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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Friday May 17. 1940the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry eke Point North Carolina Page eleven Wedgefield luminaries continued from Page 8 id hot Tod Cly owned by Billy wll ans and Ridden by Arthur Wilkins Greensboro third powder puff owned c. A Hendrix Greensboro and rid n by miss Nancy Bryan fourth. Juvenile five halted Scarlet i Piliper Al owned by Lindsay Holcomb it Fry and Ridden by mls Moville week3. Piston Salem first Midnight lady. Med and Ridden by Clarence Boren Feen Sboro second Star Laurie own and Ridden by Clay Welker greens to third. Junior three gaited naughty Glen try owned by Leatherwood farms Ruefield w a. And Ridden by Binny Lucas first Pinetop prince., sued by Pinetop stables. Atlanta and Iden by Maddox Whitley second die Temple owned by Grandview in Winston Salem and Ridden by of. Cue. Jr., third chief of Sunset. Pied by e. E Chapman. Greenville. C. And Ridden by Glenn Lanning Aith. Childrens horsemanship Billy Wil is on hot toddy Elsie Hysman on rices Bobby Wyatt on Smokey Joe Acy Bryan on powder puff kor King Hunters Village miss morality Robert w. Daniels Brandon. Va., p Ridden by miss Bruce Bowe first Idolette owned and Ridden by miss jailor Moffett Asheville second red it owned and Ridden by mrs Dur a. M in 11 enu to. A. Third it reef owned and Ridden by miss Puffett fourth. Lode i Hunters glory Road. Owned miss Dorothy n. Lee. Middleburg first sport Marvel owned by Leo Jolt f led Demon owned by miss Lee. I Village miss. Owned by Robert Daniel Brandon. Va., fourth Lodel three gated personality boy. W by James Clark. Kingsport. Ii., list Mountain Moonshine Ted by j Lawson Dick. Burlington and Dusky Dawn owned by r. W ter Greensboro third Feu dist june. Led by a. W. Baker Greensboro. Model five gated Midnight doer owned by s. B. Off an. Char let Golden sensation owned Leatherwood farms second Knight. Owned by c p. Edwards. Kingsport tenn., third Princess ired owned by Pinetops stables at i a. Fourths asters Saint Nolc. Owned and in by Marvin c Moore Atlanta. First Rex owned by e. C. Criddle a High driven by in m Watkins a a it i a i a pens spot owned by Sedgefield is and Ridden by Alfred Bryson i Al Perot owned by Frank Sun Hiffa Polit second Spanish ter owned and Ridden by Earl n Ipa High Point third Star two and Ridden by Jack Rochelle. Sedge fourth vice three gaited Lawson of Box owned by grand View farms. Ton Salem Ridden by e. T. Case first Pinetop Princess owned by top stables. Atlanta Ridden by lock Whit Eley . Drum or. Heart owned and Ridden by Goode Watkins it ii Ansboro. 1 Mountain a shop owned by j Law on did Noguni and Ridden by Bohon la year old five gated Sensa Rozow. Owned by Zeb Ashe win Salem. Ridden by Tom Lucas Sweety love owned by r. C. In. Winston Salem Ridden by Secole second sports dream by c. L. Amos. High Point tidily Woods m Watkins third iter Hacks Candorette. Owned and by miss Eleanor Moffett. Ashe first. Village miss. Own to by t w Daniel. Brandon va., Ridden Bruce Bowe. Brandon. Va., Sec dark Victory owned by mile Ata Blaa Southern Pines and rid mrs w. O Moss third last owned by miss Moffett Ridden thur Reynold fourth. Bor Fine harness Midnight sharpened and Ridden by left. Own to. Tto. Al rat. Coronation Ros. Own c. C. Connor and c. F swam i Boro Ridden by c t. Case or. I Golden thought owned by a Twood farm Ridden by Johnny third old Mill Bourbon owned id Mill farm. Winston Salem old or w. M. Story. Fourth. Town and out red sail own Hinkle and de Bow Statesville Laden by cd Daniels first. Moon owned by male away stable urn Olnee and Ridden by mrs. I. To second. Al Peen owned yank Simmons Ridden by h. A. Of third. Brandywine owned and by Charles Kearns. High Point. Mile three Salt eds Admiral Lane by Fowler Grandview farm. Win Lem. Ridden by o. T. Fowler St Mountain Moonshine own a. Lawson Dick. Burlington and by miss Jane Lucas Greensboro i joyous Esquire owned and by miss Anne e Graham Thoro third cock o the walk and Ridden by miss Jane whar Greensboro fourth. Five gated Cherokee Flash by James Clark Kingsport Ridden by b. H Frazier first Haze. Owned by c. A Hinkle Thoro Ridden by o. B. Lucas Sec i Mountain Poinsettia owned by Baker Greensboro Ridden by Wright third old Mill Pron ironed by old Mui farm. Winston Ridden by Presley Thomas. News of coloured people William Pew athletes honoured at banquet in an Effort to show its appreciation to the present corp of athletes the William Penn High school athletic association gave a banquet in Honor of the basketball anti football teams of 19 39-40 in the school cafeteria thursday evening. Letters for both sports were awarded at this time. This was the first affair of its kind to be Given since 1935, and was very successful from the standpoint of inspiration to the team and that of the genuine pleasure that everyone had. The program presented by the Toast mistress mrs. C. H. Caldwell consisted of the following Welcome address principal s. E. Burford address to faculty and guests Henry Porter presentation of captains for 1940-41, mrs. C. H. Caldwell presentation of the varsity a a pm and certificates coach g. L. Starks and Thomas b. Smith address or. J. J. Wilson. In his address or. Wilson compared the game of football and basketball to the game of life pointing out that the same qualifies character intelligence and j perseverance were necessary for Success in both. Remarks were also made by mrs. O. T. Griffin. Or. A. M. Greenwood and or. J. C. Morgan. I those who received awards were As follows girls basketball Jearlene Davis Annie Moffitt i Lula Dunlap Georgia Hairston Christine Harrell Mable Quick Celia Gould and Mable Steed boys basketball Vergeous Gould Ernest Harris. Jesse Gray. Carl j Chavis Phillip Moore Harry Lee Mitchell Perara and James Harrington football. Philip Moore i Howard Curry Henry Porter i Eroy Alexander Horace Williams a Carl Chavis Thomas Blackmon Timothy Haywood. Jesse Gray 18-real Robinson Samuel Keenan and Gilmer Eccles. Captains of the 11940-41 teams Are girls basketball a mice Moffitt and Georgia Hairston boys basketball and football Phillip Moore and Carl i Chavis. Order of tents to five Tea the grand United order of tents will give a Tea at the Home of mrs. A rites Lemons 7 254 East Washington Street sunday afternoon at 4 of clock. Mrs. Tillie Millen Leader of the group will be present. The Public is invited to he present. Hows business latest Lam Market report fruits vegetables this Inoch compiled by the publishers financial Bureau composite or five recognized business indexes. Is a business extends gain by David l. Babson business last week chalked up its third consecutive gain As the composite Index wrote an Advance of 0.3 of a Point into the 1940 Chart. This brings us to a level 8.7 per cent below Normal Over to Points above a year ago. Steel activity at 70 per cent of capacity gained 6 4 per cent Over to e previous week and paced the individual Industrial barometers. New orders have been booked for both foreign and Domestic buyers while larger army and Navy appropriations give the steel Industry the Assurance of larger orders to come. Freight car loadings bituminous Coal mining and lumber Cut full compared favourably both with last week and with last year. Automobile production backed off slightly As manufacturers anxiously watched the heavy inventories in dealers hands. Crude Oil output was running below a month ago while electric Power output Bank Clear personal friends of James Ingram will be glad to learn that he is improving nicely at Bis Home 1029 Leonard Street roaring to unties i ulu ii meals the roaring twenties club a recently organized group of Young men met at the Home of Abraham Covington 1204 East Commerce Street on wednesday evening. At the conclusion of the meeting refreshment were served. The officers Are president George Gaines vice president Abraham Covington Secretary. John Harris or. Treasurer we Liam Boulware business manager William Griffith. Other members Are Allen Christian Paul Welch Robert Brown and Frank shakers. Hrs scout troop it meets girl scout troop 13 was very pleasantly entertained by miss j Yvonne Wright and Moselle win Rehester at the Wright residence on fast High Street tuesday evening. During the business session which preceded the social hour plans were Laid for City wide girl scout Cook out to be held on june 1. At its conclusion the hostesses served an attractive repast. Will also speak at this time. The stewards will be the sponsors. Thursday. May 23, Rev. O. C. Crone pastor of St. Paul holiness Church will be the speaker. Friday May 24, Rev. J. F. Melton pastor of Calvary Baptist Church will preach. The trustees Are the sponsors. Sunday afternoon. May 26, Rev. J. A Jones pastor of Pilgrim congregational Christian Church will preach at 3 of clock. The pastors Aid society will be the sponsors. Wednesday evening May 29. Rev. E. L. Kirby pastor of it. Vernon Baptist Church will preach. Thursday evening May 30. Rev. K. Mingo pastor of Bethel holiness Church of god will preach. Each minister will be accompanied by his choir and congregation and each week Day service will begin at 7 30 of clock each evening. Ings and building activity remained substantially unchanged. While the business Community will continue to disagree in the appraisal of the Long term value of War business America will inevitably become More important As a Supply depot and production Center for the allies. The department of Commerce announced last week that first Quarter purchases of american products by Europe showed a 67 per cent increase Over a year ago. In the last month the allies have bought 350 million dollars Worth of air planes and air plane motors. A the biggest news in Mechan Ising was the Long awaited appearance of Nylon hosiery on store counters throughout the country. Retail Trade As a whole was sluggish but held a gain of roughly 5 per cent Over a year ago while wholesalers reported sales volumes above the previous week. Although a jittery Stock Market had difficulty in believing it american business appears to have won its Battle with depression and is again straightening away on the upside. North Carolina shipping Point information and thursday s sales on the principal wholesale Market As reported by the u. S. Agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges at which the bulk of the i. C. I. Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition sold. Lettuce new York Market Dull on Southern Stock. North Carolina s Peck hampers big Boston and iceberg types. 75 cents to 1.00 Romaine Type 1.00 to 1.25. Philadelphia Market slightly weaker. North Carolina. 5 Peck hampers. Big Boston Type 65 to 75 cents half crates iceberg Type. Ordinary Quality 75 cent. Cabbage Philadelphia Market slightly weaker. Dabu. Hampers. North Carolina pointed Type 50 to 75 cents. S. C. Domestic round Type Best 85 to 1.00. Fair Quality 60 to 75 cents. New York Market slightly stronger. S. C. I a by. Hampers pointed Type. 75 to 90 cents. Snap Beans new York Market Dull and slightly weaker. S. C. By. Hampers Bountiful too to 1.25 string less Black in tones mostly 1.25. Potatoes Hastings Fla demand Good Market steady. Carloads and truckloads f. O. B. Usual terms wednesday u. 8 no. I Fatah dons and Spaulding Rose double headed barrels 2.75 too Pound sacks i 45 to 1.50 50 Pound sacks 75 cents by baskets 90 cents. New York Market about steady on old Stock steady on new Stock Maine too Pound sacks. Green mountains u. S. No. I size a. 185 to 195 Fla. U. S. No. I by. Baskets washed Fatah dons mostly to to 125, some 1.35 to 1.40 too Pound sacks washed 190 to 2.00. Chicago Market firm on old Stock slightly weaker on no. I Southern triumphs and Calif triumphs. Steady for Calif. Long White and size b. Southern triumphs. Cars on track 142 new. 186 old arrived 36 old. 36 new total u. 8. Freight shipments wednesday 761 i cars. Track sales sacked per cwt. Idaho i russet Burbanks u. 8. No. I 2.10 to 2 35, mostly around 2.15. . Dak red River Valley Section 75 per cent no. I Quality Early Shlos i car i 45 no Early Cobbler sales reported. U. S. No. I washed Bliss triumphs Ala. Few 2.15 to 2.30 la. 2,30 to 2.35. Mostly 2.35 Calif initially iced 2.40 to 2.50 Fla. By crates. U. S. No. I. Unwashed Bliss triumphs i car 1.00 Ala. Bliss triumphs no. I warehouse pack 2.05 to 2.15 u. 8. No. I size b. 1.10. Green peas new York Market Dull. North Carolina by. Hampers 75 cents to 1.12va 5 Peck hampers too to 1.25 Calif by hampers 1.50 to 1.75. It. Olive n. Market weaker morning sales by. Hampers 35 to 70. Mostly 45 to 50 cents. Washington Market about steady North Carolina by. Hampers Ordinary to fair Quality 50 to 65 cents fair Quality 90 cents to 1.00 Good Quality 1.10 to 1.25. Philadelphia Market slightly weaker on Eastern Stock. By. Hampers North Carolina 75 cent to 1.00. S. C. 75 to 90 cents. Sweet potatoes new York Market Dull. North Carolina Porto Picans u. 8. No. I by. Baskets 1.40 to 1.50 by. Crates 1.60 to i 65. Strawberries Hammond. La de Man a moderate Market weaker. Auction tales wednesday. 39 cars offered 31 sold 8 billed direct. 24 pint crates Klondyke 85 per cent no. I Quality 1.20 to 1.37a, a. I 27 a new York Market weaker. Non Carolina 24 quart crates per quart Klondyke 16 to 20. Blakemore and missionary 14 to 16 do setts 19 to 20 cents. Boston Market slightly Weake North Carolina 24 quart crates per quart Klondyke Best mostly 20 Ordinary to fair 15 to 18 missionary a and Blakemore beat mostly 15 to 18, Ordinary to fair Quality to to 14 cents. Washington Market about steady. North Carolina. 24 quart crates Fairfax few 4 50 to 5.00 Klondyke. Missionary and Blakemore Best mostly 4 25 to 4 50. Some 4 of carryovers poor to Ordinary Quality 2 00 to 3.50. Philadelphia Market about steady. North Carolina 24 quart crates. Klondyke 4 75 to 5 25 Blakemore fair to Good Quality mostly 400 to 500 some 5.25, Many poorer and Small 3.00 to 3.75 missionary Many Small and Ordinary to fair Quality 3.25 to 4.00. State auction markets Burgaw Market weaker morning sales. 24 quart crates various varieties. 1.60 to 4.00, mostly 2.50 to 3.00 Chadbourn Market weaker. Morning sales 24 quart crates Klondyke 2,00 to 3.40, few lower mostly 2.60 to 3.00. It. Olive Market weaker. Morning sales 24 quart crates various varieties Best mostly 3.50 to 3.75, few 4 00 to 4 25 fair Quality 2.00 to 3 50, mostly 2.50 to 3.00. Wallace Rose Hill Market weaker. Morning ales 24 quart crates All varieties. 2.25 to 4.50, Best Blakemore mostly 3.75 to 4.25 Best missionary mostly 300 to 3.50, poor Quality All varieties 2.00 to 2.50. Mrs. Simmons cub Den tops mrs. Younts Den 8 to 6 mrs. William Simmons cub Der Defeated the cub Den of mrs. Paul Younts yesterday afternoon on the Einer Wood Hillcrest Diamond but a 8 to 6 score. Bobby Vaughn Star Pitcher Archibald Myatt. And buddy Vaughn starred for the Winner while Williard Johnson starred tor the team. Today mrs. Simmons Den meets the team of mrs. R. L. Deal in a Battle that will decide who will go to Salisbury tomorrow to play a team of that City. A a sliced extra specials saturday h Buck Shad la k j cub Steak la .22c 9 Southern Belle 10leo, 2 lbs.15c m Western branded beef roast lb15k r spiced Ham lb.19ch neck Bones and of Tail 4 lbs. 25c i United Market Oach fares r one Way cents per mile is round trip % less than double the one Way fares i or conditioned coaches on through trains Southern Oil Way system i till Nils 11� Baptist i Dukuh news on saturday afternoon at i of clock the Home missionary Circle of Friendship Baptist Church will give an entertainment on the Church grounds. Mrs. Lillie m. Frazier and mrs. Maggie h. Blair will be in charge of the affair. Sunday afternoon at 3 of clock. A. A. Mayfield and the Jubilee King quartet of Winston Salem will he presented at Friendship Baptist Church in a program of spirituals and gospel singing. The sponsoring group is the Junior Church. The Thomasville Jubilee Finger will be presented at the evening service which begins at 7 30 of clock. St. Matthew to hold i huh anniversary Sertich the St. Matthew c. M. E. Church will begin a 10-days�?T service commemorating its 16th anniversary on monday evening May 20, it was announced today by the pastor Rev. Vvs. H. Iverson. The services will be As follows monday evening May 20, Rev. H. D. Smith pastor of Washington Terrace congregations Chris Tian Church will preach. The Ushers will be the sponsors wednesday evening. May 22, Rev. A. M. Jones pastor of women s memorial a. M. E. Church will preach. Principal s. E. Burford of William Penn High be Hoot find honest value goodness pm it Yie. Sure you out pay More for flour. Bur Why bother Davis Quality towed flour give you All the Rich goodness and taste yet saves you Money. Its smart to use Davis Quality tested flout regularly your grocer has it so try s bag today Walden Day at pii/gk1m Church sunday mar 19. Will be observed by Pilgrim congregational Christian Church a Walden Day a honouring or. H. R. Walden Foi Many years pastor of the Church for the More than 40 years thai he has spent in the ministry. Too the service will have a double significance in that or. Walden who is still actively engaged in the ministry As Moderator of the Northwestern District of the congregational Christian churches will have passed the 73rd Milestone on May 19. The recognition services Are in three parts sunday morning at la of clock. Sunday afternoon at 3 of clock and sunday evening at 8 o clock. The pastor Rev. J. B. Jones and officers of Pilgrim Church extend an invitation to the Many friends of or. Walden to attend at least one of these services. Herry it re it dedicatory services to begin sunday a week of services dedicating the addition to Cherry Street presbyterian Church will be begun on sunday May 19. And continue till sunday May 26. The program for sunday after noon at 3 o clock will be As follows music the choir invocation the pastor Rev. A. W. Waddell music William Penn glee club history of the Church elder c. W. Robinson music the choir remarks Rev. C. A Washington a former pastor Musk. By mrs. E. G. Cobb Sermon. Rev. J. A Johnson pastor of Church Street presbyterian Church Salisbury. Fair Yiew school news with the assistance of miss Susanah Thomas girl Reserve Secretary of the High Point y. W. C-a., a girl Reserve club has been organized at Fairview Street school. Mrs. S. K. Burford and mrs Jeffrie Townes Are the faculty sponsors. The club will not begin an Active program until the forthcoming school term. Personals l. E. Poe is visiting his Mother in Law mrs. Annie Roger of 70 Leonard Street. Or. Poe who b principal of the Davidson color a High school Davidson report that he has closed a very enc oui aging year. Miss Mary m. Moore has returned to her Home 1104 Hoover Street after spending several Days in Rockingham visiting relatives and to attend the High school Junior senior prom. Homer Clark brother of ode Clark of 1503 West Street has returned to his Home in Augusta ga., after spending a few Days Here. Rev. J. M. Kennedy to preach Friday Rev. J. M. Kennedy will preach at it. Vernon Baptist Church this evening Friday at 7 80 of clock. Chicago produce Chicago May 17�? Pye butter 983,288, steady prices unchanged. Eggs 4 6,336, steady fresh graded arts local 16 1-4 other Price unchanged. Q it of where a a a a when a a it How vacations Are just ahead. Yet along with the anticipation of those Carefree Days is the eternal problem of where. When. How. The seashore or the mountains the lakes or the Woods Golf fishing boating an Auto tour of the country a cruise to the Caribbean there Are so Many places to go. So Many things to do. Yet there is so Little often so Little Money Here is a suggestion that will help solve your problem. In the pages of this newspaper you will find advertisements that describe the advantages and opportunities of various vacation possibilities. Here too Are attractive advertisements that will help you decide whether to travel by train or trailer plane or bus. Read these advertisements carefully. You can from your favorite chair compare Cost Comfort convenience. By this method you will save much , in All likelihood save Money As Well merchants Wise advertise in the High Point Enterprise an audit Bureau of circulations publication j

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