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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chance of rain More data on Page 4c with year a no. 125 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 88z-i71i High Point n. C., sunday morning May 5, 1974 166 pages classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2161 daily 10c. Sunday 25c blemishes ambiguities contradictions exposed Nixon s Long protected image scarred tarnished by Lee Byrd Washington apr through the Long political journey the 28 Vears of victories and defeats from the first of six crises to the threat of impeachment the private Side of Richard m. Nixon had been virtually impenetrable now that privacy is punctured and by his own hand. A blemishes and All Nixon said As he announced he would yield and publish edited transcripts of his conversations about watergate blemishes there Are. And ambiguities embarrassments brutal Candor just As he said. Suddenly the View through the Inch and one half thick windows separating the Oval office from the Garden beyond is no longer the one Way affair to which Nixon the Man had become so accustomed with so very very few Able to look in. Not that outsiders yet see a comprehensive picture of the Nixon personality. But it is a look far closer than Ever before and it is Replete with contradictions to the Nixon traits Long shown to the Public at Large As seen through his self recorded conversations Nixon is a president and a Man often lonely indecisive. Rambling the transcripts reflect More presidential questions than presidential orders. They show a Man who often seeks the reassurance of those around him. A i just Don t know How it is going to come out Quot he said to or. Bob Haldeman in a Telephone Call the night of april 14, 1973. A that is the whole Point and i just Don t in the recorded conversations. Nixon at times exhibits suspicion not Only of adversaries but of friends. His memory seems to fail him from one conversation to the next even on the same Day. And his conversation is peppered with profanity although most of the expletives Are deleted from the edited reruns. Nixon knew that the tape recorders were running. He had them installed. But the Candor in Many of the transcripts indicates that he paid no heed to that perhaps that he had forgotten they were there. In any event they were not intended for Public consumption. The watergate scandal changed that. At face value it is so remarkable a glimpse of the inner Nixon that it could prove almost As crucial to his cherished place in history As the judgment reached on the Issue at hand his culpability in the watergate scandal the isolation has been stripped from both the office and the Man leaving a mortal at a Helm ordinarily reserved for heroes. Isolation of the presidency. Thomas Jefferson called it a splendid misery. Harry s. Truman called it a jail and Lyndon b. Johnson lamented its burdens even As he revealed in them Richard Nixon liked it Fine. His critics have Long claimed he was too isolated too private. Nixon himself addresses the subject in the transcripts at least As it applies to protecting him from the scandal. Quot the main Nixon told counsel John w Dean Iii. A is. The isolation of the presidency. Because that fortunately. Is totally at another Point. John d. Ehrlichman and Haldeman were discussing the various White House aides who had knowledge relating to watergate. Quot there were 8 or to people around Here who knew a said Ehrlichman. Bob knew i knew All kinds of people knew a and for a moment in that april 14 Nixon on 2a White House analyses John Dean s testimony Washington a the White House said saturday it has found a a number of important contradictions Quot Between John w. Dean s sworn recollections of six conversations he had with president Nixon and the transcript of those talks. Some of the contradictions the White House said in a pointy Point argument involving 16 passages Quot Bear directly and materially on the Central Issue of the hearings what did the president know and when did he know it a a the comparison was made by contrasting Dean s statements during five Days of testimony before the Senate watergate committee last year and the edited transcripts of the tapes the White House published last for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Get that checkup q. I am desperate and my problem has really been worrying me. Is there any place where a person can go to get a Complete Check up when they have no Money to pay for it in be a Lump below my ear and Haven t been feeling Well. I need help but have no Money and done to know where to turn. Desperate. A. You May be eligible for medical assistance and a physical Check up through the department of social services. It depends on your age income and other factors. You can find out by calling 883-7136, or going by their office at 258 s. Main. If you done to qualify for this done to let that Stop you from making an appointment with a physical in internal Medicine when you go be Frank with the doctor about your financial Straits. Done to be reluctant to ask what the charges May be and How you could arrange to pay Over a period of time and in amounts As your income allows the first Bridge to Cross is to find out what s ailing you and put that worry behind you. Swelling population q. Approximately How Many furniture men come to High Point during the furniture Market also what is the population of High Point . A. Both answers Are rough estimates. Jim Casey at the Southern furniture marketing Center says around 30,000 persons cover the whole Quot furniture Highway if you count sales managers presidents factory people Interior designers suppliers buyers salesmen and All other connected. He estimates that somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10.000 come just to High Point. The 1970 census population for High Point was 63,204 and the census Bureau admitted they missed around 3 to 5 per cent of the residents. Jim Morrison of the City planning dept says they Are presently compiling statistics for a More accurate count. Based on new apartments and subdivisions people per unit demolitions current occupancy and other data he estimates the population is near 74,000 to 75,000 now. A Legal tap several weeks ago someone wanted to know if there was a Way a Telephone Call could be traced and action line said yes get in touch with the Telephone company. I did that two years ago and they told me they could not Trace a Call unless you got a court order. What could be done because i am a widow and live alone and my phone has been ringing off and on for two years at All hours of the night. Mrs. Ii. Q. New techniques developed within the past two years make is possible to Trace obscene or annoyance Calls without violating the wire tapping Law the recipient of them no longer has to secure a court order a Diode device enables the person receiving such a Call to leave his or her receiver off the Hook preventing the originator of the Call from breaking the connection so his Telephone can be identified. The device does not record or intercept a Telephone Call. The police department s Legal advisor James Tennant Felt that it was unfair to the recipient of such Calls to have to Bear the expense of engaging an attorney and obtaining a court order before the device could be used and that such an order was not legally required. Last Spring he asked the states Justice department for their opinion and they were of the same View that it was not necessary. The Telephone company dropped their requirement for a court order and persons receiving such Calls can notify them. If it is a serious matter Ute police department will investigate it further. Week Many of the claims in saturday s analysis had already been made in the 50-Page Brief that preceded release of the tape transcripts to the House judiciary committee. The portions selected by the White House however pulled single quotations from Deans testimony and sought to answer them with counterpoint statements from the transcript supporters of Dean have argued that in context his testimony has largely been supported by the tape transcripts Dean who was fired As White House counsel april 30 last year has since become the presidents chief accuser in the watergate cover up a implying that the president knew about it As Early As sept. 15, 1972 the White House quoted Deans testimony that he told Nixon on that Day Quot i certainly could make no assurances that the Day would not come when this matter would Start to that statement and several others like it Quot is not Only false a the White House analysis said. Quot it is 180 degrees from the the White House then quoted this sequence from the transcripts made Public tuesday. A Dean three months ago i would have had trouble predicting there would be a Day when this would be forgotten but i think i can say that 54 Days from now nothing is going to come crashing Down to our Surprise. Quot the president that what Quot Dean nothing is going to come crashing Down to our first word of the analysis was Given to newsmen by White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler on the Nixon plane in route from Phoenix aril., to Spokane. Wash. The White House later released the analysis. Ziegler took Sharp exception to comments by Senate watergate committee chairman Sam j. Ervin. D so a White House on a police recover 19 masterpieces Dublin. Ireland a detectives raided an isolated House in Southeast Ireland on saturday and recovered unharmed All 19 paintings stolen in the world s biggest Art robbery police said. Quot they re Safe they re Safe a a policeman said. A woman discovered at the House was detained for questioning and police credited a Hunch by two policemen for the discovery of the Cache a police spokesman said the paintings Worth an estimated $20 4 million were wrapped in paper in a closet of the rented House at Glan Dore a Rural area 40 Miles from the City of Cork. The paintings a including a Vermeer a Goya a Frans hats and three Rubens a were reported under heavy guard at a police station saturday night. The works were stolen nine Days ago from the 100-room mansion of Gold and Diamond mining millionaire sir Alfred Belt. A gang of thieves raided the mansion at Blessington near Dublin tied up beit his servants and family and started packing up the masterpieces. Some were ripped from their frames. The robbers were led by a inside Reading candidate Parade. Pages 1,2,3c Cates As Bachelor Page i b Senate race Page in classified. Pages 5-20c editorial Page 4a women s news. Section e sports Section d iou entertainment. Pages 9, to 11b obituaries Page 4c Only a Little hostility there were Only a few signs that did not Welcome president Richard Nixon a arrival for the opening of expo 74 worlds fair in Spokane saturday. For the most part the crowd was Friendly and polite in applauding his arrival these were on an overpass not part of the expo grounds preliminaries Over judiciary panel gets to impeachment Crux woman with a French accent who carefully selected the Best works in beit s collection. Authorities credited two local policemen for cracking the Case. They said sgt Pat of Leary and Constable William Reidon became suspicious of the House after learning it had been rented two Days before the april 26 robbery. They tipped off the county police Force and a raid was organized. A it was really just routine police work a one policeman said. Shortly after the paintings were discovered police sources said squad cars chased an Auto speeding through country roads after it crashed through a police checkpoint. The sources said there was speculation but no confirmation that the car was linked to the gang of robbers. Earlier in the Day a tip said the 19 Art works were aboard a ship in the sleepy fishing port of Howth North of Dublin about to be smuggled out of the country. Rut a thorough police search of several dozen fishing trawlers failed to find any Trace of the paintings. By John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the Long preliminaries Are Over and the House judiciary committee settles Down this week to its momentous task of determining whether grounds exist for impeaching president Nixon the exact Day has not been set yet but sometime after tuesday the 38 members will receive a thick Book laying out in detail the information gathered by the committee staff during four months of investigation. At each member s place will also be a Headset and controls for listening to the taped conversations of Nixon and some of his chief aides. Although Nixon walked at turning Over 42 tapes subpoenaed by the committee he had previously Given it 19 that had been made available to the watergate grand jury. The investigation has been divided into six major areas the watergate break in and coverup Nixon a personal finances use of executive agencies for political purposes Domestic surveillance activities of the w Hite House political Quot dirty tricks and Quot other alleged there Are at least three dozen allegations in these areas on which information has been gathered it will be the committee s Job to decide whether any of them on the basis of the supporting evidence amount to impeachable offences. The initial presentation of the information will be made behind closed doors by chief counsel John Doar. All the supporting evidence will be available for examination by the members. Chairman Peter Rodino this phase of the presentation will take three or four Days after which the committee will decide whether it wants to receive additional information or Call witnesses the committee has invited Nixon and his chief impeachment counsel. James i. St. Clair to be present during the presentation Nixon is unlikely to accept but St. Clair is expected to play a major role. Rodino plans to open the hearings to the Public a and live television a whenever possible after the initial presentation. The decision will be made on a Day to Day basis depending on the evidence or witness to be examined last column hit the Mark Davidson. N c. It a it a column on prison life published in a weekly newspaper Here has been discontinued. The columnist has escaped Vernon Rich who wrote the articles for the Mecklenburg Gazette fled the minimum Security prison at nearby Huntersville last week he remained at Large saturday in his last column. Rich wrote about escape saying Quot it would be better to live free and on the run than be in prison Quot he was serving a Lite sentence for murder a we hate they the columns i Are Over a said editor Wister Jackson Quot As far As we can Tell he was the first prison writer with any weekly newspaper in the map wtr0otol president campaigns at expo 74 Spokane Wash a president Nixon opened the expo 74 world s fair on saturday and told a mostly Friendly audience that he is working for peace in the world and better times at Home the appearance was part of Nixon a current Campaign to take his w watergate Case to the country in a series of Public appearances there were scattered Boos but most of the crowd was cheering As Nixon dedicated the fair to cooperation of nations and salvation of the world s environment. Sixty two thousand coloured balloons were released As Nixon declared the fair open and 2.000 pigeons were freed to swoop Over the crowd estimated by expo officials As Many As 75,000 the stage was jammed with foreign dignitaries. While Nixon spoke a crowd of about 150 demonstrators marched toward the expo site from a demonstration at the . Courthouse. No arrests or incidents were reported Congress gets bogged Down Washington a key members of Congress Are saying privately that constituents look for much More major legislation from the 93rd term unfinished business is still piled High As the impeachment inquiry intensifies. And there Are Hopes to adjourn in time for fall campaigning private pension Reform now near the final legislative stages will probably go through. A major Effort will be made to enact some sort of National health insurance. Reform of Congress own budget procedures is Well advanced. There May be a modest measure of tax Reform including some Relief for individuals if the Economy does not improve but not the repeatedly postponed general overhaul of the Revenue code the House will vote soon on an Energy Windfall profits tax Bill with a cutback on tax advantages of Oil companies. Its Fate in the Senate is Uncertain the general Energy Bill passed last year with standby Powers including rationing authority was vetoed. An Effort to fashion another is under Way with the outcome Uncertain. The foreign Trade negotiation Bill passed last year by the House is snagged in the Senate on the Issue of soviet emigration policies. Conversely the Campaign Reform measure the Senate passed is moving slowly in an unenthusiastic House committee. Both measures Likely will die at the end of the term the comprehensive housing Bill approved by the Senate has lit no fires in the House. Agreement on a limited Stopgap measure is generally accepted As the probable outcome. No fault automobile insurance passed by the Senate now starts practically from scratch in the House. Us prospects Are not Bright. The agendas of several key committees Are jammed chairman George Mahon a Tex of the House appropriations committee has said he expects to have a Money Bill before the House every Day near the end of june. The House ways and Means committee is in an unusual two track operation working on tax Reform during the first part of each week health insurance during the latter part. While its Agenda for tax Reform is sweeping committee sources say any Bill approved will be limited probably including tightening of the minimum tax paid by persons who enjoy much sheltered income. The Senate under the Constitution cannot directly initiate tax legislation. But chairman Russell b Long a Laos the finance committee and others Are planning to use the technique of a rider on a House Bill to launch a $5 9 billion individual tax reduction

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