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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather warm and humid More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 137 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. Cd a Friday afternoon May 17, 1974 30 pages daily 10c, sunday 25c tape contents published evidence leak continues from impeachment panel Rodino reports on thursdays session at news conference at right is counsel John Doar at left is rep. Barbara Jordan a Tex. A wire photo los Angeles police storm Sla House los Angeles apr police fired teargas today and then stormed a House where sym ionese liberation army members were believed holed up witnesses said. Police entered the House but no one appeared to be inside witnesses at the scene said. The teargas canisters were fired through the front windows of the House. Police wearing Gas masks burst into the House and began examining suit cases according to an associated press newsman at the scene. An Fri agent at the scene for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every req St is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Vote or else q. I am registered As a Democrat and when i voted i did not want to vote tor any of the candidates but wanted to vote for the City Bond election. I was forced to vote for one of the candidates in order to get out of the voting machine. I Don t think this is right. This is forcing me to vote for someone you Don t approve of. Thank you. J. R. D. A. A 20 minute explanation of Why you had to vote for at least one candidate Given to us by the machines keeper left us feeling we had an in to Points lower than cheetah s a with an expression to match. In a nutshell the mechanics of the voting machine made it necessary for registered democrats and republicans to vote for a party nominee to free the levers for the Bond issues. Independents who cannot vote for party nominees in the primary could Only push levers for the Bond issues and county school Board candidates who were being elected not nominated. Newly registered Young people who will be old enough to vote in the general election but were too Young at primary time to vote for Bonds or school Board candidates could Only push levers for their party nominees. Setting up the machines to lock or free levers in keeping with each voter s qualifications or party affiliations was further complicated by the fact it was a lengthy list of candidates and issues which were placed so voters could read them without getting Down on their Knees. For Young musicians q. Why does t High Point have any musical organizations for Young people like Greensboro where they have a youth symphony How could we in High Point go about getting this accomplished m. A. Orchestra conductor Barry Ruth says there Are musical organizations for Young people but they Are still confined to the schools. To have a youth symphony there must be a Large source from which to draw and High Point s school population is about a third of the size of Greensboro a. He also said there is no rehearsal space available outside the Public and no College person to direct such a group. There Are some High Point musicians who do play in the Greensboro youth symphony. Ruth says some ground work is presently going on towards this end the orchestra teachers in High Point have combined both Junior and senior High orchestras into an a eau City orchestra which will give a pops concert this sunday at 3 p. In in the High Point Central High school auditorium. The general Public is invited to attend and he suggests a group of interested citizens could get together to explore possibilities of developing a symphony. Woody amp friends q. How can i get rid of woodpeckers they Are destroying part of a wooden House and if anyone knows How to get rid of them without shooting them i would like to know. Thank you. A. There Are products sold under names such As Bird Stop and Roost no More make of a Sticky substance to discourage Birds from nesting or roosting on guttering ledges and eaves. You can probably find it at hardware stores or where Garden equipment or Bird houses Are sold. There Are also fake snakes and fright owls and anti Bird mesh you could tack on. Or you could devise some free swinging discs attaching Small aluminium foil pie tins to a piece of string if there s a nearby Branch to hang them on. Using All these remedies you could have the Side of your House looking like a real mess. Have you Given any thought to the possibility there might be termites or Wood borers they re after declined comment when asked if any arrests had been made or if anyone had been found in the House. After the teargas was fired police sharpshooters stationed around the House relaxed and rested their weapons. As officers moved through the House they picked up suitcases satchels and several boxes. Wearing flak jackets and carrying shotguns and teargas rifles officers swarmed around a single Story House in South Central los Angeles about 6 a m. Police sharpshooters armed with m16 rifles were seen perched on rooftops witnesses said. They moved in several hours after a shootout at a sporting goods store in suburban Inglewood about five see los Angeles on 2a by d. M. Rothberg associated press writer Washington a secret House judiciary committee impeachment evidence has been made Public for the second time in As Many Days suggesting a crack in the committee s tight Security that before this week had not been breached. The latest disclosure was guerrilla targets strafed by the associated press the israeli command said its jets strafed and bombed Arab guerrilla targets in Southern Lebanon again today barely 24 hours after its devastating retaliatory attack there. It said All aircraft returned safely after a 30-minute raid. At the same time six thunderous explosions Shook the lebanese capital of Beirut in Quick succession. One unconfirmed report said antiaircraft batteries in the port area opened fire on israeli warplanes. But Israel said its jets attacked a terrorist objectives Quot on the Western slopes of it. Hermon far South of Beirut. Radio Damascus said syrian jets clashed with the israeli planes and shot one Down. The broadcast said the see guerrilla on 2a Penny shortage growing worse by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington a the . Mint is planning a nationwide get out the Penny Campaign in an Effort to ease a Penny shortage that is daily growing worse. Pennies Are in such Short Supply that some supermarket chains have asked for permission to use paper script in place of pennies in their stores. The mint has not responded to these requests although it promises an opinion soon on whether use of script in such a Way would be Legal mint director Mary Brooks said the government also has started a study of the nation s coinage including whether there is need for a two and one half cent piece to help relieve the pressure on the Penny. The Penny shortage is nationwide. Because demand was exceeding Supply Federal Reserve Banks started a month ago to ration pennies to commercial Banks. But the big Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago still ran completely out of pennies Arifer this month. A spokesman for the National association of food chains said the shortage is causing problems since pennies Are absolutely essential in daily food store operations. Ironically the . Mint takes some responsibility for helping create the shortage. A it All started when we asked for the aluminium miss Brooks said in an interview. A it s a Phenomena that when the american people hear there May be a shortage they create one Quot miss Brooks said. Miss Brooks said there is no real shortage of pennies they Are just not being circulated a we estimate there Are 30 billion pennies just languishing away in people s dressers Pickle jars Coffee cans unloved and unwanted and unused and they should be Back in circulation a she said. Published in the Washington Post. It was the committees transcript of a key watergate conversation a that of sept. 15, 1972, Between president Nixon then White House counsel John w. Dean Iii and former presidential chief of staff h r. Haldeman. As a result of yet another leak the Post also reported today on the contents of a tape the committee heard wednesday. The tape was of a Short conversation june 30, 1972, Between Nixon Haldeman and former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell. The Post did not reveal How it obtained the two transcripts but the Story on the june 30 meeting referred to comments by committee sources on Why that transcript was included in the evidence. Reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward quoted one source As saying a a. It shows part of a pattern to keep the lid on. And the president is in on it in an introductory paragraph to the Side by Side comparison of the sept. 15 conversation the Post said the judiciary committees transcript was compiled by the committees staff from a tape recording received by the special watergate prosecutors office. Post reporter Lawrence Meyer said the committee s version and the White House version of the sept. 15 conversations showed significant differences and that a lengthy passages were omitted in the White House version without any indication that material was excised. In releasing the 1.254 pages of Nixon transcripts april 30, the White House said it was an edited version from which National Security information and conversations irrelevant to watergate were deleted. Meyer said that one of the differences Between the two versions of the sept. 15 conversation occurred when Nixon was speaking to Dean about . District judge Charles r. Richey. He had been assigned to the civil suit by the democrats against the committee for the reelection of the president. Meyer said the White House version of that conversation did not include As did the committee version Nixon saying a a Good a when Dean told him Richey had discussed the Case off the Bench. The committees version of that part of the conversation was reported to be Dean Well he s Richey been thoroughly candid in his dealing with people about the Case. He a made several entrees us off the Bench to us one to Kleindienst two to us his old Friend Roemer Mcphee to keep abreast of what his thinking is. He told Roemer he thought that Maury ought to file a libel action. Nixon did he after laughter by Haldeman the president was quoted again As saying Meyer said the judiciary committee version of the conversation also differs in numerous instances on specific words used by the participants As Well As in at least one instance the identity of the speaker. In the Story on the june 30 conversation Bernstein and Woodward wrote that Nixon discussed the risk of future disclosures about the breaking and what to do about them. Haldeman said a was of now there is no problem there. As As of any see evidence on 2a arabs May get advanced russian m/g23 Jet fighter by Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington apr . Intelligence sources say Russia May be preparing to ship some of its advanced mig23 Jet fighters to Arab air forces. This could spell trouble for the israeli air Force if the mig23 a a Flogger appears in numbers on the syrian front. More than that it would suggest that Russia is prepared to stiffen syrians ability and will to fight while the United states is trying to restore a truce Between the syrians and israelis. . Analysts say the mig23, with a top Speed of nearly 2,000 Miles an hour would significantly boost the Power of Arab air forces now equipped with earlier Model fighters. Intelligence sources say crated mig23s have been seen near a Black sea port from which the russians ship military equipment by sea to Syria and other Arab nations. Israeli defense minister Moshe Dayan claimed Early last month that mig23s were in Syria. A Pentagon spokesman said at the time that a there is no evidence that the mig23 has appeared in about two weeks later syrian president Hafez Assad returned Home from Moscow with a Promise of additional arms from the soviet Union. Beirut newspapers said Russia had pledged Early delivery of advanced Jet fighters and surface to surface missiles. About that time. . Intelligence reported soviet merchant ships unloaded 12 crated mig21 jets at the syrian port of Latakia. Inflation rate worse than Early estimates what s inside amusements12a Bridgeta classified ads7-18b comics6b crossword12 a editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-5b television Isa women a news6-8a weather.3a by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington it a it prices Rose at a 11.5 per cent rate in the first three months of the year worse than previous estimates the government reported today. The rate of inflation a solidly in the double digit category a was the worst since a 13 per cent inflation rate in the first Quarter of 1951. The Commerce department also reported that the nation s Economy a As measured by the Gross National product a declined by a 6.3 per cent rate in january through March. The department had estimated last month that first Quarter inflation was at a 10.8 per cent rate and the Economy declined at a 5.8 per cent rate. The new figures Bast d on More Complete information showed the nation s economic problems were worse than expected. But there already were signs the nation is recovering from the first Quarter economic slump Industrial output was reported increased in april for the first time in five months and housing starts also Rose in april. The Commerce department also reported today that the nations corporations recorded a 12 per cent increase in after tax profits in the first Quarter increasing $8.6 billion to $80.2 billion at an annual rate. The increase was a big improvement Over the one tenth of one per cent Rise in after tax earnings in the fourth Quarter of 1973, but the profit figures also reflected the higher Cash receipts resulting from inflation. Quot fatally defective"1 much of the gain in the first Quarter profits was in the increased value in inventories the Commerce department said. The new figures on inflation and economic growth were contained in the governments revised first Quarter report on the Gross National product which measures the total value of the nation s output of goods and services. Indictment against Gurney dismissed by Martin Crutsinger associated press writer Tallahassee. Fla apr a county court judge today dismissed an indictment charging sen. Edward Gurney r-fla., with an election Law violation Leon county judge Charles Mcclure ruled the indictment was a fatally defense attorney c. Harris Pittmar of Jacksonville Only three Whites in Public school Summerton so. Apr a it is amazing to see How the Blacks and the Whites get along so Good in everyday life but when you mix them in the schools a Boom a that a the assessment of Joseph Richburg the chairman of the school Board in in Summerton s. C., a town of 6,500, Richburg a Black was t referring to violence in the schools but to the state of school integration two decades after the supreme court s landmark desegregation ruling. It was 20 years ago today that the nations highest court handed Down its decision outlawing separate schools for Blacks and Whites. At that time Summerton had schools for Blacks and schools for Whites. Today b. O. Butler there is one Public school system but Only three White youths attend Public schools. More than 400 Whites Are enrolled at the private Clarendon Hall Academy nestled in a Grove of Pines on the outskirts of the town Billy Dubois of Summerton citizens 5,200 Are Blacks and the Public schools have 2,000 students from the town and surrounding areas. Richburg seated in the Barber shop he owns and looking out on a quiet Down Joseph Richburg town Street said a things Are better now than they once were but theres plenty of room for improvement. A we have no racial problems in this town the Whites and Blacks Woik Good together. But the White peo ple just Don t want to desegregate the schools Quot Billy Dubose is the mayor of this East Central South Carolina Community a contractor by Trade and proud of what he Calls the a Law abiding citizens of this place both the Blacks and the Dubose was planning to do some fishing on one sunny afternoon this week at nearby Lake Marion. He delayed the Outing to say a we get along better Here i mean the Blacks and the Whites than any place i know of it is a peaceful town you can see that for Dubose admitted however this spirit of Trust and cooperation disappeared when desegregation of the schools was involved. One said a Elf the ratio was a a Only on 2 a sought the dismissal of the Misdemeanour charge against Gurney a member of the Senate watergate committee. Dittmar moved tor dismissal last week on grounds the indictment was vague and unconstitutional. He also charged that the democratic politician who made allegations that led to the indictment had no Tactual evidence. Gurney was indicted by a Leon county grand jury last month on the Misdemeanour charge. He is accused of violating state election Law by accepting Campaign contributions without naming a Campaign treasurer or setting up a Campaign Bank account. Dittmar maintained that state rep. Marshall Harris a Miami should never have been allowed to appear before the panel because he had no Tactual evidence to present. Harris had accused Gurney of admitting during a december news conference that he had violated state Law Gurney said he ordered the fund raising stopped but did not report the Money because he had not declared As a candidate and therefore had no Way to report it. Gurney a member of the Senate watergate committee has since declared for re election. But he has said he still can to report the Money because he does no to know who donated it

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