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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain tonight More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 143 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. thursday afternoon May 23, 1974 52 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c Southern republicans apprehensive will watergate stunt gop giant in South by Thomas c. Cothran associated press writer some Southern republicans say watergate and related developments May diminish the Gopas growing strength in the South. The area has shown a Strong trend toward the Republican Brand of conservatism in recent years and president Nixon has received warm welcomes in Southern cities. But the possibility that watergate May have changed All that has some republicans worried. A we would have advanced further we May have moved along More easily if we did no to have watergate a said Jerry Thomas Democrat turned Republican who is expected to run for governor of Florida this year. . Rep. David Treen r-la., said he thought watergate a will have the effect of temporarily retarding the growth of the party in Louisiana. But i done to think it will weaken a if it had not been for watergate we would have had some very prestigious switchover in Florida a added state chairman l. E. A a Tommy Thomas unrelated to Jerry Thomas. But he added a i think it la pick Back up. Most people in Florida Are few will say so for the record but several Republican leaders admit they would feel More comfortable entering the 1974 general elections with vice president Gerald Ford in the White House rather than president Nixon. One leading North Carolina Republican requesting anonymity even said it would be a a thrilling if Nixon stepped Down and Ford became president. Another North Carolina party spokesman state chairman Thomas s. Bennett said it a is difficult to say whether Ford would help us. In Light of the transcripts i d say the president has Many More minuses than Ford has but in a not in a position to speculate on who i d rather see As a prominent Georgia Republican who also asked not to be identified indicated he was embarrassed by the transcripts. A i was chagrined re faced about the whole situation a he said. A i was shocked by the language. The shame of the whole thing is that if he had Laid All the cards on the table to begin with people would have accepted Quot i d say yes a the Georgia Republican continued a the Ford is More acceptable politically than president but others disagreed. A we have to look to who a there a said Jerry Thomas. A Richard Nixon was elected overwhelmingly by the people of Florida and he s carry ing out what he considers to be a mandate the Best Way he can. If the election were held today Between Nixon and Mcgovern. Richard Nixon would win Clarke Reed chairman of the Mississippi Republican party said he is a More comfortable with Nixon Nixon is a More known Bob Shaw Georgia gop chairman says the watergate image a May be found in All Camps. And that image and the Public May be willing to dump them this year in both his democratic counterpart Charles Kirbo. Agrees. He says watergate a has created a climate in which the people want a change but they want a change for the in this respect watergate seems to run against All incumbents. But Republican congressmen Are in Especial sex Nixon aides request trial outside capital Nixon s refusal raises criticism by lawmakers by Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a lawyers for former presidential aides accused in the break in of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrists office said today that the watergate scandals make it impossible for their clients to receive a fair trial in Washington. They asked . District judge Gerhard Gesell to either postpone a sept. 9 trial Date for at least a year or to move the trial away from this City. A Well go anywhere your Honor a said David Shapiro attorney for Charles w. Colson former Counselor to president Nixon. Shapiro contended the Senate watergate committee hearings and other for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Unsolved slayings q. Would you please print for me How Many Black murders have not been solved by the High Point police dept. Guilford county sheriffs dept., and the Greensboro police dept.? thank you. Anon. A. High Point two Guilford county one Greensboro four. Fiddler s festival q. When Are they going to have that Bluegrass festival up at Union Grove thank you. Mrs Ati. A. The Ole time fiddlers amp Bluegrass festival begins at 730 . This Friday with an informal program of music by those bands arriving Early and other special guest performers. Friday afternoon and saturday morning they will have instrumental workshops in the Basic instruments. The single instrumental contest will be held saturday afternoon and the band Competition saturday night. Sunday morning there will be an old fashioned Christian Harmony sing followed by a concert on a rare old instrument called the Psaltery by the Folk Singer Betty Smith. There Are camping facilities with Hook for self contained units and unlimited space for tent campers with Access to a Bath House. General admission prices Are $10.00 for the entire festival $8.00 saturday and sunday $5 of sunday Only. Children under 12 Are admitted free. Says Harper Van Hoy of his festival a Elf you Are interested in Folk old time Mountain and Bluegrass music in an atmosphere free from alcohol and drug abuse you will enjoy the wholesome old timey friendliness and Fellowship we. Provide at fiddlers on the streets again q. I would like the police to answer this. Why is it when they catch a drug Pusher they turn him Loose and they catch him a second time within two months it seems that this drug problem is political. Anonymous woman. A. The question was referred to police Legal advisor James Tennant who says he often asks the same question. The police can Only catch the Law violator what the courts do with him is their business. The question probably could better be directed to some of the judges especially at election time. Sound off in regard to past inquiries concerning facilities for men and boys who Are interested in shaping up the High Point Barbell club rates As one of the finest equipped gyms in the South. We Are a non profit organization recognized by the aau with dues going to the improvement of the club. We have teachers policemen students and businessmen training Here. There Are several capable instructors including myself. My profession is teaching school and my degree is in health and physical education. Everyone gets in shape and has fun in the process. Anyone wishing More information can come by the gym located at 200 Model farm Road or can Call the gym at 882 0207 monday wednesday or Friday Between the hours of 4 15 and 7 . Incidentally the High Point Barbell club and the High Point Parks and recreation dept co sponsored the North state Power lifting and physique championships at the City Lake gym last september. Randy g. Haithcock. Judge Gesell developments have made it impossible for Colson to get a fair trial anywhere but argued that any City would be less unfair than Washington. Spencer Boyer attorney for Nixon a former chief Domestic adviser John d. Ehrlichman suggested Gainesville or Jacksonville Fla. As possible trial Sites. Although making no immediate ruling on the motions for delay or Transfer Gesell appeared sceptical of the need for either. He said every jury in every trial in every state has some hidden prejudices for or against defendants. The lawyer for defendant g. Gordon Liddy told the judge that both president Nixon and Senate watergate committee chairman Sam j. Ervin or. Had contributed to prejudice against his client one of the convicted watergate conspirators. Colson and Ehrlichman fired new subpoenas for watergate evidence at the White House wednesday. Gesell in signing them gave the White House until 2 Friday to respond and said he would Grant no More time. He added that the Case might have to be dismissed if the government refuses to turn Over evidence deemed necessary for the trial. A if the court rules that material is relevant to the defense of anyone charged Quot in the Case and Are not produced a the prosecution ends a Gesell said. The subpoenas include a demand for top secret documents connected with the 1971 Pentagon papers Case. They also ask for per see sex Nixon on 2a by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a president Nixon a refusal to comply with a House judiciary committee subpoena for la watergate tapes is providing new grounds for impeachment in the View of some members. A it Means the cover up continues a said rep. George Danielson d-calif., after Nixon notified the committee wednesday he would not comply with the subpoena or any other it issues for watergate material. A it s hurting him with the committee a said rep. Tom Railsback r-ill., one of a number of republicans who expressed disappointment at Nixon a action. Chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., calling Nixon a refusal a a very grave matter a scheduled a committee meeting for next week to Deal with it. There is some talk of citing Nixon for contempt of Congress and of seeking court enforcement of the subpoena but a majority appeared to favor taking the presidents action into account when considering whether he should be impeached. The committee staff has advised that it is proper to infer that anyone possessing and refusing to provide subpoenaed evidence is withholding material that could be incriminating. In a letter to Rodino saying he would not produce the tapes Nixon said the com Mittee s request and others it is getting ready to make amount to a a massive invasion into the confidentiality of presidential a More fundamentally continuing and Infin Tum the process of yielding up additional conversations in response to an endless series of demands would fatally weaken this office not Only in this administration but for future presidencies As Well a Nixon added. Rodino rejected Nixon a argument saying the committees requests were narrowly drawn and related specifically to the impeachment inquiry a there is no Way the presidency will be weakened by the constitutional process we Are conducting. The Republic will be Rodino said the committee will Issue More subpoenas if it decides the White House is withholding evidence it needs. The next one Likely will Deal with the Dairy funds and itt controversies. The committee has requested tapes of 66 conversations in these two areas and Nixon s lawyer James Rodino Calls Nixon a response a very grave matter a wire photo can Nixon be taken to court what s inside amusements Haj Bridge. .3d classified ads. .4-11d comics. 12a crossword 14c editorials. 4a financial. .2 a obituaries id sports. Sec. C television Haj women a news weather. .7.4 an a news analysis by Walter r. Mears associated press writer Washington a president Nixon always has had trouble getting along with watergate special prosecutors. He did t want one hired in the first place yielding reluctantly after the scandals forced a staff and Cabinet shakeup. His firing of Archibald Cox stirred the first serious moves for impeachment. Now the White House is feuding with Leon Jaworski Over who is Boss. During the House impeachment inquiry the president cannot afford any renewal of the crisis that came when Cox went. Nixon a spokesmen and lawyer say there has been no consideration of firing Jaworski although circumstances now Are similar to those that led the president to get rid of Cox the Central Issue now As then is simple can the special prosecutor take the president to court when the president tells him not to in each Case the controversy flared Over the demands of the prosecutor for Access to White House tape recordings the president said he would not yield. Cox was fired after vowing to press in court for recordings of nine presidential conversations in Defiance of Nixon a instructions to drop the Case and Settle instead for summaries for the tapes but three Days later on oct. 23, 1973, facing a wave of impeachment demands and an Adverse Public reaction the president yielded and agreed to turn Over the tapes. Within a week arrangements had been made for a new special prosecutor. Now up against another tapes controversy with Jaworski Nixon s lawyers say he is prepared to contest to the supreme court a subpoena for recordings of 64 conversations. Jaworski already has won in . District court. Jaworski complained there and to the Senate judiciary committee which backed him about the Contention of the White House that he could not properly pursue the subpoena Case in court because it involves a dispute Between two officials of the executive Branch. Jaworski said that interpretation of his standing would make a farce out of the special prosecutor s office Federal courts have held that by voluntary agreement and Justice department regulations the administration has Given the office of the special prosecutor a unique measure of Independence with the Force of Law behind it. The edited watergate transcripts recount Early discussions of a special prosecutor and Nixon a opposition to the idea a now the difficulty with the special see can on 2a d. St. Clair told it wednesday it would get Only one partial transcript. The committee delved deeper into the crucial March 21, 1973, stage of the watergate cover up wednesday adding secret grand jury evidence to its tapes of Nixon a conversations dealing with hush Money payments. In a report accompanying indictments returned against seven former White House and Nixon re election Campaign aides March i the watergate grand jury said a $75,000 payment was made to the lawyer for convicted watergate burglar e Howard Hunt or. The night of March 21. In a taped conversation earlier that Day Nixon appeared to be ordering his former counsel John w. Dean Iii to make the payment. There is some dispute As to whether the $75,000 actually was paid that night but several committee members said the evidence presented wednesday made it Clear that it was. The committee also heard a tape of a March 22 conversation in which Nixon Dean former atty. Gen. John n Mitchell and former White House aides John d. Ehrlichman and or. Haldeman discussed various Means of dealing with the upcoming Senate watergate hearings. The Boston Globe reported today it had Learned from a source who had heard the White House tape that during the March 22 conversation. Nixon said a even up to this Point the whole theory has been containment As you know Nixon has said he did not learn of any watergate coverup until March 21, 1973, rep Elizabeth Holtzman dny., said she found the tape a very significant a but did not go into detail. Rep. Robert Drinan d-mass., said a the whole tone of the conversation showed they were determined not to let it the cover up of White House involvement in watergate get in other watergate related developments a s. District court judge Gerhard Gesell signed subpoenas directing Nixon to turn Over documents including some top secret papers for the plumbers be. Nixon s on 2a priest s style questioned by his Superior Richard t. Cleary by Guy Darst associated press write Boston apr the Rev. John Mclaughlin the Jesuit priest and presidential aide who recently defended president Nixon a use of profanity has been called to Boston by his religious Superior for a prayer and the Rev. Richard t. Cleary provincial of the Jesuit fathers of new England said wednesday there was a possibility father Mclaughlin could be asked to leave his White House Post or be dismissed from the order which would not necessarily affect his status As a priest. Father Cleary who noted father Mclaughlin was living in the watergate apartments in Washington questioned whether the priest was living up to his vows of poverty and obedience. One bedroom units in the watergate apartments rent for $425 to $700 a month father Mclaughlin White House office said today he was in a meeting and unavailable for immediate comment. White House communications director Ken w Clawson adopted a hands off posture. A nothing in the world would make me get in the Middle of an argument Between two jesuits a Clawson said. Father Mclaughlin recently spoke out in defense of Nixon saying he was a great moral Leader and that his use of curse words was a necessary release mechanism father Cleary asked if he would agree with father Mclaughlin a defense of profanity said a i would be standing up against Moses if i did. Thou Shalt not take the name of thy lord and god in he said father Mclaughlin was not speaking for the Church father Cleary also said he had no record of father Mclaughlin being Given permission to live in the exclusive watergate apartments. A speaking for myself i would not live there a he said adding that jesuits usually Are required to live in Jesuit communities a i will be asking Hun to take a Brief time away for prayer about his situation and reflection with me a father Cleary said adding he was asking father Mclaughlin to come to Boston As a soon As he can get time to do it a father Cleary said a i do not intend to Hurt him. I am not saying he is not in Good standing As a Jesuit he said no actual permission had been Given for Mclaughlin to work in the White House although he said some encouragement see priest s on 2a John Mclaughlin

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