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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 6, 1939, High Point, North Carolina W e a i ii r fair tonight and tuesday scattered Frost tonight. Vol. 55 no. 510 the High Point Enterprise High Poi ii i tic outer of diversified Man ii tact mint Enterprise Mem Hek Asick rated press Hill Point. N. C., monday afternoon november 6. 1939russia blasts u. We aka Harvice prick five Cem policy a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Germany disappointed Over embargo repeal Hamir amp amp a a Quot Fig Quot Roosevelt signs Nei to laity act this signature signature made Law of the Bill which repeals the embargo on fare munitions shipments to Europe places All such Commerce on no strict a Cash Earry basis prohibits u. S. Vessels from enter ing War zones and lays Down the course of american neutrality . May turn economic pressure against japs january Congress May exercise Power unless Trade relations Are improved. Intense sea warfare seen is reaction to u. S. Action nazis consider arms have been Marie available to their enemies Berlin nov. 6.�? apr disappointment Over the fact that the United states vast War reserves were made available to the allies by repeal of the arms embargo act became apparent today from the tone of morning paper editorials and inspired pronouncements. Nevertheless comment on the United Stites action in lifting the embargo was somewhat remained. But intensified sea War appeared a Likely Consee. The implication was that Congress failed to establish that neutrality which president Roosevelt claimed was the purpose of the legislation sponsored by himself. The word a Sun Neutral a however was not directly used. Drew in aka 1.1.el/s All commentators Drew parallels Between the action of Congress and earlier utterances of j or. Roosevelt and Secretary of state Hull. A american arms have been made available to our enemies Quot informed persons commented. German troops set Back after i holding Island in Rhine River nazi victim Kiowski above heavy French mortar fire Send invaders scurrying for cover Paris nov. 6.�? apr military sources reported today that German troops had occupied a Small Island in the Rhine Only to be driven Back to their own Bank of the River by fire from heavy mortars. Josef a the Gorman units arc naturalized Tho unidentified Island on the by William r. Ardery Washington nov. 6.�? apr a prediction that the 1940 Congress might follow up the administrations neutrality program now in full operation by authorizing economic pressure against Japan was made today by legislative leaders. Chairman Pittman a Nevi of the Senate foreign relations Ive it mine explosion fatal to four Coal miners by blast in Ginia Usu i rapped went \ ii. Mullens w. Va., not. I pm four men were reported killed rid on a is in i it i it i Ltd a Losion today at the mine of the Brule smokeless Coal company ii in arb Otsego. Official comment from th1 com in i Paun w a to i Iii but it i it tie be i <1 to i m i Losion caught five men a room of the mine the trapped men. Believed to he id Stanley Ray 24. Bruce Ray. 30, a brother Joseph Cooper. 32, and Jjohn Henry Mullens All of Otsego. The injured Man was Joe Lani Tiboni 41, feared to have a broken Back. At noon Rescue Crews were at tempting to reach the men can Gin Dot i fall. Hut there was Little Hope they would by a i i a a a a protests to germ Axt Brussels nov. 6 up the Rove unit it tiniest tit. Day to Berlin a Avind plan who h flew Over the country yet a i a it Hio refuses to extradite killer negro Clov Eland nov a ply a writ of Hareas Corpus for the release of Ben Heyward 44, be i veil Immi Ltee said that unless realms with Tokyo improve Bere the japanese a mexican com Erial treaty expires Jan. 26. I Congress undoubtedly would act his Resolution empowering Tho president to embargo a any or ally exports to Japan j Wiltes of Jam Aki a it is entirely fair that Japan should be warned of the ides of j january Quot Pittman said a her i entire attitude in China hag been j in total disregard of the rights j of the United states and other i i Pittman was in the Small i group of congressmen saturday Aho saw president Roosevelt j in the neutrality Hill repealing the arms embargo and set Jing up a a Cash and carry system of Trade with warring nations. The legislation does not j apply to the undeclared sino japanese conflict however he j cause president Roosevelt never a has found formally that a state i j of War exists in the Orient. Exercised Powers after signing the neutrality j measure the chief exe utile immediately exercised the disc re tonary Powers it gave him to j i designate most european Waters i As a combat area which a Mer j Iran ships and travellers could i not enter. also ordered that a belligerent submarines keep away j from american ports except Iii i cases of emergency. By signing the Hill or. Boose j j Celt cleared the w a for a Hood j of arms orders from Europe s i a Tiger ends. Especially great Britain and France. Estimates of j initial purchases from those two i Powers have run Between $5d0, i Loup too and $1,000,000,000. A the goods will have to be i transported in foreign ships for i the president defined As the com j j Bat area a Broad zone extending j North from Spain around great j Britain and Ireland to the nor Weglian coast South of Bergen. I eur bests after putting the neutrality i program into effect or. Boose a went to Hyde Park n. Y., a shut these materials will h to get past our these sources also Intima in View of the loss of the uni states freighter City of up taken from a German prize it and handed Over ii. S authorities to her am lie. N Sonnell that Germany wound a Mere sternly with contraband shipments. On the Western Trout where the German High command yesterday found nothing noteworthy to report there was a somewhat livelier recon loitering activity in several sectors and Quot weak artillery fire a this morning s communique said. Plank i win ski the communique also said that a French plane had been shot Down by German Pursuit planes american citizen and former Chicago resident was executed by nazis in Poland for concealing arms and ammunition while member of the Warsaw civil guards. State department notified mrs. Sadowski in Chicago of the execution. Supreme court upholds holc decision makes corporation immune to state Revenue levies brands repeal of embargo As Hove to cover profit seeing communist paper accuses America of warming hands too near fire Moscow nov. 6.�? apr Premier foreign commissar Vya Chesloff Zolotoff to six in three years six children All less than three Day assailed the United states years old that is the record set by mrs. Bruno Ruhmann 30, la a repealing the arms pm of Lawrence mass., by bearing three sets of twins since 1936. Forgo asserting it was a Only a tars. The children Are Arlene and Bruno three weeks old Loretta task to cover their struggle id the Anc Lorraine one year and Clair and Raymond three years. Or in a speech opening a three Day hitherto quiet Southern flank of the Western front before French observers noted their presence. The French fire sent Earth and Brush flying into the air it was said and the germans hastily withdrew. German casualties if any were not disclosed. Skirmishes general patrol skirmishes and artillery action was general on both sides along the 100-mile Northern i flank but French attention was London nov. 6.�? apr British military experts pre riveted in the South because of dieted today that Large scale Long Range bombing attacks in the apparently first German at a a British military men find bombers too slow attack planes too fast for Lone fighters look to convoys As answer a of w a so Ina ton. No deciding another c Ween Federal and s the supreme court that mortgages on property executed to v. Pic conflict Elute Power ruled today Maryland it the Home a ration were documentary owners loan col not subject to stat and recording taxes. The government contended that try holc is a an instrumentality of the United states engaged in the functions of the Federal government and that state taxation a is precluded by constitutional in Koens in reply the state argued that j tempt to Cross the Rhine a Tufa i harrier Between the posing armies in that area. At the same time another Strong German Force attempted i to storm a French Post in the i Vosges mountains hut a French counter attack halted it these source said. The French sent three air patrols Over German lines yesterday in an Effort to determine nazi intentions. A High command communique in Merlin said a French warplane had been shot Down near Sarre our Moselle sea test the French regarded German artillery activity primarily As a nazi test but also noted it was increasing steadily and was continuing on three sides of the French for Bach salient. The weather still aided French a a sitting strategy with heavy Rains and High winds hampering German patrol Maneu vers. French economic experts said Germany was attempting to close european Supply sources to this War would await development of a a distance fighting convoys. Quot a these sources contended that Flint remains in Bergen port Celebration or the bolshevik revolutions 22nd anniversary. Zolotoff also attacked Britain and France accusing them of wishing to prolong their War against Germany. Stalin present Joseph Stalin War commissar marshal element a a Oros Hoff and other leaders were among those in Bishoy opera House who applauded ills words which included a sweeping attack on capitalism. The Premier shortly after publication of a communist International manifesto calling on workers of Britain and France to go against those who favor con Germa Ajr s few Quot exploratory Quot it a j titillation of imperialistic War Titi or ii to St naval Sarn a to Nan ? on Britain a naval anchorages had j i v a j cd i la ii mint la St i proved that bomber not in Eon word l or Ovoy were too vulnerable to fast a its Nevi hectic \ of at ministers Confer move in Shroad a the taxes customarily a paid j great Britain and France in Hope near Haarburg Sarre our mos by the Mortgagor and that any Ell France Burden on the holc a was an instrumentality of the United Stales was speculative Remote a and Uncertain if it existed at Maryland asserted that if the Hom were exempted from the taxes a a similar exemption must exist As to each of the other numerous lending agencies of the As disappointment become More apparent Over the fact that the continued on Page two. , a Asheboro Man held in brother s death Serrial to the mfr Prker Asheboro nov. 6 Ashe Boro police Are holding afro Sugga local Young White Man lending a hearing on the death at his brother. Barney Suggs Here yesterday morning. No formal charge has been placed against him. The two Brothers Are reported to have been scuffling Iii their Home at 4 29 West Salisbury Street and in some Way Barney the older brother slip i pm d and was knocked uncool Iowa when his head struck the fireplace. On being revived with wet towels by members of the family he complained of his neck hurting. Taken to Randolph Hospital he was pronounced dead on admittance. Randolph county Coroner j. In. Fritz Haa made a Ray pictures in an Effort to determine the cause of death. Of offsetting the Allied blockade and the United states repeal of the arms embargo. They expressed scepticism however whether Germany could organize such a a Continental blockade. A would a Orner neutrals Germany would Corner the economic Aid of the Neutral a Federal government a the state j tons of Europe if she succeed added that if Federal agencies it gtd they declared since the plan id not have to pay the assess Lents the taxes probably would continued on Page two Oslo. Norway nov 6.�? re it a Freedom assured by Norway a rejection of German protests the United states freighter City of Flint idled at Anchor today awaiting a decision where her strange voyage would take her the next it was apparent that norwegian officials anxious Over the possibility that Germany might make an Issue Over the Case would like to see the ship outside norwegian Waters bound for anywhere. Mrs. J. Borden Harriman United states minister to Norway was expected to Confer at Bergen today with the United states Consul there. Maurice in. Dunlap and Captain Joseph a. Galliard master of the Cliv of Flint. Freight Soli one Rumor was that the ships freight had been sold at Bergen hut any such Sale it was believed j attack lanes for profitable mass bombing forays. The average modern fighting plane that of any nation it was i said might have a Range of 650 Miles without refuelling. It is too Miles front the British Isles to Germany. This is too far it was said for a Safe margin for mane vering of invading fighting planes. Steps taken he added that Quot most of us believe that in Masse Long Range bombing will wait until the fighters catch up in their staying abilities with the there were hints that Steps were being taken in this direction. In the midst of a chorus of British Praise for Finland a firm stand on soviet russian territorial demands and Norway a release of the City of Flint the British government last night named Victor meander leu is in a i leu 46. Counsellor of the Britten a moan by in Washington As minister to Sweden. Musi in stoned Anni her development Tabor City woman shoots husband Over pin table Tabor City not. 6 of re Laud m. Norris. 37. Member of a prominent family Here died in Tabor City Hospital this morning of pistol wounds Coroner 12. Sasser of Conway s. A said were inflicted sunday night by or Norris. The wife Sasser said has been arrested and is under guard in envisages a Block including continued on Page two belgian world War hero Dies on the Home front was the stoning of sir Oswald Mosley a automobile last night after the fascist Leader had would have to he Tenta told a crowd a we want peace lie dependent on official Adolph Max beloved burgomaster of Brussels. Fought germans Sot hive and dependent on official cause we want to get on with our decisions. Job of building up the British pm the possibility was mentioned j sir Oswald was not struck in shipping circles that the although several persons were freighters cargo of tractors Lea a slightly injured. Flier fruit Wax and other Art i from Tho Channel coast came Des might first he transferred to news that two a a explosions Sank a British ship and taken to eng the 5,295-ton greek freighter Niland. There Are several British Colas a eni Kiricos carrying a merchantmen in the Bergen har i cargo of Grain from Galveston Bor. Tex., to Antwerp. The Captain and the american Crew however Crew of 26 were rescued. Has not yet been permitted to i Zolotoff. Asserting that half the on Fllch in Europe declared the capitalist system was sure to fall now. said the workers arid peasants no longer would put up with capitalists especially those who want to fight under the pretext of a defense of the soviet Union wants peace he said in Kim ing hands the communist International # railed on the workers of great Britain and France to a go against those who favor continuation of imperialistic War Quot and accused the United state of a warming its hands near the fire of in a sharply worded manifesto j issued As the u. S. S. R. Began a three Day Celebration of the 22nd j anniversary of the communist revolution the internationale As i sailed the United states Tor re a pealing the arms embargo and also attacked Italy and Japan. No mention was made of Germany in the manifesto which occupied four columns on the front Page of pravda communist party newspaper. A a the Bourgeois of the so called Neutral countries a the internationale said a warm their hands continued on Tare two l Ive convicts foiled in try Lor Freedom come ashore. Nazi Crew interned Brussels nov. 6�? pm a the German prize Crew which Adolphe Max burgomaster of anchored the City of Flint ii Brussels who was imprisoned by i the Harbor of Hau Gesund Friday Germany during the world War against norwegian officials or Conway Hospital where she Island who had held office continue Dors. Still was interned aboard being treated for Shock. said the shooting occurred during an argument Over a pin i table St a filling station. Ousby Ever sine died today at the the norwegian warship Olav Fry Vason. Continued on Page two nazi subs make Small Dent in British Trade degree digged in fro wanted on a first murder charge in Iii saying to i in Al pm i it a i m i n i v Heyward a counsel a negro Ohio state representative. Catel k Gillespie told tile court Heyward faced Lynching it lie were returned to South Carolina. Sheriff j. E. Mctoyer of Beau Fin county Lioi in a tile court Tia t t to i a had been rot lynchings in his county since it was organize in i ti52 to vote tomorrow. Most Moulin is of Congress also returned to their Homes to remain until continued on Page two a a distressed vessel Safe after storm i a Lisa id Ione w York. Nov. 6�? up a Mac Hay radio reported today that the steamship Vamar was a a in be been sheriff for 14 years a i out of danger utter a tropical y Ici a Lei rid fat in i was storm had fan her i u in her j Miu sheriff before me and his father j cargo to shift in the dangerous before him. There have Hgt eur far Waters North of Cape Hatteras worst murders than the one with 1 the 598-ton vessel formerly a fetch Heyward is charged hut tin Eleanor Boling one of the ships used by Admiral Richard Byrd in his Polar explorations sent out an sos Early today and the freighter Elm Lido reached her at 9 10 a. In. E.h.t., to find the Var mar a Crew dumping her deck Load of lumber. London nov. 6-Thorltatlve naval source Day that Quot a Britain has 18,500.000 tons of mercantile shipping afloat despite the instill the first two months of the War of 55 merchant ships totalling 238,795 tons. An admiralty spokesman said that during the same period seven a a Allied ships totalling 47,933 tons and 32 Neutral ships totalling 77.671 tons were sunk ii said that so far Iii november two neutrals totalling 16,149 tons were tons exclusive of the warships Royal Oak and courageous British losses the spokesman said dropped from 3 7 ships totalling 155,636 tons in september to is ships of 83.159 tons age of 70. M a had been burgomaster of Brussels since 1909. Hut he first won world Fame for his stubborn resistance to the German invaders in August 1914, i Murison de refusing even to shake hands with the German commander Max continuously protested infringement of belgian civil rights and slept in his office rather than surrender his authority. But in september the germans arrested him and kept him in a German prison until the War was Over. Max managed now and then to Quot Ake much Inland smuggle out messages to his City property damage election Holiday new York nov. 6 Pic i he new York Stock Exchange. A Urb Exchange Cotton Exchange other commodity exchanges and Hanks along with most other financial markets throughout the United states will remain closed tomorrow election Day. East recovering from frigid cyclonic blast Iii october. One a a Allied ship i Aud wit ii Cardinal merrier was was sunk in september and Sixa or of the leaders credited with i keep ing alive by the associate pre were pounded to pieces Ami coast a 65-Mue-an-hour Gale that i guardsmen answered distress lashed Eastern Seaboard states j a Aig from pleasure Craft from with sleet heavy Rains and Snow new Jersey to Boston subsided today leaving in its eos r rescued waterfront four exhausted men were res a cued from a 35-foot disabled the storm travelling North Motorboat off new Bedford from Cape Hatteras battered the i mass., by a coast guard Power sch Success Al ii there has never been a Lynching a a judge Frank s. Day dismissed the writ but Heyward whose extradition papers have been signed by gov. John w. Bricker will not be released until a court of appeals rules on the writ. Gil Lespie filed notice of Appeal Fol operated by \ i. Mallory Aud lowing judge Days ruling her company the a mar was in most of the ships lost were sunk by German submarines in said. Although some were victims of mind explosions. The German High command announced on oct. 28 eight weeks after Tho Start of hostilities that nazi submarines and bombers had sunk Ila merchant Slit pm totalling 175.321 tons in addition to tons of War in october. Nei to a i losses Neutral losses in the same per Lor were placed at september 15 ships of 37,284 tons october 17 ships. 40,390 tons. Figures on g Erin a to merchant ships captured by Britain were not available. The admiralty spokesman answered reported German threats to intensify her submarine warfare because of the United arms embargo repeal by that Germany undo in do her worst Quot at the Mart War when she was Able her undersea Craft posted bebop Britain declared belgian nationalism during Tho German occupation coastline last night with a fury reminiscent of the new England rejoicing greeted his return in Hurricane of september 1938. A % pc i a 191.8 to Brussels where he was known affectionate As a your Max and was a familiar figure on the City s boulevards with his Ter Lei refused title refusing a title from the King tropical Cyclone the disturbance was described As a a tropical Cyclone by professor Charles f. Brooks of Harvard a Blue Hill Observatory. Or. Brooks who sent up a recording balloon said the temperature he preferred to remain a Burgo j dropped to 58 degrees below Ward was arrested in Vuk Ion to it route from Charleston. Wit a re he had been working in a new York. Silo Carli Bai revue Aland. But 21, c., to i ships. Britain on the Crew it her i at that same Day Hue i a done til the to us at Sewa a he will a United a Aid Quot the British a its it to. To to Bate t hid Bull i a hips totalling 210,1 21 lilt. Ult a ii Ijar s in put master Max a an office to which he was elected for the rest of his saying life. In 1925 Max tried unsuccessfully to form a National government after King Albert designated him As Premier. In addition to being on of the Liberal party s leaders he was a National Deputy and held decorations from Many governments. A Bachelor. Max is survived by a one brother. Zero at 38,000 feet. A striking feature of the Bonn in added was the excessively dry atmosphere at 4.500 feet. Clearing skies were forecast for most of the area but temperatures turn tiling to sub freezing Levels made Highway traffic boat attracted by makeshift flares of gasoline saturated Raga. Three Small Craft reported in trouble off Rhode Aland still were sought by coast guardsmen off Nantucket. The chief damage Inland was to communication lines Trees and shrubbery. At new York City an All Day rain of 1.4 inches replenished metropolitan water reservoirs depleted by drought. Pennsylvania Wester n new York and most of the appalachian area was covered no a wet Snow it ranged from try inches at Roxbury n. H., and i to i inches at Bellows fall vt., to 15 and 2d inches in Virginias Shenandoah Valley where Snow admiralty Aid the thing her perilous. Snow plow s were Call j fell in some sections Tot 53 hours. out to Clear highways in vet Snow blocked highways smiled Mon. I 200 motorists near Bridgeville Bevel Ai a mail Ocean vessel in. J a k son mich., nov. 6.-�? pm a melodramatic sunday afternoon prison break foiled Only after a guard was killed and a woman visitor wounded by stray shot prompted a state invest Iua ton today at Southern Michigan Penitentiary. In 50 minutes packed with All the elements of a movie thriller five robbers and a rapist gained Access to the prison roof and in the action that followed a guard was shot dead a prison Yard football game hurriedly called off. And All six felons captured. U Ell Tini de presumably timing their Well engineered plot to coincide with the foot a 11 game a part of the prisons halibut recreation program the six overpowered two guards and a prison officer in a Stealthy Man Euver to flee Over j the Walls. By the time five had clambered Down a crude ladder of rope and pipe the alarm was sounded and the prison exercise lot where 3,-j ooh convicts watched the game. I had been ordered cleared. Three of the fleeing felons i Sam Sawaya. 26. And George Bodle 28, robbers and Malcolm i Stokes rapist dashed into a guards car. Chief guard inspector Fred Boucher 5 1, tried i to halt them and was killed Bya Shotgun blast. Visitor felled a second shot went wild and mrs Dorothy Roberts of Kalama i zoo. Visitor at the prison was struck in the face by a Pellet. She was Only slightly Hurt. I the three sped off leaving their i fellow conspirators behind. A Chuse of a mile Aud a half ended with their guards captured i Baul Lawman 33, Aud John i. I Sullivan 35, Bot la serving robbery terms near the prison Wall and Leo tit it fault 21, also a rot her. I captive As he hid behind i a cupola of iut Root

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