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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 140 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., monday afternoon May 20, 1974 32 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c hunted along with Sla members Fri labels Patty Hearst armed and dangerous by William Saul associated press writer los Angeles a Patricia Hearst the soft spoken coed who screamed a let me go As she was violently kidnapped 31/ months ago was hunted today by hundreds of lawmen As an a armed and extremely dangerous a member of the terrorist group which abducted her. With six of miss hearses alleged captors dead after a series of weekend developments in which the Case began to break open the Fri led a blitzing search in this City today for the Rem Nants of the nearly decimated sym ionese liberation army and for miss Hearst. The Fri said sunday night it would charge miss Hearst As the woman who pumped automatic Rifle fire into a sporting goods store on thursday the incident that triggered the army of lawmen into action As they began to close in on the Sla. The Fri said it believes miss Hearst who 106 Days ago was pursuing her Art studies and quietly planning a summer wedding to be part of what is left of her captors. A apparently she has joined forces with the Sla a William a. Sullivan assistant director of the los Angeles Fri office said of the 20-year-old newspaper heiress sunday night. He added a she will be Given the Opportunity to surrender of she opens fire on Fri agents or police the fire will be police said Early today All units were seeking a Young White woman and two Black men a considered armed and dangerous and May be suspected Sla members who tried to offer a several Hundred dollars to a Landlady if she would give them a room sunday night. The woman was described As 18 to 20, blonde hair Blue eyes with a sawed off Shotgun on a Sling concealed under her coat. Miss Hearst has Brown hair and Brown eyes. The men were described As in their 20s, one 6-foot-3 and the other 5-foot-4 police said when the Landlady refused to rent the room she was slashed at with a knife. Her clothing was Cut but she was unharmed. Her assailants reportedly fled in a red and Black Sedan. Named in a warrant charging Federal firearms violations were miss Hearst and William and Emily Harris a husband and wife in their late 20s. The harrises Are White. If there was any solid Sla connection with the two Black men sought Early today police did not give it. Six persons including acknowledged Sla Leader Cinque Are dead victims of a Friday night shoot out with an estimated 500 Law officers that lasted More than an hour before their hideout House burned. When the charred remains of All six were finally identified by sunday afternoon the dead included what was believed to be All the top leaders of the Sla which now appears not to have numbered More than a dozen. In tape recordings issued As the country s first political kidnapping unfolded miss Hearst pledged her allegiance to the Sla. Renounced her family ridiculed her Fiance and repeated the violent Sla goals of revolution on behalf of the people. But her family always said it believed the statements were coerced. Most authorities appeared to believe that until this weekend. Formal complaints were to be filed today against miss Hearst and the harrises who Sullivan said he believed were still in Southern California. A youth who identified miss Hearst for the Fri said she told him she raked a sporting goods store with Rifle fire As she and the harrises made their getaway after a bungled attempt to shoplift a pair of 49-cent see Fri on 2a d Estwing elected in French voting by Paul Treuthardt associated press writer Paris apr conservative Valery Giscard d Estwing for years the strict finance minister in Frances gaullist govern ments has become the Republic s 20th president in an election that could reduce friction Between Paris and Washington. Latest official figures gave Giscard Deestaing a Lead of for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Problems at Home q. There is an empty House across the Street from me at 310 Lakeview or. In Guilford county. This House has been vacant for about eight months and the grass is real High. The septic tank is on top of the ground and there is kind of a swamp beside the House. I done to know How Many snakes we have seen there. The people who lived there before moved out because there was Only one heating outlet and no water. Is there anything the health department can do or any Legal thing that can be done to get this Home checked thank you. A. The health department replies that High grass is not a Public health problem in itself nor Are snakes. Since the House is not occupied the septic tank could not be a problem at this time. There is no minimum housing ordinance in Guilford county so no county Agency has any jurisdiction Over the condition of the House. With no Legal leverage neighbors can apply this leaves the Home improvements and wilderness clearance up to the property owner. Battleship Silver q. Could you find out the value of the Silver that was Given by the citizens of the state to the battleship uss North Carolina and is displayed on the ship now j. P. A. Some idea of its Cost if not its current value was found in old newspaper articles by the battleships promotion director Amo Judd. The Only reference they have on the actual presentation in 1908 is taken from the july 3, 1908 Durham Sun which made no mention of the Cost. Another unidentified newspaper article written in 1928 under the by line of a mrs. T k. Maupin stated the Silver service Cost $6,000. A Raleigh news and observer news item of july �?~22, 1930. Noted that a a. The service is valued at around $10,000.�?� it is Likely the battleship commission has the set insured and a More recent appraisal has been made for this purpose. Judging from the Rise in the Price of silverware it s Safe to say its value has increased considerably Over the years pregnancy help q. I need help right away. My daughter 14 years old is pregnant and could you please give me information on where to go to get an abortion for her please let me have this information right away. Thank you. Anonymous woman. A. She can go to any obstetrician Here or if you prefer Contact the pre admission office at n. Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem for an appointment. The number is 727 5236. An abortion clinic in Winston Salem has not yet opened according to an obstetrics nurse at the local Hospital. Foreign adoptions q. Could you Tell me who to Contact to adopt a child overseas of they know who the child is s. P. A. The adoptions unit of the Guilford county department of social services in Greensboro is the Agency through which arrangements Are made. You can Call mrs. Helen Alpaugh who said she would be glad to help get the Ball rolling. The direct line from High Point to the Guilford county offices is 883 7154, her Extension is 3895. Re action q. In your list of private schools in High Point you did no to mention the it. Calvary Christian school at 903 e. Kearns Avenue which has kindergarten through Grade 12. Two of my children attend and i am very pleased with it and i wanted others to know about it. Mrs. E. H. Only 371.814 votes out of More than 26 million cast More than 87 per cent of the registered voters in the largest turnout Ever in a French election. Interior minister Jacques Chirac declared Giscard d Estwing elected sunday night with 50.71 per cent of the vote 1.5 per cent More than that socialist Francois Mitterrand received. Foreign policy played almost no role in the freewheeling six week election Campaign. But the first foreign notable to congratulate the new president was president Nixon in a protocol breaking personal Telephone Call which French newspapers viewed As an Omen of an easing in prickly relations Between the two nations. Judge May dismiss one perjury charge Giscard Deestaing Giscard Deestaing has promised to make technical suggestions soon on Europe d Estwing on 2a Washington a a Federal judge saying the Fri a plays cat and mouse with people it is investigating today indicated he is considering dismissing one charge brought against former presidential aide John d. Ehrlichman in the White House plumbers Case. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell raised the question in reference to a charge that Ehrlichman lied to the Fri about his knowledge of the White House plumbers units investigation of the Pentagon papers Case. Gesell said that an Fri memo summarizing the interview with Ehrlichman did not make it Clear whether the agent asked Ehrlichman about the a Pentagon papers cases or More specifically about the break in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. Ehrlichman told the Fri More than a year had elapsed since he had seen papers relating to the Pentagon papers investigation. Gesell said that might have been Correct if Ehrlichman was referring to the original Case brought against Ellsberg. Ehrlichman and five others were indicted by a to avoid summer brownouts Wise Power use urged by the associated press americans won t have to swelter through the summer to avoid Power cutbacks or brownouts but Utility officials say people will have to use electricity wisely if they want to prevent problems. An associated press Survey showed that electric companies expect to have enough Power to satisfy summer demands barring unforeseen breakdowns or abnormally hot weather. They urge conservation however and say High electricity prices caused by higher fuel costs May help Cut usage. Robert Rives a spokesman for the Kansas Gas amp electric co., said a we have adequate facilities and fuel to take care of Peoples needs but we think they should use it Rives and others suggested that people set their thermostats at 78 degrees a slightly above usual just the Way they set the thermostats slightly below Normal during the Winter. Several utilities said they had extra Reserve capacity. A spokesman for Commonwealth Edison of Chicago said a your Reserve will be 16 per cent. The Reserve normally is 14 per he said the extra capacity is the result of a a slowdown in electrical growth. In past years there has been an electrical growth of 5 or 6 per cent a year but so far this year it s not growing at a spokesman for the Public service co. Of Colorado said the Power situation looked Good for summer. So did Ernie Quickel a spokesman for the Georgia Power co. Consolidated Edison co. Of new York reported two More extra generating units this year than last. But the company was forced to make a voltage cutback last Friday when the temperature hit 92 degrees. Some equipment was out of service because of repairs and maintenance by company workmen trying to get things ready for summer. Spokesmen for the new England Power Pool said the Only Chance of brownouts this summer would be if the weather turned hot at the same time plants were shut Down for maintenance. Officials said it would Cost about $19 More to air Condi tion one room in Massachusetts this summer than it did last year but they said they did no to know whether the Cost increase would be enough to Cut consumption. Grand jury on March 7, 1974 on charges of conspiring to violate the civil rights of or. Louis Fielding a Beverly Hills psychiatrist who had treated Ellsberg. The plumbers unit allegedly engineered the break in in an attempt to put together a psychological profile of Ellsberg. Ellsberg was then under indictment on charges stemming from the leak of the Pentagon papers. In addition Ehrlichman was indicted on one count of lying to the Fri and three counts of lying to the grand jury. The other defendants Are Charles w. Colson former White House special counsel Felipe de Diego a cuban exile now living in Miami and three watergate conspirators g. Gordon Liddy Bernard l. Barker and Eugenio r. Martinez. Meanwhile watergate was said to be hurting Republican fund raising efforts and president Nixon a chief of staff Alexander m. Haig or. Was quoted As saying he was so disturbed by the transcripts of the watergate tapes that he had to reevaluate his Job. Haig however through an aide denied As totally false the Newsweek report. A Gen. Haig has never implied the need to re evaluate his position and he challenges Newsweek to support this report a his associate said from the Florida White House at key Biscayne. The fund raising problems were discussed by Republican leaders in separate interviews sunday. Sen. William Brock r-tenn., chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign committee rep. Robert Michel head of the House Republican Campaign committee. And gof chairman George Bush All said Nixon should not resign. A the country. Bush said. A should leave aside political expediency and see the impeachment process through. The main arguments before Gesell to be heard tuesday will be whether the six men charged can use National Security As a defense to the conspiracy charges. Gesell has said that if it can be proven foreign policy was involved he might have to dismiss the charges. Among those charged Are former top Nixon aides John i. Ehrlichman and Charles w. Colson. See judge on 2a i what s inside i amusements. 7b Bridge. So classified ads. 3-8c comics. 6b crossword. So editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries 2c sports. 1-3b television. 4b women a news 6-8a weather. 3a Reinecke charge upheld by judge Washington a a Federal judge today refused to dismiss a perjury indictment against it. Gov. De Reinecke of California or shift his trial to that state. . District judge Barrington Parker denied motions by Reinecker a attorneys who contended among other things that he had been misled and trapped by Federal prosecutors into cooperating with their investigation. A the court finds that or. Reinecke was unable to Point to any statement made to him about a Promise of leniency. In the unequivocal manner he suggests a judge Parker ruled. A even if he believed a Promise had been made this belief must be buttressed by substantial proof. Such proof is lacking a the judge said. Reinecke and his attorneys contended that the lieutenant governor freely provided documents because he believed special watergate prosecutors promised would not be indicted. He a three count indictment returned april 3 accuses Reinecke of lying to the Senate judiciary committee about certain aspects of his role in the selection of san Diego As the site of the Republican National convention. It subsequently was transferred to Miami Beach Fla. Among other things Reinecke is accused of perjury about when he told John n. Mitchell former attorney general and manager of president Nixon a re election Campaign about a $400,000 offer from the Sheraton corp. To underwrite the convention in san Diego. Reinecke is a candidate for governor of California and is opposed in the june 4 primary by state controller Houston i. Flournoy. His trial is scheduled to begin july 15. Veteran wants leg removed Don Dagenhart a wire photo Jupiter Fla a a Young Vietnam Veteran who wants doctors to remove his damaged leg says a medical decision to save the leg has forced him to sell his baby s crib and consider going to jail to support his family. Don Dagenhart 22, wants the leg replaced with an artificial limb. He says constant pain i rom the leg makes it impossible for him to hold a Job. But a Veteran s admits traction panel of three doctors says the leg should stay despite the patients wishes. Broke jobless and distraught Dagenhart says his problems began in 1970 when he was in the Navy. He says he played for the the aircraft Carrier uss intrepid football team in a game against a Pensacola Navy base team that was a the team to beat in the a the Pensacola Cas Hawks had stayed together for two three years. Roger staubach now starting quarterback for the National football league Dallas cowboys had just left the team a Dagenhart says. A they were big and Strong. I Only weighed 167 pounds then i wanted nothing to do with that in the game his knee was crushed like an eggshell by a Casha we Del Ender when he caught a pass he says Dagenhart says he was treated in the ship s sick Bay when the vessel went to sea and went to the base Hospital at Pensacola when it returned a week later he had two knee operations at Pensacola and three More in Chelsea. Mass. Before his discharge in 1971. While in Chelsea he met his wife Anne then a student nurse. The couple moved to Durham. N.c., to be near Dagen Harts parents and where he could receive More treatment at a a Hospital. A i Wasny to getting Rich but at least i was Able to support us a says Dagenhart. He was Able to buy a trailer for his wife and their new son Craig. But the Durham doctors advised him to try the a Hospital in Miami where he could see a specialist. In Miami recovering from two More exploratory operations Dagenhart a Dis Abili a a Veteran on 2a Tom Dean Matthews Patricia Hearst

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