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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Facts prove pregnant women should not smoke High Point Enterprise tuesday May i 1974 7a women join the Marine corps dear Ann my wife and i were married five years ago. We practice birth control for the first three years because we weren to ready for a family. Two years ago we started to try. Last week we Learned the great news. Barbara is pregnant. This morning we got into a terrible hassle. It was about her smoking. I know i read somewhere that smoking is bad for pregnant women. Do you have recent information on this subject please Ann give me the facts so Barbara will come to her senses a looking ahead a dear looking actually it not the pregnant woman who is harmed by smoking a its the unborn child. Or. Nevil Butler professor of child health at the University of Bristol in England did a 14-year study. It was the most massive Experiment of its kind involving 17,400 births. Even the women who smoked Only two or three Cigar ets a Day gave birth to a higher percentage of defective babies. The most startling figures were a 30 per cent increase in Newborn deaths and the doubled risk of congenital heart disease. If those facts Aren t enough to make a pregnant woman throw away those filthy weeds she a got rocks in her head. Dear Ann i agree with almost every word you write. Now will you give me a hand please its important. Every hour 3,500 cats and dogs Are born in the u. S. Many humane societies kill about 3,500 animals a month. There is Little time or Money left for improving the situation. Thousands of animals Are abandoned to suffer horribly before being scooped up by the Highway department. The owners responsible for these atrocities give As their main reason for producing unwanted litters a i wanted to show my kids the facts of they just buy a Book they might also show them the facts of death at any animal shelter. Why Are no campaigns being waged against the Ever increasing pet explosion How about promoting the slogan a for pets Sake done to a concerned dear concerned in a for it. Here a your letter and i Hope readers who love animals will take it from there. Single parents need support of others dear Ann i resent it when i make a phone Call and am asked a May i Tell her who is calling a i can understand such procedure in a business office but in a Home whose business is it except the party to whom i wish to speak i get the impression that the person who asks is screening the Calls. When in masked to identify myself i am forced to be rude. When someone says a would you like to leave your name and number a i can either do so or say a no thank but i appreciate the Choice Monterey Cal. Dear a apparently you think everyone who has a phone also has the god Given right to intrude on the privacy of others whenever he pleases. Sorry i done to agree. The polite Way is to identify yourself without being asked. You then give the other party an alternative. They can either accept the Call return it later or not return it at All if they done to care to. There is a big difference Between cold and Cool. Ann Landers shows you How to play it Cool without freezing people out in her Booklet a teen age sex a ten ways to Cool Send 50 in Coin and a Long self addressed stamped envelope to Ann Landers p. O. Box 3346, Chicago Illinois 60654. Flowers for All occasions High Point loading Florist Grace Flower shop North Wronn St Westwood phone 888-4085 and 882-1617 san Diego Calif. Apr two women marines took their places recently in a previously All male bastion the West coast recruit depots no school. As a consequence the Marine corps May have to change the recruiting slogan it has used for years a the Marine corps builds the corps has turned its attention to developing leadership skills in women Marine noncommissioned officers cos. Training women is not new to the marines but like other military services Over the years a a separate but equal attitude has developed about women a training. Caught in the rip tide when sewing on Woven fabrics of Man made fibres use polyester thread. Effect of women a lib the corps is revising its attitude about women a training. The no school proving ground for noncommissioned officers stresses training in such varied military subjects As leadership techniques of military instruction tactics mapping first Aid and physical training. The first two women cos a to go through the school sgt. Barbara Metoyer and Cpl. Karla Reese found that pioneering in the 20th Century is As challenging As it Ever was. Undaunted by minor adversities they marched through the course much to the Surprise of some of their classmates. A tactics was murder a says sgt. Metoyer echoed by Cpl. Reese. A i even read a Street she is proud of being Able to take a Field radio apart put it Back together and use it but a a in a not for women a lib a she said. Sgt. Metoyer 29, got her first glimpse of Marine life at Quantico va., where she was born into a military family. Cpl. Reese 19, is from san Diego the daughter of a Marine and a former woman Marine. An education Counselor at depot education transition sgt. Metoyer has been in the corps for three years and recently re enlisted for six More. Cpl. Reese an administration clerk has spent nearly two years in the Marine corps. Both Are Quick to they be been treated people. Say like a speech class in which students Are required to talk for 15 minutes on a Given subject helped a bring us out of that Shell a says sgt. Metoyer. She says working with 28 male students was no problem. The women were not permitted to participate in Field Maneu vers but were not chagrined. A a Rattler was found a sgt. Metoyer said a and in a just glad i Wasny to there this for i for watch repair and jewelry a _ in j _ a a a a j. W. Leonard jewellers located in the Bow Stafford bldg. Jamestown n a. Phone 454-1401 every family is important Salesman of the month special Fred Lawrence says a get a. Raleigh the number of one Parent households with Young children has risen rapidly during the last few years. Quot not Only do these parents carry the usual tasks of parenting alone but they must work at full time jobs a say Extension human development specialists North Carolina state University. A because they have less support to lean on single parents deserve the special support of other parents a the specialists believe. Single parents carry on their shoulders a Challenge of parenthood that most parents find difficult even with two Heads. They carry important decisions worries and concerns Over social Calendar tuesday noon a mrs. De Post 1227 Westwood ave. Is hostess to members of hum n Hoe Garden club for a luncheon meeting. Noon a members of Wayside Garden club meet for a covered dish luncheon with mrs. H v. Koont Sof 317 Ardmore Cir. 7 . A the Sheraton hotel is the setting for the meeting of the Pilot club of High laundry enzymes found in detergents and pre soaks break Down protein stains such As blood and egg. They chemically bind with soil particles to break them apart. To their children and have solve them alone. A there Are ways of giving support to single parents a the specialists Point out. A fall parents need someone to turn to someone to listen to encourage to advise and to offer help. This need for support is the greatest need a Parent has. The single Parent is no the specialists Point out that it is important for us to make single parents Welcome in our Community. They need friends with whom they can discuss the important difficulties that concern children. Married parents often Overlook the need of single parents. Some parents May believe the single parents need for help is different from theirs. Other parents May fear that single parents will pose a risk to their own relationship. Usually these fears Are groundless. A parents with partners can help the children of single parents by their influence a believe the specialists. A a close relative a Friend a teacher or a group Leader can be a Model who guides the child of a single Parent and lends the child a different Point of children can be helped greatly by these influences especially As they enter the. Teen years. Creates colors decorators a dream m of Interior Latex gorgeous colors that apply easily and dry in less than 30 minutes clean up with soap and water Vick paint amp wallpaper co 120 Church St. 882-8425 at the time when a High Point family needs our help that family is usually in great upset and confusion. Simply it is our sacred Mission to help the living a through Courtesy kindness detail perfect handling of More than too separate and important details for the family. We believe that every family deserves the Best service we can give. Every family is important to us no detail or wish can be overlooked. We Are recommended by those families we have served so please remember our name suggest it to a Friend when they seek your advice. Whirlpool trash Masher compactor for Only $4995 when you install Power guard air Harold c. Davis Harold c. Davis funeral Home North main at Farriss Avenue Call 885-5049 a select member of Pydi conditioning. Its a smashing Deal. 5 211 4 phone for a free Survey Hunter heating amp air conditioning 1219 Ward St. Pm. 882-3366 Mim Quot Depp a s jobs chs 137 w. Lexington ave Telephone 882-1311 formal Wear rental available Mim id it. Do of. Tomato soup a perpetual savings account is like a can of soup. Neither one does you any Good until you open it open up at. Perpetual savings and loan association ass Houth main in Mish Point a sos South main in arc Oaut a Westchester Mali. Passbook 51/4% certificates to 63/4%All compounded daily

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