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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Friday. May it. 1910the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of ii Point. North Carolina Page seven High school s orchestra to Ive program we War jew i. Wi1 danger o serial Story Romance ahead by Tom Horner copyright. I 940. Nea service. Inc West Oil Chaka thus it let in milks a Lier mania for fast driving almost fit ked Hep Romance. Larky Ollie so Iii in it Iii it reporter Hunting the murderers of Iii Brot her. Miki a to v a Wen i Illy rancher knew too much about Auto . Yesterday Larry Colline Ace new York reporter quits Iii toll to return to tem to track Down the murderer of ills brother Hugh killed Iii a Peculiar Accident. A member of the Highway patrol. Hugh wan killed while trailing narcotic smuggler driving along. Larry see a Man working on a disabled car a woman and child beside him. When Larry stops to help a second Man takes Larry ear at. G n Point. Tile men drive away. Chapter ii Larry laughed bitterly As his car sped from sight. A what a Homecoming i wanted to get Back to Texas and i sure did right Back to the old soil on my own two feet a a a a what do we do now a it was the woman with the baby. Larry had forgotten Mer. A guess Well just sit and wait unless i can make this car go he told her then asked a How did you get mixed up with a couple of mugs like that they re probably the two who robbed the Bank this tears welled into the woman s officials of the first methodist i eyes. And she clutched the baby Rich feel that they Are fortunate closer to her. She was Young of it eing ale to secure its services piously terrified and trying not to y Trust that Many persons of i show it. The youngster Kip cd City As a mutter of civic Pride noisily on his thumb As he tried in and worship will be present to keep sleep heavy eyes open. He meeting to hear the Orch a they Are the Hank robbers miss i Koma the High Point High school or-1 Stra. Under the direction of miss finia Frank will present a 20- i the of clock sunday evening Fulce at first methodist Church. Coly it was announced today a he orchestra is rated As one of Best of its class in the state. And the pastors message. A a Linter convicted . Flogging la non. May it i Pic see pvt be convicted in the states in on Fulton count diggings. Eidson a printing Plant pm i b Lor court m 25-year-old Electr typer convicted last night of assault Battery on p s Toney. Cio Ile Union organizer and one of ii Matey tto persons alleged ave been lashed by night Iid in suburban Atlanta during last three years his was the same charge on i Henry Caw the on a Gara gowns convicted a few we is the prosecution charged thou was chief and Eidson i eking Crew a of the suburban Point Kun flux in Lait. Whon was Given a maximum pee of six Mouths in jail 12 is on the Public works and a by Fine i attn or it eaten d a of an Appeal g jury deliberated More than hours in teaching the eids onit. Another week end Egal for Oskins Iii i m i he u a 1.1 resses pay 50c weekly cd /. V new smart styles go easy a Reidt i in a sure of the woman explained. A they came to the ranch about noon we live near the line j a they said they were lost and asked directions to the Highway. Jim a that s my husband a was Down in the far pasture fixing a Mill. When they found out he Wasny to around they made me bring the baby and come with i them. They told me they a kill 1 the baby of i did j a and they used you and the j youngster to get by the patrol men a a the woman nodded. A i wanted to she continued a shut the one called Chi had my baby in his Atma and he had told me if the patrolmen suspected anything a wrong he d shoot Little Jim. I told the officers he was my husband and they let us pass. Rut what her Chin quivered Quot what Are we going to do now a a right now. You and the baby Are going to get into the car and try to take a Nap while i try to Start this but a Brut Jim a Jim will be a a you la be Home in time to Cook Jim s supper Safe and i Arry reassured her. A a in a rather those two had my car than have Yeti and the Little fellow in danger. Let s see now a wonder what these wires do a the woman Laid the baby on the rear seat. Came Back to Larry. A i think we re out of Gas. The gauge shows iat Rry sat Down on the running Hoard. Lolled a cig Aret. A that wrecks my career As a Mechanic. Nothing to do now hut ten Cigar ets later a Highway patrol car stopped beside them. A w i id eyed Overall Clad rancher i jumped from the car rushed to the woman. A Mary Darling ate you All rights and Little Jim a Larry walked to the officers recognized them As the pair who had stopped him earlier in tile Day. A stopped to give a Little help and a couple of Guys took my car. ,. Probably the same pair you All were looking one of the patrolmen nodded. A yeah they got through. This rancher found the car that was used in the Bank Job when he started looking for his wife. He called the sheriff and then Rode a horse to the Highway. We be been looking for the woman and the baby Ever the Lam her left his wife and son. Returned to the patrolmen a Mary and the baby Are a1 he said a you want to ask Mary anything about those two a a no. Your wife a been through enough for one one officer answered. A anyway we be got Good descriptions of the men from the cashier of the Hank and the sheriff is checking their car for fingerprints. We be got a Good idea. Who they Are. You bettor get your wife Home. Now. What a wrong with the car a a must out of Larry supplied. Quot Well Send a Mechanic Back with some from the first filling station there one up the Way about to he turned to Larry. What Are you going to do a "111 ride on into town if it s All Larry telephoned colonel Harris the Highway patrol thief As soon As he chocked into a hotel. A glad you re Harris said. J a a in be been waiting for you. Ii i be Over to see you shortly. Retire illustrated by de Gunder the car missed Larry by inches skidded turned into a filling station. A girl a very pretty girl was driving. I about too Miles up the River. Some of its Flat most of it s Cut up by canyons. Not Many ranches up there either. A we believe that the Gung of dope smugglers Are flying narcotics in from the South Landing Here. We know that most of the stuff that s going to Kansas City. Omaha and Kenver is coming from this area. I sent Hugh up there to find out who was mulling the show. Someone with brains la in on it and we re going to get him. It s the big shot the had of the outfit that we want. We can pick up the others any time. A now Here s what you better do ,. A a see Larry s car was in the hotel garage the following morning. Behind the wheel again Confidence returned and the plans colonel Harris had outlined seemed la Quot i terrifying and Lees dangerous. Larry was anxious to get to work at once puzzled As to How to begin. He settled by deciding to look Over the City while he studied the chiefs suggestions. He drove through the downtown District past stores whose window displays rivalled new it. Out into the resident. He was Semi con Long avenues of ached id Green lawns luxury and gardens but he concerned with trying a some logical excuse g into the River ranch then an intersection Vairry be it it of inn York s Tiai so Seton Trees. Ens i was More to disco it for Movin country. Crossing saw a speeding car bearing Down i upon him. He pulled hard to the j right swung into the curb. The i other car whizzed past the Corner i missed Larry by inches skidded and with tire screaming turned into a filling station driveway knocked Over a lire rack and a water can before it stopped its bumper against the Wall of Tho building. La jumped from his car. Rau Uncle Ray s Corner Dardanelles play part in world history Only is weekly Oskins loth i no co. North main Street if you stay away from Headquarters. Someone might see you and get to wondering too much about i it. Say Randolph and Lee j had your name on their report on j that Bank robbery. Too Hail you lost your car. Well try to find it a started to explain but Harris Cut him off with a see you later a and Hung up. It was almost Midnight when colonel Harris knocked at his door. A found your car for you. Collins a the officer announced As Larry let him in. A out by the Airport. And in Good shape too. A this Bank Job was pretty Well. I planned. These two hid out until Forte to want a a Brough he Darda almost dark then waited at the Nelles would have a hard time. Airport. A plane dropped Lur by Bas control of live Region. J landed in a far Corner of the Field and. Bas powerful land batteries picked them up and was in the air on both sides j again before the Field officials la 1915 the British sad French could do hum Bing about it. Did no to made a sea and land attack on the the other Duy we spoke of the Strait which divides Europe from1 Africa. Today let s take up a Strait i which cuts off Europe from Asia. A Strait known As a the in ancient Days the Strait was called the Hellespont. There was a City of Dardanelle in the Region. And this City s name later was used in far Hack in history the Strait was crossed by armies passing front one continent to the other. The persian King. Xerxes Causon a a abridge of boats to be built across it. And in that Way helped his troops to move toward Greece. They were forced to return to Asia after the greeks put up a Strong defense a Century and a half later Alexander the great led soldiers from Europe into Asia by crossing the Hellespont or Dardanelles Nuder won Battle after Battle and built up a big Empire but the Empire fell to pieces after Iii death an old Story tells of a hero named Leander who used to swim across the Strait to see a Young woman with whom lie had fallen in love. During his last swim a storm took place and Leander was drowned. There is a current to Battle Iii swimming the Dardanelles but the distance is not great. The Width of the Strait is Only four Miles at the widest place. At a narrow part. The distance across is hardly a mile. Any warship which might try to j a Greece a a Quot a i Mick a. Fisck t a a ran Tai j a Socorro a to j of Mamou eau co As Faw _ _ Ayu t my Asia minor to Blimp map of Dardanelles and Sim of Marmora. Had failed to get past the main forts guarding the narrow Strait. Memory of that event made great Britain and France want to have Turkey on their Side in Case of another War. For travel or general interest Section of your scrapbook a of you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet. A your body at Lex i work a Send me a 3c stamped self addressed envelope in care of this newspaper. Ingle Ray. Tomorrow a Little saturday talk. High Pointer takes second in statewide truck Rodeo Winston Salem May 17.�? up is. C. Jones and Ned Broome both employees of a Charlotte trucking company Horton motor lines won the first statewide truck Drivers Rodeo feature of tile annual North Carolina safety conference Here yesterday. Jones won the straight truck event and Broome the Semi trailer truck division second place in the Semi trailer contest went to Oscar poplin employee of a Concord brewery and third place to j. B. Hough also of Concord. Ii. P. Taylor of High Point won second place in the straight truck division and Rue y. Sharpe of Winston Salem was third a the first successful instrument Landing was made or. September 24, 1929. Injunction against Burlington Hills wage hour division reports signing of injunction Washington. May 17.�? Pic the wage hour division reported today the signing of a permanent injunction restraining urn Burlington Mills corporation of Wilmington del., from further violation of the fair labor standards act. Federal judge John p. Nields signed the injunction at Wilmington. Directing the camping to make restitution for Back wages and unpaid overtime to employees at is of the >5 Rayon factories it operates in Virginia North Carolina and Teu Essec. The division said that the company not Only consented to the order but already had paid $40.-000 to employees in restitution. The company also agreed to make j any further restitution found due by wage hour inspectors the division added. Named in the proceedings were j plants at Belmont. Burlington i Central Falls. Greensboro. High Point Lexington Newton Moores Ville. Ossipee Fayetteville and Reidsville All in North Carolina Bristol and Johnson City in Tennessee Altavista Covington Gaj my Radford and Roanoke in Virginia. # Sara nominated Derham. May 17. To the stati1 convention of the patriotic order sons of America nominated c. N. Spry of Cooleemee president to succeed himself yesterday. Or. Greer will speak at mount pleasant Church Thomasville May it. A special a plans have been completed for the annual memorial Day at mount pleasant methodist Church near Thomasville on sunday. May 26. Or. I. I. Greer superintendent of the Mills Home in Thomasville will be the speaker at the morning service at la of clock. Sundae school will be held As usual at 9 45 in the morning. A picnic dinner will be served on the Church grounds following the address by or. Greer and at 1 45 o clock in the afternoon a service will be held in the cemetery. Following the service at the cemetery a Short business minting of the memorial association will by held. Rev. O. L. Easter of High Point will deliver the afternoon Sermon Iii the Church at it o clock. Across the Street. A Are you Hurt a he shouted at the other Driver. A girl s face appeared Over the door of the convertible Coupe. A remarkably pretty face. Larry noted Raven Black hair flashing i Black eyes a turned up nose Aud a Mouth that could have been a perfect cupid s How. If it could j have remained still. But the Mouth was far from still. An angry voice was shout i ing Hack. A idiot can t you read a Stop sign driving onto a Boule Vard without stopping who Dot you think you Are maybe you i bought the Street. Why done to j you learn to drive. Get out j of my Way. Pm in a hurry a the motor raced the car hacked away from the building i slammed to a Stop. The girl ignored . Shouted at the filling station attendant. A if you re dam aged any collect from him. Ita his fault letting fools like that one Loose to drive Automo Bilesk a the car roared out of j the driveway and was gone j a it was my Larry admitted to the station Man. A a what a the damage a a nothing Hurt the Man laughed. A boy was Moonie mad she sorta told you Vairry grinned. A i deserved it. Who did you say she is a a everyone in town knows Moonie Miles mister. You must he a stranger. That s Monnie ail rights Monica Maria Christina i Miles. Her old Man s a rancher i up on the River old col. Taylor the name had a familiar sound. Miles. Then he remembered. It was on the Miles ranch. Colonel Harris had said that Hugh had had hts Accident. A ooh yes. Well thanks buddy. Lucky that nothing was he walked Back to his car. Quot so that a Monnie Miles. Well miss Miles it looks like you and i Are going to meet again soon a to Ile continued even get the number of the Slit. A now about this other things a he unfolded a map. Spread if on the desk a there s where Hugh Dardanelles. After several months of fighting the attack was Given up it had been carried on with heavy loss of life and Only a Little was found wild rough country headway had been made. The Fleet offers Rich opportunities to ambitious trained men let the training you need to succeed in this booming Industry i. C. S. Avi Stio cottages Are prepared by practising experts. For details. Address inter Tigris Cirrisi Medenci school Moro than 400 other courses George e. Ray i Oral representative 297. English phone 2 ism Fri. Sat. Sunday Mon. St How slippers Carter pills 25c size aspirin too tablets 500 sheets cleansing tissues 13c in horns veg. Comp. $1.50 size Nervine 00 Miles 83c by so Dol. J 9c alcohol Phillips full pint isopropyl rubbing comp milk magnesia 50c size is of size vim Bur Wampole 89 60c size Caldwell. 47c a t 00 nine Cardui. 79c 23c in Ackt Sun \ asap Jive m draught pc Field jugs keeps things hot or cold 97. Guf Spray quart size Pond i scream j 35c size a 19c a s. S. Blood tonic $1.25 a size j >9c i Etc b. C. 9.1 2se Niz Stan Back 19.11 too it. Kum. Wax paper 9 ism 50c size Woodbury s after shave lotion 19 Large size listerine. 3 Jjck $1.00 size Lavoris. 79c giant paste 1111 it u ,.� 3epsodent 33c Large hair tonic a vaseline. £3 rubber tired Lawn Mower Ball bearing five la. Inch Blade. Self sharpening. 110 95 value helmets of varnished Straw wow. Wead Sand ii j or valve Fly swatter 25c Valli sanitary Belt so i lie v h i f pocket comb 2c 50c value ice bucket with tongs 3 or size pols Dent 25c 15c Talcum Williams 9c Loc value water glasses value Large size Saltine 59.1 59c Rose Almond lotion Woodbury $2.00 value baseball Glove smoke stand dog food .,4c i la size to ngee Loc or a i Reet Blades $1.00 Valle Adl Erika .,79c 1,50 valve Carol. St .09 $ ,0t> Vall e croquet set 97c Ingraham a guaranteed alarm clocks 79. No a i Only dependable designed Iii fight styles

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