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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Planes amp politics the people of Germany spend a third of their National income on military Upkeep. In contrast United states citizens feeling secure behind two big Green oceans grudgingly allow one Fortieth of their paycheck to be spent on defense. For that Money they be been Able to buy a one Ocean Navy a Small air Force and a nucleus of an army. These seemed enough when a Community of Friendly Powers and the British Navy Lay Between America and any possible european aggressor. Both of these seemed imperilled this week and feats of nazi bombers made the oceans seem less formidable. From the president Down most americans this week appeared willing to spend More for defense. It seemed assured that Congress would vote $3,000,000,000 this session and that a tremendous sums would be asked later. On wednesday the Senate voted most of the Money asked by the president for the army. Congressmen got an inkling of the High Cost of preparedness when they heard that an air Force of 50,000 planes would add 555,000 More men counting pilots mechanics and ground Crews to the payrolls. At present the entire army and Navy counting air forces consists of about 400,000 men. Complaints heard though support for a big defense program came from such republicans As Herbert Hoover Alfred Landon and col. Frank Knox Tome americans offered cautions. Col. Charles Lindbergh called for an end to a hysterical chatter of calamity and invasion a and urged that the u. S. First a form with our neighbouring nations a Clear and definite policy of american rear Admiral Harry Varnell u.s.n., retired said a the Atlantic Ocean still remains a Large body of water and probability of plane attack from overseas. Will remain Remote for some time to in getting Down to details. Congressmen heard proposals from House naval committee chairman Vinson that to eliminate a bottlenecks and delays a the president be Given Power to 1. Remove present competitive bidding on naval contracts 2. Suspend wage and hour standards required of government contractors under the Walsh Healey act. These proposals caused labor rep. Marcantonio to observe that a a we re retracing the same path a As in the last War. Then he said workers lost Many of their benefits. When Vinson a Bill emerged from committee the provision to void the Walsh Healey act was deleted. Later the president said he hoped hours standards could be maintained so that unemployed could get jobs that he does no to want to see a single War millionaire created by the program. He appealed to both capital and labor for cooperation. Coalition Cabinet developments abroad and in Washington had politically minded republicans in hobbles. Thomas Wey senator Taft and Wendell Willkie republicans who aspire to dry a Job agreed that preparedness was a Good idea though Taft Tater charged the president with causing a needless some republicans even suggested that the Republican convention now set for june 24�?be postmen till the War situation was Landon titular head f the party frowned at this. He went to Washington for a. Hite House luncheon despite an embarrassing mix up in which he understood the invitation had been rescinded a and afterwards said he Rould be w Illing to join a a a Coli Tony Cabinet Only when the presi ent had eliminated himself As a residential candidate. The world this week conquering nazis at Home opinion the supreme court upheld the 1937 National bituminous Coal act this work ruled that the Federal government has Power a to undertake stabilization of an interstate Industry through a process of aim of the Law was to curb the a Over production and Savage competitive warfare a which Justice Douglas said in the courts majority opinion had a a wasted the bituminous Coal Industry. Wheat trouble when world War ii began last september the Price of wheat soared. Up to this week marry a trader had a neat paper profit. German War successes this week caused speculators to fear a Short War and to sell their wheat prices skidded 30 cents to 8634 cents a Bushel. Secretary of agriculture Wallace suggested a minimum Price be set american Grain markets were Quick to make this emergency move. No trading in wheat will be allowed at a Price below the closing figures of May 18. On May 20 Secretary Wallace acted again to bolster prices by announcing the government would lend one cent More on a Bushel of wheat this year than it did a year ago. Rug cuffing graduates the 42 seniors at Oklahoma a Purcell High school deciding a prosaic commencement would be Dull and Windy elected instead to stage an american dance pageant. While Papas and mamas beamed they whooped and woo wooed around an Indian campfire gyrated through the Virginia reel Waltz Square dance and Charleston and a As a finale staged an authentic exhibition of Jitterbug ing. Abroad league packs ifs bag its gleaming White palaces threatened with destruction by the War it proved unable to prevent the league of nations prepared this week to move to Vichy France in Case of the invasion of Switzerland. If France too seems threatened the league will plod on to Lisbon Portugal. And the non political sections May even continue on to America. Filling the Lebensraum an old word a Lebensraum was Given a new twist by nazis last summer. They said that was what they needed More of. Since then they have expanded their living room from 260,000 to 435,-000 Square Miles. And this week Interior minister Frick urged German women to have More babies. New lands being conquered he said could be exploited properly a Only if we have enough persons capable of doing sex neighbors Only 26 months ago. Germany had la neighbors. Then starting with Austria Herr Hitler began striking out around his Border in counter clockwise fashion. Czechoslovakia Mcmeel Poland Danzig. Denmark Holland Belgium Luxembourg and France. This week Switzerland no. La noticed Large German forces gathering near her Border. Americans Northland Alaska is bigger than Sweden Norway Finland and Iceland combined yet her population is Only 175th of their total. To or. Vilhjalmur Stefansson geographer who has prowled Alaska this does no to make sense. He told a Senate subcommittee studying proposals to Settle and develop Alaska that it could support As Many people As the european North lands. Invasion of England anticipated film version London at night he British Isles have not been invaded successfully for nine centuries. Yet this w Eek the London daily express warned a invasion f Britain is perfectly and prime minister Churchill stated lat an air attack could now be taken for granted. Sharpshooters began etching for parachutists As each briton kept one Eye on the sky. The track would probably Start they heard with a torrid bombing assault a hat was to be followed by German attempts through the use of thou ands of air transport so to land 100,000 troops a Day. As cartoonists see Europe s War. Shoemaker in Chicago daily Ken t a boat Catcher Parrish i Chicago Tribune a the lesson of history and reactions to of Over Here i Werner tit daily oklahoman a must be seeping Over there is in Milo Yankee journal a done to let her get the bit in her Teeth science stories pm s debut a frequency modulation a a Static less broadcasting system of a Bell like clarity devised by major Edwin Armstrong of new York operates on the Ultra Short Waves below seven meters. This week the Federal communications commission set aside 35 wide channels in wave band from 42 to 50 Mega cycles for fms commercial operation and five for noncommercial. Describing pm As a a significant contribution to radio acc assured the 40,000,000 americans owning Standard receivers that for at least several years pm would be Only an additional service to regular broadcasting. Standard broadcasting uses what is called a amplitude manufacturers say new pm receivers Are being designed to function by the flip of a switch on both systems. One of the channels assigned to pm was televisions no. I Channel. Some radio engineers feared this might put television a out on a another acc ruling is expected to clarify the matter. Rubber amp Oil in Atlantic City this week or. Gustave Egloff told the american Institute of chemists i that the u. S. Can produce All its own rubber and a any conceivable amount of explosives from its Oil Wells 2 that the entire world production of crude Oil since its discovery would not fill a cubic mile Hole which is an insignificant amount compared with the volume nature must have produced. Worrying oneself sick worry whether its about debts the Stock Market or Europe a War a is Apt to give you stomach ulcers asthma skin disorders or possibly even heart trouble. That s the opinion of famed or. Abraham Myerson of Boston. He told the american Psychopathological association in Cincinnati Many psychiatrists Are now certain that emotional upsets also upset the production of red blood cells. Fossilized footprint a 50-ton dim witted lumbering Herb chewing creature called the sauropod is supposed to have been the largest of the dinosaurs. Near Glen Rose tex., this week spa University of Texas researchers guarded a 44 foot imprint apparently left by a sauropod. They termed it the worlds largest Dinosaur track. La temperature 112 a red headed a a Volcano girl regularly runs a temperature of 112 degrees believed to be the highest yet recorded in a human being the american psychiatric association meeting in Cincinnati heard. Cause epilepsy of the pituitary gland. F n Tion t upcoming tuesday May 28 Dionne quintuplets 6 years d Lorida run off primary new Jersey cop cont a 5 state conventions. Wednesday May 29 Tennessee democratic convention. Saturday june i first u. S. Battleship in 19 years 35,000-ton Washington to be launched in Philadelphia. In Short. Halted delivery of milk in Chicago due to a wage dispute Between dealers and Drivers. Smashed fascist Leader sir Oswald Mosley a Public address system by an angry crowed when he attempted to chide the allies in a political meeting at Middleton England. Expected an infant next september by mrs. Fred Snite or. Snite has spent four years in an Iron lung but in the past year has been Able to leave the lung for a few hours daily by using a portable Respirator. Crushed the main japanese Force in Central China during a Battle at Tsaiyang Japan a base in Northern Supeh province according to chinese sources. They claimed also a japanese base in South Honan. Two weeks May 10�?Germany seizes Luxembourg. Invades Holland Belgium. Parachute troops appear. 11�?berlin reports a secret weapons captures belgian fort. 12�?nazis Circle belgian forts destroy dutch defences. 13�?germans seize Liege reach the Guider Zee. 14�?nazis Cross French Frontier Holland surrenders. 15�?gorman tank units Pierce Allied Sedan Namur line. 16�?German army goes deeper into France. 17�?brussels Falls germans crack a Little Maginot line. 18�? Antwerp Falls of Days ahead of the 1914 invasion. 19�?germans Divide forces head for Paris and for English Channel. 20�?germans seek to surround British troops in Belgium. 21�?nazis at Abbeville near English Channel 69 Miles from Paris 550,000 Allied troops in Belgium imperilled. 22�?allies say they retook Abbeville. 23�?British admit armies split in two with germans near coast. French still optimistic. Hitler s Book and record Adolf Hitler wrote a mein Kampfl a my battled in 1924. In it he told what he would do if he came to Power. Since then chapter by chapter. A mein Kampfl has been coming True. One Page was torn up Hitler signed an Alliance with Russia and fought England although in his Book he said head do just the opposite. Here is the record a from a mein kampf Quot a there will be no voting by a majority. ,. But Only the decision of one Man. A a oppressed countries will not be brought Back into the bosom of a common Reich by Means of fiery protests but by a mighty sword. A the German Reich As a state should include All germans. To Lead them gradually and safely to a dominating position. The German frontiers Are frontiers of Chance and temporary frontiers in the Days passing political a French foreign policy a truly big future political program. Is. ,. The dissolution of Germany into a Hodge podge of Little states. The mortal enemy of our nation France relentlessly throttles from recent history since coming to Power in january 1933, Hitler has centralized authority in himself a the nazis have built up the German army into a Gigantic and so far highly successful machine. They added a huge air Force introduced conscription Etc. Hitler has acquired control of areas containing germans in Austria Czechoslovakia the Saar Mercl Danzig Poland. Denmark Belgium Holland. He has seized non germans too. Germans still outside his domination Are in Switzerland Italy Alsace Lorraine. The charge that France intends to split up Germany has reappeared in recent dispatches. Apparently Hitler now is determined to crush Britain along with France. Watch Gas gauges poles had counted on mud to stall the germans. Autumn Rains however came late and nazi tanks coasted Over Poland a hard baked Plains. For his current Campaign Herr Hitler had Clear weather for 12 straight Days. Tuesday night bomb beaten frenchmen raised their faces to a downpour that was making their Fields Boggy. The nights rain was about All they had for cheer. Their defences in the North had been pulverized by armoured nazis who slashed across France at a 20-mile-a-Day clip their whole 9th army they heard had been captured and elsewhere a half Millon soldiers trapped. Hitler was weeks ahead of the Kaiser s 1914 timetable. Allied leaders tried. To sound hopeful. Frances Premier Reynaud counselled that if they could Only hold out for one month they would be a three quarters of the Way to Britain a prime minister Churchill Felt that the Frenchman so Genius for recovery and counter attack and the britons a dogged endurance a might yet halt the German juggernaut. Germans turn right germans had delivered their trip Hammer blows with 80 ton monsters. Another Hitler Surprise package French anti tank guns scarcely had been Able to Dent their Armor. Only after the French wheeled up their famed 75-Milli-Metcr guns and fired Point Blank were such tanks halted. As nazis rushed across Northern France militarists watched to see which route they took upon reaching St. Quentin. There the Oise River Valley goes toward Paris the Somme toward Abbeville 12 Miles from the Channel. By monday it was Clear nazis had made a right turn toward the Channel. Next Day the allies admitted that German a a Light motorcycle forces had pierced 60 Miles behind the Allied lines to Abbeville. Allies trapped by the coup counter a s vivid As any dispatches it that have come from Europe s War were those sent last weekend by a correspondent Taylor Henry. Between ducking bombs and machine gun bullets aimed at him by nazi fliers he described hitlers unprecedented technique for making War. Henry wired a to get a True picture of the fighting French troops must be visualized in hastily built individual trenches. Or crouched behind stones. I a against narrow sections of a a this line the gel mans sent wave after wave of bombers which can dive. Almost straight Down to 50 feet at 400 Miles an hour. By the time the third or fourth wave had dived. The first wave had wheeled dived again to Spray the line with machine gun fire. J a Walter the planes came the famed Panzer divisions of tanks attacking in line almost Side by Side. They swept Over what was left of the French lines spurting flames Yards ahead. Attacked fiercely and on wednesday reported they had retaken Abbeville and Arras 50 Miles Inland. So cheered were the allies that a French Militarist noted a even the rumours arc better thursday germans again took Abbeville. Ii Duce a signal to hop into the War on hitlers Side it was reported widely would be German capture of the Channel ports. By midweek italians had closed the Yugo slav albanian Border. Britain a parliament gave the government dictatorial Powers including the right to Levy 100% excess profits taxes. While 21 american republics including the u. S. A condemned Germany s invasion of the lowlands president Roosevelt stated that 5.000,000 women children and old men afoot and in Bullock carts fleeing toward Southern France were being machine gunned by a enemy the new warfare nazi style 3 a behind the tanks nazi Light a infantry divisions. Poured into the holes rushed up in scout cars and armoured tanks to take Over and organize the ground. A a squads of specially trained Shock troops raced on motorcycles mounted with machine guns. Up and Down the highways firing on the re forming French troops until they were concluded Henry a German tactics have ignored the traditional artillery preparation but have gained the Long sought combined effect of preparation and Surprise by substituting attack aviation for artillery a from across the trenches came this revelation from a newsman Louis Lochner a Germany s army engineers have exactly fitting substitute Bridges ready for every strategic River or canal crossing in Belgium or France Likely to be dynamited or otherwise Der fuehrer a vulnerable Heel hitlers great tanks Are burning petrol at the rate of eight Gallons to the mile a noted the London times hopefully this week. Throughout the week British bombers jabbed at Hitler s Oil Supply line. Holland s vast Oil reserves in Amsterdam were fired before the dutch capitulated and monday night the British struck at tanks in Rotterdam which hollanders had missed. For the kind of War Hitler is fighting now u. S. Petroleum engineers figure he needs 1,500,000 tons of Oil a month. Before the War they estimate he obtained 80% of his imports from the americas. The american sources Are now closed. To make up for this loss Germany has been trying to squeeze More out of Rumania which has furnished 10%. Rumania recently was cowed into promising the nazis 130,000 tons a month. By crimping Selling Only to Germany and forcing Allied Oil companies to pay royalties in Oil instead of Cash she could still Send Only 120,000 tons. To stall off a crisis until mid sum Mer Rumania now is forcing Oil companies to pay in Oil All royalties due since last october. When rumanian arc asked what they will do when mid summer comes they recall a native fable. A rumanian when sentenced by the Sultan to die a said he could teach the Palace Monkey to talk in a year. The Sultan Saia Okay but warned that if the Monkey could not talk by then the rumanian would be tortured horribly and killed. A Friend asked Why he was so rashly inviting torture. The rumanian explained gayly a three things May happen within a year to save me. Either the Monkey will die the Sultan will die or i will gambling rumanian have not been heartened to hear from geologists that their Wells slowly Are running dry. On thursday defences were reinforced at both the German and russian Borders. France s generals past and present to the world War France s most a famed soldiers were i Bulky Walrus moustached marshal Joffre hero of the Marne 2 marshal Petain solemn systematic Savior of Verdun and <3 sad eyed marshal Foch triumphant Allied Generalissimo whom Joffre considered a Fuddy Duddy. Petain the Only one alive today was this week at 84, named vice Premier. Papa Joffre a aide was Maurice Gamel in a quiet map crazy major. Koch so right hand was Peppery Beagle nosed Maxime w e y g a n d. Frances Premier Clemenceau once said of Weygand a the is ugly misshapen tor Gen. Weygand lots of kicks when he was Little. But he is capable of going far in a moment of upon Foch a death Weygand became inspector general though leftists assailed him As fascist minded. In 1935, at 68, he retired to be succeeded by Gamelin 63. Last fall Weygand agreed to direct Allied forces in the near East. Gamelin though lacking Wey Gand a Flash was considered by Many As Europe s shrewdest military strategist. He believed the allies could win by remaining behind the Maginot casements and insisted that France be miserly with human lives. When Herr hitlers warriors smashed into France they smashed Gamelin a concept of Battle. Premier Reynaud himself said this and that the French High command should be blamed for a incredible he asked Weygand a the wizard of open warfare a to relieve Gamelin. Tured. Twisted he must have had All rights reserved a feature Bennes

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