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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain warm More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 142 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon May 22, 1974 78 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c in tapes Battle Jaworski gets panel s backing by Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington a the Senate judiciary committee has reaffirmed the authority of watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski to pursue White House tapes though the courts. And the White House said tuesday that president Nixon is not considering firing Jaworski. A Fate that befell his predecessor Archibald Cox in an earlier controversy Over tapes. On monday Jaworski complained to the judiciary committee that a the president through his counsel is challenging my right to bring action against him to obtain evidence or differently stated he contends that i cannot take the president to presidential attorney James d. St. Clair had argued that since Jaworski is employed by the executive Branch he can sue the president Only if the president so wishes Jaworski said monday. The committee s Resolution said the prosecutor a is acting within the scope of the authority conferred upon him by the agreement of the president and the department of Justice and the Senate judiciary committee. In seeking to obtain from the president tape recordings he believes relevant to prove or disprove allegations of information for indictments awaiting trials in the that agreement was made after the firing of Cox last october. Cox was engaged in a Battle with the White House Over tapes and Nixon eventually turned them Over. Now Jaworski is seeking to enforce a subpoena for 64 additional White House tapes. . District judge John j. Sirica has ordered the White House to surrender the tapes to him. After the judiciary committee meeting. Sen. Birch Bash a ind. Called the vote an Effort to say a or. President Back off. Live up to the Promise you made a we be had two special prosecutors appointed. We be had promises of Independence Given in each Case a Bayh said and added in a we be had one special prosecutor fired and we be had two promises of Independence several senators said that if Jaworski is fired Steps would be taken to resurrect a Senate Bill creating a special prosecutor Independent from the executive Branch. At the White House Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren agreed to be quoted As saying a Jaworski firing was not under consideration. Earlier in the news briefing he had turned aside similar questions. Meanwhile the House judiciary committee continuing its impeachment inquiry heard the tape of the key March 21, 1973, talk Between Nixon and then White House counsel John w. Dean Iii. Some committee democrats said the tape continuing discussion of payments to keep watergate burglar e. Howard Hunt jr., quiet is the most damaging evidence they have heard against Nixon. In other watergate developments -U.S. District court judge Gerhard Gesell said he might sign a subpoena to give former Nixon aides Access to their private files still at the White House. Gesell commented during hearings on see Jaworski on 2a British soldiers Are defied Belfast Northern Ireland apr gunfire crackled today in protestant strongholds of East Belfast As militant strikers defied thousands of British troops in combat gear by re erecting barricades the soldiers had torn Down. There was no immediate word of casualties but police said six or seven men were involved in the shooting. One mob of Young men armed with rocks and clubs attacked and encircled a police patrol and soldiers in armoured cars moved in to Rescue the officers. Traffic that had begun flowing for the first time in three Days after the army swoop snarled again As the new barricades went up the protestant reaction came a few hours after soldiers in combat gear swarmed through the British provinces beleaguered capital Clearing streets blocked to Back up a protes Tant led general strike. It was a Quick reply to claims by strike leaders that they controlled Northern Ireland to the Point of being Able to form a provisional government. Soldiers with blackened faces and guns at the ready moved in at Dawn and quickly cleared All main roads into the capital. They bulldozed vehicles to the sidewalks. After eight Days of almost total Industrial disruption the militants had tightened their stranglehold on the British province s capital by cutting off the distribution of fuel supplies. Offers one transcripts president refuses to give up tapes Washington a president Nixon notified the House judiciary committee today he would not comply with a subpoena demanding tapes of la watergate conversations. Rep. Wiley Mayner Iowa emerged from a closed committee session and told newsmen that the White House response was delivered to committee chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., about la a Mone hour past the deadline set by the subpoena for a reply. Mayne said Rodino told the 38-member committee that he had just received the response a and he said it was unfavourable. It was earlier. Nixon offered the committee one edited transcript in response to the committee s request for tapes of 66 White House conversations dealing with the Dairy Industry and International Telephone amp Telegraph corp. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Irritating Calls q. You answered this question several weeks ago in action line please repeat the answer. If someone called your House and As soon As you answer they hang up breaking the connection is there any possible Way to find out who is doing it someone has been calling our House for the last couple of weeks and As soon As we answer they immediately slam the phone Down. Is there something we can do thank you. Anon. A. Call the Telephone company and ask for the person who can help you Stop the annoyance Calls. There is a Way to find out who s doing it As Long As you Don t hang up and break the connection but you la have to make arrangements with the Telephone company beforehand Daffodil Digger q. Is it Safe to dig daffodils this time of year and replant them anon. A. It is better to let the foliage Ripen before digging them up. Hardy bulbs like daffodils can be replanted immediately or else stored in a Cool dry place until autumn. Baskets or mesh bags can be used for storage. Daffodils May stay several years in the same place before you need to replant. When they Are too crowded and the blooms Are Small they should be divided. After the leaves have browned pick a Cool sunny Day to dig them but not after a rain has soaked the soil. Before replanting the soil should be spaced 12 to 18 inches and a generous amount of compost or Well rotted manure worked in they done to tolerate raw manure. Plant about six inches deep and six to eight inches apart. Shallow planting results in dwarfed plants. The location should be Well drained or the bulbs will rot. Johnny on the Mountain q. Please put in the paper when the singing on Grandfather Mountain is this year. Anon. A. The 50th annual a singing on the Mountain will be held sunday june 23 and will feature Johnny Cash according to Dick Barkley director of information. No More dumpsters q. Could you Tell me Why the doors on the Dempster dumpsters at Springfield town House located off Brentwood Are welded As you can to pitch trash in. Thank you. R. H. A. A Public works spokesman said the doors were welded shut because the people using these dump masters would not Latch them. The Driver servicing these containers cannot see the right door nor can he Tell if the left door is latched. If they Are not latched and the Container is dumped the doors open and the arms on the truck tear them off. Sound off we Are promoting a gospel sing with Archdale Trinity Jaycees which will be held on sunday at 3 p. In. At the new Trinity High school gymnasium. The guest artists will be the Dixie echoes the Mccormick singers and the apostles of song. The proceeds go to the North Carolina zoo to be built Down below Asheboro and they really need the Money. Sound off i would like people that have old newspapers to Contact me As i am collecting the papers to sell them and wanted to help finance some missionary trips to South America in july. If anyone would give me their old papers it would be appreciated. They May Contact me at this Telephone number 883-6783. Wade Oxendine. No weapons inst porno say two . S Aga by Noel Yancey associated press writer Raleigh a two District attorneys say a change in the Law made by the 1974 general Assembly leaves them without a suitable weapon against pornography. A the legislature would have been better off and certainly More intellectually honest if it had passed a Bill repealing obscenity Laws a said Burley b. Mitchell District attorney in Wake county. Jack a. Thompson District attorney at Fayetteville said procedure called for in the new Law a makes effective enforcement of the obscenity Law virtually sen. Mcneill Smith a Guilford chairman of a subcommittee which studied the obscenity Law change did not agree. Although the Law defines what will be considered obscene it also requires that there must be a court finding that material is obscene before an arrest can be made. Mitchell said the Law requires that a dealer or movie operator must display the material a second time after the court rules it obscene to be liable for criminal prosecution. Mitchell and Thompson said the practical effect of the Law will be that once a civil complaint has been filed against a particular work the dealer can simply change his Stock and get a new Supply of pornography. A it would be patently foolish for him to sell something that has already been declared obscene a Mitchell said. A but All he does is change his Stock order some new supplies in Small Quantity so they will be sold out by the time the civil complaint is decided a Mitchell said that pattern a in effect Means there will not be any criminal prosecutions for obscenity under the Smith said the general Assembly did not consider the objection raised by Mitchell and Thompson to be a problem. A the people who appeared before our committee claimed that adult Book stores would not exist if they have to change their Stock every week if All they sold was hard Core pornography and would go out of business a a Smith said. A i think that was what the general Assembly wanted to see the new amendment a Thompson said bars officers a from making any arrests see no weapons on 2a Pat Nixon escorted by mrs. Thone As she arrived tuesday map wire photo watergate plagues first lady s Outing by Ann Blackman associated press writer Washington a it was to be for Pat Nixon a pleasant occasion. A a Day in the country a As the congressional and Cabinet wives called their annual congressional club luncheon for the first lady. But As so often happens these Days in Washington the subject of watergate came up. And mrs. Nixon bristled. A yes a she said tersely w Hen asked if she has read the edited transcripts of her husbands watergate conversations. A i did. It takes 9 to 12 hours. You can t just read then she turned to the reporter questioning her during the luncheon at the Shoreham americana hotel and asked if she had read the entire volume. A Only about 300 pages a came the reply. A when you be read it All come Back a mrs. Nixon said turning away. To another reporter who asked the first lady for a reaction to the edited transcripts mrs. Nixon snapped a now look this in t a press conference this is a party. If you want ask the people Here who have worked so hard on All of this so it will get in the then she turned to the chairman of the luncheon mrs. Ruth Thone who was trying to shield mrs. Nixon from reporters questions and said a i done to think it s fair to take the limelight away from All those who have worked so later mrs. Nixon made a veiled reference to her husband s watergate troubles when she said to the More than 1,000 women who gave her two standing ovations. A you re my Best friends your words like in i love you a a we support you a they cheer me up. These Are the things that give you the Chance to fight for what a right. And that a what we re doing a a it s a difficult time for her a said Helen Smith mrs. Nixon a press Secretary. A she says she does t want to talk about these things because she wants to focus on the Nixon s lawyer James i. St. Clair said the president feels he has already Given the committee everything else it needs for that phase of its impeachment inquiry. St. Clair said Many of the 66 conversations sought by the committee in connection with tile itt and Dairy Industry matters were not recorded and that others were not pertinent to the committees inquiry. All that will be supplied he said is a partial transcript of an april 4. 1972, conversation Between Nixon former atty. Gen. John Mitchell and former White House aide h r. Haldeman. St. Clair said testimony at the Senate watergate hearings shows that there was discussion of the itt Case during that meeting. St. Clair spoke to newsmen before entering another Clos Eddo or hearing of the committee. The committee heard the tape of a March 21, 1973. Meeting on tuesday and some members said it was the most damaging evidence against Nixon they have yet heard. In another major development judiciary committee chairman Peter w. Rodino or. Told reporters tuesday that a significant portion of a March 17, 1973, White House transcript May be missing. Rodino said the tape recording representing that transcript apparently includes a discussion by Nixon of the possibility of White House involvement in the watergate cover up Nixon has said he first Learned of the cover up on March 21, 1973. Rodino said the committee had been Given a tape by the watergate grand jury that records a conversation Between Nixon and press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler on june 4. 1973, after Nixon had spent several hours listening to tapes of other meetings. Rodino said one of the meetings they discussed was on March 17, Between Nixon and then White House counsel John w. Dean Iii according to Rodino it included a a discussion of the watergate matter and the possible involvement of White House personnel and the White House released transcript of the March 17 meeting does not mention watergate. The committee heard on tuesday a tape of the March 21 talk Between Nixon and Dean. It convinced some democrats that Nixon ordered Dean to pay Hunt $120,000 in hush Money. A it was a command. It was be president on 2a Sla hideouts showed spartan life by Tim Reiterman associated press writer san Francisco a in a Trail of cluttered nesting places the sym ionese liberation army left behind signs of a squalid and increasingly spartan existence fed by revolutionary dreams. For six Sla members the Trail of their hideouts began and ended in flames. The search began after two alleged Sla a a soldiers were arrested Jan. To for the Mur Der of a school superintendent. Police say the Small terrorist group tired unsuccessfully to Burn Down a nearby Bungalow in suburban Concord that night in the smoke damaged rooms authorities found a Cache of clues about the mysterious group which had claimed responsibility for killing Oakland school Marcus Foster last nov. 6. Judging by documents in the House police say the surveillance reports on Foster writing communiques and compiling dossiers on prominent local businessmen for kidnapping warrants. One name found on papers there was that of Patricia Hearst a College Sophomore in nearby Berkeley. Doors and windows in the House were reinforced with plywood and baled newspapers were kept nearby for Quick barricading. Revolt Sla had kept Busy making tonary posters adorned truce line settled Kissinger by the associated press Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger said today that substantial agreement has been reached on a truce line to defuse the fighting on the Golan Heights front but indicated he would not secure a full disengagement Accord before he leaves the Middle East this weekend. Emerging from his latest talks with israeli leaders in Jerusalem before flying to Damascus Kissinger said Israel and Syria had agreed to a geographic Demar cation meaning a disengagement line. But a whole Range of other issues still must be worked out he said. A i must caution. That each subject is very Complex heavy and full of clauses and subclauses a said israeli information minister Shimon Peres. The statements appeared to be a forecast that Kissinger would return to Washington without a pact to separate the syrian and israeli armies and leave final details to be settled by his aides. A i expect to leave this weekend a Kissinger told newsmen. The Secretary plans to continue flying Between Damascus and Jerusalem until Friday working out More details of the disengagement. Syria predicted earlier that Kissinger would leave the Middle East in two or three Days without a disengagement Accord the official syrian news Agency Sana circulated the report several hours before Kissinger on the 25th Day of his shuttle for peace was due in Damascus after talks with israeli officials. Sana charged that Israel was a creating complications and wasting Kissinger a time by refusing to comply with provisions that have to be complied with a before agreement is reached. On the Heights syrian and israeli tanks and artillery dulled for the 72nd Day the syrian military command reported. Many Walls beneath a Mantle full of books on guerrilla warfare weaponry and marxism the occupants evidently constructed pipe bombs and practice shooting a Wall target with an air pistol Gas masks were kept next to their Beds heavier ammunition was scattered All around. For recreation they apparently played Rock music on the stereo and sipped Beer or wine. An empty Case of Plum wine which the slams late Leader Donald defreeze reportedly favored was found along with several Molotov cocktails made with the empties. The cupboards and refrigerator were Well stocked with Staples and health foods from a Berkeley store. Stacks of dirty dishes overflowed the sink and bags of garbage spilled across the floor. Their clothing a mainly Levis army fatigue jackets and other military surplus a was haphazardly stored in drawers and closets or tossed in a Corner. A they did t seem to care much about their material possessions a said Oakland homicide sgt. John Agler. Six Days later on Jan. 16, police reported discovery of a second Sla hideout. The third Story Oakland apartment was rented from september through november by a woman calling herself Lynn Ledworth. Police believed her to be the late Sla member Nancy Ling Perry. Less than six blocks from the Foster assassination site the apartment was an Ideal spot to plot and launch the murder As Well As a Good Sanctuary later police said the Sla vanished after the see Sla on 10a what s inside amusements Bridge. Classified ads. Filiti comics. Crossword editorials. Financial. Obituaries. Sports. Television women a news a a a a a a a .1-8b weather

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