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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina J it cd a \ i Al Al banquet tuesday pc celebrates Golden decade by Forrest Cates i just found out that in be been going about the business of choosing candidates All wrong. The Way i have been doing it is to read All i can about the people even the ladies who Are running and maybe listen to a Little junk about them on television and look at some of the ads. Then say to hell with it and pick at random. By following this method. I am proud to say i have not in my voting lifetime backed More than a dozen winners in the various and sundry elections which Means that nobody can blame me for the mess we Are in now. But i am old enough to realize that no matter How Good i am at picking candidates somebody May be better. Like the lady who read and wanted to vote in the primary election last tuesday. She went to the voting Poilu and confessed that she could t rend the name on the ballot not claiming poor eyesight or anything like that hut just admitting that nobody had Ever taught her to rend writing much in read rending. One of the people who run the polling place had to go in the voting Booth with her and read the names to her off the ballot. Only thing was she did no to know anymore after he read them than she did before because she had never heard of any of those people. But finally the polling place person came to a Guy on the ballot running for school Board named Carr and that rang a Bell with the voter. A cars Are Nice. We need them a spake she and directed him to pull the lever. The voter ran across one other name that she liked. A Chap named Salmon. A i like Salmon. Pull it a she directed. She left the Booth beaming Over her accomplishments. Well now. I la have to admit that As smart As i am i never have thought of a candidate in terms of being edible or rid Able or anything other than somebody to cuss after he is elected. I have. Therefore gone tack belatedly to the tuesday ballot and viewed it from Thi new Angle. I now think it in to Nible maybe even and fixable to Choate candidates not on their self professed Merit hut on the Impact of their name. Nhy in the democratic contest for . Senate alone there were a Hare a Riddle and a Galifianakis. A Guy named after a Rabbit. I figure just might have some possibilities if stewed Long enough to get rid of the wild taste. On the other hand it seems to me that a candidate named Riddle might Start with a Handicap and i Don t think i would vote for a Galifianakis on the Chance that he might get elected and somebody would expect me to be Able to spell his name. A fellow by the name of free ran successfully for the state House nomination and it in t surprising. His name implies that he is going to make things hot for certain people Down in Raleigh when he gets there. A Short and a Webb also won despite the obvious conclusion that one might come up Short of expectations and the other weave a devious web. I he Way i figure it there were enough Short people to elect the Guy named Short. Hut i can t figure the la ebb making it Inlet they Are letting spiders Vole which would t really Surprise me All that much. There was a fellow named Sweatt running for Republican nomination to the Senate race. Even with a the extra a a to at the end. He did t come anywhere close to winning. But Back to the race with Carr and Salmon. Delicious or not Salmon didst make it. He was beat out by a Chap named fall things Deal. Which blows the hell out of my theory about names in politics. Which come to think of it is what usually happens to the theories i think up. By Peggy Ingram pc news Bureau High Point College will celebrate the conclusion of its highly successful Golden decade fund raising program this tuesday in the Holt Mcpherson Campus Center at the College. The banquet to be held there will pay tribute to the people and the business concerns in High Point that have made it possible for the College to grow physically and academically. Begun nearly to years ago the Golden decade program has enlarged the College s endowment by $10 million. With part of the funds collected during the period additions will be made to the m. J. Wrenn memorial Library and the alumni gymnasium. Buildings already completed or presently under construction with Golden decade Money Are the Mary Irwin Belk dormitory a co educational facility the Horace s. Haworth Hall of science the Chas. E. Hayworth or. Memorial Chapel the Holt Mcpherson Campus Center the Colleg infirmary and renovations of the Dennis h. Cooke Hall. Mcculloch Hall and Roberts Hall. At the banquet meeting this tuesday. William r. Henderson a pc graduate and president of the Carolina Cape fear corp. In Southport will be the master of ceremonies. The Rev. Charles p. Teague another pc graduate and current pc chaplain will deliver the invocation. Awards and recognition will be presented by Holt Mcpherson chairman of the pc Board of trustees and the Rev. Thomas s. Haggai will deliver the main address. The Benediction will be Given bound Over by Nathaniel p. Yarborough a pc professor. On its opening in 1924. The College was planned As a pay As you go institution. But shortly thereafter the methodist protestant now United methodist founders of pc realized it would be necessary to go into debt As a result of pressure brought from Many sources. The College was dealt cruel blows by the great depression and periods of financial uncertainty. But its supporters persisted in their dream even when there was no Money to pay teachers. Students brought farm products with which to pay tuition. As time went on. Enrolment continued to grow new courses were added a Strong faculty was acquired and the Campus was expanded. To meet the rising needs of students and faculty members a Long Range planning program was inaugurated in 1962 to provide answers to the questions of a where Are we going what Are we going to be and How Are we going to get there a the planning committee composed of members of the administration faculty trustees alumni and pc students presented to the pc Board of trustees a ten year projection of needs. Thus the Golden decade program was born. The Golden decade program was officially christened oct 27, 1965, when More than 200 persons joined pc officials trustees faculty members and pc students at a planning conference and dinner in the College s Harrison Hall. The first major Public solicitation Effort in the 4 probable cause found in cases several defendants were bound Over to Superior court thursday after having preliminary hearings in District court. Curtis Davis of Mobile Street was bound Over after probable cause was found in three cases of larceny after breaking and entering lodged against him. Probable cause was found in two cases of larceny after breaking and entering against Robert Ethridge 30, of Boundary Street. Ethridge Johnson Pat the Johnson Street school Pat will meet tuesday in the school auditorium. A special program will be Given by the school band choir and flute group. Archdale Lions the Archdale Trinity Lions the High Point Enterprise established 1884 published every afternoon and sunday morning an Independent newspaper published by the High Point Enterprise. Inc. 210 Church Avenue High Point n c. 27261 member of the associated press j rates by ma1. Ipa Cable in Advance j i or 6 to 3 to i to daily and sunday s36 40 Sis 20 $9 to s3 05 i sunday Only $13 of $6 so $3 25 is. 15 by Carrier wkly s 70 monthly s3.05 or s36 40 mail subscription in n c subject to 4% sales to the associated press is entitled to the use for reproduction of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well Osall a news dispatches entered As second class matter at the Post office High Point n c. Under act of March 3, 1879. Second class postage paid at High Point n c All carriers dealers and distributors Are Independent contractors and the High Point Enterprise inc is not responsible for Advance subscription payments made to them or their representatives for Home delivery rate Contact your local Carrier. Ward Griffith company notional advertising representatives club will sponsor a Broom and Light bulb Sale beginning monday. Proceeds will go toward Lions projects tor the Blind. Northwood the Northwood school Pat will hold its final meeting of the year tuesday at 7 30 . The music department of the school will present a Spring program. Dance troupe a new dance troupe the dance theater of Harlem. Will demonstrate for children the relationships of classical Ballet movements to everyday life in the film a rhythm tron a to be shown tuesday at Cinema cafe in the High Point Public Library. The 40-minute film will be shown twice at 12 15 . And 5 15 p a in the Community room yoga class the yoga Institute of High Point is offering classes for the advanced and beginning students of yoga beginning tuesday in the Arcade building interested persons May Call 454-3877 for details. Hrc meeting the High Point human relations commission will hold its regular monthly meeting at the chamber of Commerce building on n. Main Street monday May 13, at 7 . The n c. Human relations commission will conduct a training session on human relations following the Brief business meeting which the Public is invited. Exchange student the High Point chapter of the american Field service Exchange student program. Will meet monday at 7 30 . At the Gatewood Owca. Students and families interested in joining the chapter or hosting an Exchange student Are encouraged by the chapter to attend. Vac needs the voluntary action Center needs volunteers to fill the following jobs a assist youngsters in Pool a babysitters at Owca a a clerical work at Owca a needlepoint Bridge sewing and painting instructors a preteen advisors to help plan youth activities a teacher aide in physical education. Volunteers May respond by calling 883-4120. Also was Given six months Active on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Probable cause was found in a hearing for Donald Byerly 19, of Thomasville charged with attempted common Law robbery James Morrison of Park Street waived preliminary hearings and was bound Over on charges of breaking and entering and robbery. Gunter Mcdaniel of Sherwood place waived hearing and was bound Over on a charge of larceny after breaking and entering. A charge of larceny after breaking and entering against Jerry Wayne Jones of Grace Street was reduced to the Misdemeanour charge of receiving. Prayer for judgment was continued on payment of costs. It was noted in the court record that the stay of judgment was made so that Jones could enter military service. Year history of the College was a $10 million goal Over a 10-year period for its bold adventure. The purpose of the Campaign was to raise Money for new buildings faculty salaries and endowment. To match its physical growth. Pc has developed a number of special programs that have a bearing on the Community to permit the students and faculty to reach out beyond the Campus and to serve specific needs. High Point College is one of Only five colleges in the nation to have the cooperation of the american Humanick. Inc. In offering a human relations major to train students for executive positions in youth serving agencies. The contract program is an innovative approach which allows selected students to plan an individual program tailored to their specific needs. World Campus afloat offers opportunities to visit foreign countries while continuing special studies for credit. Classes Are attended on Board ship and Are taught by faculty selected from Many outstanding schools. A is. Degree in chemistry business is an interdisciplinary program which helps bring together a students interest in chemistry and business. Graduates Are ready for careers in chemical sales or management. With a b s. Degree in medical technology a student can be certified As a registered medical technologist after three years of study at pc and one Calendar year of clinical study at an accredited school of medical technology. The student career intern program gives students an overview of a profession or vocational interest area where they will be exposed to a Day by Day work experience under the same conditions they would have in a regular Job. Paint chemistry is a study of the theoretical and practical aspects of polymers and chemical coatings. The program has application in the local furniture and chemical industries. New degree offerings will be added As pc continues the Pursuit of Quality Christian education in a changing society. A your students Are not numbers or computerized cards but individuals with special needs and special talents. They Are selected for balance and academic Promise As human beings capable of finding their places in the world and making contributions to society a said or. Wendell m. Patton president of pc. A a we take considerable Pride in the involvement of both faculty and students in Community affairs. We Are constantly evaluating the relevance of our programs to the needs of the Community and its institutions. We Are not afraid to try new approaches we encourage it a he concluded. The passing scene Lloyd Clinard of it. I Thomasville noted for its stubbornness appears seems oblivious to the Highway traffic most obliging Here and equally As he takes his mule for a leisurely unconcerned about the autos whizzing afternoon stroll. The mule a beast by. Tue High Point Enterprise sunday morning. May 12, 1974. Page 2a Bassett has one women designers rare in furniture Industry by Martha Clontz Thomasville Bassett enterprises. Inc., the largest manufacturer in the world whose showroom is located on interstate 1-85 near Here is celebrating its 72nd birthday this year. Bassett salesmen cover the Continental United states and puerto Rico. Bassett manufacturing plants employ thousands of workers. And a year and a half ago Bassett hired its first woman furniture designer in the history of the company. But wait a that in t the full Story a Charles Bassett head of the nine member design staff at Bassett said he could recall a woman Ever applying to the design staff before but that the company used a free Lance designer some years ago and a i think he did have a woman designer on his so a woman did indirectly influence some of the designs that eventually became Bassett furniture. If you re wondering if this May be the track record from women designers in the furniture Field you May just be right. Conservations with designers in this area which is the furniture production Center of the world produced Little knowledge of women in furniture designing. There Are growing numbers of a Interior designers a women who design room settings and entire Homes. But almost none apparently have gotten into the area of designing the furniture. A Young designer in High Point recalled there were three women in his design class at a state University a few years ago. But a i believe two to them dropped another older designer racked his brain to come up with the names of some women in the Field. But the Best he could do was think of some woman a up North a i done to know her personally but i be read her columns in some design another designer could recall some woman from Sweden who was very Good designer. I think she worked on the West coast but i Don t know if she is still in the Field or so Young Sally Rebovitch who is the woman designer now working for Bassett is enough of an innovation to warrant a closer look. As is often the Case in Landing jobs miss by Bovitch a being hired actually turned on somebody knowing somebody else. In her Case her father who is a boat designer in West Palm Beach. Fla., knew someone of influence at Bassett. Miss Rebovitch was Given an introduction to Charles Bassett but there the influence ended she emphasized a the Job was to be mine Only if i could produce a she said. At the recent Spring Southern furniture show. Miss Rebovitch had two baby cribs and two juvenile bedroom groupings in Bassett s line so apparently she now is an accepted member of the design staff. A at first the men were a Little leery of me a she admitted. A but they also were very at the Spring Market miss Rebovitch found out the hard Way that designing is extremely competitive. She had worked very hard on one project featuring a juvenile bedroom with a Formica finish in the popular Denim colors. The staff and salesmen had been enthusiastic about it and the Young designer was looking Forward to its Success. Just prior to the opening of the Market. Miss Rebovitch Learned that another see women on a finding Creasy greens big problem every so often i go to Raleigh in the morning for a meeting and As i am nearing Raleigh the radio picks up this program called a ask your neighbors. It is a hilarious program to me but i done to think that it s meant to be the people calling in Are dead serious. It works this Way housewives a or House husbands As the Case May be a Call in with various kinds of problems they think someone might be Able to help them with help them with often the announcer can help them or give them advice but if he can to the caller hangs up and Waits for someone to Call later in the program and give him a solution sometimes he gets two or three helpful hints. I listened to the program about a week ago and the Lead off caller wanted to know a where can i get some Creasy greens a then someone wanted to ask where she could get jewelry made from parts of the old Capitol building. A caller male wanted to know How he could get polyester knit off of a steam Iron. It seems that it stuck right on while he was ironing Over his pants. While listeners were mulling Over these problems someone called with an answer about the Creasy greens. She said that the other lady cannot get Creasy greens at All this time of year that Shell have to go out in the Fields in january and february and Hunt for them a real problem came next. A lady said that she had been wearing passionate Pink lipstick for some time and it inevitably leaves a film Between her lips. Not a Small film but a film thai really gets in the Way. About this time someone called in to say that Irons could usually be cleaned with Plain old formula 409, also there were detailed instructions for ironing polyester knits. A male caller phoned in to ask a or Tell rather a that the squirrels were bothering his Maple and Pecan Trees around by Faye Marks and he was going to shoot them. Any other suggestions Well this was followed by an irate caller who wanted to shoot cats that get after the squirrels. This was the beginning of world War Iii one caller suggested icily that anyone shooting cats would be reported to the humane society or police department. Then there were several who gave soliloquies on squirrels. An old Man called with a lengthy tale about a Guy who tried to get rid of squirrels. He built a Pond the squirrels swam across and climbed his Trees. He put funnels on the Trees and the squirrels got a running Start jumped Over the funnels a my climbed the Trees. Next he put All kinds of equipment on the limbs of the Trees. The squirrels scampered right on. Finally the Guy decided to shoot them bought a gun shells and a scope. Just As listeners were built up to a big Climax the caller a the old Man a softened his voice. He said that when the Guy looked through his scope and saw All those Little squirrels happily climbing the Trees and when he looked at them eyeball to eyeball he had a sudden change of heart. The Climax or anticlimax was that he decided to let the squirrels have the Trees. They do that much damage he said. The old Man was telling All this in such an awesome voice that it made you feel like vowing then and there to will All your Trees to the squirrels. There were other problems a How to Wash a hand printed Colo fast Bedspread How to get the Yolk out deftly when making devised eggs How to get rid of ticks in a a vacant lot. A lady called in asking How to get rid of mice and rats in the Walls of a rented House and she received several replies. By the end of the program i was in Raleigh. And i Felt Good about the state of the world. The lady knew where to get her Creasy greens even if she had to wait the woman knew How to Wash her hand printed Bedspread the Man knew How to clean his Iron the lady could get help about the rats and everybody knew that by gosh you d better not shoot squirrels or cats even if you have to build an extra room on the House for them. Its comforting i Tell you to turn on the radio and realize that watergate politics streaking and inflation suddenly become minute problems when you can to find any Creasy greens

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