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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 16, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather warm and humid More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 136 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon May 16, 1974 44 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c a in Lains of leaks St. Clair will ask Public sessions by d. M. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a White House lawyer James d. St. Clair said today he would ask the House judiciary committee to open its impeachment evidence sessions to the Public As a result of the leak of the transcript of a presidential tape. A a in a going to ask that these hearings All be made said St. Clair the presidents chief watergate lawyer As he entered the hearing room. During a closed session wednesday committee members had listened to the tape of a sept. 15. 1972. Conversation the president had with h. R. Haldeman and John w. Dean Iii. The White House had released on april 30 an edited transcript of that conversation. Published reports appearing today showed that the White House version left out discussion of possible administration retaliation against the Washington Post for its reporting of watergate. St. Clair said a the transcript we released related to watergate. We left out the irrelevant the White House lawyer called the leak of the committee s transcript of the sept. 15 tape a breach of its rules of confidentiality. Committee chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., had said on wednesday that the panel still had to consider additional grand jury material which it was obligated to keep secret. St. Clair said he would ask the committee to make Public everything it has heard so far including the grand jury testimony. He also said he was considering making All the material Public whether or not the committee agreed to open its hearings. Rep. Delbert Latta. A Ohio said he would support St. Clair s proposal except for the grand jury material which he said he did not believe the committee could release. The committee s impeachment staff played two White House tapes for members during a four hour closed session wednesday. Another full Day of hearing watergate evidence in closed session was scheduled to begin at to . Edt today. One of the tapes played wednesday was that of a sept. 15, 1972, conversation president Nixon had with former White House aide h. R. Haldeman and John w. Dean Iii. Then White House counsel. A transcript of that conversation was included in the volume released last week by the White House. Asked to compare the tape with the White House Tran script chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., d-n.j., said. A i believe there Are differences. But the differences Are such that i am not Clear in my own mind that failure to include the material was deliberate. A rep. Edward Mezvinsky Iowa said the tape gave a a much clearer picture much More focused on the the strongest reactions Carne from reps. Robert Drinan d-mass., and Jerome r. Waldie. D-calif., both counted among the strongest advocates of impeachment on the committee. Drinan described the tape As a much More damaging than the White House transcripts. When you hear How they have been planning and plotting your worst suspicions Are Waldie said. A a those con set St. Clair on a Nixon vows he will not quit under any circumstances Washington apr president Nixon says he has Given Long thought to the possibility of resignation but has decided he will not quit the nations highest office a under any circumstances. A his strongest vow to Date not to resign came in an interview with conservative columnist James j. Kilpatrick published in today a Washington Star news. Nixon told Kilpatrick he would not surrender his of fice even temporarily to vice president Gerald r. Ford under the 25th amendment. If the House of representatives votes impeachment. Nixon said he would accept the verdict a with Good Grace and then defend himself to the very end before the Senate. Nixon s release of edited transcripts of private watergate conversations two weeks ago led to demands a including some from leaders of his own party a that he for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or Esen acknowledge every one. Sneeze of the hops q. Why is it that my husband starts sneezing and sneezes 15 or 26 times and he never sneezes until he drinks that Many Beers i know i will never hear from this in action line but i wanted to ask. Thank you. Anon. A. We once answered a question from a woman whose husband s nose turned beet red for the same reason so the least we can we can do is give equal time to a sneezing husband. It s an allergic symptom. Some people Start sneezing when they get near a cat or horse or breathe in pollen while others May break out in hives or an itchy rash from eating or drinking or Contact with certain things. In a paragraph on alcoholic beverages and allergies the a a family medical guide says Quot All types May cause allergic symptoms due to traces of denatured protein of raw materials or substances used in , malt Rye Barley yeast fruits even vegetables Are variously involved in distilling and brewing processes and May evoke symptoms in sensitive people. Wine is a definite offender. Fish glue egg White and isinglass Are used for Clearing Beer wine and Champagne. They Are All Grandfather games q. Whom could i get in Contact with in regard to entering the games held at Grandfather Mountain each summer j. B. A. The Contact for athletic events is Guy v. Soule. . Box 628, Charlotte 28201. The events both aau and non aau include Caber toss clan heart shot put wrestling High jump too 200-, and 400-Yard dashes one mile run pole vault sheaf toss and hop step and jump. For the aau sanctioned Mountain Marathon from Boone to Macrae Meadows contacted Strabel it. 3, Box 335, Boone . 28607. The scottish clans gather and the Highland games take place on saturday and sunday july 13 and 14. Contestants in dancing piping tossing the Caber tossing the sheaf and wrestling must appear in Highland dress. In them Thor Hills q. Is there anybody that would buy Gold . A. After finding out this was a Gold Crown of tooth not Royalty we talked to a dental Laboratory technician who provided some facts and addresses. The Only Way to sell it and determine its value is through an assay office. The Gold is shipped insured to one and you can request either a Check for ifs Worth or an appraisal. The Gold Content varies considerably As anything made of Gold jewelry coins dental work Etc is an Alloy with Platinum palladium Copper or some other Metal added for strength. The assay office buys by weight of the Gold and scrap Gold currently brings about Hoo per ounce. Bequeth your Gold Teeth to your favorite Charity As proof of How essential it is for a seller or buyer of Gold to get an assay report the technician told the Story of a dentist he knew who had a Box of Bronze filings on his Bench in the course of making a Mold for dentures. A Gold buyer happened to come in and spotting the fresh filings which have All the appearance of Gold he offered the dentist $200 for the Box no questions asked. The dentist happily accepted. As the old adage goes All that glitters is not 24 carats. Three assay offices Are j. Aderer inc., 21-25 44th ave., Long Island City . 11101 Eastern smelting and refining corp., 167 Brookline St., Boston mass. Williams Gold co., 2978 main Street Buffalo . Consider resigning. The House judiciary committee began hearing evidence on Nixon s possible impeachment last thursday. The committee eventually will submit its recommendations to the full House which then would decide by majority vote whether Nixon should be impeached. If the House votes for impeachment the Senate would then conduct a trial on the House charges with a two thirds vote needed for conviction and removal from office. Kilpatrick said that he spent one hour 20 minutes with the president in his Oval office tuesday in a session he described As a More of a monologue than an besides pledging not to resign. Nixon made these disclosures a during his 1968 Campaign for the White House Quot there was not Only surveillance by the Fri. But bugging by the Fri. And j. Edgar Hoover told me that my plane in the last two weeks was bugged. A his a loneliest decision of ally to resume bombing of the Hanoi Haiphong areas of North Vietnam in december 1972 was in Kilpatrick s words a opposed by All his Cabinet members save one and supported Only by John Connally. Former Secretary of the Treasury left the Cabinet earlier that year to become head of democrats for Nixon during the presidential Campaign. A he believes a we had no choices but to make Public the edited transcripts and said he sees no reason to permit technicians to examine the tapes because Quot we be already done several times in the article distributed by the Washington Star Syndicate inc. Kilpatrick quoted Nixon As rejecting Calls for him to step Down rather than face impeachment process. A i would have to Rule out resignation. And i would have to Rule out the rather fatuous suggestion that i take the 25th amendment and just step out and have vice presi israeli planes hit palestinian bases and Camps president Nixon Dent Ford step in for a Nixon said. Quot if the House should vote an impeachment and we go to trial by the Senate of course i would follow that course a Nixon was quoted As saying. A it would be immensely time consuming but i could do it and i would do it for reasons that Are not a what do you Call it a those of a Toreador in the ring trying to prove himself but i would do it because i have Given Long thought to what is Best for the country our system of government and the constitutional by Marcus Eliason associated press writer maalox. Israel apr israeli jets bombed rocketed and strafed seven refugee Camps and guerrilla bases in Southern Lebanon today less than 24 hours after the maalox schoolhouse massacre the lebanese defense ministry said. There were no immediate reports of casualties. The latest Middle East violence raised fears that Secre tary of state Henry a. Kissinger a efforts to achieve a disengagement of syrian and israeli forces on the Golan Heights front would be set Back considerably. The lebanese said a total of 36 israeli jets took part in the raids and a were forced to flee by our antiaircraft the israeli command reported that its jets hit transcripts omit threats by g. David Wallace associated press writer Washington a the White House confirmed today that the tape transcripts made Public omitted a presidential discussion of retaliation against the Washington Post and the attorney for the democratic party. President Nixon supported attempts to frustrate Federal renewal of the licenses for Post broadcast outlets and to tie up attorney Edward Bennett Williams for weeks through Fri questioning. Reported the Post the Boston Globe and lbs. The discussion was contained in the transcript furnished to the House judiciary committee but was omitted from the Public version because it did not relate to the presidents actions on watergate said White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler. Ziegler urged judiciary committee chairman Peter w. Rodino or. To put a Stop to Quot the breach of committee rules in leaking the transcript contents. At the same time. White House lawyer James d. St. Clair told reporters on Capitol Hill that he would ask the committee to open its impeachment session to the Public to foreclose further leaks. The full committee had voted to exclude the Public from the initial phases of its considerations. The two newspapers and the network said the conversation regarding the Post broadcast licenses and Edward Bennett Williams took place during a meeting Kleindienst pleads guilty by ii. F. Rosenthal associated press writer Washington a former atty. Gen. Richard g. Kleindienst pleaded guilty today to a Misdemeanour charge that he refused to answer senators questions about talks he had with president Nixon about the itt antitrust Case. Kleindienst the first attorney general or former attorney general Ever to be convicted of a crime faces a jail sentence of at least one month and a Fine of at least $100. Kleindienst had admitted earlier that he did not Tell the Senate judiciary committee at his confirmation hearing in 1972 that president Nixon ordered him to drop his suit against the giant conglomerate. Quot i was less than candid be cause i viewed the presidents order As ill conceived quickly retracted in my opinion privileged a Kleindienst said in a prepared statement after he left court. Quot i was wrong in not having been More candid with the committee and i sincerely regret it a he said. . District judge George l. Hart jr., promised to expedite sentencing and pointed out to the former attorney general that he would be sentenced to a minimum of a month in jail and a $100 Fine. The judge could suspend the sentence however in which Case Kleindienst would not actually be imprisoned. The charge brought by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski carries a maximum sentence of a $1,000 Fine and one year in jail. Kleindienst was charged under a statute that punishes a witness for refusing a to testify or produce papers when summoned before either House of Congress. Outside the courthouse Jaworski told newsmen that there was no implication in the charge that president Nixon did anything wrong by instructing Kleindienst in the itt Case. Quot i think the president has Richard Kleindienst the right As chief executive to pass on All matters of antitrust and this was the Ste Kleindienst on 2a on sept. 15,1972 Between Nixon former chief of staff h. R. Haldeman and former counsel John w. Dean Iii. The Post had run a series of stories reporting on the background of the break in at democratic National committee Headquarters. Williams Law firm was prosecuting a million Dollar damage suit against the republicans for the democratic National committee. Nixon said of the Post Quot they have a television station. And they re going to have to get it renewed a the Post version said. Within months after the conversation challenges against renewal of the licenses for Post Newsweek station Wjt to in Jacksonville fla., and Wolg to in Miami were filed with the Federal communications commission. The challenges Are still pending. The three challenges in the Jacksonville Case included one filed by George Champion jr., Florida finance chairman of the president s re election Campaign. The Miami Challenge was filed by former democratic sen. George Smathers who introduced Nixon to his close Friend Charles a Bebe Rebozo. Smathers had also been a close associate of former president John f. St transcripts on 2a guerrilla positions near Sidon and Beirut but that it was Quot purely a military operations and refugee Camps were not deliberately hit. Northern Israel was on the Alert after Security forces discovered another band of Arab guerrillas slipped across the lebanese Border during the night. Radio Israel said All schools were closed to prevent any repetition of the massacre at maalox on wednesday in which 20 israeli schoolchildren were killed. Officials said the guerrillas Cut the barbed wire Border Fence near Manora. A Small farm settlement on the Western Edge of the israeli Panhandle that juts up Between Lebanon and Syria. In Beirut the Leader of the guerrilla group that claimed responsibility for the maalox massacre vowed to struggle against Kissinger s peace Mission a until the Nayef Hawatmeh. Head of the popular democratic guerrillas reported in Israel tel Aviv Israel t a Northern Israel was put on the Alert today after Security forces discovered another band of Arab guerrillas slipped across the lebanese Border during the night the israeli state radio reported All schools were closed to prevent any repetition of the massacre at maalox wednesday. And the population was ordered to remain indoors. Officials said the guerrillas Cut the barbed wire Border Fence near Manora a Small farm settlement on the Western Edge of the israeli Panhandle that juts up Between Lebanon and Syria. Security forces immediately began a search. Police with loudspeakers drove through i Ryan Shonah largest town in the Panhandle warning students to stay Home. Arab guerrillas hit there april la killing 18 israelis. The chief of staff. It. Gen Mordechai Gur said wednesday night that Security forces along the Northern Border had been reinforced after the terrorist attack at maalox wednesday in which 21 israelis and the three terrorists were killed. Anti busing moves Defeated by Joe Hall associated press writer Washington a the Senate has Defeated by the narrowest possible margin an amendment seeking to end busing for school desegregation purposes. A 47-46 vote wednesday turned Back one of the strongest anti using challenges yet an amendment by sen. Edward j. Gurney r fla., that was strongly backed by the Nixon administration. The proposal would have put such tight limits on court busing orders As virtually to eliminate them. The Senate thus preserved its record of rejecting All such anti using riders in the 20 years since the supreme court s school desegregation decision. The House has voted for them in recent years and attached an amendment identical to gurneys to the pending education Bill when it acted on it in March. The Issue will be settled this year in the Senate House conference on the legislation. Busing foes in the Senate also will get other chances before the Bill finally is passed next tuesday. Republica whip Robert p. Griffin of Michigan has announced he will try to substitute the entire House Bill for the Senate measure in debate starting next monday. But the civil rights forces insisted their Victory was secure saying a majority of wednesdays absentees favored their position. The Gurney proposal was tabled and thus killed on a motion made by sen. Jacob k javits r . Supporting this were 33 democrats and 14 republicans opposed were 20 democrats and 26 republicans. The Senate also rejected 55 to 38 an anti using amendment of sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-., to give parents Complete Freedom of Choice in selecting a school for their children. But it adopted 56 to 36 an amendment of sen. Birch Bayh d-ind., to place limits on court busing orders. Front told a news conference that Kissinger was a serving mainly Israel and american interests in the Middle East. To put it bluntly we will spare no Effort to foil the Kissinger Kissinger flew to Syria from Israel to continue his efforts at achieving a disengagement pact on the embattled Golan Heights front but there were fears the latest escalation of violence in the Middle East would severely hinder his Mission jewish children mourned by Marcus Eliason associated press writer maalox Israel it a it the helicopters lifted the last assault troops from stricken Hilltop maalox. Weeping villagers scrubbed the blood from the schoolhouse floor. A 15-year-old Schoolboy named Yosef pounded his head with his fist and cried Quot my friends were killed Quot it was night. The terrorist tragedy was Over. And Israel mourned 25 dead a 20 jewish children massacred in maalox s school a Man. His wife and child murdered in their Home a Soldier killed in the attack on the school and an Arab woman shot in an ambush. There was grief too. For the 74 wounded most of them children. Hours earlier. Israeli troops stormed the school where three Arab gunmen explosives Hung from their belts had held 85 boys and girls hostage since Dawn and threatened to blow them to pieces unless the israeli government freed 23 imprisoned guerrillas. Quot All the children were killed by the terrorists a a military source said. Quot it was All Over in a second. The arabs started shooting the kids immediately israeli soldiers entered the the three gunmen died with their victims. Quot i fell to the floor and my friends Lay on top of me Quot said Yosef As he sat weeping in the maalox clinic. Quot there was gunfire All Over. I jumped out a window. But my friends were As the boy talked. Premier Golda Meir s Haggard face appeared on a television screen in the Corner and the 76-year-old grandmother promised that a these jewish on 2a what s inside Amusementsid-1 in bridge10d classified ads3-9d comics. 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