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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 15, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 135 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon May 15, 1974 80 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c by 37-1 vote tapes diaries Are subpoenaed Washington a the House judiciary committee voted today to subpoena tapes of la presidential conversations and president Nixon s daily diaries for 8v2 months in 1972 and 1973. The committee also was notified by John Doar chief counsel of its impeachment inquiry that he would ask it to vote thursday to authorize subpoenas demanding 62 presidential conversations dealing with the itt antitrust settlement and political contributions from the Dairy Industry. The committee voted 37 to i to subpoena the tapes of la conversations dealing with the watergate break in and cover up. A separate vote was taken for each of the time periods covered in the demand for presidential diaries. In each Case it was approved overwhelmingly. Both subpoenas require a response by to a m. On May 22. The conversations subpoenaed were two on april 4, 1972 six on june 20. 1972. And three on june 23, 1972. The Only dissenter on the vote for that subpoena was rep. Edward Hutchinson of Michigan the ranking Republican on the committee. He has opposed All subpoena moves on the grounds that the demand would be unenforceable. Doar explained the time periods for which presidential diaries were sought As follows a april through july 1972 As the period when the watergate break in was planned and carried out. That demand was approved by a vote of 36 to 2 with rep. Wiley Mayner Iowa joining Hutchinson in opposition a february through april 1973 As a critical period in relation to action or inaction on the watergate investigation. It was approved 32 to 6 with reps. David Dennis r-ind., m. Caldwell Butler r-va., Trent Lott r-miss., and Carlos j. Moorhead r-calif., joining Hutchinson and Mayne in opposition. A july through 31, 1973 As the period when there was Public disclosure of the existence of the White House taping system. It was for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Pregnancy help q. I am pregnant by this Guy and he done to know As i Haven to told him and would like to know what to do m. A. We Hope you read Tom Watson s column in the sunday May 12 Enterprise on this subject. If you and your family and the father of the child need counselling in reaching a decision Best for you you can write him at p. 0. Box 485, High Point or Call Contact 882-8121. Family problem q. I have a problem and would like to get some information. I have two aunts and one had a stroke about 12 or 14 years ago and i have been taking care of her Ever since and have another aunt that went to live with her and she is just a drunkard. She drinks every Day and spends every cent she can get on whiskey and my aunt that is sick is about 90 years old and she has had a stroke and can to do nothing hardly and can to do her own cooking. I want some information on How to get rid of this drinking aunt and she is there and worries her and running All her old friends off that come to see her. Can you help me on that or. J. A. Since there Are so Many angles to consider you had better seek the help of a Counselor at family service. The aunt with the stroke May need nursing Home care. The aunt with the bottle May have started drinking because of the Burden of looking after her sister or even from feeling rejected and wants attention too. And a major consideration is How Well they get along with each other. They May be accustomed to each others ways and prefer living with the others disabilities and shortcomings rather than splitting up in their old age. It often happens that what seems Best from our own viewpoint is not necessarily Best for those we re worried about. If a Counselor could talk to you and the aunts and get an idea of the background and relationships a Way May be found not to get rid of the aunt but to get rid of her drinking problem. At least he might help you understand it. And we figure you to be an understanding person to look after your stricken aunt for so Many years. For Day care q. I am interested in starting a Day care Center and i done to have funds to Back myself and was just wondering if maybe there might be someone in High Point that might be interested in this in helping me Back myself in this anon. A. You can try advertising in the newspaper. We re not sure if you have in mind Only financial backing in which Case you can inquire about a loan at a banker whether you want someone to help you operate it. You can write the Day care licensing Board p. O. Box 1190, Raleigh n. 27602, for details on facilities staff and other requirements for licensing. Re action someone recently inquired where he or she could take guitar lessons. Guilford technical Institute will have a class starting in june for anyone 18 or Over. Also another popular course in wallpaper hanging will be offered again beginning june 3. Those interested May Call the adult education division at git. Sound off the class of 1949 of High Point Central High school will have a reunion in August. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of classmates outside the City or state is asked to get in touch with Charlie Johnson at Kepley a barbeque on North main St. Approved 29 to 9 with one Democrat rep. Ray Thornton of Arkansas joining republicans Hutchinson Dennis Mayne Butler Lott Moorhead Henry p. Smith Iii of new York and Delbert Latta of Ohio. A october 1973 As the month during which the president fired special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. It was approved 32 to 6 with Hutchinson Smith Dennis Butler Lott and Latta opposing. Doar plans to ask the committee on thursday to subpoena tapes of 40 presidential conversations dealing with Dairy Industry contributions and 22 dealing with the itt Case. All of those tapes As Well As the watergate tapes subpoenaed today originally were requested in a letter delivered to the White House on april 19. After the committee vote. White House spokesman Gerald Warren turned aside with a no comments questions on whether the president would comply. He said the statement by James d. St. Clair Nixon a chief watergate lawyer that Nixon would decline to Supply further watergate see tapes on 2a girl 5, is killed by dog Charlotte . Apr a 5-year-old girl died tuesday after being bitten on the neck by a neighbors dog. Policeman c. R. Benfield said the child Toni Lynn Edgeworth bled profusely after the 60-Pound, Golden retriever bit her when she a went behind him like she was going to hug the child smother and the Mother of the dog s owner started screaming and then wrested the dog away from the girl. Benfield said he was told this took probably 30 seconds because the dog called Chad at first refused to release his bite. The incident happened in the Back Yard of the dog s owner. Benfield said he was told the dog had never bitten anyone before and that Toni and her 4-year-old brother had played with him before the last time at Christmas. Benfield said that when he arrived at the House the dog seemed Friendly. Police sgt. Al Reynolds jr., who also investigated said a a he was Licking our hands and the dog was taken to the Charlotte animal shelter for at least to Days of observation. Afterwards his Fate will depend on a judicial hearing said w. B. Roberts the City a superintendent of animal control. Roberts said it was the first animal caused death in his 28 years with the department. Watergate panel asks Extension Washington apr the Senate watergate committee today concluded it is unable to Complete its final report by May 28 and voted to ask the Senate to extend its mandate until june 30. Chairman Sam j. Ervin jr., d-., said staff members would be requested to eliminate any findings of individual guilt or innocence and to base the report solely on watergate events and legislative recommendations stemming from them. Ervin said the committee did not discuss any Steps it might take to compel c. G. A a Bebel Rebozo president Nixon close personal Friend to comply with a wide ranging subpoena demanding he produce his personal and business financial records for the last five years. Ervin said the committee see watergate on 2a Many casualties reported israeli soldiers storm schoolhouse by Marcus Eliason associated press writer a alot Israel apr with guns blazing israeli soldiers stormed into a school today where three Arab guerrillas were holding about 85 israeli teen agers hostage. The israeli state radio said the guerrillas were killed. There was no immediate official word As to the Fate of the teen agers who were seized during the night while they slept. But Stretcher bearers were seen coming out of the school shortly after the army assault carrying casualties. Their number could not be immediately determined. They appeared High. The army attack came less than a half hour before the guerrilla deadline for the release of 20 prisoners held by Israel. The arabs threatened to blow the building up and kill the youths. The israeli government agreed to meet this demand and negotiations were under Way through the French ambassador. Police Here in maalox said that the guerrillas began opening fire on the children before the israeli troops launched their assault. The troops opened fire from one Side of the school for about three minutes. Then other soldiers shot their Way into the building through a door on the opposite Side. The assault appeared to be Over in about 30 seconds. A witness shouted out shortly thereafter a the building is in the hands of the army a that s for the guerrillas had set a deadline of 6 p m. A noon Edt a for the release of the prisoners. Just before the israeli troops opened the assault the terrorists had yelled through a megaphone a six r school building in maalox Israel where terrorists hold 90 children a wire photo transcript typists identity shielded to avoid subpoenas into that same tape or when the same asked whether fear of sub conversation was listened to Popenas was the main reason time and again in an Effort to Warren responded a a i decipher unintelligible por Haven to heard tons. Controversy Over prepare despite the secrecy sur tion of the transcripts was rounding the identity of the heightened tuesday with Dis typists some details of the closure that they contain two transcription procedure have different versions of a por emerged in private and tion of one conver Public comments by White station a with substantial House officials and sources differences in some words j. Fred Buzhardt Nixon s and phrases. Special counsel was in acknowledging the snafu charge of the task a the was officials said it probably the operational Corn resulted when two typists Mander a one official said. Transcribed a portion of the late last year transcripts of about to of the key a a. I conversations were made As a of / a 1 i the White House prepared to Vav hot s inside i respond to a subpoena from 1 the watergate special amusements17c prosecutor. Beginning in late bridge15c March Well before receipt classified ads.18-23c of the House judiciary com Mittee s april la subpoena crossword15c for 42 tapes a system was editorials4a implemented to make financial2a further transcripts. Obituaries .2c Buzhardt was in charge sports3-6c but one source said Quot Rose television .5c Mary was involved a a women a news Sec. B reference to Nixon a Long weather.3a time personal Secretary Rose Mary Woods. M according to another �c1m a m pm Vii source miss Woods did not i m v to i if i or of i or i of have a role in trans Zbink of it # the tapes themselves. But she apparently teamed with vaccine is developed w w w ecu Tive office building them to an office Section or result in spread of where the team of four t0 six the illness to others. Typists worked behind locked the vaccine is made from doors a portion of the cell Wall of the Micro organism which causes the disease. It was tested on 21 men and women aged 18 to 25 at the University of Florida school of Medicine under the direction of or. Robert h. Wald Man. Another 23 students were Given a fake vaccine of Salt solution. The subjects were Given three monthly doses then exposed to live Streptococci. Fox said the vaccine would not be generally available until further tests Are done. He also said he Hopes to develop a vaccine effective against several strains of streptococcus. By Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Washington a the White House is shielding the identity of the typists who transcribed president Nixon a watergate tapes for fear they might be subpoenaed sources say. One knowledgeable source said Nixon a lawyers several weeks ago made the decision to resist any Effort to question the typists about preparation of transcripts dotted with More than 1,600 passages marked a a inaudible or a we done to want them hounded a said one official who rebuffed a newsman a attempt to learn the identity of the typists. Nixon a chief watergate lawyer James d. St. Clair has consistently refused to divulge the names Quot because no useful purpose would be served by presidential spokesman Gerald l. Warren referred a questioner to St. Claire a remark and said a there Are a number of reasons that fall How Many other words can be put in. You have got a Blank Here and now you listen and try to fill in that Blank and get As Many words As you a they were improved upon by this process a Warren said tuesday in describing How the tapes would be listened to a Over and Over again to try to unscramble unintelligible conversation. Some of the passages listed As a a inaudible or a a unintelligible resulted when two persons spoke at once officials said. Thev said others be transcript on 2a of clock is approaching have mercy on your children remember your children a the gunmen had been the holding the youngsters aged 14 to 17, for More than 13 hours in the school five Miles from the lebanese Border. A the terrorists started shooting at the children just before the soldiers charged a a said a policeman watching the bloody scene. A there Are dozens wounded and some dead he said. Boys and girls began leaping from the school windows As the gun Battle exploded. Original reports said there were about 90 youths in the building. Newsmen were held Back from the scene. Townspeople said the shooting lasted for about to minutes with the sound of Small arms sub machine guns and Bazooka rockets exploding. The French ambassador joined by the romanian ambassador at the guerrillas request was about to enter the three Story building when the gun Battle began. The French ambassador was reported to have entered the building earlier in the Day. The guerrillas had Strung electrical wiring around the building after they seized it. The wires were believed connected to explosives. An explosion boomed from inside the school and smoke poured from the windows during the Battle. Police said terrorist explosives May have been hit by bullets. Newsmen saw pools of blood on the floor of the room where the hostages had been kept by the arabs who wore explosives strapped to their waists and carried automatic weapons. The town of 8.000 a half jews from North Africa and the other half arabs a was in panic and uproar As the firing began. Residents screamed in the streets and the wails of women pierced through the noise of the shooting. At the request of the guerrillas the French ambassador flew Here to negotiate the Exchange of the vacationing teenagers for the score of guerrillas jailed by Israel for taking part in terrorist acts. One of the prisoners on the palestinians list is a japanese terrorist who took part in the Lod Airport massacre two years ago. The guerrillas at the outset be Israel on 2a racial separatism attempt is charged by c. G. Mcdaniel a science writer Chicago a medical researchers have developed a Spray vaccine against a Strep Throat that they say can Lead to a reduction in the diseases that children sometimes contract afterwards. The vaccine which can be sprayed in the Throat was developed by or. Eugene n. Fox a microbiologist at la Rabida children s Hospital and research Center and the University of Chicago with colleagues at the University and the University of Florida Gainesville. A Strep Throat is relatively mild. But the vaccine is considered important because it can Lead to a reduction in rheumatic heart kidney and other serious diseases which sometimes follow streptococcal infections in children. Fox and his coworkers told a news conference tuesday at the annual meeting of the american society for microbiology that the vaccine was effective in immunizing human volunteers against streptococcus group a infections the ones which sometimes Lead to serious complications he had first reported Success with the vaccine in experimental animals in 1966, Fox said the Spray vaccine also prevents colonization of the bacterium in the Throat which can Lead to later in locating the specific conversations on the reels of tape was a big Job in itself one official said. A you walk up to a file Cabinet and pull them out a he said. A some tape reels covered a Day or More a once the desired conversation was located by the supervisors the typists used conventional tape recorders and head sets to prepare a rough draft of the conversation. A you get a very rough initial transcript a St. Clair told newsmen last week. A the president reviews that. Then it is reviewed to see Washington a sen. Edward w. Brooke charged today that sponsors of a proposal that would virtually end school busing for desegregation purposes were trying to bring Back racial separatism in America Brooke the Only Black senator said in a prepared speech that such a proposal a would encourage the development of two nations within our country one White and the other the Massachusetts Republican spoke out before the key vote on the proposal sponsored by sen. Edward j. Gurney a Fla As an amendment to a $23 billion education Bill. Brooke said he was saddened because president Nixon a supporter of the amendment and some members of Congress a pander to the anxieties of some americans Black and White and play into the hands of those who seek separatism thrive on strife and flourish on divisive Brooke declared a i have never seen anything both separate and equal in this nation a Brooke said the Gurney amendment would undo completely the slow but steady Progress made under the 20-year-old supreme court school desegregation decision. The amendment scheduled to be vote on in the late afternoon would require the courts to consider other remedies before ordering any busing. And then busing would be limited to the next closest school to the Pupil s Home. It would permit reopening of All previously decided busing cases and their redetermination on the basis of the new limitations. Supporters of the amendment assert it would prevent a forced busing a which they insist is a destroying the integrity of Public education in the United states. Both sides expect the vote on the amendment to be close with a possibility that absentees May decide the outcome. Before the busing vote the Senate is scheduled to dispose of another highly controversial issues How to distribute about $2 billion annually in Federal education Aid funds to the nations school districts. The Issue was debated through a Long session tuesday but the vote put Over until today

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