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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - November 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page two tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Friday november 3, .1930 Stroud funeral in Statesville funeral services were held in Statesville today for John Austin Stroud 65, father of j. Stroud of this City who died at his Home in Iredell county wednesday night. Or. Stroud a prominent Farmer of the society Baptist Church Community was a son of the late or. Theam today Center Betit Davis Miriam Hopkins the Ola maid a a Geo. And mrs. Giles p. Stroud of Iredell county. Surviving Are his wife who was miss Lydia Yates prior to their marriage More than to years ago a daughter miss Esther Stroud who is a nurse in Lowery Hospital Salisbury and three sons j. Stroud who lives at the Home in Turnersburg township g. B. Stroud of High Point and l. E. Stroud of Rockingham. Two Sisters also survive. They Are mrs. Thomas Garwood of Cooleemee and miss Mary Stroud who lived with her brother. There Are two surviving grandchildren. Funeral services were held from society Baptist Church Friday morning at to o clock conducted by the pastor Rev. Vav. L. Mcswain and interment will be in the Church cemetery. A with Pete Smith Novelty Center new events n. C. A. Penn Fontal scene Broadhurst your favorite pals of the West Are Back again to thrill you Roy Rogers of Abby Hayes in Quot Arizona kid Quot Chapt. No. La a a daredevil a spotlight latest new. Of Hon tur Urit nazis prepped for Long fight continued from Page one or South it was said she May leave territorial Waters to avoid Jaede rens reef below the Mouth of the fjord a the City of Flint was captured oct. 9 in the North Atlantic by the German pocket battleship deutschland. She was Enro Ute to England with a cargo at least part of which the germans declared contraband. A prise Crew from the deutschland sailed her first to Romsoe Norway to land rescued British seamen whom the deutschland had placed aboard. She arrived there oct. 21. She sailed that Day for Murmansk soviet russian Arctic port where the prise Crew reported to soviet authorities she was a seaworthy. Russia ordered her to leave and she was disclosed to have sailed from Murmansk last saturday night. Lam we w Kather noon today. 50 Low last night. 31 High yesterday. 54 North Carolina a partly Cloudy tonight and saturday not much change in temperature. Winds Hatteras to Jacksonville a moderate to fresh North and Northeast winds partly overcast weather tonight and saturday. Charlotte. Nov. 3.�?i apr official weather Bureau records of the temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 7 30 a. Rn., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere great Britain a loudest speakers giant guns of great Britain a coast defense shown in hitherto unpublished picture blasting away in a practice session. Capable of throwing a Shell across to France they take on new importance under the Ever present threat of a German air and sea attack on England. News of coloured people pc my it Al services Fok j. Valentine by held saturday funeral service for John Valentine who passed away at the Horny of i daughter or. Pm two months pass and War still a whisper continued from Page one the world War August 4-octo-Ber 4 a Germany dealt a terrific blow at Russia in the Battle of Tannen Burg the Kaiser a armies swept through Belgium to drive within 40 Miles of Paris before being stopped in the first Battle of the Marne on the seas. German submarines surface raiders and mines Sank 399.947 tons of Allied and Neutral merchant shipping and seven British warships including four Cruiser German warships spasmodically raided British seaport towns. The British Fleet bottled up the German Fleet in the North sea and the russians repelled the germans in the Baltic Britain won a sea Battle off Helgoland Light and British naval Cran Sank six German warships including five cruisers. One similarity one similarity in the two wars has Bee tories on the nazi Blitzkrieg in Poland brought heavy death tolls to armed forces and civilian population. A few Days before Warsaw textiles show few accidents continued from Page one Pioves worked. Winners of the fourth state wide contest were jewel Mill wins group one 200 employees or less jewel Cotton Mill inc., of Thomasville with 244,680 Man hours without an Accident. Group two 201 to 400 employees Southside Plant. Arista Mills company Quot Winston Salem with 432,360 Man hours without lost time. Group three 401 to 750 employees the Longhurst Plant Roxboro Cotton Mills at Roxboro with 667,120 Man hours without a mishap. Group four 751 employees or More the revolution Cotton Mills at Greensboro which operated 1,334,155 Man hours Arith Only one lost time Accident an Accident frequency of .075 accidents per million Man hours. Woman juror changes mind a a a z �2?, a vol v,c-1 French troops Alert after new movement Rialto today a saturday Gene Autry in a Western Jamboree also 3 Stooge comedy atrial a the phantom cup a Mer Portee. 503 Vail Street i Feli poli8h officials estimated the wednesday evening will be held i death 10ji 0 their Arm d Force As at Brooks memorial methodist Between 50,000 and 100,000. No j Church saturday evening at 8 estimate was made on the number o clock. Following services Here i Vii Janh the remains will be shipped to with Foland tiered Adolf Saluda s c., Birthplace of the Huer declared 0er�?ziaa Iuit Ary deceased for interment casualties were 10.752 killed. 30. Or. Valentine had been a real a a ,. A a j Dent of High Point for six year h of Udo cd us j-4u4 missing during to hts Tim or Wajn army . A a a id a mar in Bronk memo a Vej ��m#0 a it it a it Primmer Church. He is survived by a lad been taken. Rial three daughters. Mrs. Menier Portee of High Point. Mrs. A i Zulia Williams of Saluda s. Cd. And mrs. Cora Turner of i Youngstown. Ohio four sons Whitfield Valentine of Detroit i Sian Michigan. Purvis Valentine of Gem Macon and Robert an Harry Valentine of High Point. \ i a a terrific Iii stirring in the seeing Lyric Lou in the Bement Bering Romance drama laughter and heart break. Created out of the very heart and soil of America. By a great director and cast i ass i Frank Arra s a at the outbreak of the world War two russian armies invaded East Prussia Aud made rapid Progress until the Battle of Sauneu Hurt aug. 27-30, when the rus a in o s were Cut to ribbons. To Samson of commander of one of the two russian armies was killed and of a total russian Force of 230,000 More than 70,-000 were killed or mounded Aud 90.ooo taken prisoner. Ship losses lighter warship looses on both sides were heavier during the world War than they have been in 1939. The outstanding naval feat of the Iii St two months of the world War was the sinking within an hour of the British cruisers a Bouk or c relay Aud Hogue by the submarine u-29 under commander Otto Weddigen. The most spectacular incident of the present War was the sinking of the battleship Royal Oak in i the closely guarded Scapa flow British naval base by a German submarine under commander i Guenther Prien. Because the military air plane was in its infancy at the outbreak of the world War. There is Little basis for comparison. Sunders to speak Winston Salem. Nov i up pm. S. Saunders general Secretary of the University of North Carolina alumni association will Peak at a North Carolina alumni meeting Here tuesday night. Station h. L. Fall Asheville. V9 31 of Atlanta. A 42 .00 augusts. 44 .00 Birmingham. 34 .00 Charleston. 70 41 .00 Charlotte. 65 35 .00 Chicago. 42 35 .17 Columbia. 69 42 .00 Denver. 40 25 .01 Detroit. 42 25 .00 j Evansville. 45 32 of Galveston. 53 .00 Greensboro. 35 .00 Hatteras. 63 56 .00 Jacksonville. 70 54 .00 key wet. 78 71 of Little Rock. 37 .00 los Angeles. 75 58 .00 Memphra. 40 .00 Meridian. 38 .00 Miami. 69 .45 vip a St. P 20 .00 Mobile. 45 of it. Mitchell. 26 .00 new Orleans. 74 54 .00 new York. 57 36 .00 Raleigh. 64 37 .00 san Antonio. 79 49 .00 san Francisco. 53 .00 Spartanburg. 40 .00 Tampa. 60 .00 Washington. 37 .00 Wilmington. 67 42 of Babson sees danger in fact that prices Rise stocks lag Babson Park mass., nov. 3.�? business is cantering along at 25 per cent above a year ago. With the exception of 1928, this month is opening at the highest level for any november in history yet Good stocks Are actually cheaper than they were last november Stock prices Are an excellent barometer of sentiment. The fact they do not Rise in the face of this Good news Means that business men Are worried. They Are fearful that Washington will skim the profits through taxes. Congress however will not raise taxes in an election year. A beware of higher pukes red newspaper disrupts even hol so ther a a no. Soviet finnish Parley continued from Page one funeral services held this morning for j. M. Mckinnon its a woman a prerogative and mrs. Frederick Merrifield above member of the first Federal mixed jury in Chicago exercised it. She changed her mind after signing a verdict and revoked her decision tangling litigation in a $70,000 contested will Case. Frank Capra. Creator of Quot ii happened one night a Quot or. Deed1 Ion to town and a you can t take it with you bring you i newest and tie test hit co Tutor Reg jeer Arthur James Stewart it Claude Rains a Edward Arnold a 6uy Kibbee sturts sunday am continued from Page one of great material and moral importance. A a it la greeted with great satisfaction and homage is paid to the sense of fairness which inspired debate of the american Congress and the personal action of president the note was distributed through the French news agencies. A a France and great it declared a a gain a definite advantage since Mastery of the seas and their financial resources permit them alone. In fact to take delivery in american ports of products they need. A a they also find immense moral satisfaction since the vote at Washington consecrated the Justice of their is planes downed French sources estimated that 12 German planes were shot Down during october As compared with 28 in september. They said bad weather last two peasants were acclaimed i Tjon teachers agriculture teach for the bar handed capture of j or grammar Grade and primary the Crew of a German plan teachers classroom teachers de brought Down yesterday near the apartment of superintendence f Rench belgian Frontier. It was physical education teachers High one of a group of three German j achoo i principals Home economics teachers dramatic Art teachers English teachers elementary principals Industrial Art teachers latin teachers modern language teacher science teachers mathematics teachers music teachers school librarians sol Tai science teachers. Tonight at 6 o clock the classroom teachers will hold a dinner meeting in the school cafeteria with an address by or. Julian Miller editor of the Charlotte observer at 1 30 o clock the elementary principals will hold a dinner meeting. Funeral services for j. Martin Mckinnon 80, who died on november i at the Home of his son m. D. Mckinnon 109 Welch j Street were held this morning at la of clock at the Wadesville Bap list Church in Montgomery county. The pastor Rev. J. W. Stork conducted the services. During the services the Church j choir Sang Quot abide with me Quot j a shall we gather at the River a and a near the the Floral j offerings were carried by friends and neighbors. Pallbearers were w. C. Robin a son Reybon Morton w. P. Us a Sery j. Mckinnon. L. De-1 Berry and o. H. Ballard. Interment was made in the i Church cemetery. Declared and in Community sings a Community spirit May be developed or strengthened. Or. Griffith played a number of violin selections As examples of various Points made in his remarks and led the teachers in group singing. The morning session closed wit the singing of a America the Grof i meetings j departmental meetings were held during the afternoon. These departments included the Fol reduced Aerial activity i lowing Art teachers adult Edu month. J cation teachers business Educa was that he provoked War with negotiating again the article dealing with negotiations for concessions which Russia has asked of her Little Baltic neighbor came on the Day a finnish delegation was expected to Start its final discussions at the Kremlin. Foreign circles had interpreted Erkko a speech wednesday night As conciliatory in tone and foresaw an parly settlement of the russian requests but the pravda article used the strongest language yet employed publicly in the four week negotiations. Citing the fact that Estonia Latvia and Lithuania already had signed Mutual assistance pacts with Russia. Pravda said attempts to deny the Mutual advantages of these agreements for ail their signatories Are made Only by their common enemies interested in fomenting War not Only in Western but in Eastern Europe As Well particularly on the Baltic Nati Kai Phe Nomen \ it said that a naturally the government of the u. S. S. Was bound to address similar proposals to the fourth Baltic country bordering on the u. S. S. . A it is sufficient to glance at the map of Finland to Realise that the problems of Security of the u. S. S. Are especially acute on the finnish Border. A the soviet Union not Only has the right but is obliged to take measures to assure Security of the sea and land approaches to Leningrad. Whose population equals the entire population of Finland. Quot the government of Finland cannot avoid considering these interests and rights of the u. S. S. Iut pravda declared Russia had met Finland Halfway on All important questions mentioning that Premier foreign commissar Yaches Laff Zolotoff tuesday told the supreme soviet that Russia had not insisted on a Mutual assistance pact because Finland believed such a pact was incompatible with her position of absolute neutrality. Offered Imp ble helping a in Exchange for territories on the karelian isthmus and certain other areas vitally necessary for the Security of the u. 8. S. R., said pravda a we offered Finland territory of double size in soviet Karelia. Quot the proposal for creation of a naval base for the soviet at the Northern Entrance of the Gulf of Finland meets not Only the interests of the soviet Union but those allies cheered by lift of ban continued from Page one Washington consecrated the Justice of their in London Supply minister Leslie Burgin who is responsible for providing every material need for the British huh Ting forces declared the embargo action transformed the United state into Quot an Arsenal of unlimited resources for Britain. Hit Ita in to buy he said Britain probably would buy machine tools raw materials gun steel a and ultimately Ammu of Finland herself fully securing i1� Gulf of Finland against hos the doom of the pm bar girl actions on the part of third since Only minor differences biplanes apparently heading for their bases after a flight Over the North sea military sources said. Havas French news Agency said the farm workers Quick action prevented the germans from smashing their instruments and destroying their papers. The plane had been downed in an air Battle with British planes. A general Headquarters communique of the British exp Dion Ary Force in France said British filers had shot Down two German Heinkel bombers yesterday while the third sped away trailing smoke look on our stage anniversary 133 Ife aaa pc it Yieu Colgate palmolive Peet co. Palmolive soap i for. Concentrated Supeh suds bin Box 2 for a 04 Tacon powder j for. Octagon soap 5 for. A a i Peb Huus bed Box 2 for. Octagon toilet soap ii for. Octagon granulated soap. 2 for. 19c 19c 9c 24c 19c 14c 19c Myers amp Kyett grocery Luu East tree ii Street phone osos Joyner new head District teachers continued from Pic it it one its pupils the spirit of democracy. The american Way of life. A teach a boy to blow a trumpet. And he will not blow a Safe Quot is the belief of Charles k. Griffith music editor and musician of new York City who delivered the principal address of the morning on a making music a school and Community or. Griffith commended High Point for its school music program As amplified by the music of the senior High school orchestra directed by miss Virginia Frank. Which had played several numbers it Tho opening of the meeting lie urged the teachers present to work for similar programs in their schools if they do not already exist and to encourage their students to listen to the Many programs of great music now Avail Ible Over the air. The school Nisic program or. Griffith indicated. Carries Over in later life into the music of churches in the Community of civic clubs entertainments. And Many other phases of Community life. The developing of individual tastes is invaluable to the person instructed he Palace theatre Salem Street enjoy we Thomasville a j coming tomorrow a Zane Grey s epic Quot heritage of the desert Quot also serial and comedy last times today a dancing co eds with Ann Sothern admission adults 15c 2 for 25c c Iii Dreu except saturdays 10c a i i i two people die in Lincolnton Hospital fire continued from Page one condition fair. Ward Mosteller Lincolnton condition fair. Mrs. Jack Bumgarner Vale route 3, fair. Mrs. Dwight Davis Cherryville fair. Kisie Weathers 21, Lincolnton fair. Harry Sigmon. Lincolnton fair. A mrs. Huffstetler Lincoln county believed seriously burned. Survivors of Goodson included his widow and the following children or. S. Howard Charleston s. C. Mrs. Paul Gabriel w. B. Goodson Aud Gordon Goodson All of Lincolnton. Mystery shrouds Snyder shooting Morehead City nov. 3.�? up a sheriff G. Holland said today the fatal shooting of Clifton Snyder 21-year-old Winston Salem Man at a Hunting Camp near Stella was still a mystery. Holland Aud his deputies found footprints near the Camp the Herluff reported but no further clues. Snyder an employee of the Piedmont Granite corporation died in a Hospital Here yesterday a few hours alter being admitted for treatment of Buckshot wounds. Sheriff Holland said he and another Winston Salem Man a. I. Elliott came to Carteret county for a Deer Hunt. Myca committee meets Winston Salem nov. 3.�? up a the interstate committee off tile Young menus Christian Asso Clr Ion of Tho Carolina will meet Here november 28. Tween the House and Senate were in the Way of final action a hailed As an Allied Victory and regarded As the most important news of the Day in London and Paris new spa tiers. Paris sold said the a ability to increase their armaments rapidly is an important advantage to the allies. That is a consequence of the Law which the United states foresaw and accepted. They Are Neutral in fact. They Are not Neutral in the newspaper la Intran Vigeant however cautioned that France must pay Cash for american arms. Tack Cash a we should fall Back on american manufacture Only in a prudent and limited Way a the paper said. A a let a not find a pretext for laziness and slowness in facilities we Are obtaining on the other Side of the officials and the press in Britain showed obvious though restrained Delight Over the apparent certainty of repeal of the embargo. One spokesman smilingly commented. However. A your soul is full of Hope hut we Don t want to count our chickens before they Are the evening Star had a line across the front Page a first u. S. Arms cargo on the mirrors top headline was Quot the United states does it and the news chronicles Quot United states finally approved arms ban for expresses pleasure with neutrality Bill continued from Page Onei be available after Congress adjourns the special session. Chs m a Iii he Kem Ain America s new neutrality program lifting the arms embargo but narrowing the traditional a Freedom of the seas policy for United states shipping required Only last Uii Nute formalities by Congress before becoming Law. A sweeping administration Victory in the House that rejected proposals for Complete Aud partial embargoes by More than 60 votes set the stage for Quick final action and adjournment of the special session before the week ends. The Senate and House appointed conferees to work out a composite draft of neutrality legislation at a meeting at 10 30 a. In. Est. In View of the fact that both Chambers gave sizable majorities for repeal approval of the committees draft was a foregone conclusion. The House though May withhold formal consent until tomorrow. Awaits signature As soon tis president Roosevelt signs the Bill warring european can begin buying american munitions guns and planes. States a however contrary to common sense certain leaders of Finland express no desire at All to reach an agreement with the u. S. S. it asserted that the finnish government had taken a a number of emergency measures comprehensible Only when a country is preparing for War the evacuation of Urban populations mobilization of reservists and reorganization of Industry to serve War needs. New town Hall Scotland neck nov. 3. A aft a new $20,000 town Hall has been opened Here. Charles Goodyear accidentally discovered the process of Vulcanizing Ruber when he carelessly let a piece of rubber come in Contact with a hot stove. The discovery was made in 1839, although Goodyear had been working with rubber for years trying to devise a process for curing it. Some administration quarters predict that foreign orders chiefly from great Britain and France will total $1,000,000,000 within a few weeks. Under the Bill a Quot Cash and carry system foreign governments May take title to the goods before they leave american docks where Many supplies now Are piled. They must be transported in foreign ships for a major purpose of the legislation is to avoid a a incidents by keeping american vessels and passengers out of War /.ones. Greater margins yesterdays House voting brought greater margins for the administration than even its lieutenants had expected. Three Roll Calls capped a stirring session that saw speaker Bankhead leave his Rostrum to make an unusual plea for lifting the four year old embargo. He received a tremendous ovation from democrats and republicans alike. With galleries packed and Many senators on hand opponents also brought up their leading orators to advise against taking a step which they contended would bring the United states nearer to War. To worry about Washington Ami taxes business men should be concerned about commodity prices. Both the big labor parties have had their annual conventions recently. The spotlight at each was trained directly on living costs under War conditions. If prices Are increased too much we May easily kill a the Goose which lays the Golden i belong too percent to the school which teaches that Prosperity comes from free markets for raw materials manufactured goods labor wages and Money rates. Anything which artificially holds up prices wages or Loans retards Prosperity and adds to unemployment. On let it was believed that appendicitis could be cured by putting on hot water bottles but they did not Wor. Then the doctors tried ice bags but they were not effective. The inflammation was still there. It was finally found that appendicitis can be cured Only As the appendix is removed. Some Day the people of North american will learn that Only As the restrictions on wages hours and banking Are removed will people go Back to work. An Adaes rectally vulnerable i do not visualize a run away commodity Market like that in the world Vaar when the manufacturers were completely in the Saddle. Yet All signs Point to higher prices. Only a few Days ago the fair i Abor standards act aet up a new wage and hour schedule for Industrial and office workers. The minimum wage went up from 25 cents to 30 cent an hour and Tbs minimum work week dropped from 4 4 to 4 2 hours. This is sure to increase prices and thereby result in More people out of jobs. Any business Man who fails to watch prices and Cost carefully will be licked if the War is a Long one. Employer and Farmers will have no alternative hut to hike their prices. Business men do not stand a Chance of Burking Trade associations and labor unions. Organized groups a in a position to take advantage of War conditions. They May skim the Cream off profits leaving the Public a holding the if there is any statesmanship in Washington however an attempt will be made to prevent this. A postwar panic will help no one from present signs such a Panie seems probable some Day especially in Canada. Shortage of skilled labor another Price Factor under War time conditions is the Supply of skilled labor. A shortage already exists in certain industries which Are operating at All time peaks such As aviation manufacturing machine tool and machinery. By shortage i mean that the competent skilled workers have been ail snapped up. These companies Are now digging Down into the Bottom of the labor barrel and Are being forced to take on inadequately trained workers. This would be a very serious situation if the United states were involved in a War. These three industries Are the Backbone of our army and our Navy. One of the reasons Why a shortage of skilled men is developing is because of Union rules. Unions in the past few years have refused to take on apprentice in their grades they have done this to Steep Down the available Supply of trained men and thus artificially to Peg their pay. In fact the government is becoming so worried Over this condition that it is asking big industries voluntarily to take on capable Young men for training. The restrictions on apprentices should he removed. Government Warsh labor a utri hts just As some years ago the government said to the utilities a if you refuse to rut rates we will go into Competition with you a the government is now saying to the unions a if you intend to monopolize labor in your Trade we will Foster this is a very hopeful sign. War or peace we cannot have any lasting Prosperity in America of costs both for labor and materials keep going up. We improve our Standard of living by lowering not increasing a costs what does All tills mean to Consumers it Means that a Long War would boost your Cost of living substantially. You would have to pay higher prices for nearly everything you buy. Keep tills in the Hack of your mind. However now is not the time to get panic stricken and Lay in supplies of flour sugar and the like. Our warehouses Are bulging with them. There will be plenty of Opportunity to do this when we know More shout the War. For the time being go about your business and Home purchasing in a Normal Way just As you would of there were no War f i a in Foo Thali Carolina is. Davidson armistice Day Celebration Gray memorial stadium Winston Salem North Carolina saturday nov. Llu kick off 2 . Reserved seats $2.00 Send mail orders a Box 2313 a Winston Salem n. C. Add 10c insurance

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