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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 30 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper d. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Randall b. Terry treasurer David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Page 4-a tue Idoy May 30, 1972 the business of neighbors is is ssh Akee be be Quot Campaign tactics the Winston Salem morning newspaper has labelled a laudable and self effacing High Points decision to avoid making an Issue Over the zoning of the Southeast Corner of Forsyth county. It is no less laudable on their part that they recognize that Forsyth owes in return an obligation to devise adequate zoning regulations to protect High Points interests. As has been the Case on All sides High Point has not been totally Happy with uncontrolled development near its Borders. It has decided to proceed under a new Law and file its required intent to exercise zoning authority in Davidson and Randolph counties but will avoid a tug of War with Forsyth Over the Small area of that county within our one mile limit partially because Forsyth does have countywide zoning. In Large part the tip of Forsyth has guns again words come hard and thoughts harder still in the Wake of mondays shooting at the Jordan rally in the Raleigh shopping Center. Appeals to judgment Are going to be no More worthwhile than new pleas for gun control Laws. Attempted assassinations or berserk use of guns in crowds Are so totally pattern less and so untraceable to logic that a thousand editorials would have no More effect than this one on the future of political campaigning and Public service. We can Only offer sympathy to the families of those who died and to those who were Hurt too. We mourn for those whose inability to think clearly tears at the fabric of our National character and for a nation which in the eyes of much of the world must appear to have gone mad. Today is May 30th. Memorial Day observances were held on sunday. The Holiday was officially observed monday. But today is Mav 30th, and Long tradition says that this is memorial Day. To Mark the Observance we offer this Brief statement of a what the american Flag Means to me a a written by 13-Vear-Oid Sandy Daniels of fort Belvoir a. She is the Niece of or. And mrs. Robert j. Martin of 714 Woodrow ave. Here is her essay what is the flag0 a Well a you say. A a it a a pretty piece of cloth that a red White and think again. A i done to know a you say. To me the Flag symbolizes this country and its people with the three colors of red. White and Blue. To me the red stands for the blood we shed and the lives Laid Down for our country and Flag to me the White stands for the purity and unselfishness that we have in our hearts somewhere. To me the Blue stands for the loyalty Justice. And truth that the United states is supposed to be made of and which without we would t be the United states of America. London a depending on atmospheric conditions. France will resume its series of nuclear tests in the Pacific sometime after june i. The Low yield Hydrogen bomb explosions Are scheduled to take place at muru Roa atoll in the French polynesian islands the Cruiser de Grasse command vessel for the tests has been on station for seven weeks. Last summer the French exploded an a bomb with a Force equivalent to about one million tons of int. Then after reported threats of a break in diplomatic relations by Peru they cancelled the remaining two tests. This year new zealand already has protested the upcoming test series and Australia has delivered a note of disapproval to Paris. Nevertheless the French Are said to believe that perfection of their nuclear Arsenal comes ahead of the complaints of Small nations. France never accepted a seat at the 18-nation Geneva disarmament talks and was not a party to the partial test ban treaty signed in Moscow in 1963. The late president Charles de Gaulle resented the nuclear Hegemony of the United states and the soviet Union. Speaking at a news conference in Paris. Jar. 14. 1963. De Gaulle summed up what continues to be France s rationale for its Force de Frappe a it is quite True that the number of nuclear weapons with which we can equip ourselves will not equal far from it the mass of those of the two giants of Only want to say that the French atomic Force will have the somber and terrible capacity of destroying in a few seconds millions and millions of men. This fact cannot fail to have some bearing on the intents of any possible developed into a sort of trailer bedroom Community. Hundreds o f trailers in what appear to be Well managed trailer Parks provide a place for Many High Point workers to hang their hats. In addition some residential subdivisions have dotted the landscape in that Section. The Winston Salem writer sees some logic in Forsyth a maintaining the zoning authority pointing out that if the county were to give up control of the area future residents might be required to go to High Point for their building permits and to Winston Salem for such things As septic tank permits. He offers some thoughts As Well about the whole area of inter governmental relationships a so far there is no Clear indication How far the county Forsyth is willing to go in an Effort to prevent the development of a 21st Century slum on High Points North and Northwest boundaries. But the ability of the two jurisdictions to get together and solve the problem will Tell us a great Deal about their capacity for solving larger problems affecting the future growth of the residents of the area last Vear got their area legislator to try to sneak through the legislature a statewide Bill which really had Only local application and that was to assure that High Point could never Annex the Horne town Community and environs. We did no to believe then and still done to that High Point has any particular designs on Horne town or any other part of Forsyth county. Nevertheless. We agree with the twin City writer that High Point must be Able to count on that county to protect its Border from the creation of a Type of Urban sprawl that will one Day be slum like and terribly difficult to rehabilitate. During the revolution the fighting men showed us what those colors really meant simply by being Loyal to their country. Men gave their lives for our country and Flag. They were Loyal and unselfish even though they knew that Thev could have quite easily turned traitor. When the revolution came to an end we United and became a new Constellation. We voted for a president built new cities and explored new land but most important of All we got ourselves a Flag that stood for what we had experienced just through one War. We chose three colors that would show the world what Freedom Means. Those three colors Are red White and Blue. The american Flag is the foundation of our country. We try to be what the Flag stands for. It stands for loyalty Justice truth unselfishness love purity and Equality. Every time i see the Flag my heart swells with Pride. In a quite proud of my Flag. Are you a a it a the Flag of our yes but what does it mean it is sometimes forgotten that the formal French decision to construct nuclear weapons was taken by the government of Felix Galliard in april 1958�?the last month of the fourth Republic. The French had been piqued by amendments to the . Atomic Energy act of 1946 which while denying information to France made allowance for the Exchange of secrets with Britain. Frances first nuclear test occurred on feb. 13, 1960. At reggae in the Sahara desert. After algerian Independence the test site was shifted to polynesia. Today French intermediate Range ballistic missiles in hardened silos in haute Provence have a Range of about 1.800 Miles roughly the distance to Moscow. Frances first nuclear submarine was launched in 1967 and its 16 missiles Are reported to be operational. French politicians have turned a deaf ear to critics wha accuse France of polluting the atmosphere with its testing As far Back As 1958. A report of the United nations scientific committee on the effects of atomic radiation concluded that nuclear weapons tests constituted a Hazard to Mankind. However the great fallout scare of th9t me is now Well past. In the Early 1960s. People were worried that fallout would cause leukaemia contaminate milk and Lead to loss of hair. Radioactive isotopes such As iodine 131 were reported to collect in the thyroid gland strontium 89 and 90 in the Bones and cerium 137 in the Muscles and other soft body tissues now that Public concern is entered on Industrial pollution the French Hope that rahioacv0 poisoning will be regarded As a rather negligible aspect of a much wider problem. \ Washington two House investigators sought to eavesdrop electronically the other Day on a Radical youth groups convention in a Chicago hotel. But they were stopped by the hotel president who considered the surveillance illegal. The investigators who work for the House internal Security committee come under the direct supervision of Ohio a John Ash Brook the ranking Republican and personable right Winger who is challenging president Nixon for the gop presidential nomination. Reached on the Campaign Trail in Arizona Ashbrook said he thought his investigators conduct was improper. A if they had asked me about it i would have said no a he told my associate Brit Hume. The incident occurred at the Midland hotel where the far left Young workers liberation league held its convention May 5-8. The committees chief minority investigator. Herbert Sommerstein. Acknowledged that he and colleague Richard Norusis were present As part of their assignment to investigate a the theory and practice of they arrived two Days before the convention began and Norusis registered in the hotel under a phony address. At his request a hotel Engineer wired the convention room so that its Loudspeaker could be monitored secretly from elsewhere in the building. Eugene Pekow president of the hotel said the staff apparently believed the investigators were Fri men. When he Learned of the wiring he asked to see them. The hotel manager brought Sommerstein and Norusis to his office where they identified themselves As being from the his. Pekow told them he believed the wiring was illegal and read them a Section of an Illinois Law prohibiting such eavesdropping. The men stuck around the hotel during the convention anyway and made use of the room Norusis had been assigned although they did no to pay for it. Mcgovern and for responding to the charge that he is the Barry Coldwater of the democrats. Sen. George Mcgovern May soon begin claiming instead a likeness to one of his party a deities Franklin Roosevelt. Mcgovern a sweeping Reform proposals have made party regulars nervous that his liberalism will alienate All but the most leftist democrats and thus re elect president Nixon. Merry go round by Jack Anderson but Mcgovern has been receiving different counsel from such advisers As Arthur Schlesinger jr., the prolific historian Best known As a biographer of Franklin Roosevelt. In a recent memo he told Mcgovern a actually the situation does not resemble the Republican 1964 situation in More than the most superficial Way. A then Coldwater As the candidate of the right Wing of the Republican party tried to reverse the direction of his party and move it somewhere Back into the a your Effort i take it is quite the opposite you Are trying to put the party Back into the mainstream and to Plant it on the broadest possible platform a that is on the needs of the a in this regard your situation a indeed the general 1972 situation a resembles Roosevelt in 1932 much More than Coldwater in 1964. A in 1972, As in 1932, the nation is in a condition of political and economic deadlock. A Republican president has shown himself vacillating and callous in his attitude toward Domestic social problems. Administrations Pride a now. As then the Republican administration prides itself on disdaining the dramatic and spectacular on practising a a Low profile a which is another Way of priding itself on doing As Little As possible. A what for had going for him was a Strong sense of the insufficiency of existing social and economic policies a Strong instinct for the future and a Strong concern for what he called the a forgotten Many a largely forgotten again in our own Day. A above All he put together a new coalition a coalition that revitalized the democratic party and ushered in a new epoch in american politics. That is what you have the Opportunity to do now. A you have already begun to bring together the Kennedy and Mccarthy forces of 1968�?the Blacks Browns and Low income White who followed mfr the suburbanites and republicans who followed Mccarthy and the students and intellectuals who followed them both. In Wisconsin you showed that you could add the Farmers. A the important thing As you have so often said yourself is to make our base As Broad As possible. A the nation cannot be United by rhetoric. It can Only be United by programs and can do this and As you argue the Case for new directions you will be perceived As for eventually was As the one truly unifying and reconciling Panda postscript those lovable pandas from red China Cost the american taxpayer some $600,000. In answer to a query from rep. John Murphy dn.y., administration officials have conceded that $500,000 is being spent to House the pandas at Washington s zoo. Another $98,000 was expended to transport americans gift of Musk oxen to red China and return the pandas by air Force c-141 to the United states. To More than a Flag projecting the news French fallout a Ftp Rawi by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus when the senior class at High Point College voted to hold the 1972 graduation exercises a1 Fresco in Albion Millis stadium there were some forebodings less for the break with tradition than for possibility of falling weather. But the weather Man eased off the skies were fairly open even if a bit threatening and the worst anybody got was sunburn As that program went off beautifully sunday afternoon to a packed stand of Over 3,000 people. And when 10-year-old Johnny Fitzgerald near the close of the program just As his father came up for his honorary doctor of divinity degree stood up and yelled a yay daddy a the crowd which had been far More exuberant than Ever at an indoors commencement Here joined in cheering and it became evident the open air arrangement had won its cause. High in the vip Box sat big or. H. Roe Bartle mayor emeritus of Kansas City and a leading figure in boy scouting in this country smoking a big Cigar and saying a first commencement i Ever enjoyed smoking at a eighty year old Bartle for whom the Kansas City chiefs football team is named has Long been one of the most colourful figures in american life and proof that obesity does no to necessarily kill a he weighs nearly 300 pounds having shed 120 pounds in the past year. When Bartle himself Holder of 22 honorary degrees heard that Bis Friend Moe Goldman the Atlanta realtor and a scouting Leader himself was receiving an honorary doctor of Laws degree from High Point College he hopped on a plane a he a so Large he has to buy two seats to accommodate his enormous Frame a and hied himself Here to a an enlivening Force in the Rou sements for his Friend. Incidentally it was the first honorary degree pc Ever conferred on a jew and All agreed it was exceedingly Well placed for Goldman a interest in the Humanick foundation program Here has been an inspiration to All associated with it. Marse Grant an alumnus who graduated cum laude at pc in the late 30s and who for More than 20 years has been a Force in the Southern Baptist Church for the More than 21 years he had edited the biblical recorder won the other honorary degree awarded. All in All this years commencement with a Vintage graduating class ranks As one of if not the Best in the 48-year history of that school. Roy Culler or. And hit brother Bob who Art taking their National upholstery and i Lite and Colony Craft plants into Burlington haute furnishings Complex will direct the upholstery division of that operation. Burlington which has been forbidden to buy additional Totilo outfits is turning zealous attention to Tho House furnishings Field in which its ii is Are comprehensive from carpets to draperies and everything else that makes a Home or apartment attractive comfortable and liable. J. Robert Philpet of Lexington Heads the division but the Culler boys will direct upholstering operations under arrangements by which the Deal was carried through. Zalph Rochelle is retiring As of june i As Tomlinson a Field sales manager and will live at the Foxfire apartments on Suffolk drive. J. D. Rogers who recently became commander of the Winston Salem Power Squadron after teaching seamanship for that 10-member outfit for the Oast four years is proud to have boating enthusiast Henry a. Foscue and mrs Foscue in th0 just completed 18-week course. Mrs. George Coble has accepted presidency of the High Point arts Council for the new year from september �?T72 to september �?T73, and she is shaping an executive had to handle relocation tasks by . G. Allen Mebane was recently named new president of the children a Home society of North Carolina. Local backers of w. C. A a Billy Creel Are putting on the Rou sements for his candidacy for commissioner of labor and Are holding open House at the Sheraton hotel at 8 p. In. Wednesday. Our calculation for the demise of a Blackberry Winter was a bit too sanguine but now it seems to be Over after a belated hanging around. Chairman Rov b. Culler jr., chairman of Tho City Council a a Root and highways committee thinks he has Tho Westchester widening project clearly in sights new. Wilbur Smith associates assures that fixation of the Center line has cleared things so that with some change of elevations to flatten out the up and Down bed of that Roadway the design hearing will be enabled by mid july possibly a bit earlier. Previously promised last August for november the plans were unacceptable to the state Highway commission and had to be redrawn. The design hearing will have to be advertised for 30 Days but chairman Culler is keeping his fingers crossed for clearance of that project before july is out. We were in Greensboro one afternoon last week on business and their parking garage was a life Saver to us As Well As to the business Community so much so that they Are building another. And High Point lags for Lack of $170,000 in funds that must be dug up to cover the private financing portion of that Deal. Now that chairman de Mendenhall is Back from Europe perhaps his powerful shoulder will be applied in a Way to drive it into realization a else the City is going to have to Fork upwards of three million in Cash to compensate Urban renewal for credits claimed and not realized in the building of that garage which is the key to downtown a revitalization. This is too important to the whole Community to think for one monent of not seeing it through. When Edward Duke of Windsor failed to thew up for last month s banshees meeting in new York where it was his perennial habit to meet with american editors and publishers As guests a the King features Syndicate it was evident he must be a very sick fellow. They said it was cancer. So the news that Britain s former King had died in his Paris exile heme sunday comes As no Surprise. We were in England in 1934 when scandal develop d preceding the abdication of Strong willed King Edward Chi something our British friends could net believe would occur. The Man who had trained Mere thoroughly than and other for the responsibilities of governing a Quarter of the world s population threw up the Job after prime minister Stanley Baldwin succeeded in forcing him to give up the throne or the american Divorcee he was determined to take As his Queen. It was to some a thrilling Victory for love to others a sad turning of his Back on his responsibilities to his people. The marriage survived and there seemed no regrets on the pert of either Edward or Wallace. And there appeared to have been softening by the British Royal family in recent months As it became apparent the end was in sight for one of the world s tragic figures who might have held Britain More strongly together As a great ruler had he stuck with the Job. On of the remarkable figures at the Jamestown High school reunion saturday was Alphonso e. Mcintyre president of the class of 1922. And who As a member of the Federal Trade commission has had a Long and outstanding career that extends beyond retirement age because his Legal knowledge there seems indispensable. As chief attorney for the Etc he wrote the Robinson Patman act. Which has been an effective regulator of u. S. Business development Ever since despite political manipulators and others who would misuse that machinery. He continues on the commission on a year to year basis As members rely on his Long experience and knowledge of the Law to Helo guide their deliberations. The class of 1923, meeting jointly with the class of 1922 As it observed its Golden anniversary remarkably had 19 of its 20 members present. The class of �?T22 had lost eight members to death but 18 of its 28 members showed up for the reunion one in new York and another in Mississippi make it. Ii

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