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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page six Sec. Atre niger Point Enterprise Piedmont enter of Industry Hig it Point. North Carolina sunday. Mhz 26. Emo Koja Chub Row gossip by Coq Dhosi . Iolite Oil Cushion bearings provide much longer life provide insurance against scoring and Wear by self contained lubricant Blossom time is Cabriolet time All the Pooh poo hers of the pos a madder Awakening at a later Date a Ibl Lity of the winning of the War by a a Vild beasts Quot Hitler and his beastly cohorts causing disaster to the United states should read a on the record by Dorothy Thompson published May 24. Dorothy usually has something Worth saying before she says it. And she Hasni to failed to spout a Mouthful this time. There slots of food for thought in her column of that Date and every Citi in in this country should read it. True she does no to print a pretty picture of what might happen Dud can happen. But then no pictures of pillage. Murder. And rapine Are pretty. In fact they Are horrible. Dorothy did t mince words at All. She called a Spade a Spade ,. After Reading what she wrote if Yon done to Wake up Aud face the True Tats now. ,. Then you re due for. For this peace at any Price is no peace at All. Ifs merely a forestalling of More terrible things later. Heres what it amounts to. A mob takes Over your business and kicks you out in the Gutter. You go peaceably for you want peace no matter what the Cost. Then they say a that Guys easy let s go and take his Home away from him. That is no Assurance of peace at All. Because it will be just one grab after another. Had the pleasure of meeting John ii. Lander. Vice president of the Auto finance company. With him was h. D. Kellett of til Pany. They re the ones who gave me that swell Chicken dinner everal months ago. Mrs. Patty Garrett. Bookkeeper Ai Atkinson motors. Is in tears and hard to console. She sold her turn to Page 8 b for smashing news of the greatest used car Sale Ever held in High Point. This is your Opportunity to buy while prices Are Low. Prices on used cars Are Likely to Advance at any time. So buy now Horace g. Ilderton inc. Special to the Enterprise Detroit. Since the develop-1 input of Iolite Oil Cushion bearings by the Chrysler corporation sales executives have been seeking a Means of demonstrating to the automobile Prospect just How this improvement does ifs miraculous Job of prolonging the life of friction bearing surfaces. Within the past few weeks the de Soto division of Chrysler corporation has discovered a Way to do this Job. And de Soto salesmen can now reach into their pockets and bring Forth a Gadget which explains Iolite better than All the words in the dictionary. The problem was to show that Iolite bearings provide insurance against scoring and Wear by Virgule Coin a l 0 thyself contained lubricant which Cornea to the surface tinder i pressure. The solution of this problem was foiled in an Ordinary rubber bulb similar to that of an atomizer. Over the end of this bulb was fitted an Iolite hearing. By placing the Finger Over the open end of the bearing so that air from the bulb cannot escape and then squeezing the bulb. The de Soto Prospect can see for himself How lubricant is forced out through the pores of the Metal to provide a perfect Cushion against friction. As an example of How Iolite add to the life of a Star a test is reported wherein clutch throw out Hall beat Ings were tested. The highest rating was 178.000 de clutching. A unit fitted with an Iolite retainer and tested Sirni Lhoir was found satisfactory after 2.500.000 de hitching in the Timo de Soto Iolite is used in the clutch throwout hearing water pump Generator Start ing motor and several other im-1 portent locations according to j. B Wagstaff general sales Man a i Ager. Furniture City motors. 792 North main Street i to my de Soto dealer. Car the other Day and shed bitter tears Over it. Some time today we Are due to a real treat in see Rifg How a motorcycle should he Ridden or drove or what have you. A a better dave., Mechanic at Lyles Chevrolet. Has got himself one and is going to put on an exhibition ride. Admission is free if you can find where a a better is going to stage it. Where shall we Send the Flowers a Bette Quot. Down at furniture City motors we find a new Salesman. One t. W. Jones. He a the Only one i could get any news a about this week. The others i fight thy of my Bob Sugg strolling Down main Street with a set of new License plates. Was it a Pew car Bob. Jack Burris in his usual Good humor having his shoes shined. They did no to need it but Jack is that Way. He likes to help out these Small Boot lacks ,.just Hasni to the heart to turn Mem Down. Right now is a Good time to buy a used car ,. Prices Are still Low but May shoot High later. This is particularly True if the Large automobile manufacturers go into production of aeroplane. This will naturally curtail the production of new cars. Consequently there is certain to he an increased demand for used cars. ,. Result High prices for both new Aud used cars. Horace go test Drivers for Pontiac Are experts it hard to Realise in the midst of such weather As much of the country has been experiencing that scenes like the shove Are just around the Corner chronologically speaking. Experience and the weather Man. Gyle Chevrolet company 727 North main scorns plea of romantic kids Quot for important Job although no inveterate movie fan. Ben h. Anibal Pontiac a chief Engineer knows almost immediately whenever Clark Gable or Pat of Brien or Jimmy Cagney Are cavorting on the nations screens in the romantic Guise of test pilots or Speed Kings burning up the Indianapolis track for love and glory. For soon after the showing of such a movie comes a Stream of letters go Anibal desk at Pontiac a dear sir a they begin. A i am a boy 16 years old an am considered the fastest Driver in town a p. S. They done to get the Job As a Pontiac test Driver. The general motors proving ground at Milford. Mich., where Pontiac Are literally driven to death in the Hope of discovering imperfections in design or operation appears to be considered a foreign legion by american youth according to Anibal. Pontiac employs 25 to to Tel Drivers at Milford and Spee Dhu Gry boys Are not considered f the Job Anibal says. Pontiac h no use for a the fastest Driver town As a test Driver. Matin men who can take orders and Cary them out ate hired when Sta replacements Are needed. F there is Little Romance in the Grin at Milford and Pontiac wants r suits rather than wrecks. While you ate Reading ibis in Drivers ate droning around t proving grounds in eight to tricks night or Day. Cars a being driven at top Speed hoi after hour others arc Bare creeping in first or second Gea other proceed a Hundred Yar and the brakes Are jammed o another Hundred Yards and t brakes again hour after to Day after Day. It s no Job for kids. A a a Quot Southern Rhodesia is Assur a years Supply of Copper desp withdrawal of German capital. However both assert that they Are. As a matter of fart the Bloom in the photo Are Almond Blossom the locale California and the car Chevrolet s new Cabriolet with vacuum operated Loo. Controlled from the dash. Street is local dealer for Chevrolet. �?4 the Redan delivery triste Erst of the Ford v-8 Commer Casl car line is becoming increasingly popular with smart shops and stores catering to an exclusive clientele according to reports received by the Ford motor company. A Sedan delivery in the service of a Pasa Dena. Calif., drug store is pictured. It has a front end treatment similar to that of the Ford v-8 deluxe passenger car and is available with either a to or 85 horsepower v-8 engine. The spare tire in carried in a Handy out of the Way compartment under the floor at the rear. Tool English dealer. Motor company a to i East Washington Street k local sales a Dodge a Plymouth a service Commerce at Willowbrook phone 2729 single pedal car 1,600 cities rely from Chrysler How on Cha Protection will prove Boon to physically handicapped Laderion is stat Ting a smashing j Sale on used ears this and it is Good for free Wash and lubrication of tour name appear Here t. E. Dodamead a Gatewood Avenue the week. Offer expire Friday May a1 a service with a smile Quot special one week Only Tine motor Complete include a remove distributor and free up governor. Check ignition Points and electrical system Check and set timer clean and set spark plug gaps remove Carburettor and clean All jets and set float. Remove and clean air cleaner. Parts extra 1.95 furniture City motors 792 North main Street do Soto a Plymouth v. L. Smith manager great Cara a it Fine service a a Square Deal phone 4376 half Price Morrow. Here la a real Chance to get a better used car for Leaa Money. Apropos of safety. The High Point police were having distributed of the downtown streets yesterday leaflets on the safety measure pedestrians should take in using the streets. The advice contained in it is timely Aud to the Point. It will be Well Worth your while to study them carefully and then carry these rules out. Wachovia Bank is honoured in Book the 194 0 Blue Book produced by the american newspaper publishers association containing Case histories of noteworthy advertising successes includes a Section on the Wachovia Bank and Trust company with particular reference to its personal loan activities. Reproducing a number of Wachovia advertisements the Blue Book summarizes the Story As follows a advertiser a Wachovia Bank and Trust company. A problem a to stimulate personal Loans As part of a broader newspaper Campaign to stimulate business for All departments. A met Hod a weekly newspaper insertions four columns by 140 lines placed in Carolina dailies throughout the year continuing an uninterrupted 20-year schedule. Regular insertions occasionally supplemented by smaller space. A results a last year personal Loans hit an All time High and so did deposits. Loans and discounts in general reached the highest Point in ten years. Quot from the client a a a the Wachovia Bank and Trust com Pany Lins used one 4 0-Inch advertisement it week in the daily newspapers of1 All a Wachovia cities a for the past to yetis without thai lad is 4 that old adage a its an in wind that blows nobody Good May work to the advantage of a Large number of physically handicapped motorists in the immediate future. Men and women who never have been Able to drive cars because of the total or partial disability of one led now will be be virtually a capable behind the wheel As those who Are physically perfect. It All came about through an Accident sustained by president David a. Wallace of the Chrysler sales division. Chrysler Corpora-l0 Hon last Winter when a broken left leg compelled him to Wear a cast for Many weeks. Always an extremely virile Aud Active Man. I or. Wallace was t satisfied to have a chauffeur drive him Dur i ing the period that hts left leg i was incapacitated. Instead he began to Ponder the problem of building a car that could be operated by a person who had the use of Only one leg. The solution proved simple enough. Thanks to Chrysler fluid drive. Or. Wallace had the clutch pedal removed entirely from a Chrysler new yorker and made the clutch and Bruke integral so far a their initial operation was concerned. By merely pressing on the pedal ordinarily used for the Blake the clutch is released and the Brake then operates in the usual manner. The right foot thus does All the work operating both the dutch and Brake from tile pedal and the throttle from the other. With Chrysler fluid drive making it possible to drive in High gear under All noun Al conditions the a one legged car is just As easy to handle As any other. When the Driver desires to slow Down or Stop. Lie merely presses the combined Brake dutch pedal to whatever extent is necessary. If he wants to Stop completely he either can hold the Brake Clear Down or else apply the hand i Brake the car Bein allowed to remain in High gear meanwhile i the Hest possible evidence of our belief that newspaper advertising is our most effective new business and Public relations Aid. A a even during depression years when we saved on Many other items we novel Cut the Basic newspaper schedule. ,.we feel that much of the credit for 193 9 gains belongs to our newspaper a William h. Neal vice president. A Campaign by a a a lie Merrill Anderson company. A a Finland a gasoline below uni Mai. Supply is tar Agency furnishes wide safeguards against uncontrolled construction in nearly 1,600 american cities towns the Federal housing administration s property standards and minimum construction for new dwellings constitute the Only established safeguards against uncontrolled and reckless construction. Howard p. A a Emilya. Director of the fun a s technical division said recently. Or. A a Emilya pointed out that Only about 1,500 of the 3.100 incorporated communities with population of Mote than 2,500 have building codes. In the remaining 1,600 communities with out odes the Kha standards and minimum requirements represent the Only form of Public Protection available to Home buyers against inferior construction methods he said. Fua helps co duh the Kha a emphasis upon sound Home building principles also Bas been instrumental in improving Many of the existing municipal building codes. Or. Y Emilya declared. In numerous cases titles have consulted the Cha in regard to amending or revising their codes he said. At the same time the technical division has been bending every Effort to make its own requirements practical and effective or. A a Emilya asserted. As its first step in carrying out the direction of the National housing act to encourage improvement in housing standards and conditions and to protect the Khan mortgage Ina Ranee funds the technical division prepared its Basic a property standards and a minimum construction require ments for new dwellings to be applied to All dwellings accepted by Hie Cha for mortgage insurance or. Y Emilya explained adapted to local needs subsequently those National re-1 jul Rementa were adapted to local j conditions Aud customs tor each j i a insuring area he continued. At the Start of 19 40 the techno because of the cushioning effect of fluid drive. When it is desired to Start or to increase Speed the foot is removed from the pedal and applied to the throttle. Thus it happens that even a Man who is unable to walk without crutches is just As competent As anyone once he gets into the Driver s seat of his car. The extreme flexibility of the front seat adjustment in a Chrysler enables the seat to be placed far enough Back to accommodate a Driver who cannot Bend one of his legs so a permanent stiffness of the limb is no drawback to handling the Cai. Gate City motor company 113 South w re tin Street is local Dixi or for Chrysler Dodge sales chief sees used car As Boon to Industry Calls buyers of unused mileage shrewd customers who get their Money s Worth Detroit. May 25.�?the used rut Mobil probably never received More eloquent recognition than i that Given it by Forest h. Akers who. Being vice president and dirty tor of Sale of the Dodge division of Chrysler corporation m ight be supposed to be interested chiefly in the merchandising of new cars a to my notion motoring owes a debt of gratitude to the Vised car a said or. Akers a for with out the used car the United states j would never have achieved its commanding position As the most j completely motorized country in the world. We understand this More fully when we learn that about ten millions of our thirty minion motorists buy new automobiles while the remaining Twenty million Purchase their transportation in the form of used cars. A though it is customary to envision automobile development on the basis of new tars a or. Aker continues a it is altogether proper for sales executives and dealers to regard the used car As a triple boons for the Motorist who benefits by economical and at the same time modern transportation for the dealers who new car sales Are seeded tip by the trading in a recently new car a and for the automobile Industry and its armies of workers whose new car output is kept at High Levels by the fact that used cars find a continuous Market. A it is my experience that the average tired tar buyer is As particular a customer As his new car buying or. Akers explained. A the is Apt to be even More so in the attention he gives to Tong life dependability Economy and resale or Trade in value of the used car he selects. A we in the automobile business often speak with Pride of our repeat customers who Purchase our ears time and again. Experienced dealers Are aware that a quite similar loyalty motivates the buying action of Many of their used car customers. To me this leaning of buyers toward used cars with which they have become familiar is a fatter of great value not Only to us who merchandise the products of our factories but also to the designing and engineering staffs whose cars thus become rolling testimonials of the skill Aud thoroughness with which they Horace g. Ilderton. Inc., local Dodge dealer. Commerce at Willowbrook is starting a Gigantic used car Sale tomorrow afternoon. Cal division issued supplemental requirements for one Story single the property standards and family Homes. Construction requirements of the Cha function As a National building code for residential construction or. A a Emilya declared. Any responsible person with a reasonably steady income of As Little a $1,000 a year can Avail himself of these Cha safeguards through application for Cha mortgage insurance on the Home he is buying or building or. Y Emilya pointed out. A of nurse the fun v does not and cannot guarantee to the owner that his Home will be he continued. A but in discharging its duties under the National housing act the Fua makes sure that the plans and specification meet Cha requirements before construction is started and then inspects the property during con Jsn pct iou and upon completion to assure that these plans and Spe if Vatious Are carried out by the contractor. A through these requirements the Home building Public is offered Protection today Whity did not exist before the Cha was established six years ago. These functions Are an integrated part of a Well rounded Home mortgage system which As ii is extended and perfected becomes att increasingly effective safeguard for the american family building a Home of its automobiles Selling clean High Grade used cars is not our motto but our business Man to select from he Rhein drive them before y on by 1989 Ford perfect car. Than we ask. Deluxe Sedan. A Well Worth Mort $595.00 1 938 packet d six Speaks for itself. In High Point 2 door so. Best buyer $595.00 1 938 Che Valet . Six to select from. Take your Choice some better than other. $495.00 1940 Chevrolet to Sedan. Have sold this cat three time traded it Hack on Pontiac each time looking for somebody to buy it who will keep it. $695.00 1938 four with Heater Plymouth deluxe so. To select from soot Adios and some with $495.0 1 938 Pontiac Coupe. Cini Ai new two to select from n better buyer in High Point $495. Dave in i in. Sale manager John Austin Bux Phillips Bob St Cipfl Jake Ridd up the Moore Leon so h4ll Parl Phillips Atkinson motors up South Vrenn Siree phone i your Pontiac d e a l e k opening evening until r of of clock test now be Safe later just a few minutes spent in checking Over your car May mean hours perhaps time of grief avoided. Driving is fun hut High and perfect roads put new demands on your car. L Ake no Chance with the life of your car yourself and your loved a Lite Ummer speeds expert body ones. Fender repairing painting Lyles co. 127-3j North main St. Phonic Xii ii Bijou a Good Dea for your Money our Well established reputation ii your Best Assurance that. Why take Chancel the Best used cars come from the Best dealers. The Way we be found to build business solidly is to ext satisfaction. Right now you la find it hard to refuse the Deal we ready to make you on a better late Model car. 1934 Plymouth de luxe Coupe $125. 1935 Ford Tudor touring Sedan.$165. 1934 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan$14m 1931 Ford Tudor Sedan$21$l 1935 Plymouth Coupe to 1935 Plymouth Sedan 95. 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $325. 1936 Ford Tudor touring$245. Our used cars demonstrate their superiority English motor Compa a Lii i to 17. 1.1> t_0 201 e. Washington hash Polyni. N phone Saleh 211 1 a

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