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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cimring mild f mar data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 152 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon May 31, 1972 72 pages Call us circulation. 812-1719 classified ads .ms-2177 All other departments 885-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c bombs hit Tehran As Nixon departs for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Medicaid problem i would like information in just what a person aged 74 and with is who receives $32 from social service and $78 social Security can de about doctor s care. Medicaid Stamps Are issued which doctors Are refusing to take and Are also refusing new patients. Social service says that is the Only Way they pay a doctor and that they knew doctors Are refusing them of people pay their doctors there lust in t enough Money left for necessities. Where and what can be done about this problem i m net asking for myself but the Many who have be one to help or care for them. Mrs. B. R. H. A. Chief of staff of the High Point memorial Hospital John Benson acting he says As a a unofficial spokesman for the medical Community has this to say about the problem a each medicaid patient is an expense to the doctor. By accepting the medicaid sticker he agrees that the payment by the state is a full payment a and he cannot Bill anyone else for the difference. At present the state says they Are paying 67 cents for every Dollar charged. Most doctors that i have talked to Are getting Between 25 to 50 per cent of their usual charges. This does not break even. However no doctor said he was turning away his old patients that now become medicaid sticker bearers. A there is a Ray of Hope. In the near future we Are going to have an out patient clinic for nonemergency care. Medicaid recipients will be welcomed. The health planning committee along with the Hospital and medical staff Are trying to develop a comprehensive health care and delivery system for High of poems and songs q. What is Cha procedure for people writing poems and songs to get their writings published without sanding them through the mail and somebody stealing them thank you. Mrs. G. W. A. Its probably harder to get poetry stolen than it is to get it published though the thought of a literary thief or Fence is rather intriguing. If you Send your material by certified or registered mail that will insure its Safe arrival. If it will make you rest easier you can mail yourself a copy at the same time also registered and keep it unopened along with your receipt when its delivered. You can be sure publishers Deal honestly with people or they be Able to stay in business. They usually request that you enclose a return envelope stamped and self addressed if the composition is rejected and you want it returned. You might find helpful some books at the Public Library the writer s Market a for one which outline Correct ways to prepare manuscripts for submission. A a Tehran a a rash of bombs hit Tehran today killing an iranian woman breaking both legs of a . Air Force general and delaying president Nixon a schedule by 45 minutes. One explosion occurred about too Yards from the site of the presidents final Public appearance in Iran at the Tomb of the father of the Shah of Iran where Nixon was to place a Wreath. The bomb went off just outside the 10-foot Wall around the Tomb an hour before the president was due there. Nixon a motorcade was delayed but he went ahead with his appearance at the Tomb of Reza Shah 20 Miles outside Tehran. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said a car in which Brig. Gen. Harold l. Price was Riding in a Tehran suburb hit an explosive device in the Roadway killing an iranian woman standing nearby and breaking both the general Steps. A third explosion shattered windows and damaged a Side Wall at the seven Story . Information service building in downtown Tehran. Japanese terrorists kill 22 in Tel Aviv by David Lancashire associated press writer Tel Aviv a Premier Golda Meir blasting Cairo and Beirut for a rejoicing a told the israeli parliament today that Arab states will be held responsible for tuesday nights massacre at israelis International Airport. At least 22 persons were killed and More than 70 were wounded in the shooting. The 74-year-old Leader her voice trembling with anger also censured world governments for lax Airport Security and said the massacre by three Young japanese terrorists hired by a Palestine guerrilla movement could a easily have been France on whose National airline the gunmen arrived condemned the terror attack by the sub machine gun and grenade wielding japanese. Travellers relatives bystanders and employees at the crowded Airport were hit during the wild fusillade of gunfire Congress will hear Nixon Washington a con Gressional leaders announced today president Nixon will address a joint session of Congress thursday night immediately after his return from his trip to Moscow. The address in the House chamber is scheduled for 9 30 . Edt. And explosions loosed by three gunmen who disembarked from a Paris Rome Tel Aviv flight pulled weapons from their baggage and started shooting. A police superintendent said 22 were killed and 70 injured. But officials at hospitals where the bodies were taken said the death toll was 25, and wounded totalled More than 70. After firing indiscriminately into the crowd one of the ter wrists shot up two parked planes then blew himself up with a hand grenade. A second was killed by bullets fired by his comrades and the third was captured alive after trying unsuccessfully to blow up a plane police said. The dead included at least 13 puerto Picans passing through the Airport on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and prof. Aharon Katzir former president of the Israel Academy of sciences and head of the International Union of pure and applied biophysics. A 3-year-old girl was among the dead. Among those who escaped injury were Carol Golden of new York arriving for a vacation and her brother Tom who lives in Israel with their Mother. A Bullet gouged the mothers knee but she was not Hurt seriously. A Are you kidding a said miss Golden when asked if she would stay for the month she had planned. A a in a getting out of Here As soon As i the 10-minute attack turned the customs Hall and waiting room into a shambles of blood human flesh broken Glass and parts of suitcases and bodies. A it looked like a Slaughter see japanese on 2-a assassins appeared impersonal anti Ivy missile bomb shelter blast kills five children q. Will you please toll to if Thoro is something i con got to Spray on Poison Ivy to kill it in shrubbery and not injure Tho shrubbery. Thanks. Anon. A. The Spray designed to kill the Ivy will kill any other Broad leaved Plant it comes in Contact with. The Best solution is to dig it up roots and All. Needless to say but Well say it anyway cover every bit of yourself that May touch the Ivy and thoroughly Wash your gloves and clothes after the Job is done. Or or one word Only q. I would appreciate very much an Effort to clarify Tho spoiling of Sweet Brier. Tho City Street sign spells it As above. The Booklet published by the chamber of Commerce has it Sweetbriar. Should this be a i Era or anything you can do in clarifying this topic would be appreciated. Anonymous. A. The planning department assuming the Buck stops there has the official name As one word ending in the Patch what Bra or Rabbit did no to want to be thrown into can be spelled Briar or Brier. We relayed the thorny problem to Virgil Hazelett of traffic engineering in Case he wants to re Doodle the Street signs. A a flip s zip q. What is Tho address of flip Wilson As i am a Groat fan of his and would like to write him a Little letter thank you. H. O. What in the address of Peter Folk on Colombo . A. Both appear on the no network Abc television 30 Rockefeller Plaza new York . 10020. A Messy Market q. Some of these markets around town Ere be dirty especially in the Corner of Lindsay and English end i would like to know who to Call to get them to clean them up. I live in the Lindsay area and it is perfectly ridiculous around there. They should get out there and clean them up because trash has blown Ever in our Yard. I would appreciate it if somebody would get in behind this is it Leeks awful. Anon. A. Public works director Carl wills says the owner has agreed to clean up. Valdese no. A -. Treasury agent Jack Sewell theorized today that a Leaky Gas line and a spark from a faulty Light switch were the causes of the bomb shelter explosion that kilted five children and injured another in Valdese tuesday night. Sewell said fumes from the gasoline line May have been building inside the shelter for some time. A 500 gallon tank providing fuel for the shelters Generator was buried near the shelter owned by or. And mrs. James e. Garrou. Sewell said the children were apparently playing inside the shelter and were leaving when one of them tried to turn the lights out. A spark from the switch set off the explosion he said. The Treasury departments alcohol tobacco and firearms unit is in charge of the investigation of the disaster. Garrou a textile executive built the shelter in a Hillside behind his Home in the Early 1960s. He was quoted by Valdese officials tuesday night As saying that it was always kept locked. Garrou a 12-year-old daughter Jean was one of the children killed by the blast. The others were identified As Regina Robinson 12 her brother Donald Robinson jr., 14 Michael Powell to and Gloria Hammond 12. Cynthia Picou to escaped with Only minor injuries according to a spokesman for Valdese general Hospital where she was taken after the Accident. Valdese fire chief a. O. Anderson said the victims apparently were in the doorway to the shelter or on the Hillside below it when it blew up. One child a body was found in a Street which ran beside the property below the Hillside. The other bodies he said fell into the pit created by the explosion and were found on the Steps of the shelter. Earth movers were brought in to remove the dirt and rubble and to help reach the bodies. Valdese officials said the explosion Shook the whole town. Valdese is a Small Community Between Asheville and Hickory in Western North Carolinas Foothills. It is noted for its Waldensian bread baked by descendants of the Waldenses sect which immigrated to the area from France. Editor s note Tom Golden a 29-y oar old now yorker living in Israel was waiting for his sister to come out of customs when japanese terrorists working for the arabs staged a massacre at led International Airport killing 25 persons and wounding More than 70. Here is his report of what to saw. By Tom Golden Tel Aviv map i was standing with my Mother at the Glass partition separating the Public from the customs Hall at the Airport when i saw explosions lights and flashes and heard guns firing. I was standing next to a pillar and i yanked my Mother behind it. She is 60. My Mother said a a in a i looked and there was a gouge in her knee. She was not seriously Hurt. Then the Glass where i had been standing seconds earlier was shattered by gunfire. The next thing i knew there was a Short japanese Man standing up against the steel railing of the partition. He was firing his sub machine gun from the Waist through the broken Glass into the Hall where passengers buy tickets and the Public Waits for incoming travellers. His face was screwed up and wincing but there did not seem to be any hatred. He just looked As though he was doing a Job. I realized then that we were not so Safe behind the pillar. He could have shot at us. I done to know Why he did no to. He just stared straight ahead and fired his sub machine gun. I took my mothers hand and started pulling her away from the pillar toward the exit of the terminal. She slipped. I raised her up and dragged her out. I said a Ama done to Golden a sister Carol a tall blonde was asked by newsmen if she would stay for a month of vacation in Israel As she originally planned. A Are you kidding a she replied. A a in a getting out of Here As soon As i there was a fourth explosion at a Pepsi cola Plant. A there is no indication whatsoever that the acts were aimed at the life of the president or members of his party a Ziegler told newsmen. Police charged that the bombings were the work of Iran a marxist guerrilla movement which has been waging a two year bomb and Bullet Campaign against the Shah a regime. Baghdad radio in neighbor in Iraq has been calling on All a patriotic iranians to disrupt Nixon a visit. The iraqi regime is angered by . Support of Israel and is also contending with Iran for dominance in the persian Gulf area. Nixon seemed unruffled As he went through with the ceremony at the Tomb. Newsmen on the scene said the blast occurred about too feet from the spot where the president was to place a Wreath an hour later at the Tomb of Reza Shah the father of the present ruler. Debris was thrown into the air and surrounding Trees were shaken. Later two Sticks of dynamite were found in the area it was said. After the ceremony the president was to meet with the Shah. That meeting was delayed 45 minutes. Gerald Warren Deputy White House press Secretary said the president would leave Tehran on schedule for Warsaw at 6 50 a m. Edt. Nixon after bombing president Richard Nixon walks with Chelan Reza left brother of the Shah of Iran at the Tomb of Reza Dhan father of the Shah where he placed a Wreath today. It was the final appearance for the president in Iran and was the site of a bomb explosion about an hour before the president was due. A wire photo Nixon flies to Poland by Frank Cormier associated pre writer Warsaw a winding up his current schedule of sum Mitry president Nixon came to Warsaw today to discuss Trade and economic assistance with Poland a communist party Boss Edward Gierek. The president and mrs. Nixon flew Back to the soviet bloc after a state visit of nearly 24 hours in Tehran that included talks with the Shah of Iran and a glittering Imperial banquet amid a rash of Small bombings which the White House said was not aimed at the president. After their two Day visit toe Nixon Fly Home to Washington thursday. The president will Confer with Gierek in the parliament building while . Secretary of state William p. Rogers and foreign minister Stefan 01-Szowski sign a bilateral consular agreement giving greater american embassy Protection to . Citizens arrested in Poland. The pact took to years to negotiate. Premier Piotr Jaroszewicz will Host a state dinner for the presidential party and the Nixon will spend the night at Bilanow a 17th Century Palace outside Warsaw. Security around the baroque Palace has been stepped up. The bombs killed me iranian woman and broke both legs of a . Air Force general and one exploded near a Royal Tomb before Nixon got there to place a Wreath. But White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said there was a no indication whatsoever that the acts were aimed at the life of the president or members of his the iranian police blamed the bombs on local marxist guerrillas who have been waging a bomb and Bullet Campaign against the Shah s regime for two years. Iraqi broadcasts from Baghdad have been urging them to disrupt Nixon a visit. Nixon strip to the Tomb of Reza Shah the father of Iran a present ruler was delayed 45 minutes by the bomb that exploded just outside the 16-foot Wall around the Tomb. The bomb did Little damage Ami Nixon appeared unruffled As he placed a Wreath on the Tomb. The most serious explosion was set off by the car of Brig. Gen. Harold l. Price As he was Riding in a Tehran suburb. The device planted in the Roadway killed an iranian woman standing nearby and broke both the general a legs. Other blasts damaged the . Information service building a Pepsi cola Plant and the downtown office of Minco an Oil company partially owned by american and other foreign interests. Nixon s visit to Tehran was capped for grandeur at a White tie state dinner Given by the Shah tuesday night at Niava ran Palace the Imperial residence. Tens of thousands of iranians turned out to Welcome the president and mrs. Nixon and the president told the dinner guests a we could Tell them from the expressions on their faces they had not been ordered to come because while you can order people to get out on the streets you cannot order them to . Clean air plan is approved welfare recipients get jobs Albany . A due to a fledgling a work or else program the states department of social services reports that thousands of welfare recipients Are disappearing into the Job Market. A it has been successful within the framework in which it was set up a social services commissioner Abe Lavine says of the program. Laviness chief Deputy Barry Van Lare added that it is helping some persons on welfare a meet their responsibility to actively seek in the first nine months of the program 22.748 welfare recipients were placed in jobs. An additional 39,124 were removed from welfare for failing to report for Job interviews or for other reasons. Under the program enacted by the 1971 legislature and put into effect last july i welfare recipients Are sorted into two Basic groups those who can hold Job and those who can not. If the recipient were classified As employable his Check would be sent to the local state employment service office where he must pick it up in person. When he shows up he is referred to a training program or to a Job if one is available. If he does not pick up his Check his welfare eligibility is withdrawn. If he gets his Check but does not take the Job he also is dropped from welfare. The department sampled 455 Job placements for last september As the basis for the study of the programs results and followed up by determining How Many of those placed in jobs were still working in december. Figures showed that 32 per cent of the jobs lasted one week or less Only about one third still had jobs at the end of november. But Van Lare said the Bare figures do not reveal a third category those who left the initial Job but found work elsewhere and stayed off welfare. Irvine and Van Lare said the study did not attempt to put a Dollar figure on the Success of the program. Lavine said its biggest Benefit was a the creation of an atmosphere which encourages people to look for Washington a the head of the environmental Protection Agency today approved nine state and three territorial clean air plans but a Day old court order clouded the Validity of his action. That order a major Victory for environment groups required Ruckelshaus to review the plans and Grant final approval Only if they give Complete Protection to air already cleaner than required by Federal standards. Pending that review Epa administrator William d. Ruckelshaus approved the Complete clean air plans of Alabama Connecticut Florida Mississippi new Hampshire North Carolina North Dakota Oregon West Virginia Guam puerto Rico and american Samoa. He approved some parts and rejected other segments of the plans submitted by other states and jurisdictions. The Law requires Ruckelshaus to impose Federal regulations where state plans Are deemed inadequate. But a prepared Epa statement said work is continuing at the state level and a some of the deficiencies that Epa identified in the plans could Well be remedied by state action before Epa is required to promulgate its own details of the piece by piece approvals and rejections were to be published in 200 pages of the Federal Register. The Epa also scheduled regional news conferences to discuss them. The entire Issue was placed in a new Light tuesday by a court order requiring the government to prevent deterioration of clean air. The court order gave Ruckelshaus extra time to review the state plans. There was no immediate announcement whether the government would Appeal. As prescribed by Federal Law Ruckelshaus has set National air Quality standards designed first to protect human health then to guard other aspects of the environment. But . District court judge John h. Pratt injected a third requirement effective at 9 a in. Today the Federal government May not allow air already cleaner than Federal standards to deteriorate in Quality. What s inside amusements in Bridge is classified ads 20-25c comics 3b crossword in editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2b sports Lac television in women s nows 21-24a weather. A

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