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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 4, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Wallace May be preparing for 76 presidential race Welcome to the Bronx the Bronx zoo in new York City acquired two new members for its menagerie. At left a Rhea a Bird from South America walks near its egg Shell at the Market High interest plaguing Economy zoo. At right an ant Pitta a species from Bolivia gets a feeding on the 12th Day of its life the first Ever born in Captivity. by Rex Thomas associated press writer Montgomery Ala. Apr George c. Wallace is All but certain to win a third term nomination for governor tuesday in a democratic primary that could propel him into another presidential race. The governor still paralysed in both legs from an assassination attempt in Maryland during the 1972 presidential Campaign says he Hasni to decided on 1976 but he has told cheering followers All across Alabama that he will run for president again a if i believe it s in the Best interest of the people no matter what the critics that is his answer to one of four primary challengers. Gene Mclain a state senator who Calls Wallace a part time governor and says he is by John Cunniff a business analyst new York a High interest rates and a dispirited Stock Market Are having multiple effects on american business few of them totally desirable. The spirit of a entrepreneurship is. For the time being stifled. Beginning and Smalt companies cannot Hope to raise Money in the lifeless new issues Market where five years ago speculators begged for a share of any new Stock who will buy the Stock of an untested outfit when the likes of Chrysler Ford and general motors find it difficult to Market their shares some Large companies complain in fact of a capital shortage. Small business also finds itself frustrated in the credit markets where Loans Cost considerably More than the prime rate which is now up to io34 per cent. Charges of 15 per cent Are More common for Small business corporate mergers which proliferate when the Market is Active Are at a very Low ebb. A company with a once earnings multiple of five Isnit inclined to use its Stock to buy another company. Of As was fairly common a few years ago. Its multiple was 25 a meaning investors were willing to pay 35 times earnings for a share a a company could obtain a real bargain by using those shares to buy a smaller concern but the average be ratio of All stocks in the Dow Jones average of 30 industrials was 9.7 at the close of last week. A year ago the ratio was 13 7 times earnings and just a few years ago around 18 moreover those Cash Rich companies that were so attractive to merger minded conglomerates in 1968 Are far less common today. Few Well run concerns Are inclined to borrow Money at High rates when they can use their own Cash Hows Are being pinched just As they Are in households none More dramatically than at consolidated Edison the big new York Utility that omitted a quarterly dividend for the first time in 89 years when something of that sort happens it flies above the Money Market Uke a red storm Flag. Fear spreads that other utilities might do the same. And so Utility prices have fallen sharply in the past week. The Effort by the Federal Reserve Board to Cut Down inflation does appear to be having an Impact. Some businesses Are being forced to curtail activities thus relieving some inflationary pressure. But Many other businesses continue to seek Money for expansion and so far not even the highest interest rates of this Century seem to deter them. And that Means interest rates probably will Rise even More. Inflation persists like a household guest. Weren to High interest rates supposed to have dislodged the unwelcome lodger ? Portugal learns colonialism is unprofitable proposition by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Portugal is finding out what France and other european nations Learned a decade or More ago. Empire in the modern Era costs More in Money blood and political turmoil than the Home front can afford to pay. The first act of a familiar Post world War ii drama has just been played out in Lisbon where a durable dictatorship has been overthrown because of those factors. Forces Long persecuted Are becoming Legal and Active. Political prisoners Are being freed. Political exiles Are welcomed Home political parties Are beginning to operate. All this probably will make the Issue of colonialism More divisive than Ever. Portugal a new military rulers imply that they intend to prosecute the colonial wars in their vast african Empire Mozambique in the Southeast and portuguese Guinea and Angola in the West while trying to reach accommodation with the rebel forces. To the rebels that suggests half Way Freedom a something the French the dutch and the belgians this week o. J. Simpson is trying acting in spare time by Bob Thomas associated press writer los Angeles a can the National football leagues most valuable player become one on the movie screen o. J. Simpson believes so. And he is training for an acting career with the Zeal and strategy he has applied to his performances for the University of Southern californian Heisman trophy Winner and the Buffalo bills�?2,003 Yards Rushing last season. A a in be been offered leading roles for a lot More Money than i be been getting a a says the handsome running Back 26. A but i think it s much better for me to sit Back and work with actors like Lee Marvin and Richard Burton Paul Newman and Steve he recently completed a featured role in a the Kinsman with Marvin and Burton and will squeeze in the All Star a the towering inferno before reporting for football practice june 17. He had misgivings about a the Klansman after Reading the script a Ripe blend of lust rape murder and racial conflict in an Alabama Backwater. A the script was filled with lines like a kill baby kill a and Burn baby Burn a he remarked. A i see myself saying things like that but i was assured that i could use my own verbiage and it worked out All Simpsons role in the film has been described As a Black militant. Not True says he a a he a simply a Guy who reacts when he is provoked a you know sort of like Clint Eastwood when the heavies push him too far and he goes a pow a this Guy i play is like that. Iti Tell you this when i kill somebody in the picture there a going to be applause in the Heaters. That a because bad r from Page 7a Oak Grove twin sermons will be preached sunday in Oak Grove Christian Church by or. And mrs. Bernard Alston. The service will begin at 3 p m. Revival the final services of a revival being held in Oak Grove Baptist Church on Kivett drive will be held at 7 30 p m. Today and at la a m. Sunday. The evangelist is the Rev. Woodrow w. Robbins pastor of Lexington Avenue Baptist Church. Four deacons Are to be ordained sunday morning. They Are j. W. Lawson. Herman Stroud. David Barvell and Frank Dillard. The Rev. Joseph Lawson is Supply pastor at Oak Grove. A Bairn re judge James Cut Ltd it it he a a Mort c supreme court High pow hum tip our Elum could t make work. The cup in Portugal May encourage the rebels to More intensive Effort on the Assumption that the momentum now is in their favor. A similar situation in France brought Charles de Gaulle Back to Power in 1958 after that nation provided the prime example of the Unte ability of colonialism still staggering from the carnage of world War ii. France attempted to reassert domination in Indochina. The Southeast asian Arm of the French Empire. She offered Vietnam Cambodia and Laos autonomy in a French Union but it was half Freedom and the rebel movements buy it. Indochina bled France severely in manpower and Money contributing to the political and economic turmoil that brought Down French governments almost weekly. The decisive defeat at Dien Bien Phu 20 years ago this month persuaded the French to Cut their losses and get out of Indochina. But the French still tried to hold on to Algeria. Once again a guerrilla War had corrosive effects on the Home front it took a Leader with overwhelming stature and flair for authoritarianism a do gauge a to set Algeria free despite the threat of civil wat at Home and then dismantle the rest of Frances huge afcan Empire. Belgian and dutch experiences were similar in Many respects. The Netherlands was expelled from the dutch East indies after bloody fighting. Belgium was forced to retire from her Rich Congo. Britain also had to dismember her mighty Empire. But the British moved out without fighting and left behind painstakingly constructed bureaucracies which could take Over administrative duties. All this makes it seem that the Era of colonialism at last has died. Portugal oldest of the Modem colonial Powers after 400 years is the last to try to cling to a huge Empire. The greatest number of Bee stings sustained by any surviving human subject is 2,443 by Johannes Relleke at the Waii River in Rhodesia. On january 28. I62. Seeking reelection Only to boost his presidential ambitions but perhaps More significant than the debate is the appearance of substantial support from Black voters for Wallace whose a segregation forever speech la years ago made him a Symbol of Southern segregationist resistance he has received the endorsement of the Black mayor of Tuskegee. Johnny Ford the Black sheriff of Lowndes county. John Hulett the Black Ozark voters league and the predominantly Black Alabama faction of the Southern democratic conference Ford said the governor has demonstrated his willingness to a help All the people particularly those who really need and Black voters the mayor said a have come to realize that voting for people is one Way of assuring that their Community will get at least its fair share of resources a other Black leaders disagree. The Alabama democratic conference the Black Wing of the regular Fonda gets pacemaker new York api actor Henry Fonda. 68. Now has a pacemaker in his Chest a was a safety precaution against a heart rhythm medical authorities say. Fonda collapsed in his dressing room last week after a performance of his one Man show a Clarence on Broadway. A spokesman at Lenox Hill Hospital Here said Fonda will remain in the Hospital Over the weekend. Democratic party is supporting Mclain despite his physical disability Wallace has campaigned actively in a wheel chair. He talks freely about his paralysis even jokingly. Wallace is hoping for a big majority tuesday and a substantial Black vote for the effect it might have on his National image. Of he wins As expected he faces a Republican opponent former state sen. Elm Mccarv of Anniston in the november general election. No Republican has been elected to statewide office in Alabama in the past Century also seeking the democratic nomination Are former gov. James e. A big Jim Folsom Uncle of Wallace s wife Cornelia Ralph a a shorty Price a perennial also ran and Thomas Wesley Robinson a political newcomer. All Republican candidates Are unopposed in the Gap Prima re. The democrats also will choose nominees for the . Senate and House a new legislature and lesser statewide offices. Sen. James b. Allen seeking his second term As the state s Junior . Senator is opposed Only by John Taylor. A Salvage company operator who is making his first bid for office. Of the four democratic House members Only rep Walter Flowers in the 7th District has opposition it comes from Alberta Murphy who tried in vain to unseat him two years ago. Princess visits with canadians Toronto a Princess Margriet of the Netherlands has returned to the land of her birth for a two Day visit. A to set foot again in Canada Means something to All of us a she said As she arrived Here thursday. Princess Margriet was born in Ottawa in 1943 when the dutch Royal family lived there during world War ii. Isl David e. Maas of High Point for the . House Republican Guilford county in the primary support David e. Maas a Man of experience dedicated to Good government who will act in Tho bos interests of All of Tho people of North Carolina Republican primary May 7, 1974 a tit 4 Williams Flowers Quality Flowers professional Sirvia Joi i mouse to Call ar411 Mark Short Mark Short Democrat . House for county vote on 4�o sales tax expansion of Public defender system right to work Law statewide kindergarten removal of sales tax on food a increased wages for teacher amp state employees retention of Corporal punishment in schools Merit selection of judges a unbridled press amp judges a reducing Price of food amp gasoline. Against unreasonable busing of school children Agency shops or other erosion of right to j work Law limiting governor t Power because of political affiliation annual sessions of the legislature. Vote for Bob Landreth. Democrat for county commissioner Leo Heer i or. Furniture Market for state House of representatives a mature responsible High Point businessman. Leo Heer a people oriented tut i Al hum democratic primary May 7th those Guys Are so x Donnie b. Stowe for sheriff i Guilford county vote for modern efficient Law enforcement a Apt vote May 7 for Gaston d. Faison Democrat Guilford county commissioner is vat twp map he s concerned about a honesty in government a fair taxation a environmental problems elect Rnold judge. . Court of appeals to Lith Poult Laie Piir a inlay. My 4, 1974 9a you can expect an honest fair Ano Businesslike approach to county government from Gaston d. Faison paid political

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