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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of High Point North Carolina Friday. November 3. 1939high Point Enterprise published afternoons Aid sunday mornings j a Rawley. Publisher mob 1915�?1937___ u b. To ii by president i a Rawley Sec a and to eat. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr capes m. subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town fwd a Mouth. J six Mon us. Quot Jethree month. One month. To due week. Carriers to nearby towns we not pm netted to collect Lor More than one i week in Advance. Carrier in City Are not permitted us Cal sect Tor a period of More than of. Week in i subscription for a longer period is reseed pay int it should be made direct to . I the associated pres i exclusively in Lilied to the use for republication of1 hews dispatches credited to it or not 6i credited in this paper and a i oth. Local be published the rein. I member of Al aft Bjo Reau of i circulation a tiered a econ class matter at the huh pent a ,. Uncrut. Pct of Congress of March it 18i2. I National Quot adv. Representative i the John Blud co. 420 Lexington a. New York Julty h Friday november 3. 1939. Cd thou Chi i but i say unto you love your ene Niblo them that nurse you Ami Lara it for them which despite fully be la j ii r so u i it it �<., a Matthew Poi. I i it in the enemy whom we do not suspect who us the most dangerous to Jas. The action Cono Kess a is taken the autocrat beholding the i american scene doubtless feels contemptuous of the ponderous leaking machinery of a democracy revising the relationship of this country to the War time Commerce of the world. A dictator would do a neater Job i Why of course he would. A dictator makes or destroys a treaty and cuts a Friend s or lie no s Throat literally or figuratively much less messily than any of these things can he done Ivy a government like ours. I but we Are wondering whether i Hose abroad who criticise violently the vote of Congress Rel pee Ting amendment of the neutrality act Are not uneasily conscious of the fact that while a he democratic machinery moved lowly the people looked through a he fog of conflicting opinions inc their own honest doubt for i round upon which the could Lake a fairly firm unified stand fend that yesterday s vote has a Treater significance than any official Fiat could have. I honestly varied opinion is to be found now As to whether re Leal of the embargo on arms pro notes peace or War but the majority will in the nation prevails la repeal As surely As it prevailed in Congress we believe. I right or wrong in its policy Congress has not affronted the american majority and that majority is profoundly peace Loving. I among the More violent reactions against repeal Are those appearing in russians press and official utterances. That nation in he h professes its neutrally in bile its arms Are filled with loot declared at the outset of the bar that its goods were available to All parties. No embargo their. Perhaps we must recognize As he speaker did yesterday in the i Louse of representatives thai the hearts and minds of the i Menean people cannot to kept Neutral and in honesty confess hat the ruling motive Back of repeal May have been the Hope hat it would help the allies win n the european struggle. The a aet remains that we live in a a caustic world where might is lifted up As right and rationalism kids us to avoid vital departure rom International Trade practices in peace or War unless we ire certain that our country is Cady to risk much if not All in in Effort to Lead the world away rom official respect Back to Buncombe county this state will come one Nile William Pangili Wiio is fresh from a town r stint in the Texas Penitentiary. We do not recall the details if the Case m which Wright is charged with kidnapping. Perhaps Ive never knew them. At Ai rate we mention the Case Only because of the fact that the governor of Texas honoured North Carolinas requisition despite Strong pleading of Wrights counsel. Counsel contended not Only that Wright had a paid in full his debt to society through 15 years service but that a North Carolina indictments did not conform to Texas the hearing was under a writ of Hareas Corpus. Governor of Daniel who has offended some of his fellow texans by flouting Many political customs is clicking on sound lines when he turns Over to the authorities of other states men who Are wanted on criminal charges. Rarely do we hear of a Case of requisitions denial which seems justified. We have no barbarian states against whose judicial processes another state is called upon to defend an accused Man. While we have known of a few cases where denial of requisition seemed proper they have been extremely rare. Do. Robert Brent Drane we note the passing of Rev. Or. Robert Brent Diane of Edenton aged 88 years. For 56 years he served As Rector of ancient St. Paul a. Although a native of Hillsboro or. Drane lived so Many years in Edenton that he seemed thoroughly autochthonous to the finely aged Albemarle scene. St. Paul a is rooted in the very Early history of the state which Means the Early history of the nation. In its adjoining graveyard lies the dust of Many whose names illumine North Carolinas Story. Or. Drane gentle spiritual guide for worshippers theh it through a period longer than a half Century had become intimate essential part of St. Paul a and of gracious appreciative Edenton Long before he fell in final season by Gertrude Page All night Long in the Early fall the rumble of wagons heavily loaded with tobacco and carefully covered with gaily coloured quilts lest the first Frost ruin the valuable yellow leaves could be heard As they passed Over the cobble Stone streets to the warehouses. Often Uncle Andrew would drive his big Wagon into oui backyard for the night. But always t h e Wagon must be watched for thieves were especially plentiful in tobacco season. So Uncle Andrewes boys sat up All night and watched the tobacco wagons. Such fun they had building a fire and roasting potatoes in the coals but most of the Farmers drove their wagons into the big warehouses putting their horses in the stables and themselves sleeping in the wagons. How Lill and i loved to go to the big warehouses not so far away of them All i liked Best to go to Browne a and see the big baskets filled with Bright Golden leaves. This warehouse covered a City Block and was one of the Many in the twin City. It was always filled to overflowing with huge baskets of tobacco. I thought All the tobacco in the world was sold at Browne a surely no other warehouse boasted such an extraordinary sign i can see the big red mule of painted tin Over the Entrance now. How we liked to hear the auctioneers we were not allowed to go but Many times have i taken a Well earned spanking for the pleasure of hearing the auctioneers As they sold tobacco in their unintelligible language. Apparently no one knew except the buyers when the Sale was Over until the auctioneer shouted a sold a the milling crowds of quaintly dressed country people Ever fascinated me. Then women in Bright plaid or flowered Calico dresses with hand Woven shawls around their shoulders who wore on t h Cir Heads Over carefully combed and knotted hair Black a a splint bonnets some carrying in their arms a suckling babe others with tiny toddlers tugging at their full gathered skirts. Here and there Small boys in overalls placed about Nae heavy unshaved men wearing Cotton jeans chewed tobacco and spat without discrimination. Now and then a ragged a a Darkie shuffled in and out humming rhythmic tunes. Buyers stood anxiously around. The milling crowds the odor of freshly cured tobacco the pop Corn and Candy stands fascinated me. To this Day the Aroma of new tobacco brings Back to me Many Happy childhood the news Christian science Monitor a Jefferson spoke out of deep understanding of democracy when he said the principle of no third term is the people have agreed and have upheld his Confidence that if necessary they Vav o u i d reject any a ambitious views which threatened a third term. The present chief executive has delighted to Honor Jefferson. We Trust that or. Roosevelt will pay him the tribute of possibly or. Roosevelt will not seek a third term but if be fails to it will not be because Thomas Jefferson had a word to say about it. T he a a breaker of precedents and yet has regard for Public opinion As shown by Straw votes. He would prefer to be a Winner to the last. A a Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Madame Ritz widow of the hotel Man who made his name famous around the world told me How one thing changed her husband s life. He was Horn in Switzerland a peasant and his first years were spent herding cows and sheep in the Swiss Alps. He left the Hamlet where he was born went to a hotel in Rigi in the High Alps and got a Job As waiter. Rigi was t even a town merely a hotel where people came for Mountain climbing and to watch the Dawn March up out of the mountains. A Beautiful spot. Sometimes the place would he vacant then suddenly a party of Mountain climbers would arrive and the hotel would be filled with Saratoga trunks from new York Calfskin bags from Piccadilly circus in London and Gay band boxes from Vuitton s in Paris. One morning a cold wave marched up out of those towering peaks and the heating Plant in the hotel broke Down. Think of that a hotel half away up a Mountain in the land of Peri equal Snow and no heat the thermometer announced eight below Zero. The Telephone rang. An urgent Call from a travel Agency. They were sending a party of fashionable tourists up to this crag Clung hotel forty of them Rich demanding critical. The aristocracy of Europe people who would demand the Best and who would be willing to pay for it. The manager of the hotel wrung his hands. Forty people arriving at an ice Plant. They would spread the word. He would be ruined. But the party had already started and would soon arrive. One of the waiters was a Quick thicker a Man who could meet emergencies. Yes. Ritz. Quot i can take care of he said. The manager stared. What a wait or there was nothing else to do. So the manager told him to try his hand. Ritz transformed the hotel. He mov re the Small dining room tables into the drawing room. Then he called for four Large Copper bowls in which stood artificial Palms As part of the decorative scheme. He ripped out the Palms and filled the bowls with methylated spirits and set them going. Then he pounced on the menu and struck off All cold dishes and put on piping hot temptations. Next he put forty hot bricks at the tables. The guests arrived with brisk appetites. And saw a Little Mountain heaven waiting for them. They sat Down in the cheerful drawing room and put their feet on hot bricks and began to eat. They hardly noticed the temperature the Story spread of How a waiter had saved the Day. One Day a most Imp it Octant looking Man arrived and asked to see the waiter whose name he did t even know. This Man was the owner of the grand hotel National at most fashionable and exclusive hotel in Switzerland. He offered that waiter a Job in his hotel. Of no not As waiter but As manager Ritz accepted it and from that Day his Rise in the hotel world began. Lost one american freighter known As City of Flint. Owner would appreciate return because of sentimental value. No Reward is offered. New York City is drinking so much water that its Reservoir is running Low. See. Governor Dickinson what did they Tell you maybe Admiral Byrd had better postpone his Antarctic trip for a year. Ii does no to look As if the Sno v in i ill make it to Boston before Luster. To be opened november 7th Walter Winchell t on Broadway cd a or fat him daily Mirror. In. Memos of a Coll m mists girl ii i Vav dear or. Vav yesterdays reports that Schmeling was rumoured flying Here apparently confirm the columns prediction of March 6 that Schmeling was planning to become a Yankee doodler. Moat of the editors Are using the debunking data matter and appreciate the Gratis Angle Bank of u. S. Did no to pay off 89 per cent. Only 722. Done to know How Good it is but Ann Sheridan and Litvak May soon make their betrothal Public. Jean d. Phoned. Regarding that 5 year old Peru girls authorities it appears Are the source for the statement that she hatred Here is planning a new group is a stunted child of about la. And that it is not extraordinary for Indian girls of that age. They consider it a real hoax and have no idea Why it was Given such enormous credence. Edith Rogers Dahl wife of that flier interned by Franco arrives on nov. 15. She in t coming to make any contracts for herself. Not even films de Wynn will play Santa Claus in the musical by that title. Opens about Christmas. Add practical jokes. Write this Down on a slip of paper. A Pas de Lour on que Nous. Then hand it to some of your fancy friends and ask them if they can read French and what does it mean Etc.? it s amusing hearing their so called parisian Lingo because it is Plain american to wit a paddle your own Canoe. The big idea of course is to see How silly they look when you expose it add picturesque reporting variety Burlesk review by Soho a the chorus at the Eltinge is a Gem of Quot clone with the wind which will be unpeeled in three hours and 45 minutes at Atlanta on dec. Loth. Will be the first Cinema show to take the place of the double feature so it Isnit such a Long show at that ,. Shorter than those movie shows with All those shorts newsreels Etc. I hear that if the neutrality Bill passes it will also allow Hollywood movies to speak their minds and not Stop them from filming Etc. Joan Blondell looked so pretty last night. Loves this town and wants to see the radio cars in action. A a Gabby in a a Gulliver a travels is one of the most comical film characters Ever screened. How can i Contact Jeff Davis King of the hoboes whose address is invariably somewhere in America the family of the late Floyd Gibbons would like to thank him for one of the most Beautiful of the Floral tributes received at Floyd s funeral. Sultan r. Anthony is the grand Niece of that famed individualist not her Grandwotter. Incidentally her descendants Heads of a patriotic organization Are readying a big Story which is directed at the Dies group. Due to a break soon. ,. Peter Amo has designed a new car. A the it looks smarter than those foreign models. Peters company will manufacture them. ,. There a a Good Story in the Ballet theatre a foundation where dancers done to have to Russ Ify their names to have their Talent recognized. One of the ballerinas. Nana Gollner is a former infantile paralysis victim who danced herself to recovery. She a from Elpaso. Imagine coming across a Ballet dancer who was t born in a Box ear fleeing the russian revolution or. Anna b. Sloane recently exposed a the nr--.1 Arian Rise in Cee i i a Ling with gov by is to Sui cad to be called a the patriots protective hungarian born Baron Way Ditsch will nominate nazi sympathizer r. Collins As president of it. Collins recently refused to talk about his contacts in Germany. And w by should we let anything Molotov says bother us he a got too Many Zero in his name anyway. ,. Say. That Dwight Fiske at the Savoy Plaza is naughtier than Ever his a Zlita and the Swan lyrics Frix ample. How does he get away with it. Charlie King the Broadway Melody Man. Starts at the Gay 90s tomorrow night. The Boss wants More of those a roaring twenties reminiscences. For our scratch your head depot the times radio listings describe All the newscaster As writers or commentators. But Pearson and Allen Are described As reporters. Izz Atso i just Learned that the critics where a time of your life tried out did t savvy most of it too. The critics Circle meets next Well in the Algonquin. Or. Lait has assigned you to the Kuhn trial. Bob Considine will do the running Story. You re to do sidelights Etc. Will you cover the shows too whew. Read a i like bad boys by j. M. Braude judge of the boys court in Chicago. Its in Atlantic monthly and you la like it lots. Last month or so we it emed that Enrico Caruso jr., was Selling Femme hosiery under an assumed name. The Day after we ran it Katharine Hepburn got in touch with a Henry de hosta his new name Aud purchased $300 Worth. She did no to jell her press agent either. This came from Caruso. Have we Ever used a Are obituary a. The feds Arentt the Only ones probing the sources of Anonymous info about the bund. I mean the garbage sent anonymously to editors. The bund is making a More feverish search for the anti Kuhlers in their midst. If the fair is greatly improved in 1940, it la be because Harvey Gibson Rode a lot i cog in those Pushcart there and kept asking the pushers questions. He gathered a lot of constructive criticism from the pushers. A. Murphy who handles the japanese propaganda sailed october 12th to Tokio for a confab with big shot Abe. This la amuse you. Don Stillman Rod and gun editor Over at the trib for to years now wanted a pistol. He was refused a permit. Barry m Ood. Who quit Lyman s band at $300 weekly to take singing lessons becomes the Star of the hit Parade tomorrow. A Sweet Singer him. Deanna Durbin a next pie a first comes to the Rivoli nov. 8th. A Sweet Singer her. Macdonald de Witt the great libel lawyer is running for office in the Bronx. De Witt has chopped Down phony counts Alleg d Allah alleged actors and c my to it i of phony who tried to sandbag Coin from a newspaper. From a letter i got from my american War correspondent pal with the Allied armies a and which did not pass the censor a we have no radios Here so we have to manufacture our own rumours Leary told Cholly Knickerbocker that your broadcasts Are heard every monday morning it at 2 by americans in London Biarritz and Paris Etc. I found out the name of the creator of those Clever Christmas cards which Are making the smart shops look smarter. She is Dorothy Simmons. Why All the fuss about Selling arms the u. S. Has been Selling them plus other War materials to Japan and China. Its not illegal it seems because no War has been declared there. Milton Berle used Ben bernies famed quip on the air saturday a mine Wasny to Only the last horse in the race it was the last race in Tho horse ,. Boy when they Start staling from Bernie things must he pretty had. ,. Please done to forget to Siton my Check. I m penniless and i want to stay straight. The �?�scalli9ns�?� column a Rqn the War Palho is living set for tuesday. A your girl father time or ten years ago local new the annual fall Flower show of Wesley memorial Church will be held Here thursday and Friday november 7 and 8. During the past week a committee headed by mrs. J. W. Clinard Laid plans for another a parents go to school a High Point firemen will again play Santa Claus to hundreds of poor children in the City this Christmas. About people or. And mrs. George Lowe Are spending the week end with friends in Statesville and roaring Gap. Mrs. W. J. Bennett attended the Boyles Harville wedding in Thomasville Friday evening. Mrs. Charles l. Amos and son. Kenner arrived last night from Philadelphia where Kenner has been for examination under or. Kern. News Brief the two Day regional meeting of the daughters of the american revolution ends with discussions of recent strikes in North Caro forming a Cabinet after one of the largest and most confused ministerial crises in the history of the third Republic of Fiance went y years ago local new William c. Massey resigned this week As Secretary of the chamber of commence and left for Tennessee to go into publicity work. Although or. Wrist the noted Pennsylvania minister will not arrive in the City until tomorrow the meetings at the first reformed Church will begin in Earnest tonight. About people miss Dorothy Stewart of Winston Salem was a weekend guest of or. And mrs. B. I. Hedgecock of miss Lois Welborn was in Greensboro yesterday news Brief a a final vote this week on ratification of the peace treaty is proposed in a unanimous agreement drawn up for presentation to the Senate today. Officials of the United mine workers of America at the International Headquarters in Indiana in iodine continued their attitude of Bruce Cotton t in Washington no profit for u. S. In Caribbean Swap Washington nov. 3. A during the neutrality debate several senators and congressmen urged that the United states government try to get Possession of British and French islands in the Caribbean sea in return for cancellation of unpaid War debts. From a strategic Point of View this might be very sound. The army and Navy think highly of outlying Island bases in t h is Era of Aerial Power. But from a straight dollars and cents View Point the Leal might not prove very satisfactory. So far. The islands w Hatch the United states already owns in the Caribbean have Cost this government a great Deal More than it has Ever got out of them. Puerto Rico has been a net expense to the u. S. Treasury for years. From 1927 through 1933. For instance net expenditures in puerto Rico by the u. S. Government a that is. The excess of outgo Over receipts a have averaged around $2,500,000 a year. Relief boosts expenditures in 1934 costs shot up rapidly As depression Relief Money began to be poured into the territory. U. S. Expenditures in puerto Rico went up to slightly More than $9,000,000. By 1936 the figure had climbed to $32,938,000. In 1937 it stood at $31.-900,000. About two thirds of which was for the work of the puerto Rico recovery administration. The Story is similar in the Virgin islands. The United states bought these islands from Denmark in 1917 for $25,000,000. Annual appropriations by the Federal government for those islands have since then ranged Between a Low of $100,000 and a High of $613,000 last year they stood at $263,000. W age scale Low in Virgin islands this Virgin islands illustration is a pretty Good example for Britain owns Many islands in that group and information Here is that their economic condition is even worse than that of the american islands. While to cents a Day is considered a fair rate for labor in the american Virgin islands negroes from the British Virgin islands consider themselves Lucky if they can get to the american islands because their own wage Scales Are so much worse. Should Uncle Sam suddenly multiply his Caribbean Island holdings by a score or More there would almost certainly be a Large added Drain on the Federal Treasury. There would he compensations of course. The army and Navy consider the carib it Ean islands of vital strategic importance. The big new air base under construction in puerto Rico will it is Felt make the Eastern approach to the Panama canal fairly secure. But it is no secret that the strategists would be happier if it could be supplemented by bases on some of the other islands not now under the american Flag. Puerto Rico Good i. S. Customer Trade and commercial compensations would be equally important. For All its Cost to the u. S. Treasury puerto Rico happen to be the sixth Best customer of american exporters the Little Island bought $84,000,000 Worth of u. goods in 1938. And supplied the United states with goods Worth $79,000,000. A consider Able Stream of Cash flows into american pocketbooks each year in the form of dividends from the big sugar companies on puerto Rico. The Island has an insular and municipal bonded indebtedness of approximately $40,000,000. Practically a1 of this is held in the United states and the interest is paid punctually. Acquiring the foreign of nod islands then might Benefit the Trade and finance of the United states and equally Fine for its defense. But the Treasury itself would judging by experience with the islands the country now owns have a heavy new Load to Bear. Under the stimulus of the european War hand to Mouth business conditions have practically former gov. Alfred m. Landon of kans., addressing students and guests at Cornell College mount Vernon la. We have no ambit ions for territory. Al expansion. Neither had we any part in the happenings that brought about the conflicts today dividing Europe. King Leopold Iii of Belgium in broadcast to u. S. Detroit is not at All sure it wants the 1940 olympic games if Finland passes them up. With Britain France and Germany preoccupied the games will seem like the preliminaries to a Jot Louis fight. British mommies at the front insist on All the comforts of Home. It will Cost the British a lot of Tea and crumpets to rid the world of Hitler. Silence on the Coal Bickett probably will Fly to Wake Forest with lieutenant b. W. May. Nard the a flying Parsons this afternoon it was reported in Raleigh today a predictions that ships flying the american Flag w ill almost equal the tonnage of great Britain by the end of 1920 was made in the sonata today by senator Jones of Washington

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