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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 30, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather showers warm Mon data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 151 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon May 30, 1972 20 pages Call us circulation. Tt2�171f classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments ms-2111 daily 10c, sunday 25c family Felt he was sick snipers motive unknown say police for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every solicitation q. I received a Call on Tho Telephone from a person soliciting a $15 donation to Tho boys Home fund which the caller said was being sponsored by the . Law enforcement officers Assn. I asked if they could mail me More information and within a few Days i received a form indicating the payment would also entitle the donor to a Florida vacation. It made me wonder How much of this Quot donation Quot actually went to Tho boys Home and How much to promote some real estate sales in Florida and Why the association is sponsoring something that appears to be misleading on the surface at least. Mrs. . A. The better business Bureau s newsletter of april 28 reported that the Man in charge of soliciting by mail and Telephone a could not divulge the percentage of his collections that would go to boy s Home and How much to the fund they also stated that a Check with state authorities in Raleigh indicated the Campaign was not registered or licensed there. Chief Laurie Pritchett says the n. C. Law enforcement officers Assn. Is a statewide association with a membership of about 4,000 officers. The association is attempting to build a boys Home at Lake acc maw and this was one Way that they were trying to raise Money for the project. A local police officer and a representative from the vacation company had to sign All checks and this information is turned Over to the n. C. . When the vacation company failed to get a state solicitation permit the officers association dropped their sponsorship or connection with the Florida vacation promoters. Of the $15, 40 per cent was earmarked for the boys Home project and 60 per cent went to the Florida vacation promoters. Pritchett says they have heard from people who have already used the vacation and reported they enjoyed the trip which they considered Well Worth the Money. They therefore feel that this particular land promotion is on the up and up. Just so their baby does no to go out with the Bath water done to stifle your charitable inclinations of you want to support the project and forego tile Bonus. The department made no pitch but we re sure they a Welcome contributions sent to the association in care of the chief of police. Food needed q. I have two children on in school and one at Homo and i am not Able to work. I draw a social service chock of $151 a month. I pay $50 a month for rent and about $25 a month for utilities and $20 a month for drug store Bill. I paid $5 on milk Bill. I wont to my caseworker and asked him for a grocery order. He turned me and my two kids away hungry and said he could t help us. Of you know of anyone that could help us please print in action line. Mrs. B. A. We wish you a Given your name and that of your caseworker so we could have gotten his Side of the Story. This one View makes him out As an ogre turning away hungry children and ordinarily they do not turn Down such a request if the need is apparent and the Check was not frittered away on non essentials though it would be hard to fritter much on that income. Anyway do go Back to your caseworker As he Way be Able to get a food order through Mode cities. To help you budget your limited resources in the future you might want to enlist the Aid provided by the consumer credit counselling service on Church Street another outreach of Model cities. It will be demolished. O. In i 700 Block of wit Avenue we Hove a House Hor that has not Boon lived in for Quito a Long time and the doors arc out in Tho Yard. Somebody has parked an old car Thoro and Tho Woods and grass Are growing All around. In Ether words it is just a rat and Snake Don. I wondered if something could to done about it thank you. Or. . A. This House is now under contract to be demolished reports chief building inspector Freeman Hill. The old car will also be removed and tile lot will be cleaned at that time. Or or or. And so will this one q. I called about Tho House at Lake and Tate at Tho Corner. They demolished that but Tho second House on Tho Corner on Tho right going towards Marsh was condemned about Tho first of april and it is worse than this other one was. The rooms Are full of rags and junk in Thoro and it makes a fire Hazard. When Are they going to got rid of that or repair it or. X. Y. A. This House was condemned april 17, 1972, according to building inspector Hill. They Hope they done to have to go the full route before this can be condemned for demolition but they must follow the Legal requirements As provided for in the ordinance. This could Uke up to 90 Days. If the owner wishes he can repair to comply with the code standards if its done within the allowed time. Raleigh apr we May never establish a motive for it or a reason at Raleigh detective maj. . Duke made this comment today As he reported officers were still working on the Case of a sniper who killed three persons and wounded eight others in a Raleigh shopping Center monday before fatally shooting himself. Police said . Sen. B. Everett Jordan who was campaigning in the shopping Center at the time apparently was not the target of the gunman 22-year-old Harvey Glenn Mcleod. Police said Mcleod had no Way of knowing Jordan would be present since his visit was net announced in Advance. Jordan a press aide Wes Hayden was one of those wounded and was reported in serious condition at Waki memorial Hospital. Meanwhile the Young gunman s Mother mrs. Willie Mcleod told newsmen she was aware that he had been Ner Vous and depressed lately and that she had considered seeing a doctor for him. A my sister told me he was sick a she said. A she told me i should see a doctor but i did t know he was that sick. A a i done to have a bit More idea than you Why he did it a said the youth s father Wiilie Mcleod. A what s done is done. You might As Well laugh As cry a said the father. Hundreds of Holiday shoppers were at North Hills shopping Center in the Northern part of Raleigh when a succession it of shots rang out shortly after noon. . Sen. B. Everett Jordan d-., seeking renomination in saturdays Runoff primary was on a handshaking visit to the Center. He was not injured but his press Secretary Wes Hayden was shot in the Back. Hayden was reported in serious condition. The dead were identified As mrs. Jackie Wharton 47, of Raleigh James g. Henry 31, of Woodstock va., shot while driving his car which jammed into another vehicle and Melvin o. Harrison 23, of new Bern. Police Check Rifle used in shootings monday in Raleigh the sniper Harvey Glenn Mcleod lies dead on the ground a wire photo in California Mcgovern Humphrey Square off tonight in second debate by Walter r. Mear a political writer los Angeles a Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey and George Mcgovern Are heading into their second Campaign confrontation in Pivotal California still debating the issues of the first welfare and the War. Humphrey slapped at Mcgovern welfare proposals Mcgovern at Humphrey s record on Vietnam policy As the two democratic senators prepared to face each other in a nationally televised appearance tonight. And Minnesota a Humphrey sought to revive and take Over a familiar Issue by challenging Mcgovern to disclose How much Money he is spending on the California presidential primary Campaign. There was irony in that since it was Mcgovern who first made Public his Over All Campaign finances and turned the topic into a major Issue at the Start of the primary probe collapse of dam fertilizing time q. When it the Best time to Fertilise Spring bulbs anon. A. Right after they finish Blooming. A fertilizer High in phosphorous recommended. Bone meal is Good for them too. Washington apr the army corps of engineers says the West Virginia dam that collapsed last february killing at least 118 persons was doomed from the Start. A Senate subcommittee opens hearings today on the disaster. The engineers released a report monday saying the dam a should never have been the report spread the blame for the disaster among the . Bureau of mines the state of West Virginia and the Buffalo Coal co. Which built the Structure. All three the report said appear to have Legal responsibilities Over the Safe construction and inspection of a dam. Said the corps report a the consequent a let George do it attitude resulted in the Senate subcommittee scheduled two Days of testimony by Bureau state and company officials along with Law enforcement and National guard spokesmen and survivors of the tragedy. On the eve of the hearings the subcommittee released the corps report on the collapse of the Buffalo mining co. Dam no. 3. On the Middle Fork of Buffalo Creek. The corps is preparing a second report surveying similar waste pile dams in West Virginia. When dam no. 3 collapsed last feb. 26 after three Days of rain it sent a 20-foot Wall of water through the Buffalo Valley wiping out the towns of Saunders and Lorado and spreading havoc for 17 Miles downstream. Government and company officials called it an act of god but the corps report said the dam was so basically unsafe that Only a a Happy accidents of nature could have prevented its collapse. That was in new Hampshire when he was rated at Best a Long shot in the race. Now it is Mcgovern versus Humphrey head to head for 271 democratic presidential nominating votes in the California primary a week away. Their Campaign tone since sunday night when they appeared together in a National television interview indicated the dispute might become even More heated As they met again. The television appearances billed As debates but actually joint interviews broadcast by the National television networks have become Centrepieces in the California Campaign. Humphrey planned two Campaign appearances in los Angeles today then set aside time to prepare for the television appearance. Mcgovern scheduled a news conference on conversion of the Economy to a peacetime basis and cleared his schedule to rest and get ready for the second round. It will be broadcast on the National broadcasting co. Pro a Gram a meet the press a for an see Mcgovern on 2-a Mcleod s body was found in a Pool of blood Between two cars on the parking lot in front of the Large shopping Center. The new semiautomatic .22 Rifle he had purchased two hours earlier for $54.95 was near his head. He had closed his savings account at a Bank shortly before buying the Rifle and ammunition at a hardware store. The shooting followed by two weeks the wounding of Alabama gov. George Wallace at a Laurel md., shopping Center. Police chief Robert Goodwin said Mcleod a just broke out his gun and started shooting first one Way and then another. We Don t know Why he was Mcleod described As a a co operative and obedient student in school was married and worked As a janitor at Broughton High school in Raleigh. He graduated in 1969. A something must have snapped a said j e. Burke an assistant principal at former Ligon senior High where Mcleod was a student. Young Mcleod smother said he used to have a a blackouts but he had not had any in several years. Police capt. . Haswell said he Felt that because so Many people were shot the gunman Wasny to trying to hit Jordan. Those wounded in addition to Hayden were listed As mrs. Ralph Moody of Raleigh wife of a Deputy state attorney Gen eral facial wound Carol Lynn Sutton 3, of Cary thigh wound mrs. Jessie b. West about 60, of Raleigh critical condition with head wound Carol Ann Hom Avac 20, of Raleigh left shoulder wound Terri sue Henry 6, of Cary general injuries David e. Waby 30, of Raleigh and Leroy Honeycutt 29, of Raleigh. A spokesman at Wake memorial Hospital said Honeycutt was treated for a grazed wound on the Arm and released. Police chief Goodwin said Mcleod had a police record which included two assaults with a deadly weapon. Maj. . Duke said Mcleod was arrested sunday on a charge of falsely reporting the theft of an see sniper s on Page 2-a i what s inside amusements. So Bridge. 4b classified ads. Mib comics. So crossword. So editorials 4a financial. 2a obituaries. 12b sports 3-4b television .7b women s news .4-7a weather 3a overnight stay Nixon visits Shah in Iran by Frank Cormier associated press writer Tehran a president Nixon arrived in Iran s capital today to a thunderous Welcome by thousands of citizens and began the first of his discussions with the Shah on regional and world issues. Iranian officials said 250,000 persons lined the streets to Welcome the president for his overnight visit and some american observers said the crowd might be As Large As 400,000. The throngs were Friendly waving flags and shouting a a Welcome in their native Tongue. The president and mrs. Nixon were greeted at Tehran s Mehraban Airport by the 52-year-old Monarch and Empress Farah after a flight from Kiev the Nixon so last Stop in the soviet Union following a week of Summit talks Between the president and Kremlin leaders. Massive Security precautions were taken against attacks by Urban guerrillas and other dissident iranians who were told by Baghdad broadcasts to disrupt the visit. Among the topics expected to be discussed during the five hours of talks Between the two leaders were the future of the Indian Ocean and the persian Gulf area which holds 60 per cent of the worlds known til reserves. The Shah would like to see the United states and soviet Union agree to let Iran act As the policeman of the area without big Power interference. Failing that the Shah was expected to seek Assurance of in diminished . Support. The soviet governments recent Friendship treaties with India and the hostile regime in neighbouring Iraq have increased Iran s sense of isolation and it is suspicious of Moscow a intentions in the Gulf. Wearing a Gray suit White shirt and Blue and Gray tie the president looked tried but smiled As he said goodbye at the Kiev Airport to president Alexander Lyashkov of the Ukraine and other officials. The weather wag Clear and Balmy As the president and mrs. Nixon boarded air Force one after an overnight Stop in Kiev the capital of the soviet Ukraine. A a it a such a Lovely Day id like to stay another week a Nixon told Lyashkov a wife and mrs. Vladimir a Cherbitsky wife of the ukrainian communist party chief As they pre see Nixon on Page 2-a copters must avoid Panicky refugees by Michael Putzel associated press writer Korntum Vietnam apr two american soldiers and two vietnamese stand at the yawning rear ramp of the helicopter their rifles at the ready. They make threatening gestures at the crowd outside an anxious mob of women with children Slung under their arms soldiers waving official papers old men with the lines of worry and age in their faces. The guards shout but cannot be heard Over the Roar of the big Jet engines. Despite the searing exhaust and Gale Force winds of the Rotor downdrafts the mob presses closer. The ramp is raised to prevent them from leaping aboard. The guards Job is not pleasant but necessary. Only wounded soldiers and americans Are allowed aboard. The chopper taxis a few Yards to get away from the crowd. Before the people can catch up an army ambulance swings behind it and backs up to the ramp which descends again. The wounded come aboard first two men on stretchers that Are shoved to the front of the Cabin. One grimaces in pain tile other appears to be unconscious. Then the others a Young Man in the arms of a boy a plasma bottle dangling near his weary Brown face four soldiers with bandages on their Heads throats and chests a girl with red stained Gauze holding her hand and Arm together. Ramp up. Two american soldiers swing up and climb aboard. They lived in Korntum once but now go there Only in the Daylight to guide in the helicopters. They grab a ride out each night on the last Bird to Plesku. The engines accelerate. A Cloud of dust and debris envelops the machine driving the crowd Back As the big Chinook lumbers into the air and turns South for Plesku. Each Day is the same now. Several Hundred townspeople wait in the half finished soccer stadium downtown hoping one of the diminishing number of helicopters will somehow open to them. A no a the american sergeant explains to All who come begging. A Only americans and wounded vietnamese to those Are my he Speaks to them in English. They done to know the language but they get the message. Rail Yards 16 Bridges hit by . Air planes Saigon apr american fighter bombers raided one of North Vietnam a biggest Railroad Yards monday leaving the Yards on the outskirts of Haiphong engulfed in explosions and flames and wrecked 16 Bridges across the country the . Command announced today. One Marine a6 Jet from the Carrier Coral sea was shot Down but the two fliers nursed it out to sea and a helicopter pulled them out of the water. The strikes against the Uong by Railroad Yard to Miles Northeast of the port City were the first there in the stepped up bombing of North Vietnam which began april 6. The Yard reportedly serviced North Vietnam a entire Railroad system including the Northwest and Northeast lines to China. Meanwhile a task Force of three cruisers and two destroyers ranged up and Down the coast shelling targets from to Miles North of the demilitarized zone to within 29 Miles of Haiphong. The . Command reported that american pilots flew Morg than 250 strikes across North Vietnam during the 24-hour period ending at 5 p m. Monday. In the ground War there were reports of the first withdrawal of North vietnamese troops from South Vietnam since they started their big offensive two months ago. U. S. Military sources said elements of two North vietnamese divisions had pulled Back into Cambodia from an Loc the besieged provincial capital 60 Miles North of Saigon. Both were reported badly battered by b52 bomb strikes. The enemy pressure on an Loc itself has eased but North vietnamese forces have intensified shelling along Highway 13 South of the devastated town and Are keeping a Relief column from getting through. Field reports said the enemy gunners on monday slammed 2,400 rocket and mortar shells into three South vietnamese positions along the Highway two to to Miles South of an Loc. Twenty South vietnamese soldiers were reported killed and 109 wounded. Elsewhere fighting broke out for the first time in several weeks in southernmost Cambodia just across the Border from the Western Mekong Delta in South Vietnam. South vietnamese rangers spearheaded by an armoured column clashed with North vietnamese forces while on a drive to Block infiltration into the Delta

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