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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 14 1972, Page 2

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina J a l j a Ali i Iby Forrest Cates it was t As if i did no to already have enough to worry about. Like the Christmas card came again this year and like always All it said was a see Van Al a and i done to know no Al least ways not one i want to see for per Sonal reasons. And that scraping sound has moved from the left front wheel of my old car to the rear right and the car acts funny when i try to put on brakes and turn the wheel at the same Trine. On top of that its getting harder and harder to climb the stairs to the third floor at City Hall because i think they have added some Steps or something which Means that i have to Settle for the second floor or else ride the elevator which is about As big As a Broom closet and if you get caught on it with More than two ladies there ainu to no Way to keep somebody from getting goosed. In addition in a getting ready to go to the Beach and you know what that Means. It Means in a going to find that All my swimming trunks have shrunk so much since last summer that i can to get in them Lon ways and there goes another 15 or 20 Bucks and a crack from my wife that maybe i ought to buy the new ones at Kearns tent a awning. It Means also that the trip Down will be five hours of sheer agony while i watch All those Damn lights and dials on the dashboard and worry about them until i discover that in be taken the wrong turn again and have something new to worry about. The Only Good thing about the Way i get lost going to the Beach is that i always make the same wrong turn and that makes it easier except that my wife says in a dumb to make the same mistake and when anybody can see it is just being smart of course nobody has to Tell me that there Are some really big things to worry about like what a Hap cling in Vietnam putting All those mines in the harrs i worry about that. Too. But i bet i ainu to half As worried As the Guy who is going to have to go in there and take in All those mines. Like i said. I was carrying a full Load of worries when Robert Marks said what he did at lunch the other Day i had just told him How smart that great Damn big Crane on the construction lob in Dounton n High Point is. The thing. I said. Not Only can stand still and pick up anything for a radius of a half Block but can move around on a track. Quot i Marks said with a Nasty Little smile. A i have thought a lot about that. What if that great big Crane suddenly went berserk and started grabbing up cars and people and throwing them All Over town. Stranger things have happened a Well i m a big boy and i know that things by tint Don t really happen. As far As i know that Crane is a perfect gentleman. I mean just playing it might Nick up a pretty girl in her Negligee and run up the Side of the exposition building with her like King Kong did the Empire state building with fax Wray in her Negligee. But in bet it Hurt a Flea. To does no to really bother me that the Crane is Between me and the Beach. Shucks. Id planned to go by Way of Winston Salem All the schedules school seminar Greensboro can the present system of Public education be modified to adapt to society s changing needs in future years of not. Is a completely new approach to schooling possible the or Are two of the main questions which will be dealt with in a unique 3 4-Day seminar june 12-17 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro the colloquium which is being planned by or Robert o Kane Dean of the school of education has been entitled. A educational leadership in an evolving society dare the social order build a new system of schools Quot the seminar will be conducted in a in n c g residence Hall where the participants also will slav during the week. Or chamber schedules meeting seven committees Are expected to make reports tuesday at the regular High Point chamber of Commerce Board of directors meeting according to an Agenda announced by Phillip Dixon president. Dixon also said that directors attending the session planned for 4 p m at the chamber of Commerce building will hear vice president de Hardin report on the recent . Chamber of Commerce annual meeting in Washington. Committees slated to make reports include the beautification unit headed by Leon Schute congressional action headed by Arthur Cassell economic and political education under Bill Mcguinn education headed by Carey Merton environmental Quality headed by Dan Monroe Highway traffic and transportation led by Don Gilstrap and postal service led by Frank Wood or. Said it will be a an intensive residential encounter o f no hours of credit will be earned for participation. Quot i want it to be enticing to people who Are motivated by its possibilities As a dialogue about important ideas a and not motivated by a possible two or three hours of explained of Kane a your Reward will be whatever you feel is your he said a you won t have to worry about passing an exam. Your examination will be a a registration of up to 50 persons is being enrolled for the seminar and registrants Are being accepted through the and of May. O Kane said he is seeking about 30 enrollees from the Field of education a including teachers administrators and school Board members a along with about 15 business and professional people from Fields outside of education. In addition. Several University students and faculty members also will attend. Craft items go on Sale newcomers big boosters for museum by Robert Marks Enow Pri staff writer some newcomers to town Are learning More history about High Point than Many of the natives already know. They Are members of the fledgling High Point museum Guild. Since its organization last november the Guild planned and presented a lecture program at the museum this Spring. The third in the series of three lectures was presented last tuesday night by William a. Tomlinson. President of Tomlinson a of High Point he talked on the history of furniture manufacturing. Previously in a lecture on March 14, Don Elliott of High Point reviewed revolutionary War and civil War events around the site of High Point City Lake. On april la John Estes of Greensboro related incidents from past political campaigns in the United states and exhibited buttons pins banners and posters from some of these campaigns. Another lecture program is being planned by the Guild for this fall. Meanwhile members of the Guild Are working on a Volunteer basis As hostesses at the museum and at the Haley House on e. Lexington Avenue. The latest project of the Guild is a display of Craft items at the museum s sales desk just inside the main Entrance. Proceeds from All sales of the Craft items go to the museum. Mrs. Dan h. Stoddard is the Guild member in charge of the crafts program. Working with her Are mrs. George r. Pearson and mrs. Ronald w. Jenkins. The items offered for Sale Are sent to the museum on consignment from artisans in Southeastern North Carolina museum s crafts shop mrs. Ranald w. Jenkins mrs. Dan ii Stoddard and mrs. George r. Pearson examine a Raggedy Ann doll which is one of the items for Sale in the crafts shop at the High Point museum. The shop is operated by the High Point museum Guild with the proceeds going to the museum. In the foreground Are a fireside Stool a hand braided Rug and a Hearth Broom. All Are item sold in the shop. Staff photo by Art Richardton cog sets wednesday meeting Greensboro a report on the first phase of a regional solid waste disposal study will be presented wednesday to members of the Piedmont triad Council of governments. The presentation by Gerald Horton a consultant will come during a meeting planned for tile Airport restaurant at the Greensboro High Point Winston Salem Airport at 12 15 p m other activities at the regular monthly meeting to he presided Over by David Darr chairman and chairman of the Forsyth county Board of commissioners will be a proposed budget for the 1972-1973 year. Council o f governments members will also elect officers for the new year. And Thev Are expected to tour the new Kernersville sewage treatment Plant on the edges of Guilford county. Wrenn s ramblings Asheboro sets trash Bash by Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Asheboro a trash Bash Quot has been scheduled for May 20 in an Effort to get All major highways leading into the City cleaned to. The project is sponsored by Belk Yates department store. Boy scout troops will Aid in the Effort which will also involve the Asheboro Jaycees. Stedman manufacturing co. Of Asheboro has provided Bright coloured to shirts for the youths so they can be seen better As they clean in the area assigned to them. Teams will walk about two and one half Miles each on the roads to which they Are assigned. Belk Yates will provide Large plastic bags for the scouts and for each bag turned in the store will donate 50 cents to the Randolph Ashe Boro Myca. Dents interested in their schools Are out to raise $10,000 for educational programs at Eastern Randolph High school. Busine a firms industries and other interested citizens Are being asked to donate funds for athletic equipment indebtedness to buy Library books and to pay secretarial Aid at the school. Of the $10.ikk. 40 per cent will go to athletic equipment. 30 per cent for Library books 20 per cent for departmental supplies and equipment and to per cent for a Secretary s Saiar. Eastern Randolph Resi a Veteran Federal Bureau of investigation agent Ralph d. House who recently retired has been mimed assimilate or on the solicitor Al staff of the 19th judicial court District which includes Randolph county. A Pilot position. House will tie assigned to expedite court procedures to assist the solicitor in preparation of More serious crimes for prosecution and to bring a closer Liaison Between the solicitor s office and the Var ious Law enforcement agencies located within the 19th District. Court officials note the new office is not one to investigate cases when they occur but rather to prepare a prospective summary for court officials. House will Confer with officers after a Case has been investigated by them but he will in no Way interfere with the efforts of the local officers. House will be available to the investigative officer for counsel and assistance if such is requested. Archdale a voters in the Archdale Trinity and new Market area last saturday Cowpens naturally bring out Moos i have gotten the word handed Down from a very official source that my Birthplace is to be made into a National Park. The word came not from Jov. Scott not from gov. John West of South Carolina a where my Birthplace is located a but from a Rah de Dah de Dah a president Nixon. They really should t do it. I m nig that , you know maybe half that great hut not altogether. It would have been enough to name a Street after me or perhaps the local school or maybe they could just put a statue of me in the town Square. In a not sure there a a town Square there though. And in a not perfectly sure the National Cark is being built in my Honor. But what would you think if your sometime after thirtieth birthday were yesterday and you heard that president Nixon had decreed a National Park would be built soon at the site of your birth. It could be. I admit that a few other things of importance happened there. It could be that the Little town was the site of one of the six most crucial Battles of the revolutionary War. In fact it was. I Don t mind telling you now where i was bom but i sure hated to Tell it in first Grade so i think i told the teacher it was Spartanburg the truth is that it was Cowpens. S c., and it had so happened that when i told this in kindergarten a smart Little Guy jumped and said. A give us a big Moo so after that i said spar around by Faye Marks Danburg. Which was nearby and it was t till i was in High school that i found out dear of Cowpens was famous. Now that eve heard and read about All this a the 872 acre National Park to he built in Cowpens a i have this urge to go Back and visit. This is what we re going to do this summer and my Mother is going to map out the House and Street where i was bom. My to is Don t know what to expect. I think they Halfway expect to see cows roaming the streets and people doing the milking out in the front Yards. They think ifs a Wacky place to spend a Day of vacation. I also have the feeling that if anyone asks them where they went say but i have this real desire to go there and i am going. I Don t actually expect to see one cow pen but i would like to pass a Herd or two just for the Sake of authenticity. I would like to see where they Are going to build the National Park. Too. All in be got to say is that if it turns out that the House where i was born has been Tom Down to make Way for the Park then in a going to just have to modestly face the facts. A cow is a cow and a Battle is a Battle but i think the town owes me just As much As it does those revolutionary War soldiers. They bravely faced the enemy fire and i bravely got up in kindergarten once and naively said a i was homed in Cowpens Sci and following the Little boys remark if i remember correctly everyone moved. Gave George Wallace the nod Over Terry Sanford. 710 to 290 Muskie got 44 votes Shirley Chisholm 33 and Jackson 12. On the Republican Side president Richard Nixon got the favored count 5h3 to Paul n. Mccloskey 22. In the democratic u. S. Senate race congressman Nick Calif Variakis walked away 652 to 348 Over u. S. Senator b. Everett Jordan. Chathams Ike Andrews far outran the Field in the race for the fourth congressional seat being Given up by Galifianakis 433 to 257. The Leader in the race for the democratic 16th state Senate contest was William p. It Bill it Saunders who received 481 to a. B. Coleman a 430. The same area gave Gilbert Davis the godhead for tile 24th state House seat on the democratic Side 619, along with mrs. Kathleen b. Hughes 439. And third was Jack Pugh with 413. Mrs. Hughes lost out countywide As Pugh piled up the largest number of votes for All three. The Republican u. S. Senate race in the at new Market area saw Jesse Helms Edge out James Johnson. 337 to 310. Republicans in the area favored Jim Gardner by 407 to James Holshouser a 205. C. Roby Garner with 373 and Tom Morgan with 288 received the nod to run for the 24 District House seat on the Republican Side. Morgan however failed countywide to Frank Redding ii Hargrove skipper Bowles swept the race for the democratic nominee for governor. 642 to Pat Taylor a 355. For lieutenant governor j i in Hunt outdistanced All others with 516 votes. Roy Sowers got Only 237. Particularly the area around Lake acc maw. A we think this alone makes our Little shop unique a mrs. Stoddard said. A most people think of the mountains when they think of crafts to North Carolina but there Are talented artisans and skilled crafts people working in the Southeastern part of the the first consignment of materials for the museums Craft shop was arranged with the cooperation of mrs. R. N. Mccray. Her husband is the executive director of boys Home at Lake acc maw. A these same items Are offered for Sale in the Senc crafts shop at boys Home a mrs. Mccray explained. Since the initial shipment the museum Guild has been receiving items on consignment directly from the craftsmen. Among the items for Sale Are a gout Rocker fireside stools whose seats Are made from Corn shucks Hearth brooms Sun bonnets homemade quilts hand crocheted afghans hand braided rugs pottery Wood carvings bracelets and necklaces adorned with native stones and a Wreath made from Corn shucks. Also offered for Sale is stationery imprinted with the Emblem of the High Point museum. A we Are always Happy to take orders for these items a mrs. Pearson explained. Both she and mrs. Jenkins Are relatively new High pointers. Treasurer for the crafts shop. Mrs. Pearson has been a High Pointer for a year. She. Her husband and their two daughters moved to High Point from Minn Sosta. Pearson is District sales manager for flex orators inc. The pearsons live on Brookwood drive. Mrs. Jenkins who has a Sun age five has been a High Pointer since last fall when her husband was named vice president of perpetual savings and loan Assn. They moved to High Point from Asheville and make their Home on rolling Road. Mrs. Stoddard has been a High Pointer for a longer period of time. Her husband is an Engineer with Western electric. Two of their children a son and a daughter were among the first Young people from the High Point area to Volunteer for service in the peace corps. The Stoddard live o n Quaker Lane. The High Point museum Guild has a membership of about 50 women the Guild is scheduled to meet tuesday night at which time officers Are expected to be elected. Mothers Day mothers Day will be observed at Williams memorial c m e. Church today at 4 pm with several mothers taking part in the program. Mother e. Mccants will be the speaker for this occasion. The Young adult choir will sing. Singing program the mighty echoes and other groups will sing at Oak Grove Christian Church sunday at 7 30 p m. The High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every afternoon end sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise. Inc 210 Cwych Avenue High Point n 27261 mem8er of the associated press rates it mail Poy Obi in and vane i or. 6 to. 3 to. I to. Doily and sunday s3i.20s1s.60s7.80 $2 60 sunday Only $13.00 $6 so $1.13 daily Only $23.40 $11.70 $5.13 $1.93 by Carrier wkly $.60 monthly $2 60 or. S31.20 Moil subscription in n c subject to 346 Tai tax. The associated pres it entitled to thut for reproduction of All local new printed in this newspaper at Well of Oil a new dispatch. Entered at second class Molter of the Post office High Point n Under act of Morch 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at High Point n Alt carriers dealers and distributor or Independent contractors end Tho High Point Enterprise inc. It not responsible for Advance subscription payments Mode to them or their repro emotive for Home delivery rat ton of your local Corner word Griffith company no to no i advertising representatives

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