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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page eight Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point. North Carolina sunday. May 26. 1610 significance of girl scout Camp emphasized chairman of camping committee stresses what Camp Means to girls of this age editors note the girl Grout camping season will open june 14 and continue through june 28. The following article bout this Camp and its significance is a statement from mrs. Fay Huntley Edwards chairman of the girl scout camping committee Here tast september half the world went to War. In that same month a letter was sent from the world Bureau of girl guides and girl scouts in London to our girl scouts of America saying a we look to you to keep up the spirit of scouting the spirit of Honor a and the spirit of love and peace is part of the Creed i of girl scouting even in time of War. Only last August a group of girls from America and to other coun tries were brought together at Adel Boden. Switzerland to talk Over their problems As scouts and As future citizens. Hundreds of troops throughout the United states of different racial religious and National backgrounds Learned to respect and Admire the contribution which each could make to the group life. We must fully understand the Aims of this great world movement. The most important fact is to help our girl to be self reliant Wal Balan Ltd people and to equip them to become builders of a just i and effective social order tomorrow. If we sincerely believe in the Aims of the organization there is a tremendous Opportunity open to us when our Little girls go to Camp for the first time some of them Are handicapped because their mothers have done so much for them. Have they had a Chance to be resourceful they get splendid Pew ideas of a Well conducted ramp and All Scottt Camps arc Well conducted. They learn to set a table to Cook to arrange Flowers. Appreciate nature use their hands in Craft work Aud sewing. They learn to play Ami sing Anda in they take care of minor injuries. In fact As our great educators have set fort has one of its Aims. A to produce participating citizens in a democratic social mrs. A t. Powell top Little Brownie scouts learn to observe All the rules of the neighbourhood they Cross streets carefully. And think of leaving litter on the ground or rooms they explore the they investigate the neigh store. Interested to see w pie in other part of the Send to to. Their Little minds should be directed in the right Way. They Are the mothers of tomorrow. It is our duty to make Camp possible for our girls and to realize the importance of it in their lives we must serve our girls with a National program that tan be adapted to local need so that j effective Community living May i be gained. Girl scout leaders give time. Talent and Energy toward this Worth while organization it j is a great inspiration to have the spirit of cooperation behind them which i constantly shown in our City. British prepare feverishly for first invasion in 900 years government Given dictatorial Powers alled ring defends Trio of target Channel ports. In la a Vdovec a England ecc1 w \. A. In up Xii a Punk a i �2 Morth 5sa German troops Allied troops a Quot fib a a m t6cdvm of it Cost and a a i Ghent 7 Maas at Nethe Slanus Bou Loune vhf Abbeville be Havre Arras k �?~%4 a aaa., in z a Jujj to i m Belgium Namu o \5\ \ Jar gift a big a la Aachen was who a / a >4. A /4k $0 Antish blast of stores at Hamburg Bremen bomb Aachen West Wall and nazi Supply lines in rear. French build solid defense line against drive on Paris shoot out counter attacks against German wedge. France a rift 1 a v Cut Luxembourg Eft w Vicdan am is ii i Kew Marne Lone Nan Parachute Cap lured equipped with bicycle. Incendiary chemicals Vic to \ Argonne Forest Swift German columns using dive bombers a Chute and Cycle troops drive spearhead to Channel ports Battle fiercely with allies trapped in pocket North of Cambrai. Valedictory address delivered at College n Metz baccalaureate Sermon to be delivered today by or. G. I. Humphreys miss Marguerite Mccaskill of Blaney s. C., delivered the Tass of i Fhoos. Valedictory to High Point College at the annual class Day exercises last night in Roberts Hall. Miss Mabel Koontz of High Point was salutatorian. Miss Mccaskill was chosen to deliver the valedictory by reason of holding the highest Scholastic average in Hie class of 84 graduates who will receive their degrees monday morning. Miss Koontz daughter of or. And mrs. Garland m. Koontz of this City j held the next highest Scholastic rating. A Brief play let a the court of quest a was divided into three parts. In the first part a past a a made up of a a pages of by gone Days. Robert Johnson of Denton retiring president of the student body reigned As King of intelligence admitted a group of seniors in freshman Caps into the court. In the second scene. the pseudo freshmen transformed into senior in academic array presented their report through Jesse swill son class historian w to in Hided Iii his manuscript highlights of the four collegial year of this year s record breaking class. Thereafter they Wert dabbed knights of history Law j and various other subjects. Tin third scene. incl dry j the class prophecy in a novel scene where a group gossiped by senior6 of he years to come. Ani i in which miss Mccaskill gave Bel valedictory As a a Stoat to the fun off ire is of the class Are Schb Williams. President reverb i Bond vice president Rebect Coble Secretary Rosin or Bort in to. Pro Gram commencement activities Schell u led pm i Oda it ate the Bacca la Iii reate Sermon to be delivered null a. In at the it ii method a Church by or. Gideon Ireland Humphreys a Campus concert by a Mil at 4 &Quot.a. And or p. K Lindley a turn a i address to Campus re lignin organization s tonight at o clock in Roberts Hall to graduation exercises with Tori or congressman William b. La Ink t m address w ill begin at to Joti me la i la n Iii ill o gymnasium. Recent brides honoured at Lexington parties swing Mccarn vows announced n Pla Wood to a Kaders Man of the High Point chapter of the american red Cross and or. E. H. Blaek Ard below chairman of that organization a mobilization for mercy Are urging High Point to support this human world italian Appeal crying 1 or. Blackard asks support locally j for wide Appeal chairman urges backing of mobilization for mercy program second week of total w Vuk a map highlights spread. Begin laying trap for Allied forces in Belgium continue on to of German legions across Belgium and Northern France. J Ward English Channel. Fifth Day German spearhead reaches first Day of second week germans take Brussels and a Abbeville on Channel Large Allied forces trapped in Belgium Mur break French lines bring general Gamelin so conquer germans bomb British and French Channel ports. British or die ultimatum. Second Day germans take Antwerp bomb Aachen. Sixth Day French form main defensive line head for Channel ports in France. British bomb German fuel behind Somme and Aisne Rivers. Allies launch local Cou Supply stations in Rhineland. Germans mop up in nether ter attacks. Seventh Day germans spearhead to Boulogne lands. Weygand succeeds Gamelin. Third Day germans an on Channel say invasion of England is near. French retake ounce re incorporation of three belgian provinces into Reich. Arras intensify counterattacks. Allied pincer threatens Advance toward Oise River in France. Fourth Day germans 1 German salient to Channel. Roosevelt s radio talk on slate of Union Given deeper significance with world crisis defense moral of european War pointed out for Benefit of americans and preparedness in a War mad world by Kuske i. Simpson against the sombre background of the Battle in Flanders. President Roosevelt a radio talk tonight sunday on the state of the Union in a War mad world takes on deep significance. Weather North Carolina a partly Cloudy altered Shower in the Mountain and and its preparedness to defend itself in North mitral portion sunday. Monday generally fair Little change in temperature a tale of horror out oven All written history is being written there. Irrespective of Tritico British or German fortunes swaying uncertainly in the balance from hour to hour the unfolding Story of that Battle gives or. Roosevelt an Opportunity to Point its defense moral for american r it i diplomats Are offered Haven papal authorities speeding completion of air raid shelters i in be i i utterly impossible for us Ful America to realize the terrible suffering which the people of Europe Are undergoing said or. E h. Blackard. Chairman of the mobilization for sic icy program yesterday. A driven from their Homes with All Means of communications disrupted food stores bombed with their or Little children and helpless aged it folks they wander in confusion j b he continued a after the bombers rain Shell and fire upon them. They lie suffering and helpless and that moral is this in Poland. In Norway. In Holland in Belgium in Frame and even in sea grit England a terrible Price in blood and treasure has been and is being paid for inadequate readiness for defense. Just How or. Roosevelt intends to state it i a matter of his Cholee. The fait ate Plain enough. They heavily underscore the failure even of France at Elbow touch with arming Germany to apprehend the full significance and import of the nazi War preparation or to foresee the powerful War Ballium that could and would loosed against her. Era had been taken As there were germans killed or wounded. Whether or not that is a reasonable estimate there Are other factors indicating that far inferior numbers of first line German j troops w 1th Swift mechanical j equipment overran Holland and i Belgium shattered French resistance in Long prepared defense positions on the Meuse and Erash ugh disintegrating French t lines West Aid to the de thro defense Channel to sustain his known View that War events abroad have compelled this country to revise upward to a still unforeseeable extent All of its defensive preparations. Or. Roosevelt has available confidential reports from trained Amenta by Obser has a Hest in in Many s abroad. To direct word British Alip eds of the to waiting for the merciful hand of �?�i/5p i death. The Rod Cross is seeking of to alleviate the suffering As far a possible. A a t linty there is enough sym Aud the milk of human ass in our american Public Pond to this great need every citizen should have some part regardless of How Large or Small his Contr Luton. Quot High Point has been Given a quota of $4,000. The other cities of our state Are responding in a splendid spirit. Asheville Boro find Thomasville at toward reaching their quota Wei Asia that he regarded time Secretary of state. The diplomats i must awake to our responsibility the essence. Since he Spok who ordinarily live outside the and make our response ruined-1 flame of w a in Flanders Vatican City were asked by let j lately. We Are confident that the swept Forward to the Continental people of High Point will not fail to answer this Appeal of mercy. A make your contribution now and save Many lives. Send your gift to the american red Cross office or the Enterprise or radio station w. M. F. Vatican City. May 25-�? papal authorities today recognized the possibility of italian Entrance into the War by offering Refuge to diplomats accredited tonality the holy see and speeding compte a kind Tion of Vatican City s air raid a hellers. Prelates indicated Pope Pius Xii is convinced Italy is going to War hut that he refuses to leave Vatican City or consider using the air raid shelter provided especially for him. The offer of Refuge was made i by Luigi Cardinal Mallone. Papal conceptions destroyed administration leaders have made it Clear that the events of actual War in Europe beginning with the first German a a Blitzkrieg in Poland have destroyed All previous Conception of National defense needs. That involves not Only Type of weapons but the Speed Quot nth which Industry must be re geared i it produce them in sufficient Quantity. There was a Plain intimation in preside it Roosevelt s suggestion to Congress that this country might need 50,000 Battle planes greens to insure the Western hemisphere Well on i against incursions from Europe or is of ter to say whether they would return to their countries or take up residence in Vatican City in event Italy dropped her non Belliger a Kcjr. Bombing of Vatican City a a lightly less than 109 acres at the Edge of Rome is considered High-1 by improbable in ecclesiastical c in Cuell or Rte. Lbs. Even if Home itself la Asheville Mah elected bombed. But scrupulous concern for safety of the City s inhabitants numbering about , caused building of shelters since it might be difficult for bombers to distinguish the papal City particularly at night during blackouts. Two immense shelters one for ecclesiastical inhabitants and the other for laity weep prepared. About half the population is ecclesiastical. War will uhe unions. Says Francis j. Gorman Paterson. N. A. May 25.�? a Francis j. Gorman president of the United textile workers of America a predicted today a a the pressure of War Quot would remit in an Early reconciliation of Ibe Cio and the Al. A there is every indication that Legot tattoos will he resumed Gorman told members of he National federation of nov in Label workers their first National convention since breaking from the Cio 1 can assure you i Bey w ill be naked with state Deputy of k c Greensboro May 25.�? i Anthony Redmond Asheville was elected state Deputy of North Carolina state Council of knights of Columbus in 20th annual convention Here today other officers chosen include Dennis j. Dunn. Charlotte state Secretary James j. Allen Wilmington state Orcas. Mer Rev. T. A Williams Southern Pine state advocate and or. E. Prefontaine Greensboro state Warden. Condemnation of subversive action in the state was made in a Resolution which pledged cooperation with any Agency duly qualified to combat and counteract subversive activities. Rev. John a. Brown Nazareth Wake county was appointed by Bishop Eugene a Mcguinness Raleigh As j state chaplain. Reds routed Pekin. Ii May 25.�? a nine Chicago communists took j Refuge in of Tazewell county court House today when they were threatened by a hostile Towd one of their automobiles was burned. Can omit probably from hit j Bority i struggle. There have Bern Plain Intima i Lions that such reports confirmed i to a Large extent that Germany is lightning Antares have been i achieved with minimum loss of j i life in comparison to the havoc i j they wrought on the enemy. Air superiority vital to German sue a be it yes a it has been. Is Only one j j Angle. German staff efficiency and technical skill in War opera j Lions rate High. The perfection of German communications that made Paris and London for weeks i Only he grudging and belated echoes of Berlin Victory claims. Five hours or More late has been j significant. All of it enters into the re-1 i vision of american defense Po-1 hey and re fashioning of Anteri a can Means of defense w hich will j i Herb the announced keynote of the Bas i president a report to the nation at 9 30 p rn., Eastern Standard time tonight. And to Hac k up i what he May say come the Dis taut echoes of the guns and Bomba i in Flanders and the graphic accounts of millions of homeless French and belgian refugees caught in the War s maw blocking roads vitally needed by Allied armies to Stem the German tide. A it shall not happen Here could Well he the Roosevelt text. Washington May 23 4 api weather Bureau records of temperature and rainfall tor the 24 h Dun ending 8 p. In. In the principal Cotton grow lug area and the Whert station h l r fall Alpena. 1 46 31 Asheville. 78 30 of Atlanta. 79 49 of Atlantic City 53 31 of Birmingham. 77 50 09 Boston. 30 46 Buffalo. 39 33 .15 built ton. 74 53 of Charlotte. 74 58 .18 Chicago. 34 46 .17 Cincinnati. 89 43 of Cleveland. 86 48 .08 Denver. 88 43 .00 Dalian. 80 60 of Duluth. 53 44 u Al pah. 88 59 .4m> Galveston. So 61 0u hav re. 83 49 of Jacksonville. 88 69 of Becaas City. 82 49 .10 key West. 83 77 of Little Rock. 76 35 31 Loa Angelo. 75 56 of Louisville. 68 49 la Memphis. 75 58 of Meridian. 82 52 of Miami. 85 79 .43 Minn St Paul 58 42 .00 Mobile. A 80 53 new Orleans 83 61 new York. 61 53 07 Norfolk. 80 55 of Pittsburgh. 64 50 .38 Portland me 51 17 .24 Portland Ore. 64 51 of Richmond. 75 57 la St. Louis. 66 s3 .10 san Antonio 88 oooo san Francisco 62 52 of Savannah 84 to of Tampa. 82 73 .15 Vicksburg. 82 62 of Washington 66 36 08 Wilmington. 81 69 .16 noted spy their drive to stamp out a fifth column activities British authorities detained Captain Franz von Rintelen above noted German spy in the world War of 1914-18. He was one of the chief German spies in the United states during that War. Since 1926 he has lived in England having left Germany As a a Leon seditious objector to nazism. J. S. Ambulance Driver missing coast of the English Channel insular England faces real not imaginary or theoretical fears a of invasion despite her sea Power. The seemingly impossible of three weeks ago has become the not Only possible hut the probable. Perhaps the inevitable of today. The aftermath of the Battle in Flanders May do far More than any possible present calculation of defense requirements to afford a glimpse of the dimensions of die american armament policy of the years attend. That vast and confused conflict has already made Thomasville almost obsolete much previous Complete returns from All prec Merit an defense planning. J incas in Thomasville late tonight showed a. J. Maxwell on Fop in i the race for governor with ti74 there is a grave possibility for votes. Gravely was second with instance that Germany has created in a fast striking armoured and j other candidates in the Guber mechanized Shock unit a weapon Natoria race and their votes Are upsetting every previous Calculi As follows Broughton 187 Coop Thomasville gives Maxwell Lead in governors race May Alu la Tiu is i in set Tion of the relative Cost in life of the offensive and defensive in War. There Are As yet no authoritative estimates of Battle casualties. At least 500.000 German soldiers have been a a lost during the last to Days a broadcast from Loudon said today. One High ranking German Field command has asserted however that the armoured nazi thrusts behind blasting bomb barrages were made Al a Price of one German life for ten dutch. Belgian French and British taken. He estimated that in the Mimi so so in me pocket alone or 128 Horton. 60 Grady 28 and Simmons 4. Votes for congressmen were As follows Burgin sic Deane. 413 Steele 64 Philips 12. Candidates for lieutenant governor received the following votes Martin 921 Harriss 131 Smith. Too and Tompkins. 30. Ten times As Many Allied Pnson-1 hoi ton 337, and in Nous la. Among a number of american ,. Youths driving ambulances in the Davidson county voted a tot j French War zone feared lost since the German invasion is Lawrence a. Jump of Oakland Cal. A member of the Gen. Pershing Section of the american Volunteer ambulance corps he has been missing since his ambulance we a it healed on May 16 near Sar regu comes. Lows for Congress Burgin 5.167 Deane. 620 Steele 101 Philips 31 Newton 51. For governor bronc Ilion. 3,-227 Maxwell 1.631 gravely 3 7 7 Grady. 67 Cooper 221 ice official will conduct hearings government May intervene in casual transportation of passengers Charlotte. May 25.�?<,1y�? we Mccaslin of Charlotte examiner for the motor carriers Bureau. I n t or t a t e Commerce commission will conduct hearing during june and july on cases involving casual occasional or reciprocal transportation of passengers by motor vehicle. The hearings to he conducted in principal cities of the United states Are concerned with a share expenses trips in which motorists advertise for passengers to share expenses on trips to a Given Point. The investigations will be to determine whether persons who engage Iii this practice should lie brought under regulation of the inc. At present casual occasional and reciprocal transportation of passengers is exempted by the Ico. Iii some Section persons were reported conducting the trips in i the nature of a Racket Iii which i passengers often Are asked to Bear 1 added expenses and in some cases a robbed or mistreated. Negroes wrecked train to revenge conviction Raleigh May 25.�? ply two i negroes who. Polite said a had a j grudge against the were charged today with the wrecking of a freight train Here May 15. The negroes hooked As David King 17, and Sylvester Williams 22, both of method derailed the train to get revenge for their convictions of Box car robberies detective Captain Bruce Poole added. The Southern railway through freight was wrecked at the Fayetteville Street crossing. Although the locomotive and eight cars were derailed no one was injured. Pollee charge d dial Kine and Williams broke a switch with a heavy piece of Loueie. Is Btl to the Enterprise Lexington May 25. Mis to j. Jarvis was hostess at a Lovely i party recently at Bel Home on South state Street when she honoured mrs. Hale Smith a recent Bride. The High score prize a lipstick. Was awarded miss Agnes Carrick the Low score i ize. A Bodle of perfume fell to miss Inez Henely. The honoree. Mrs. Smith was presented Crystal goblets designed in her chosen pattern when cards were Laid a de he hostess invited the guest into the dining room and served delicious ice cake mints and punch. Guests included mrs. Smith miss Carrick. Miss Henley mrs. Pat Young miss Margie Walser mrs. J. M. Browning. Or Ray Godfrey i. Johnnie Hewitt miss Vivian Smith mrs a laude Smith miss Caille Marie Jarvis. Miss Emily Binning. Miss Addis Fulton Elliott. Miss Evelyn Canady and miss Johnsie Cartier. Miss Virgie swing became the Bride of Ervin Mccain in a simple ceremony on May la. At Beck reformed parsonage with Rev. E. Hiatt pastor of the Bride officiating. I the daughter r. L. Swing of six and for Severn employed at Inu factoring co Here. To is the son of mrs. A earn and the late or. Mcearn. Of route 6. The annual Mother daughter banquet of the first reformed Church was held in the social rooms of the Church amid a setting of Lovely Spring Flower. Following a delicious dinner mrs. Paul Hinkle Toast mistress Cave a Welcome greeting. Mrs. Banks Peeler recognized mra. Claudia Leonard the oldest Mother mrs. K. E. Surratt the Middle aged Mother mrs Frank Smith the youngest Mother and miss Nora Smith the youngest daughter. An interesting program was presented by miss Ruth Morris mrs. Arthur Thomason miss Mildred Conrad Lindsay mrs. John Ford miss Addie sue Leonard miss Klize Johnson and mrs. Grey Davis. A a a a a mrs pm Browning entertained at Bridge at her Home on West Conter Street in compliment to mrs. Hale Smith Aud mrs. Malcolm Fritts both recent brides. Five tables were arranged Iii the living room amid a setting of tulips Iris Aud pansies. The Honoreen places were marked by Dainty corsages. At the count of the store. Mra. Archie Brannock was awarded an attractive vase and or. W. I. Lee a China set mrs Smith a presented a Crystal cigarette get As Winner of the travelling prize and also China designed in her wedding pattern. Or Fitts received refrigerator dishes in conclusion the hostesses served a delicious salad course and iced Tea to mesdames Smith Fritts Rran not a Lee mrs Pete Cox Hazel vow h. Lee Waters Jimmie Turner Rohy Leonard Homer Billings John Smith j. M. Andrews Henry Green. Eddie Pool Dermot Lohr r. S. Thomas c. J. Jarvis Clyde Hunt Frank Smith and James Gerow. Frank Spruill. W. R. Hunt. Jann Adderton c. W. Trice and b. Catheri. Or i in Iii in to no of m i i let Waters wart hostess a Lovely Bridge party recently Tho Home of the latter on Marti Street at the count of the Corea 1w c v Wood was awarded a pay of sheer How and mrs Vav. Lee received an ice set. La Shirley was presented a pm of China vases As Winner in by Al in conclusion the hostesses de refreshments to mesh am Wood. Lee Shirley c. F. Swi it Good Clyde Leonard. Hairy my it Julia Holmes. Mae Staley Home Millings Horace Moore. Jai Dicker son Hall Pugh Belk j Browning. Arthur Michael. Will Hanney Cut. Leo Leonard Ai m sips finances swim food Ai Arevia Kepley. The Bessie Hunt Circle of the first methodist Church held the May meeting at the Home of mrs Joe Holman with mrs. Richard Henry a co hostess. Mrs a. E Brannock opened the meeting with a Short devotional period. Or. D. 8. Siee Loff. Chairman presided Over the business session and it a voted to help buy hymn Hooks for the Junior department of the Church. The Mission study lesson was presented by mrs. Albert Sider during the social hour the hostesses served refreshment. The regular monthly meeting of the Korosis club was held at the Home of mrs. R. L. Reynolds in East Center Street. Mrs. Woodrow Mckay presided Over the business session and several committees were appointed. The subject of study for the afternoon was a Quot Survey of China and Japan a with mrs. Cabell Philpott in charge. At the close of the program the hostess was assisted by mrs. M a impeller in serving a delectable Winnee to mesdames Mckay Philpott t. Is. Mccrary i. A. Walser. C la Hargrave. James Witherspoon Stokes Adderton j. Or and mra. M. M. Craver Al j children Carroll and Byron Al Vav. H. Leonard All of Winstin Salem wart dinner Lueata Sunda of or. And or John Craver. Misses Mary Lindsay Howe i i died Ann Critcher Aud Helen Phi lips spent the past week end i Washington d. Miss Elinor Ingtam has Etui <3 in Lier bomb Glt Al Den Ai Lerl Short visit with her sister. I j Malcolm Fritts and or. Fritts. Or june Fark a return Home from Duke Hospital win she has been a patient for to past two mom a. Or. And mra. Henry girl left wednesday for Mars r College to attend the commend ment exercise and a compe their daughter. Miss Inez frit Home for the summer or. And i w. E. Haik of new York spent several i Here with her patents or. Mis Lindsay Weaver before u in ii for a trip to Taft Texas visit relative of or. Haisley or. Charles Claver has Reti de Home after a Short visit him parents i and mrs Fra Hutchins in Winston Salem. Or. And mrs. Coy Young Greensboro spent the we a a with or. And mrs n. C mend Hall. I j i Browning and cd Dren. Barbara and Jimmie Vining m a i a n \ e a Ai Coll go plans hurried to streamline army three and one half times number of officers train to be advanced fort Leavenworth. Al May 25. they re Strei lining the course to Treamel the army the fort Leavenworth Cut Mand Aud Genera staff Choc nerve renter of the nation tary so them is burning plat produce More brains behind guns and the dilute rom no erg will take in Points All the from Sun Szu chinese Milit Genius of 5u0 b. To Blitz re 1940. V streamlined course of int sifted instr icon to he press cd next fall will permit the a hut ment within nine month three and half time the nut of officers previously Trail workmen Are Rushing oomph of two new class rooms Necesito at co Modain the 400 a left text Heel who will report for inst lion in Iii positions of i command duty. There will be course a Ach year permitting graduation of Sou instead of present 225 officers. Two air planes crack up in Mecklenburg county Charlotte May 25.-two air planes cracked up to it in the Hoskins action of Mecky Burg county. Both resulted s forced landings. In the first Robert Lassiter. Aud John Terrill both of cd Lone were uninjured. Their tot quit Aud in trying to set Dot the plane its wings and Lam gear were damaged. Scot i Baum and Lynn Al also of Charlotte were Hur the second Accident. They viewing the wreckage of the plan when their motor quit struck a High tension wire in u int

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