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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Sunday May 26, 1940the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolin Page nine Sec. A lot planning essential for Small Home poor development of lot offsets Home s Appeal Trees Are effective decoration the need for careful plot plan g ii almost As great As the need a careful House planning the Deral housing administration Pha sizes. No matter How attractive the Elling May be it is pointed out or development of the lot May much to offset the Appeal of the me. Too much emphasis cannot be placed upon the usefulness of planting As an adjunct to the design of the Small House it is said. Trees and shrubbery May be used to enhance the architectural character and Are frequently More effective than the decorative use of material in providing the Charm essential to a satisfactory Home. Planting May furthermore add directly to the living Quality of a property. Suggestions offered the Federal housing administration has offered the following suggestions to Home owners As a guide to practical plot development Shade Trees should be placed both to provide Shade from the hot i afternoon Sun and to Frame the House. Such Trees need room to grow and should never be planted too close to the House. Rapidly growing heavy feeding Shade Trees such As poplars and wit i lows should be avoided As the roots Are liable to clog sewer and Drain lines and they very quickly j extract All the Nutriment from the modernization reclaims old Homes neighbourhoods blighted by outdated dwelt figs you get these five features a rift Lennox air. Condition no a even temperature in a air cleaning a i cry room of the House dissipation of doors a proper humidity constant circulation i Pua a trn nok riveted Heel Burnarr that Taal Tonger my in per Matte in Thirak proof. Thurr i no dual Cathca or foal a mix re a Ith Lennox Fondu Lono a a. I Ait for any homr. In it furl. 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No Stein can Slick a Well or Woodwork painted with Lucas do . Any housewife can apply Quick drying Lucas Duka in a few minutes. Its for year Buhl rely pastel Shade. Is a this intr Prier off it Eft for a Tew Itne Only. Today the time to get your ran of la intr paint t hat Loake and Umahag Uke Pace Ayaim. Visit our display room and see the Many items of building materials and Millwork necessary to build a Home. A ree plan Book for the asking. A in w. M. F. R. 7 30 each evening monday through Friday a music for now lumber co. Established 18 8 0 scattered throughout the United states Are thousands of for Elom looking old Homes which represent an architectural style that Long ago passed into Disfavour. The passage of two decades or More has stripped these Homes of what Beauty they originally possessed and they stand now structurally sound but a blighting element in the Community. Each new House that goes up in the neighbourhood serves Only to accentuate the Antiquity of the outdated structures. Market value rated most elements of the building Industry Are convinced that modernization is the answer to the problem of what to do with the old House. More practical than Ever now that the work May be financed under the modernization credit Nan of the Federal housing administration remodelling May accomplish much for owners or prospective owners of older Homes. Not Only is the threat of neighbourhood blight removed but the actual Market value of the Home is substantially increased and the Quality of a a livability is restored. No magic has been employed to effect the contrast in these two illustrations. The Home is typical of the Many that need remodelling to convert them into respectable and financially profitable structures. Given new bar a ter the simple sweeping lines of the Home As remodeler in the sketch give the Structure an entirely new character. Gone Are the Hodge podge of detail the unattractive protruding porches the broken irregular roof line. Windows darkened by the overhanging porch roof now Are permitted to serve their purpose by supplying the living room with sunlight. The three second floor windows Are converted into a triple casement of extremely simple design and no longer Are they the focal Center of the House. Overhanging eaves fancy designs in the weather boarding and other a a Gingerbread elements have been stripped off for the Sake of simplicity and the Beauty which comes of simple lines. Doti icon Ude Nib by official decree Only Automo Goldendale Wash. Elmer Biles manufactured in Japan Gar Hansen a lineman who climbs tall., Power poles Dally. I receiving hos Many and a a Aly can be imported Pill treatment for a Tumble. He in a the North China regions con slipped in his Bathtub landed on trolled by the Meng Chiang gov his Chest and injured his Daph eminent at Kalgan. Ram. M Ftp it a / in by a in in by Abner Gordon Canvas murals can be applied to any hard smooth surface with the use of a firm adhesive readily prepared at Home by mixing five parts by volume Quick drying High Quality varnish with six parts White Lead. Spread the mixture in a thin even coating before laying Canvas in place. Roll firmly to assure uniform Contact. Take care to protect the outer surface of murals with a Painter s cloth or a piece of Light Canvas during the rolling process. New unpainted plaster should be allowed at least six months to dry out or receives a priming paint Coit composed of 3 parts by volume soft paste White Lead and 4 part Lead mixing or Lead reducing Oil before applying adhesive. Unseasoned plaster contains free Alkali which tends to keep adhesive from forming firm Bond ques. How can Lead flashing be fastened to prevent buckling ans. To avoid buckling due to expansion and contraction cleats not nails should be used to fasten the Sheet Lead. Cleats should be of 3 Pound hard Lead. Turn one end of each Cleat Back Over the holding nails to prevent the Nail Heads from causing Demage to the Lead. Fold the other end into Loose locks Between the Lead sheets or in Case of an overlap or lacking joints at a Given Point into a hem at the Edge of flashing Sheet continuous cleats should not exceed eight feet in length to prevent their buckling upon expansion which in turn causes the flashing to buckle Ani tear. The Choice of the various Clemente which make this a Home of English design May be questioned from a pure architectural standpoint but the extent of the transformation makes it a most desirable improvement. During the current building season much modernization work of thie Type will be done. In sections of the country Kha modernization credit flan Loans up to $2,500 a re being made by qualified lending institutions to Aid this general movement toward restoration of value to properties grown burdensome. A Oil. Making it difficult to grow a Lawn or other planting material near them. A few fruit Trees Are saw ays desirable for their fruit and Flower. Material selection in selecting material to be planted clo to the House slow growing compact varieties should be chosen of a Type that is easily controlled and will not develop quickly into a miniature Forest behind which the Small House is hidden. It is equally desirable to place the higher growing specimens at the Corners of the House facing them Down with appropriate shrubs or Low evergreens. A ruffle of planting completely surrounding the dwelling is most unpleasant causing the building to appear to be sitting on a Green i Pillow and not coming Down to j Earth at any Point. Enough of the foundation should be exposed to show that the House is placed solidly on firm ground. The most pleasing effects Are produced by simple treatment and the use of a minimum of materials. Over planting should be avoided. Hedges that can controlled and easily trimmed Are frequently de arable along the lot lines part thu i Early across the Street front to in create privacy and keep paths from being worn in the Lawn. Garage placement where a garage is included in the Home plan there is an increasing tendency to place it at the front of the lot and attached to the House. This allow a maximum open area 16 developed in the and permits the Back Yard toi become a liable Garden spot Asj Well As having the added Adan a Tage of decreasing the Cost of the driveway. While careful thought should be Given at the outset to All aspects of the relationship Between the House and its land the entire plot development need not be undertaken at the outset. A garage a Terrace or a porch May be added later As the circumstances of the owner permit. The planting May also be augmented year by year. Through these Means Tho Federal housing administration feels that the value of a Home May be gradually increased and especially in the Case of Well selected planting in a measure surpassing the actual expenditure. Brother of local Man Dies at Potecasi word has been that Edward w. Brot Lier of l. M. Praetor of Parker a received Here Parker so Parker pro dining room. Corporations May borrow under Cha approval of corporate borrowers works toward raising standards universities churches hospitals. And other incorporated institutions Are eligible Borrower under the regulation of the Federal housing administration and May obtain mortgages insured by the Federal housing administration. Approval of corporate Borrower As eligible Mortgagor has been necessary administrator Stewart Mcdonald stated to give the people of the country the full benefits of the National housing act. While the measure was passed primarily for the individual Home owner explained there Are instance where the approval of a corporate Borrower a eligible mortgagors will work toward improving housing standards and conditions one of the purposes of the housing act. Homes for Empl yes a under certain circumstance or. Mcdonald continued a universities schools and other educational institutions can be approved a corporate borrowers for the purpose of building houses for their employees. A similarly churches which desire to construct new and better Home for their ministers or to buy new houses can receive the approval of the Federal housing administration. This is also True of hospitals orphanages and other institutions which might construct houses for property used As Security for the Loans in such cases or. Mcdonald pointed out must be subject to the same appraisal and valuation examinations As properties offered by individual buyers they must also be equally As scalable in the open Market a individually owned properties located in residential neighbourhoods. This requirement limits the location of properties offered for insurance by corporate Bor j rowers rather strictly in some i cases added in that the prop a erty offered for insurance must be t located off the grounds of the institution j thorough c Heck i a the corporations themselves must thoroughly examined by j the Borrower rating staff of the j Federal housing i or. Mcdonald continued a which j determines whether or not the corporation is capable of maintaining payment on the loan during the period necessary for the re a payment of the loan. In rating the property the i Cha requires the same adherence i to minimum construction require i Mentag the same conformance to i the locational requirements the same Assurance that the property 1 is free from the locational and structural hazards that it requires of individually owned nesting Siren Westerville or a i month Westerville had no occasion to use its fire Siren atop a water Tower. Hut when a Call finally came the Siren work. Firemen discovered a Birds nest in it. Italy needs 1.500 cars of Coal a Day from Germany because of blockade restrictions and the result is an increasing fuel shortage which is drastically curtail i ing Industrial activity. Designs trends study vital in Home planning a family builds or buys a Home not just for today but for the 1 future. So in designing or select a lug a Home families will Benefit i by considering architectural trends the Cha suggests. There is a growing movement j today to place garage Kitchen. And service facilities at the front j of the House and to move living quarters to the rear. Houses Are i being moved Forward on the lot. Allowing greater use of the Yard As additional space. The uniform building line is being eliminated j and houses Are being placed so that each Home will separated As widely is possible from the j neighbouring dwelling. Improvement in the design of so called Quot modern houses new i materials and new methods of in gilding Are helping to broaden j who acceptance of modern styles of architecture. In considering today trends Cha officials note that a conservative style of architecture based on sound planning is usually the safest investment. This City died recently at his Home in Potecasi Northampton county following several months illness j is survived by the widow mrs. Maude Beale Parker a daughter mrs o. J. Rochester of Bunn three sons. Edward h., of Langley Field. Denison a., of Annapolis. Md., and Stanley w. Parker of Galveston Tex. Two Brothers. Grady e. Parker Rote-1 Cash and l. M. Parker of High Point. Sweden has Tauten control of All sugar manufacturing. Essential materials. A a a a a a a a Glasgow City officials have decided to keep or. Using free Street cur and bus passes. _ _ Nort Carolina Farmers Are Fie-1 ing urged to Harvest at least a part of their Crimson Clover and vetch for seed since the european j War has Cut off Largo Normal tm-1 Poi is of these seed. Set your Home apart with. Barber Penasco shingles the Izay �&4h�4t� Trinidad Latta a pm aft a a Tbs vital is Amant it a brought up boat la a tropical altar a a Ai Natal a1 Aathar by and Arad in Barber Gan a co individual Aud strip Shi Nota there something about a Barber Penasco individual of strip Shingle roof that Kris it out of the Ordinary and into a class of Beauty and durability of its own. It is the vital element a Trinidad Lake asphalts that gives these roofs their Long lasting Protection. They re Beautiful and fare Safe too. 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