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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Friday. November 3, 1939 to you Blue plate Mayonnaise Catt to t a tech fresh. Buy the economical pint Silt Madi by Thi Wesson Oil Moh it Ndiogou i 3 big reasons Why premiums do More for you this re Misher naked in nearby ovens. Packed in moisture proof sealed Cartons. Rushed to your dealer in speedy Abc. Trucks. You Llen Joy these Oten fresh crackers More this i Hakim extra shortening makes the difference. You can Tell that premiums Are a Quality Cracker by their texture As Well As taste. More flavor Al Premium Are perfectly baked a Quot topped a with a special kind of Salt. They add rest to your soups salads cheese spreads. Order premiums from your dealer for the week end. You la agree they Jorn Ore or you. Suggestion or Tim Wiik vary sunday breakfast this Way serve creamed Finnan Haddie or creamed chipped beef on toasted buttered Premium crackers. Prem us Rackers salts products of National biscuit company High on Chi Loci noun of America s cookies stands aristocratic social Tea biscuit. Made of Fine ingredients baked to a glorious Golden Brown dainty., delicious. Yet so Inci pensive. Enjoy a package this week end. Western beef beef roast the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina winged eyes to make u. S. Fleet far sighted Page three state May get National Park plans to establish Park at site of Pattie of Bentonville revived Washington. Nov. 3.�? up a Park service officials said today revival of plans to establish a National military Park on the site of the civil War Battle of Bentonville in Johnston county n. A. Depended upon development of a movement to donate the a and to the government. They pointed out that the site was placed on the Park services appropriation list two years ago hut that it was the Agency a policy to await land donation a j either through acquisition by Pri a vate or local Public sources a before undertaking to develop such areas As National shrines. By i it i Etti Tot blk a. D. Des Ray assistant Park director explained that the budget Bureau frowned on approving appropriation of Federal i funds to acquire land for such purposes. It being customary for i the land to he donated to the government. Representative Harold Booley of Nashville n. �,., in whose Dos i strict the area is located who led the movement to place the site Ion the approved list expressed i Hope of its ultimate development. He pointed out that in some cases years Are required to bring about Federal development of historical Sites Speed depending upon local agitation to acquire land. The Battle of Bentonville fleece encounter in the War be g who clears Keith a Way Guilford county realty transfers High Point township e p Sharp and wife to i h red b b. Brown to j. S. Wwlborn and i mond and wife tract on Tab Racli wife tract on Taylor Street. I Road. Robert d. Davis to w a Davis tract Gilmer township in e a. Snow estate. Rock Creek township w. A. Boone to Samuel Herbin tract adjoining Cap Doty holiness Church. Fentress township j. O. Morphia and w Lac to r h Armfield and wife to act in Brucine Park subdivision. C. H. Ellis to mrs. Mary h Taylor tract on North Elm Street. There a Speed in every line of this Slack new Curtiss Wright scout observation plane pictured in successful test flight for operations off warships of the u. S. Fleet. A mid Wing monoplane carrying two my Ai its i 7-Cylinder, air a cooled engine develops amazing Speed it appears As a seaplane but Pontoon Are enter Changas Oil with land wheels. A serial Story Joan of Arkansas by Jerry Broadfield copyright 1930. Nea service inc. It Xor of har at to is Joan Johnson a Lingier Ous coed Glamor girl of the tech Campus. Khi i m Rhodes techs Star fullback headed for a la America honors. Imn a Ekkert the blocking tween the states was one of the last fought in the conflict preceding shortly the Southern surrender at Appomattox a. A a a a to of Skive \ x in verdant special to the Enterprise k Kra Krs i , nov. pastor and membership of the Kernersville moravian Church will observe the four sundays in november As Quot anniversary celebrating the 72nd year of the beginning of the local Church which was started in november. I so 7, steel nails and techs Are made Ger free to protect carpenters who hold them in their Mouths anniversary r 133 u of prey u44 Colgate Palm Olive Peet co. J steady industrious student. Or v Ustick \ j a Rucco one of the the strangers who Are in i crested in Joan trails her to the Campus varsity shop. He idles there waiting for loan and Marianne to irate. He meets Tommy Peters who recalls be ing Koccos picture hut Tommy can to remember the connection j of chapter xxi Rocco hailed a cab and went downtown at 11 30 Sam and Rig so Drew up to the intersection of two hark Streeta and picked him up Well quoted said. Quot dem Felling you i know so much about that Dame i even know what Shes Gonna have for lunch Rocco grinned in the darkness. Quot Neah. big by told him Quot you re simply Amarino hut Ell pin the medals on you later. Give out with the . Rocco spoke quickly Quot tomorrow she goes on some trip with her sociology class out to an uses this Rhodes kids car. She gets Hack at 3 and takes the the stadium so he done to h walk Hack from football tic. When so drives stadium that s so into a big Sedan across 4hc. Tent. Quot Well talk about that after Street with a couple other Fel j saturday s lows Quot Quot you think Well win done to Quot thanks Ernie ?�?� t have been very import Quot i think Tant or he d have called me at she noticed i quiet Confidence. The she returned to he room and j they skirted the University wrote a couple of letters before Power Plant att swung onto i taking Keith a car Back to the Hie Long gravel Road w hich led i stadium. Down to the stadium. At the same j Quot Ell be Back in 45 minutes of j instant a heavy Blue Sedan moved she told Elaine Quot of i get out of the stadium parking lot any phone Calls insist on s Mea and started slowly toward them. I a Page will you Quot Joan did t notice the other car until she rounded a curve. The j she ii grouped her letters to a a Sedan came toward them slowly Corner Box and drove across smack in the Middle of the Nar Campus. Stopping at the Library Row Road. Pick up a Book she bumped \ Quot its about time for that Guy to into Den Webber. I move Over Quot Dan muttered As Quot i there Quot she said. Quot going i they Drew Doser Down to the stadium soon Ell forty cards away and the Aedan. Mean you a of Paia Ioliya soap 3 for. Siter Blue Box 2 for. Octagon pow bar a a for. Pm t Alon Soa i 5 for. St pkg Nills red Box. A a for. In Talon toilet a to gon Oram uth soap 2 for. C. A. Lewis Aoi South main Street phone 21 nil 19c &Quot"19c9c24c 19c 14c 19c e de 1 Ai after k at 5, o ten gtd to a p. To that Quot yeah and what tides to keep the c noon and taks it h maybe Quot nine chances outs won t. I know Era Tell you. Quot mowed you pick All the up Ainee 4 of clock Quot Rocco Lim Quot Tell in. Re anyone a smart Rocco i got method a Quot big re bit off the end of a a Igar and lit it Quot Sam you get up Early and give this bus a Good Goin Over hey Quot Sam stared straight ahead. A she ainu to never run a me be not. But you la do what i say hey Sam Quot a sure de take you do Quot what do you take me Down Quot she explained she was returning Keith s car. Quot can you imagine that Lazy so and so making me walk Alf the Way Back from the stadium when i could have left it of the fraternity House Quot Dan grinned. Quot sure i can. That a Keith. But maybe i j brakes the blame him at that. The feet apart. Way Slocum has been running us ragged this week that car conies in Handy when it a time to go they walked out into the right sunlight. Quot think Ell turn Down be to i your he said. Quot the walk la Prat do me Good. Anyhow Slocum Down screams when he spots any of the Boca getting chauffeur service he claims the modern athlete is coing soft because of the automobile and Quot and you believe him of course Quot absolutely Quot he said solemnly. Showed no inclination of drawing Over to its own Side of the Road. And then loan noticed there were three men in the other car. A sudden thought made her Wing wide in an attempt to move around them off the Road but around them nevertheless. Rut they swung wide with her and when she jammed on the is were Only three a the was completely ked. Hey Quot Dan shouted. Quot what a two of or to Aal but even As the screeched to a Stop scrambling out of the there was an automatic hand loan gasped and c Dan s Arm to big i on tin tics i flavorful nourishing easy to fix digestible his a hed Luff mirth Lessly you know i your boy Nyne Quot Well if you done to want t Ith me. Pm very i ride Good la. Vic Raptor yet a know. He Grinne d again. A Okay is get go Ting Sefc ire w e ii a ring off a a who q caring off Quot ired but he cove1 of his i Jupi pm Piid not tire listen once in the car he re up in Dir leather seat hied. Quot it it think a three is and ii fell to Worth i Atn. No More Pri i tic. 1 More Charley Hori in and More is no More Slocum Quot what about the r lie was silent for i bellowing in no our in bowl a Long to try my tas t new 70js7�p/v a bi/7texsc07ch autre it its a treat says to Vreje native veal veal roast Vic oysters selects croaker fish la 6c oysters it. 33c mullets la. 10c pork chops i 7 /2c 8 a m to 12 noon oranges dog. Lie apples to lbs. 22c spent the next three Houri ing observations Sud taking notes i on the institution a system of j operation they at a late lunch at a i downtown Tea shop and then re j turned to the University District. Joan took the other girls Back to the dormitory and stopped in at the varsity for a minute. A Chi Encle she greeted. Quot How about some he pulled out his postal Box. Quot say Joan there was a Fella Iii i Here a few minutes ago Lookin i for a football ticket. He wanted j to know if you usually stopped in during the afternoon he was in last night just about the time. You were. And asked me who you were w Hen you went j loan frowned. Quot that a funny. He Wasny to a student was he Quot Quot nope. And i noticed he got 1 imports a fresh fish yellow Squash la 6c Sug r 1 5 >4< fat i Back 7 of anniversary 133 a pc Etc of co la ate pal Mol Vepe it co. M Poe of Mockus a lard 3 pounds United Market 206 North main Street phone 2900 soap a i fur. On i ii i rated is Der sibs Blue Box 2 for. Of Talon Bowder 2 for. Of Talon Soat a for. St dub sibs roil Box 2 for. Octagon toilet soa., h for. Octagon Ghany Latko soap 2 for. A. C. Beeson English Street Rhone i2h 19c 19c 9c 24c 19c 14c 19c this minute pm a by Howard Mir Kiu the word you Are about to look at in the split seconds that they bit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading these fats the events they describe Are actually Laking place. What happens in la in motion. Destiny i Tine minute on Eaith. A world folds itself. I Start heading. The edited states Hundred pounds of every minute. Those new anti aircraft guns four or five Inch have so rapid a rate of fire that with refills they average two rounds a minute. Ireland is exporting cattle at terrific sired. Two animals Are shipped oui every minute of every Hon r. The Netherlands is internationally known for the Dairy products from that nation. Tills minute and every minute Holland is pro during Over Suo pounds of cheese and Moi than 750 pounds of condensed milk that enough cheese in on minute to last a family of Throe almost four years speaking of Holland the Neutral country a crisis condition because of the second world War Lias jumped telegraphic messages there ,.the dutch Are sending seven telegrams a minute across lie wires there. Iii by Ion they take i by filter on Tho outer husks of coconuts mid a vain called coir out of it its become so Gigantic and useful an Industry that they arc making Sou pounds of coir every Init use Stop Reading. Toasted nut butterscotch cake i Teaspoon Vanilla 4 cup Brown sugar firmly packed j eggs unbeaten j Teaspoons baking powder j cups sifted flour j. A cup pecans chopped i cup brow n sugar firmly packed i cup Bulter 1 it cup milk i i cups hot milk a a cup Spry a Teaspoon Salt distributed Oye Toul or by at Ore inc in production St mete prohibited Combine i cup Brown sugar butter and a. Cup milk in Saucepan and Cook until a Small amount forms a hard Ball in cold water 250 of. Stir constantly after mixture starts to boil. Remove from fire and stir in i cups hot milk gradually. Cool. Blend Spry Salt and Vanilla. Add cup Brown sugar gradually and Cream Well. You la say Quot Spry creams so add egg singly beating Well after each addition. Sift baking powder with flour j times. Add flour to creamed mixture alternately w Ith butterscotch mixture mixing after each addition until smooth. Pour Batter into two Square 8-Inch Spry greased pans. Sprinkle nuts Over Batter. Bake in moderate oven .175� of to to 35 minutes. Spread Buick butterscotch frosting Between layers and on top and Side of cake. Decorate with nuts around Edge if desired. Quick butterscotch frosting 1 cup brow n sugar. Teaspoon Salt firmly packed 4 cup milk j Tablespoons Spry is cups sifted 2 Tablespoons butter confectioners Sugai Combine Brown sugar Spry butter and Alt in Saucepan and bring to boil. Stirring constantly. Add milk and boil slowly 3 minutes. Cool. Add confectioners sugar and beat until thick enough to spread. See How creamy this Spry fro Ting i t Only Spry gives All these 3 extra advantages j purer stays fresh longer creams so easily n a i a Spry its w Vul la so it certainly i a ought to give win ill better tast in a Tiwi its folks just i Quick an easy this cake an i v foods Surv do a a i i wre run i vegetal sle every a pay cake is mixed. Set How Light and delicate we Tine flavor. I leanest now did Yoni Ever have More All round delicious cakes than purer Spry gives you says aunt Jenny Quot Spry gives wonderful taste pastry too an so tender an Flaky. Foods Fried the Spry a Are so digestible a child can 1 Mem. Hurry get Spry today in mob. 3 to. Cans. Also in Thi big 6-tb. Family us to ple creamed for Casy Auxin i clip cd Tov hut Spry Nap a j

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