for the nazi burglars. Hollywood photos have tipped their eds that Claudette Colbert and her physician Groom Are plotting a Flash. There will shortly be a terrific reorganization of Many govt departments. The Henry fondas Frances Seymour Brokaw new image is due in two months. When the White houses who d have Given a Fortune to have any dictator denounce for during the neutrality debates Learned that Molo Toff had actually done so Lowell Mellott of the presidential staff said Quot amazing. His Luck Bever fades Quot from Fritz Kuhn a Quot free american Quot newspaper of nov. 2nd Quot if there is any in american organization in this country the american legion is one of them ostensibly a product from abroad and transplanted on american soil Quoit fur session Al nude ther discusses the legionnaires with these w Flag wavers to Block traffic to create noise Nisan Dames Are induced to do their stepping while the i eyes bulging. Leave it to the Fin. To by saying the wrong things at the right time. Blow a kiss to Clare Boothe for evening matters in trained Aspi my attraction lit in goofs Goose step with flux planners to indict themselves. The american legion should new How 1-mystery-Mur All of us who Are citizens Wear a badge of trusteeship in America. It represents our heritage and our responsibility to our own and to future generations. W. G. Gibson Carey jr., president United states chamber of Commerce Der hit Quot margin for error Quot a the Heartiest laugh yet on the Bundo world. A Tornillo Hitchcock s new plane will revolutionize transatlantic travel. The hearings this week in Washington for a charter will be Sotto Voce. Navy a orders. Exclusive photos of the Dionne quilts henceforth will go to King feature the Dewey detectives Are pretty sore because of the fued Between sgt. Grafenecker dewy a Lavont and capt. B. which took a pasting from the first night morticians took in about $21 the 2nd nigh the cast of Quot summer nights Quot another probable casualty pleaded with producer Gensler to defer the premiere hut he refused. Tommy the Cork s brother Howard is too ill at n. Y. Hosp after an emergency operation wednesday. Paulette Goddard will play the Edith Atwater role the great Many a girl Friday in the number 3 troupe of Quot Man who came to its called Quot the Amateur company Quot because Woollcott will be in it. Dewey a biggest Case involves the quiet collaring of 30 Quot fluffs Quot charged with being a ring of extortionists who Over a period of years blackmailed a the most famous names out of Between 60 and 70 million dollars. Times must be Tough when a $10 Hook Simon and Schustern a Quot Treasury of Art masterpieces a is on the Best seller lists. Most refreshing newcomers in town Are Quot the Nite wits Quot College kids making their initial pro appearance at the Domique on by Way near 53rd. Deft satirists 1he Bunch of them. George Backer the Post publisher May run for mayor Viv Segal on tour with Quot married an Angel Quot and d. Daley of that troupe Are giving off More heat than Light Wasny tone of those uninvited admirers of Lily Pons who crashed her Home quietly sent to a nuthouse. Feds Are working on a Midwest smuggling Case involving a society Matron. V Urmia Frazier and Peter Amo friends insist will wed. They will Nassau it with mater chaperoning Geraldine Spreckels the sugar with the sugar begins thrusting it at the Monte Carlo next Mont if locals vote for parimutuel business men and merchants will combat the Law Basing their opposition on what happened to citizens who turned to crime to get Wager Coin in other communities Jack Dillon son of the steel Biggie and Audrey Palmer of Quot Dubarry was a lady Are that Way. Gloria Youngblood blended in print often with Rudy Vallee will wed a floridian Christmas week chums say the gazettes believe that Jay Martin and Judy Canova will be riveted which appears to be a new Way of spelling Quot Honey Quot Abbott. We. Saroyan a play will go Between covers. He is readying a too Page preface explaining it a sensational ease involving a Powers Model and a society Man is due in the courts next we Eek. She is suing him and one of the towns Swan Kiest hotels alleging she had to jump out of a window to a ledge below to flee his assault a the elevator boy refusing to take her Down. It a girl for the Jan peaces at doctors hos if Nick the greek Ever encounters i mimic at the Eltinge Burlesk theatre there might be one less greek Pearson and alien s comic strip kidding Washington starts in 2 months. The Heifetz concert was deferred several weeks at Carnegie Hall because of an allegedly poor Advance Sale. Imagine Peggy Hopkins Joyce s newest Beau is a 5th Avenue cooler. The Roy Roberts be s in the Helen is show and she was Jean Abbott of the musicals have decided to forget a i n it 1 a it 1115 a tiler time ten years ago local new a state water and sewage works association has brought its convention Here to a Chicken eating dogs Are said to be Active in the City. Large congregations Are hearing Rev. Banks Peeler in the revival at the local reformed Church. A the $50,000 suit against the Southern railway brought by miss. Lela Payne administer matrix of p. L. Payne deceased was thrown out of the local court today for Lack of evidence. About people miss a Walcia Armen Trout now sufficiently recovered from a recent operation at a local Hospital has returned to Lenoir Rhyne College to resume her . W. C. Dowd of Charlotte is recuperating after an operation at Guilford general Hospital. Mrs. J. C. Welch will head the Sale of poppies for disabled veterans on saturday november 9. New Brief a in the elections held yesterday democrats made Large gains a thanksgiving proclamation was issued by president Hoover today. Stocks continued to drop years ago local new the will of the late w. P. Pickett was filed in the office of the clerk of the Superior court at Greensboro yesterday. The Home place was bequeathed to the to o sons the remainder of the estate is bequeathed in equal portions to the six children. A a evangelist Burke Culpepper recently in a meeting in this City will conduct a revival at Lexington in january. About people Tom Turner of Boston after a visit to his sister in Law mrs. H. C. Turner Here left for Atlanta ga., last night. Miss Bessie Pope visited the theatre in Greensboro last night. Miss Edna Sechrest has returned from Greensboro. Where she visited for several Days. New Brief a there is a deadlock in the Coal p. Mor Row was elected governor of Kentucky tuesday november 4. Ohio has voted in favor of the National prohibition amendment. The National training conference Lutc Church world movement of North America in a Resolution today condemned the style of clothes worn by Church women. The style was declared to be in cadent. Those re notions. The police depot. May be confronted with an embarrassing Sitcher Rayshun unless things Are straightened out. A claims being robbed in a taxicab near 76th Street and by Way. And says a cop did t take him seriously. So the victim is threatening reprisals via paid advertisements in the Manhattan rags the promised Quot Warpath Quot scallions column for tuesday has been cancelled because it Steak a. The former mrs. Judge craters insurance Case will be heard next month. She will startle the town by naming for the first time june Bryce a Broadway night club hostess As the judges Quot most intimate june disappeared just As mysteriously As Crater four weeks later on sept. 14. 1930., her last Tepee was at 39 East. 38th Street. A Good looking brunette., this column believes she was murdered because she witnessed the rubbing out of crate Bruce cation in Washington building trades drive Means labor a War to Hilt Washington nov. 6. A before autumn is Over the c. I Campaign to create an Industrial Union in the building construction Industry will get into High gear. The Campaign really began Early in the summer when the United construction workers organizing committee was set up under the chairmanship of a. D. Lewis. Since then practically n o t h ing has been heard of it. Some Progress has been made however. Locals exist in a number of cities a some on the West coast some in the Middle West and a few in the East. For the most part Organ i action work has been handled through Central c. I. O. Offices rather than through the committees own organizers. War to the Hilt in Prospect All of which probably Means that there is not Likely to be any peace treaty Between the c. I. O. And the a. F. Of l. Very soon. The building trades Are the Backbone of the a. F. Of l. When the c. I. O. Swings into action with a High powered organizing Campaign in that Field it is fairly Safe to assume that there is going to be War up to the Hilt. So far. The organizational Campaign has brought nothing More than skirmishes Between the two groups. A Sample of the kind of skirmishing that has been going on appeared in Washington not Long ago when a building contractor who previously had been operating with non Union labor signed up with the c. I. O. Local. Before i men got to their jobs next morning an a. F. Of l. Picket line was moving around the scene of work. Picket lines Are not the Only obstacles the budding Union will face. An organizer tells this Story in a big midwestern Industrial City a contractor signed with the c. I. O. Local and immediately found that no builders Supply House in the City we Ould sell him any materials. He tried to buy his supplies outside. And Learned that he could not get them trucked to the scene of operations. In the end he was stumped. Building codes weapons of labor another a few experiences with that in the building codes and restrictions which prevail in Many cities. Some of these Are so worded that an unfriendly City inspector could easily go through a newly completed building and order half of the work torn out and done Over again. After a few experiences with that sort of thing the local contractors could be pardoned for declining to do business with the Union which brought such experiences in its train a and since the c. I. O. Is not Overly popular in most official circles it is taken for granted that the number of unfriendly inspectors would be rather Large. That obstacle May be partly lowered by the department of Justice s anti Trust Campaign in the building Industry. Arnold to hit restrictive or Din ances one of the next items on assistant attorney general Arnold s Agenda is the prevailing set of restrictive City ordinances and building codes. These presently will be attacked in court not through grand jury work hut by injunctive proceedings. And while the departments sole concern is to Hammer prices Down if it removes some of the City ordinances in the process the going will be just that much easier for the c. I. O. In the Long run. If the c. I o. Campaign is to get anywhere a Good Many local contractors have got to be converted. The \ i. talking Point will be that its Industrial Union will do away with jurisdictional disputes and eliminate costly stoppages of we disk. But if the a of of l. Can sell the same contractors on tile idea that using c. I. O. Labor will cause even More expensive picket lines the organizing committee work is Apt to be somewhat difficult. Cal be discusses rivalry of two universities Chapel Hill n. C. November 3. 1939. Editor the Enterprise growing out of the spirited athletic rivalry Between Duke University and the University of North Carolina there have appeared several comments in the state papers and on the radio which we believe to be unrepresentative of the True character of that rivalry and unfair to the students of both institutions. It has been said for example that because during the Carolina new York u. Game the Carolina stands cheered the announcement that Pitt was leading Duke they displayed poor sportsmanship. It is also True that Duke students have cheered when Carolinas scores were unfavourable. We do not believe that such cheers were in either Case motivated by an unworthy attitude toward the other student body. In fact an enthusiastic cheer arose from the Carolina Section following an announcement earlier in the same n. Y. U. Game when. Duke was leading Pitt. The treatment of these incidents on both sides As Quot in gentlemanly a acts reveals we believe a misconception of i i \ i to i pm l aia pail \

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