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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 7, 1939, High Point, North Carolina W e a i h e r ios by Cloudy and showers tonight. The High Point Enterprise blight Point the Center of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 55�?no. 311 Mem Hek associated press High Point. Y pm to i Isi a i Fyk Kinton. Non Ember 7. 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cents Hull opposes ship transfers a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Belgium Netherlands make new peace move French still hold Leopold Queen fast in Forbach Wilhelmina All German attempts to penetrate defense repulsed nine planes downed Paris nov. 7. Map a military sources reported to i Day that French troops on the Western front still were hold-1 ing fast in the important Forbach salient despite intermittent German artillery fire. All nazi attempts to penetrate the deserted City to remove the threat of French guns dominating the German Industrial Center of Saa Bruecken have failed these sources Laid. Flattener attack a the. French also arc report i Quot a 27 a Quot Man plan it i 1 Over flip lines. To have flattened a German land movement against Merten another French Frontier City Southwest of Saar Louis. German infantry tried twice yesterday to seize Merten but were Rei used each time. Isolated sectors on the Northern flank of the front were subjected to a German barrage during the night which a French communique described As Clearing weather produced a nine nazis dropped the French said their flyers attacking As the germans crossed the front in nine separate flights brought Down nine nazi Messer schmidts and put the rest to flight none of the French planes were downed it said. A German communique said that two French planes were brought Down near Saar lantern military quarters expressed belief that the French employed notable increase in air Force Active american made Curtiss fighting Ity marked yesterday by a spec. Planes which they have praised tit ular dogfight in which nine j highly for their Speed and a French fighters were reported to it never ability. Issue pleas Surprise conference in Amsterdam galled to open Way for negotiations Amsterdam nov. 7 i apr Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and King Leo Lofti of the belgians today announced they would Send messages to Germany Britain and France jointly offering their Good offices for peace. The offer to be made to the i Heads of state of the warring Powers will be is follows in official announcement said a in the hour of anxious tension for the world before War in Western Europe begins with full rower. We Are convinced we Are obligated to make our voices heard again. I Al peace to this a the belligerents declared some time ago they Are not standing obstinately against examination of a reasonable and fixed basis of a we my in in is in umm Ste u. S. Lines would Register vessels under Panama Flag Secretary of state bases opposition on belief that change would impair integrity of country a neutrality act Washington nov. 7. Map a Secretary Hull expressed today his opposition to the Transfer to panamanian registry of United states lines ships As impairing the integrity of the neutrality act. Hull said he had Given this opinion to the maritime commission. He did not indicate what the commissions reaction was. A in. In in life in Warsaw slowly resume Normal course several american women married to polish businessmen unable to leave Berlin nov. 7.�? a son in Warsaw dated nov. 3 describing the condition of about too americans still in the polish City has been seen by the associated press correspondent. A life gradually is resuming its a a a. A Normal course a the writer said. A Mont houses already have Warr and electric Light. One is already permitted to Send letters it my to German and in the German language. That is Why i in not writing you in English. Presumably this restriction Pili d Only to poles Stamps hard to let a it is very difficult to buy Post of Stamps. Sometimes the Post Fulce does no to sell any at All and then any ave put on Sale the pub. In must often stand several hours j Bergen. Nov 7._ it Sev before the window. I had to stand j in teen German seamen the Erst stir hours. J while prize Crew of the Ameri after describing How the Amer an freighter City of Flint were can Colony of 569 registered i ast j removed from the mine layer Olav Annary i As permanent living in Tryg Vason today to be taken to Biland had dwindled gradually fortress at Kongs Vinger. Near Ellen War approached and How 62 reasonable peace a we consider that in the actual circumstance it is difficult the belligerents to seek cont yith one another and As the s reigns of two Neutral Sta which have Good relations w All their neighbors we Are will to offer our Good offices. Offer is mediators a in Case they Are accepted we Are willing to use All Means which a letter from a reliable Perth belligerent give us and which we possess to find in the spirit of Friendly understanding factors facilitate an the announcement was issued shortly after King Leopold departed for Brussels following a Surprise conference with the Queen which started last night. Accompanied by his foreign minister. Paul Henri spank Leopold conferred with Wilhelmina until a late hour last night and had a second talk with her this morning. Men against the sea a a Wallah Allah a cried these East Indian native Crew of members of the torpedoed British ship City of Mandalay As clinging to a Plank they struggled to keep afloat until a Rescue boat from the american French liner Independence to i Hall could reach them. The Rescue ship picked up the Crew of 72 and one passenger then us answered an sos from the s. S. Yorkshire torpedoed nearby and saved 227 More in in eluding 35 women. The Independence Hall steamed 500 Miles to Bordeaux where it landed the survivors before proceeding to new York. A the United states lines applied for permission to Transfer to pan american registry nine ship which had been in trans Atlantic i service. After one member of the commission had said yesterday that the Transfer had been approved the full commission issued after a late night session a statement saying that it was deferring final action pending an investigation of All the facts. Mints Faits at his press conference. Hull j recalled that yesterday he had told the maritime commission Moscow nov. 7. A jpy so there was no question of foreign Viet Russia rapped her Celebration policy involved in the Transfer. Ltd the 22nd anniversary of the but that his opinion was Given i of mmunts revolution with a Ilia in the absence of virtually any play of military might today As j 0f the facts. War commissar element Voro i ,. The Secretary of state added Shiloff warned that though lieu a As some of the files pertain Russia stages military show mapping revolution Celebration soviet puts on Parade attacks capitalism trial the nation a must be pre nazi captors of la. S. Ship Are interned nazis buying via neutrals figures show Reich a neighbors May hate run millions through blockade airlines Good deed thwarted Washington. Nov i government figures Indi Day that Germany s neighbors May have run of dollars Worth of goods past the Allied to the Reich in the fir of the War. Officials declined to i possibility but the come part men t published Figur a rated to Neutral millions of Mer lean blockade it month Deli w it a americans departed september 21 fun diplomats were taken from he City the writer continued a now there Are about iou am bean citizens in Warsaw mostly f polish extraction or women who harried poles for example. Mrs. Limpel formerly Gloria Patricia mistaken for humming Bird Brown creeper s migration Falls Short u aright of Washington i. Virs. Mormian. Formerly Wilcie Mckerson of Birmingham. Ala., and mrs. Szu Kassl formerly Juan Lee Donovan of new Bedford lass. Quot ome remained a Winston cram of Nashville. Mn., chief of the methodist mis Ion also remained in Warsaw. A a Here also is a group of american ure ans who studied at the University. A most of these americans would in a it u i lid i it i. Pittsburgh. Nov. 7 a timid Little awl billed Bird flew the airlines Back to Detroit to saved by Chance from what might have been its doom instead the swedish Border. The Derma us. Held w Hen Norway returned the City of Flint to Lier american Crew were expected to leave on tonight Strain Tor the trip across Southern Norway an eighteenth German orig-1 Day Natty in the prize Crew became ill and was left at Murmansk soviet russian port at which the an intended Haven. Flint stopped after Lier capture a Pennsylvania Central airlines by a German Raider oct. 9. J employee who found the tiny Crea work on Flint Ture shivering in a Detroit filling the american Crew granted no station yesterday took it to be a Shore leave was Busy putting the humping Bird which the Detroit ship in order. This was not taken zoo said certainly should have As an indication of Early depart a left for tropical Brazil two months however As ship Chandlers a ago. Reported no provisions had been twentieth Century transport put aboard. Lion was decided upon to enable mrs. J. Borden Harriman j the handful of feathers to catch United states minister to nor a up with nature. Three big airlines o America. American women w to Way a id Maurice p. Dunlap j hurriedly arranged to transport harried poles would like to leave Eoa sul at Bergen who visited the the Bird to South America. Europe with their husbands Bunyip yesterday declined to Dis j photographers rushed to the it is exceedingly difficult to Obj uss disposition of the cargo or Airport Here to take pictures of in permission for the husbands departure plans. The first humming Bird Ever to is they Are polish nationals. J . A. Galliard Only mein a Migrate by plane. A nature study the american consulate Baber of the flints company who last assembled quickly for a do information concerning the has been ashore smilingly commented a i am a Sailor not a Salesman a in response to questions about the cargo. It originally was consigned to Britain and Germany contends it included contraband. Shipping sources in Bergen ex-1 it w Ould fall victim to pressed doubt that the Cai go stroke in South America. Would be unloaded Here except this news resulted in the i possibly the portion which might i ration by plane ending at Wash of contraband and on which there into where the strange passenger ing that tined re a listed is Neutral i Ped up to in september stance Germany Den mar or ii h be Lythwin sent i n to h Tor in in ova Kia nether id swat i urn Ber of polish Oil in americans in other Reynolds files answer to suit glimpse of the prise then after tile Bird continued toward Washington development of photographs disclosed the humming Bird Wasny to that at All. Naturalists said it was a Brown creeper native of the North and predicted a heat Washington. Nov. 7�?�? rile r. J. Reynolds company of Vinston Salem n. C., one of eight major tobacco firms cited by the Federal Trade commission for violation of the Robinson Patman act has filed an answer to the urges in preparation for a hear a on Friday was a possible German claim. In its cardboard Box was trails furred to a Detroit bound ship. Leases 1938 czech Belgium the lands Norway Sweden Zerland together bought $34,611,-000 from the United states. Of that total $12,675,000 was bought by Germany alone. Purchases fall off this september Germany a purchases fell off to $607,000. But the american purchases of the Middle european group totalled $33.460,000�?virtually the same As last year. Neutrals shopped for Germany in the world War with the result that England and France started rationing them in an attempt to limit their imports to quantities they needed Only for themselves. At least part of the september increase in exports to european neutrals was caused by the disruption of their Normal purchases from England. France and Germany. Sweden bought $3,628,000 in american goods in september 1938. Against $8,695,000 Iii september this year Norway jumped $1,665,000 to $4,397,000 the Netherlands from $6,663,000 to $9,916,000 Denmark from $1,-371,000 to $2,674,000 Belgium from $4,467,000 to Switzerland from $1,617.00. Italy Russia Light of Germany sent other coun defense Trad program seen As 40 highlights administration promises to bring up farm legislation with these issues Washington nov. 7. Map a National defense farm legislation and renewal of the reciprocal Trade program were put Forward today by some congressional leaders As key issues in the 1940 session. Administration already hat a it that it would re a. Three Al Ted planes felled dogfights in southwestern Germany reported sneer Ful in Berlin ing to the application of the United states lines for Transfer v Orosh off spoke briefly in redo registry had since come to him he did not feel favourably impressed with them. The ships consist of All but two of those used in trans Atlantic service by the United states lines. If the application is approved they would be transferred to a Panama Flag and would have no american citizens in their Crews. A the proposed Transfer would divorce the ship involved from any and All Protection afforded by the United states Flag a said a com Mission statement f Ian is i n protect Ted 8 1 a any favourable action would be taken by the maritime commission Only upon the definite in the served notice quest an expanded defense program when Congress meets in january. The idea found Quick support and a measure of criticism from members of both major parties. Farm proposals plans for a new system of Agri re it ural bid libera ii Imong the the recoil fire in the it a by rep. Mal he rep u by ii Aid he hat a ratio Bac Al inks drought Relief Zed crop benefits were farm proposals local Trade Law under Senate during the Spe Viia criticized today in of Massachusetts n House Leader. He Een promised demo a in an Effort to Ltd the ported terminate the act expiring in june under which the state department has negotiated Trade treaties with a score of countries no the Lartin Ca att Ion capital for a the Trade it to Sircum control Over de Cdr Mal sources have said sense program would by continued borrow than by new taxes been some sentiment s other expenditures continued on Page two con h Ndal it a Era inn or Germany relaxes Asheboro Man is exonerated rationing no death of Young brother six states votes get National Eye Berlin nov. 7. A Ltd it a German housewives today welcomed announcement of a liberalization in food rationing. Starting nov. 20 the weekly meat ration for each person will be raised from 17.6 to 18.7 ounces. There will be an addition i tons offered pension plan anti parimutuel betting will be Given tests by the associated press altered City and state Elee no Clear Cut test on Asheboro nov. 7 a Jarvis Suk a. Let ii Man who a ii a id by Dice in connection with the death it of his brother. Barney Suggs was absolved of All blame by a Carol Era a jury which met Here yester Lay on hearing All testimony in he Case and Coroner j. L. Fritz s report that the Man died of a broken neck is Hen he weekly. For december every Ger i ing of its usual lethargy. Ace in heir Man will be permitted to buy six \ intpre8t entered largely on old e�t>8 i to arc Nanny in proposals ill Call at allowance in december for the National isue today but referee holidays. A on questions ranging from old the butter allowance will be it age pensions to parimutuel bet raised from four to five ounces Ting robbed the a off year ballot Ell against the fire plat Louie on West Salisbury Street lore Early sunday morning the Ury termed the death purely acc leu to i. Age pension was attached every week i vex a ated by Bigelow the Ohio plan has been advocated by Herbert s. Bigelow Cincinnati Clergyman. It Calls for pensions supplementing other income to provide total payments of $50 a month to retired single persons Over 60 and $80 monthly to couples. A state income tax and a Levy on High priced real estate would finance it. Vigorous campaigns were conducted in both states. A referendum on sanctioning Berlin nov. 7.�? x Nan High command today that three Allied warplanes were shot Down in dogfights yesterday in southwestern Germany the communique made no mention of a German French Aerial Battle As reported from Paris in which nine of 27 German attackers were said to have been shot Down the French filers the High command said were shot Down at Saar lantern four Miles within Germany on the Northern flank of the Western front and a r a ish plane at Mainz about 69 Miles within southwestern a. Many. The British announced last night that one Royal air for f plane had not returned from a reconnaissance flight weak artillery Eire otherwise the communique said there was no noteworthy fighting action except minor scouting by troops and weak a fire on both Ause of the War a tradition i Holiday the nov 9 Anury Observance of the 1923 ii Beer cellar Putsch has cancelled and Munich restive re told to go Al out their work instead. A fuehrer Hitler however was expected to attend tomorrow t night s rally of the a marches of november St and 9th�?� at the Buerge bran Hall where the unsuccessful Putsch was planned but whether he would deliver hts customary speech was in doubt. To Brda in ast affair i in previous years this meeting prohibition was an Issue in in 0f nazi veterans has been prac Diana where towns of less than really a closed affair but Tomor were electing i Row no put it win he broadcast to forces Coneen-1 the nation. Pledged tothe next Days Observance will local liquor j of limited to the placing of i wreaths on the tombs of those quare through which thousand of troops marched in a Parade that lasted More than an hour and one half. Praises Tiu maps a the soviet government watches the International situation and will react to every event a Avo Rosh Iloff declared after praising the work of soviet troops in Poland and outer Mongolia. Mechanized unit including 206 medium sized tanks formed a Large part of the military display. Hundreds of thousands o civilians watched the pageant pass through streets decked with red banners and Bunting while War planes roared overhead in formation. Prefacing the Parade was the keynote speech of Premier foreign commissar Vya Chesloff Moio Toff last night. He predicted the end of capitalism and inferentially urged communists in fore grf countries to work toward that inspiring n Imek a the names of Lenin and Stalin arouse Bright Hopes in every Corner of the world and resound As a Call to fight for peace and the Hap continued on rage two three die in fire of new Jersey Home Der the it oat Nith it aeration of in question can in no Way involve the rights of diplomatic Protection by the United in be made the basis of in put Forward by the put of the United commission explained that the ships could not carry any americans either As passengers or Crew in the combat areas defined by president Roosevelt. These extend eastward from mid Atlantic around the British Isles and All Western Europe from Bergen Norway to Northern Spain should the ships Over be returned to United states registry the commission added they could not enter Coastwise or intercostal service. The nine vessels Are the american skipper american Bank be Home program vent con tariffs a Cong re that tin lie final ing there has for reducing in Ord r to prevent defense costs from sending the Treasury too deep into the red. Norris i Nch Frt Alv senator Norris ind Neban administration supporter said today he was not convinced that or american trader american Plainfield n. A. Nov. 7. I traveler american Farmer am the hoi la on expansion was necessary. Chairman Smith dec of the Senate agriculture committee disclosed that he would work for up a new i of agriculture a1 Banks. Smith said there should be one Federal Bank in every state. They ? v in Cru til w i my a $5,554,000 legislation to set $729,000 to 000,000,000 system Tiller Ber a1 a n Ive ii Munir been dents daily ref to a three girls and a boy. Trap Ped in second floor bedrooms burned to death Early today in a j fire that quickly consumed their two Story Frame Home. The dead were Dorothy Harris 17 Raymond 6, a brother Margaret. 4, sister and Ann Fink i Biener 20, of Newark a Cousin who came to take charge of the household after the children s Mother died several months ago. The Only one to escape from the second floor was a brother Robert. 15, who responded to cries i from his father George Harris. A 55, one legged Painter who slept downstairs. The father distraught by the tragedy told Bow aroused by the flames he seized a chair As a prop for his amputated leg and hobbled to the stairways to Waken the others. Continued on Page two 11�?~flfbritish polish ships Stop nazis London nov. 7.�? Ltd it the admiralty said tonight Light British ships aided by polish destroyers had fought off an attack by German air planes Iii the North sea without suffering dam a communique stated a this morning in the Southern part of the North sea certain of our Light Force including two polish destroyers were in action with German aircraft. A no damage was done to any ship. Enemies casualties Are not continued on i two naval flier killed when plane crashes in Hawaii Reape Multi Rist Dies Rogers ark., nov. 7.�? up a a Arl a. Stank is noted grape ult tins <1 my at bus Home led a following a Long illness 1 fornia and Ohio the California parimutuel betting at race tracks beaten knifed robbed plan would give up to $30 every was the Only statewide question Whiteville nov. 7.�? 4 a thursday to unemployed persons before new yorker voters. The Marshall Cox of the Mill Branch Over 50, under a Law similar to president and mrs. Roosevelt were Section of Columbus county re one rejected there last year. Pay at their Hyde Park n. A. Borne ported to officers that two men tents would lie made in state to vote in an Effort to dislodge beat knifed and robbed Bim of script redeemable after a year some of the local Republican of-$12 last saturday night. I provided a two sent stamp tax Dee holders. 3,000 population town officials. Dry rated on candidate oppose issuance of licenses. One of the few contests bearing even remotely on president Roosevelt a policies were in Kentucky. Where gov. Keen Johnson Democrat who in needed gov. A. B. Chandler when the latter election was Iii Mississippi where Senate sought election to the office he now holds. His Republican opponent circuit judge King Swope criticized the National administration in his Campaign. The Only other gubernatorial election a in Mississippi where Paul b. Johnson Democrat was unopposed. Who died in the Munich Putsch. Customarily there has been a Parade to the Graves. Hitler was sentenced to five years in prison in april 1924 for his part in the Munich Putsch. He was released in december however Han Koi in dead sprute Pine. Nov. 7.-h/p Haggarity Poteat 55, was found dead yesterday at a Cove near old English inn. Coroner a. K gouge said death apparently was due to Quot exposure to cold a Honolulu nov. 7�? a a a naval observation plane burst a i to flumes in diving practice and i crashed into the sea off Barber s i Point today. The observer was missing but i Bis companion was saved. The Plant was from the aircraft Carrier Enterprise. The Pilot picked up by a naval crash boat after he had managed i to stay afloat 40 minutes was Lieut. Junior Grade w. It. Wallis he suffered Only slight Burns i about the face and forearms. Observer identified i the observer was identified a chief a via Ionics mate w. T. I Rhodes of san Diego Calif. The t rash occurred about 11.15 a. In. Yesterday Wallis said from i his cd Ai Pearl Harbor naval i Hospital. After the plane caught fire be climbed out on the left Wing and hold the observer to a jump a Wallis said his foot Sill Ped and he was blown from the plane at ail Altitude of about 1.000 feet i he parachuted safely to the or face and was picked up 40 minutes later by the patrol plane 25ps and crash boats saw plane crash he said he did not see Rhodes jump but saw the plane crash. An extensive search was made by the destroyer Litchfield and other Craft but no Trace was found i of Rhodes. The Home town of Pilot Wallis i was not available. The spot where the plane crashed was two Miles Northwest of Barbera. Point on the Island of Oahu. Barber s Point is about la Louie Northeast of Honolulu

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