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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 22 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Washington Memy Mound an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Agnew burned by encyclopedia passage 4a wednesday May 22, 1974 a baffle without glory whatever the True circumstances a and they Are still shrouded in mystery a of her kidnapping from her apartment in Berkeley in february Patricia Hearst does indeed appear now to be a dedicated member of the nihilistic sym ionese liberation army. The description of her As a wanted criminal considered to be armed and dangerous is justified after the gun Battle Between six members of the Sla and the police in los Angeles last Friday. The a variety of weapons sifted from the ashes of the burned House indicates that the Sla was heavily armed and prepared to fight. Miss Hearst it must be assumed is similarly armed and committed. The two men and the four women who a have been identified As Sla members certainly showed no inclination to give themselves up without a Battle when they were surrounded in a House by los Angeles police. The ensuing shootout was witnessed live on television by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Whether the situation justified the overwhelming tactical response of the Public is a moot Point. The encounter was for the Sla the cathartic violence it longed for in its murky Call for revolution. As a so called army of revolution the Sla was far from inspiring. The Bonds among its members appear to have been More personal and emotional than idealistic. Its rhetoric in sporadic communications with the rest of the world was turgid its goals ill defined. Even As terrorists the Sla members seemed oddly disjointed and Uncertain of purpose. They played the deadly game like children seeking to Call attention to themselves. The lonely whim of a child was present even in their fiery deaths. By the body of Camilla Hall one of those who died in the flaming House in los Angeles was found the charred remains of her pet siamese cat. There is no safety for anyone in children playing with matches or guns. We can Only Hope that this tragic sequence of events is nearing its close that there will be no further killing that Patricia Hearst will heed the plea of her distraught parents and surrender herself and that we May learn from her the troubling truths about the sym ionese liberation army. He was a builder the accomplishments of a successful architect provide for that profession a form of lasting memorial that few others May claim. Schools churches Public buildings and Many Fine Homes in this area stand in the memory of Louis f. Voorhees who Laboured for most of his professional career in High Point. A soft spoken scholarly Man who was a gentleman in every sense of the word or. Voorhees had made his name synonymous with that of his proud profession. In league with the late Eccles d. Everhart and later with additional associates he lived and built with his adopted City through Many years of its most notable growth. The record of his service to his profession and to his City through planning and zoning commission service mirrors the unselfishness of the Man. The name of Louis Voorhees will rank at the top of lists of the builders of a City. Unseemly carrying on somehow it does no to seem quite appropriate for a sophisticated City like Philadelphia to go collectively bananas because of a sports championship. But that a about what happened sunday when the flyers won ice hockey a biggest prize the Stanley cup. One fellow said a this is More important than the end of world War ii a and three streakers found the Celebration so riotous that no one noticed them so they pulled their pants Back on and became Volunteer traffic cops. But then Philadelphia is used to being a loser. Its baseball Phillies and its football eagles Are accustomed to perennial also ran status. Projecting the news the Victory of the flyers May help change the image of a City which is the eternal butt of jokes such As the contest rules which said first prize is a weeks All expense trip to Philadelphia and second prize is two sides before we consider Jesse Helms suggestion that the Republican democratic party plan be chucked in favor of a new alignment of conservatives and liberals is it too much to ask which Side Richard m. Nixon will be on coming to grips with death a the dying patient and his family is one of the topics to be discussed at the University of Pittsburgh medical schools annual symposium on critical care Medicine May 23-25. The history of philosophy and literature is filled with suggestions on How to overcome the limits of human mortality. From Beowulf to Thomas Wolfe two of the most suggested ways have been through the permanence of Art and through the Fame achieved by acts of heroism and nobility. But most people Are neither uniquely talented nor exceptionally heroic and those who receive Little recognition in their lives have the toughest time facing the thought of death and human impermanence. Like the title character in Tolstoy a Short Story a the death of Ivan Ilyitch a they come face to face with the pointlessness of their existence when confronted with the notion of mortality. For this reason and others most people deliberately refuse to think about death thereby avoiding the anxiety generated by fear and uncertainty. All of this May be changing however. People Are beginning to discuss questions of death with their friends and families More frequently. Terminally ill patients Are becoming More open with themselves and Are learning to face their illnesses with greater courage and insight. One such patient is Orville e. Kelly a Burlington Iowa resident suffering from permanent Lymphoma cancer of the lymphoid tissue High blood pressure and excess uric acid in his system. In an interview with a National observer reporter Kelly told Why he decided to change his attitude a i did t want to have cancer. But then it suddenly occurred to me i did no to have any Choice. So i said to myself a what did i have to lose by trying to be Happy a a eager to share his philosophy Kelly has organized terminally ill persons into a group for open informal dialogue about positive approaches to what regains of their said it by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington former vice president Spiro Agnew is trying to rewrite the history of his downfall. He has fired off a bristling protest to world Book encyclopedia Over its account of his forced resignation. The. Respected encyclopedia factually reported in its 1974 yearbook that Agnew resigned the vice presidency last october after the groups slogan is a make today county to. So far Mac chapters have sprung up in More than a dozen cities across the country. If some people Are turning to group therapy for assistance others Are turning to education in an attempt to understand the mysteries of death. Time Magazine noted last year that More than 70 colleges and schools throughout the United states were offering courses in thana ology a the study of death from thanatos the greek word for death. Class activities include visits to funeral Homes and listening to tape recorded interviews of people who Are dying. Some students go so far As to try out coffins for size. Among the Standard textbooks Are such works As a on death and dying a by Elisabeth Kubler Ross and a the meaning of death a by Herman Feifel. Sociologist Robert Fulton of the University of Minnesota explained the purpose of thana ology courses this Way a the Point is to bring a new perspective to death to show that it is natural and to counter some of the euphemistic devices our society uses to hide death and in the end Man May come to terms with his own mortality by accepting the cyclical facts of life. One need not profess a religion to believe that life moves Forward As individual links in the Chain Are replaced by others. As Orville Kelly expresses it people must begin to realize that death is a part of life. A i done to know anyone that a escaped a he says. A if they have they be kept it a having pleaded a no contest a to charges of income tax evasion. A in return for agnews resignation and no contest plea to the tax evasion charge a reported world Book a the government agreed not to prosecute him for alleged acts of extortion and bribery. A in a 40-Page exposition of evidence the government alleged that shortly after his election As executive of Baltimore county in 1962, Agnew began and directed a Complex scheme to extort a thousands of dollars from consulting engineers in Maryland. In return he allegedly granted them profitable government contracts. A allegedly Agnew continued to operate the Kickback scheme from 1962 through his two years As governor of Maryland and during his first four years As vice the encyclopedia stressed that Agnew a denied that he i a a How does a Republican Campaign this year what a his platform Economy in government that s a joke. Law and order what is our platform a a Hep. John m. Ashbrook a Ohio blaming watergate for the planned retirement of numerous Republican congressmen. Was guilty. He said that accepting a contributions while governor of Maryland was a part of a Long established pattern of political fund raising in the this history of agnews fall from Power although quite accurate displeased the former vice president. Angrily he sent Back his copy of the yearbook and demanded in an accompanying letter that the Agenw name be removed from the firms mailing list. World Book officials refused to show us the Agnew letter claiming it would be a a breach of sources who have seen it however told us Agnew claimed the yearbook article was a distortion of the truth. He complained that he had been persecuted that he had been found guilty of nothing. The entire Case against him he charged was built upon the testimony of tainted men. The encyclopedias account added Agnew reflected a leftist Bias. It was a trait he found All too common in the nations news Media he protested. One source who saw the letter told us it was a very personal and showed Agnew has a sour opinion of the press. World books summary of the Agnew affair went to press before Maryland judges ruled that he should be disbarred. The courts apparently agree with world Book. Footnote the former vice president who is travelling in Trehan be reached for comment. _ rna delicate balance capital viewpoint Oil rip off the big Oil companies have demanded higher and higher gasoline prices to stimulate Domestic production and to reduce us dependence upon foreign imports. But a confidential study by sen. Jim Abourezk d-s.d., reveals that the excess profits have been going not into new Oil Wells but into the pockets of the Oil Barons. The senator has discovered that Domestic Oil production has gone Down not up since prices began a soaring. Far from encouraging greater production his figures show there has been a a total decline of 314,000 barrels per Day since May 1973, before the crisis. By holding Back on Domestic crude Oil the companies have kept the demand a and therefore the prices a sky High. Curtailing production also permits the Oil companies to adjust their profit level. When the Public screams about exorbitant Oil profits the companies merely lower production. This reduces profits without losing them since the Oil remains in the ground for later Sale at pikes Peak prices. The Abourezk study shows that the cutback in Oil production was most severe last november at the same time that the Oil firms were calling for higher prices to encourage More production. The biggest firms were the worst offenders. Exxon Texaco Shell Gulf Mobil and Standard of California alone accounted for a production drop of 153,000. Barrels a Day in 1973. Nor have the Oil companies been candid about prices. In 1972, the pro Industry National Petroleum Council said the Oil firms would be Able to turn a Good profit on Oil in 1975 at $3.54 to $3.70 a barrel. Yet two years ahead of the prediction the Oil Industry not Only has surpassed but has doubled this Price with Oil now Selling at More than $7 a barrel. The promised exploration to ease the Energy crisis meanwhile still has t taken place. Based on his study Abourezk plans to introduce a Bill this week to Force a Rollback in Domestic crude prices to May 1973. He will be joined by other senators who would permit Price increases Only if the companies could prove higher production costs. Martyr the president now pay later by Bruce Biossat newspaper Enterprise Assn. A talking to a prominent Republican i heard him voice dark fears that president Nixon a impeachment Over watergate would Martyr him in the eyes of die hard supporters and convert them into a rigidly troublesome minority which would plague the party for Many years. The Point arose As we discussed All the prospects facing the president As impeachment proceedings go Forward in the House judiciary committee. The Many a worst fears surfaced when he presumed the worst outcome a that the evidence might be so overwhelming As. To produce something like a 4 to i vote for or. Nixon a removal from office. Under my sources presumed conditions he reasons that the 20 per cent of the . Senate which still would stand with the president would be composed of men who either would hold themselves stonely impervious to crushing evidence or would perceive in that evidence some wicked plot framed by the presidents enemies. This Republican source who though Well known will not be among those required to vote on impeachment argues further that or. Nixon a hard Core Senate and House support is sturdily duplicated in the Republican party at to the editor he does not imagine that in Marty ring an impeached president they can do anything to create for him any further practical political career. What the Man fears is that a deposed Richard Nixon could serve these republicans As the a Center piece a in an embittered crusade which might very Well endure for a decade or More. The hobbling effects upon a party already Long handicapped by a minority position with respect to the democrats hardly need to be stressed. Not Long after my conversation with this leading Republican i addressed the annual convention of the Illinois federation of women a clubs meeting in Chicago. My talk was simply an attempt to Lay out the impeachment prospects the Likely timetable some of the considerations which would affect senators votes should they be asked to sit As jury in the matter. In the question period which followed no one asked a single question which bore directly on the tone or detail of the presidents published transcripts of certain watergate tapes released april 30. Several women spoke with me in a Side Hall later on one of them wondering aloud whether the whole proceeding against or. Nixon and various aides in Congress and the courts might not be a a communist while i was thus engaged a convention Delegate rushed out of the main Hall filled with several Hundred women and said breathlessly a a you la never guess what they just did in there a she satisfied our curiosity quickly. The Illinois federation representing 56,000 women had voted overwhelmingly for a Resolution entreating the House judiciary committee to halt All impeachment proceedings. The Call on the Issue had been for a standing vote and the moment was not made easier for any opponents when a As the rough head count began a an organist struck up a the Star spangled later inquiry disclosed that the action was not Impromptu. It had been thoughtfully discussed by federation leaders including some past presidents. Illinois has always had status As Good a Nixon country and As a bastion of gop conservatism. Be the favor of this Blind Faith vote for or. Nixon on the very Day the conservative Chicago Tribune urged his removal hit with stunning Force. It seemed to underscore the deep concern earlier expressed by my quoted Republican Leader that drastic action against the president would draw his last ditch backers in rigid cadres of a marchers for a martyred Nixon and produce a dangerously weakening split in cop ranks. The National whirligig an irony big hand for the fad of debt by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington notre Dames intellectual first team every bit As fit and Quick As its football varsity took the Field the other night at the Starlight roof of the Waldorf to award the Hon. James a. Farley the laetare medal the University of notre Dames highest accolade. Incomplete lessons to the editor although i feel that this letter will serve no purpose except to assuage my own emotions of anger and frustration i feel compelled to write. Tonight Friday May 17, around 8 p.m., a neighbourhood child was struck by a car while Riding her bicycle. The irony of tills is the fact that i had just replaced the Telephone to report to the police department our usual weekend occurrence of a a dragging and a a speeding on our Street. I realize the Drivers education is mandatory in High school. Perhaps not enough importance is placed on the Legal and moral obligations one encounters while behind the wheel of a car. If this is stressed More forcefully then perhaps racing would not seem like so much fun. Mrs. Al elder 1187 Sweetbriar re. Since it is a toss up As to which is the most famous James a. Farley or the University of notre Dame it was More or less like an Exchange of honors Between Harvard and Yale. Appropriately enough those two sportswriters and fans de Sullivan and Bob Considine were on hand to record the momentous proceedings. The name of James a. Farley is of course As familiar in the world of sports As it is in politics and International business. He was new York states first boxing commissioner and he is a racing commissioner right now. For All practical purposes the new York Yankees would no More Start the game without big Jim in his first base Box than they would without a first baseman both Are necessary fixtures of the a club. Big Jim is the loyalist of Yankee fans but to append the word a a Loyal to Farley is redundancy. Loyalty happily enough begets loyalty and it detracts not in the least from the glory of the notre Dame award that thousands of the Hon. James friends reacted with the observation a a it a about time a actually it was about time because the melted snows of the great blizzard of 1888 were still tumbling to the sea when James a. Was born that May Day in the Lovely Little Hudson River Community of Grassy Point. Jim a father was the Captain of a Hudson River Schooner which carried the areas chief product bricks to the great Metropolis downstream. One morning Farley a dad was kicked by the family horse As he was hitching him to the Carriage. Two mornings later the 10-year-old lad looked out the window and saw a Hearse in front of the House and from then on his widowed Mother took charge of her very Young children. James a. Farley recalled the other night How his Mother had told him never to take an alcoholic drink and that he never had. He was roundly cheered for this and since the University of notre Dame had thoughtfully provided three excellent wines Bob Considine and i whose mothers had executed no such pledge were Happy to keep the team batting average by taking slugs of All three. Actually Farley and that immediate Hudson River locale Are something of a Cross Section of dynamic America. Some 60 Miles upstream at Hyde Park a wealthy Squires son Franklin d. Roosevelt was playing with his Pony. A few Miles West an athletic child w. Averell Harriman was cavorting about his Railroad financier fathers near one million acres. Across the Hudson was the vast private Doman of John d. Rockefeller poc Antico Hills. All three of these wealthy families the Roosevelt the Harriman and the Rockefeller were to produce governors of new York state. James a. Farley however has the distinction of being the Only one who turned Down the governors mansion though Franklin d. Roosevelt As president All but begged him to make the easy run for it. Jim he had a growing family to educate and he Felt that was his first duty. The one time powerful postmaster general was interrupted with thunderous applause when he stated that he left Public office in 1940 owing $100,000. One could not help but feel sorry for our country that its present state is such that Farley a statement was regarded As evidence for continued Faith in the Republic

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