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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 4, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy More data on Page a 90th year no. 124 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon May 4, 1974 18 pages classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c asks heavy turnout Runoff would hinder party chances Morgan Nixon speaking to enthusiastic gop rally a wire photo persistent hecklers at rally mar Nixon return to the Road by Frank Cormier associated press writer Phoenix Ariz. A president Nixon faced with hecklers in his first appearance since making Public the edited transcripts of watergate tapes says it s time to Quot get on with the business of Nixon was unable to ignore a Small but determined band of vocal critics among a by invitation Only crowd of 13,-000 Friday night at a Republican rally in Phoenix coliseum. As the critics jeered and shouted hostile remarks the president said near the beginning of his off the cuff remarks a in the great american tradition we have some Here who Are against us. We have More who Are for us. And All of you Are while the great majority in the audience seemed Friendly the persistence of the hecklers prompted Nixon to remark that the american right of free speech carried with it Quot the responsibility to keep quiet while someone else is referring directly to his watergate troubles for the first time in recent Public appearances Nixon said he had provided the House judiciary committee with Quot All of the relevant evidence it needs to Complete its impeachment inquiry. Quot the time has come to get watergate behind us and get on with the business of America a he continued. From Phoenix Nixon and wife Pat were bound today for Spokane wash., where the president will formally open the expo 74 world s fair. The White House made careful preparations for the two appearances sending Advance men into both cities Ford criticizes transcript words by de Rowland associated press writer Myrtle Beach so. Apr Gerald r. Ford strengthened his already High standing among South Carolina republicans by telling a fund raising gathering Friday Quot a government big enough to give us everything we want is a government big enough to take everything we the vice president climaxed a 10-hour stay his second visit to South Carolina in six weeks with the speech. Earlier Ford spoke to lawyers attending dedicatory ceremonies for the new University of South Carolina Law censer at Columbia. He also held a news conference at Myrtle Beach where he criticized some of the language in White House watergate transcripts but maintained his position that president Nixon knew nothing of the breaking before it occurred and had nothing to do with hiding it. Ford spoke to a the $50-a-plate dinner for freshmen gop congressman de Young of Florence who is being challenged by John Jenrette the Democrat he Defeated two years ago. In remarks like those he made earlier in the week at Charlotte n.c., he said Young and other republicans should be sent to Washington to keep democrats from having a a veto proof Congress a which he said would be Quot legislative the vice president was introduced by sen. Strom Thurmond r-s.c., As Quot a future he replied Quot this Ford has Only a three year Ford spoke without notes for More than 30 minutes. He called Nixon a the Best president we be Ever had in foreign policy and added a right now he has More pluses than minuses in Domestic policy a though acknowledging inflation is a National problem. He said in the fall elections democrats Quot would like to referendum on some of the unfortunate things that have taken place in the but he said the cop can counter by emphasizing other issues and by offering Good candidates. He called Young Quot a first class a Banner Reading Quot you can a Ford to be Young at heart Hung Over the stage at the civic Center where the banquet was held. Ford qualified his defense of Nixon in watergate during the news conference by saying he dislikes some of the words used in the White House As shown in the transcripts. Last week. Security in Phoenix was unusually tight As Many More Nixon critics than were inside the coliseum gathered outside. The Republican National committee paid for Nixon a flight from Washington of Phoenix. The coliseum was decked out As if for a Campaign appearance. Nixon devoted most of his Arizona speech to the achievements and goals of hts administration citing the end of american involvement in the Vietnam War. End of the military draft and opening of dialogues with Mainland China and the soviet Union. He concluded by declaring Quot i intend to stay on the Job and with your help his concluding words were drowned out by mingled cheers and Boos. Meanwhile. Rep. Morris Udall a Ariz. Said in a speech to democratic leaders gathered in Phoenix from la Western states that the nation has had More than a year of watergate because president Nixon Quot has resisted every attempt by Congress and special prosecutors to obtain evidence Only he can give them by the associated press atty. Gen. Robert Morgan one of to candidates for the democratic nomination for . Senator from North Carolina predicts he will win tuesday without a Runoff. A Runoff would be destructive to the party he told supporters Friday at a rally in Smithfield. However another candidate Henry Hall Wilson former president of the Chicago Board of Trade commodities Exchange said he thought Morgan was slipping because in his View the attorney general had refused to take a stand on major issues. If no candidate gets a majority the two highest will be in a Runoff for the nomination to succeed sen. Sam Ervin jr., 77-year-old chairman of the Senate watergate committee who is retiring. Morgan asked a heavy turnout of voters in the face of predictions by political observers that it will be Light. A a democracy cannot function if we neglect it a he said in his last Campaign appearance in the Eastern half of the state. He is to make a commencement speech at Guilford College in Greensboro today and appear at a rally in Asheville this evening. Wilson former Liaison Man with Congress in the administration of presidents Kennedy and Johnson called on Morgan and a third major candidate former congressman Galifianakis to take written stands on National issues since a three Way debate is not forthcoming. Wilson has called for S.C. a debate. Galifianakis said he would participate but Morgan declined. Wilson said at Charlotte Friday Quot i know More than they do about National issues about Washington and about International Wilson declined to speculate who will be the front runner but did say he thought Morgan was slipping. At Asheville Wilson came out against legislation permitting no Knock entry by authorities. He said a Morgan sent to the legislature and enthusiastically supported a Bill which would permit no Knock entry into private Homes. Galifianakis voted for S.C. a Bill while in in Burlington Galifianakis called president Nixon s release of watergate transcripts Quot the sixth or seventh smoke screen to make the Public think he complied with the House judiciary committee subpoena. Earlier he had told a civic club in Greensboro Quot our sense of expectation that politicians can provide moral leadership has been he planned to Campaign in Hickory and Asheville today. Five of the other seven candidates shared the platform Friday at an open forum in Wilmington. Campaign financing reforms and the need for better representation were their common themes. Syria Israel agree to slow Down fighting by Barry Schweid associated press writer Alexandria Egypt apr Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger appears to have won an agreement from Syria and Israel to slow Down the fighting in the Golan Heights . Officials said today. On Zebra arrests Alioto ordered to stay quiet by William Helton associated press writer san Francisco a mayor Joseph Alioto who links 13 Quot Zebra murders Here to a Black separatist group has been ordered to keep silent on the Case of three Young men accused of killing three of the victims. Municipal court judge Agnes of Brien Smith issued the order Friday at a court appearance for Larry c. Green 22 j. Simon 29, and Manuel Moore 29. The three were ordered to enter pleas May 9. Quot no party to this action no attorney no Public officials from chief of police or sheriff on Down or any subpoenaed witness is allowed under the order to discuss details of the Case a said Smith. Asked if the gag Rule will apply to Alioto she said Quot i will include him in the mayor has blamed a fanatical group of Quot death Angels for 80 killings in California including 13 random slayings Here in a Case police have code named Quot operation seven persons have been wounded in the Quot Zebra attacks in san Francisco. To open locked files stans refuses request Washington a Maurice h. Stans president Nixon a chief political fundraiser is invoking the fifth amendment to avoid surrendering political records needed for a probe of bribery conspiracy and other crimes the special prosecutors office says. A chief . District judge George l. Hart or. Said Friday he believes Good cause has been shown Why a subpoena should be enforced and ordered stans to appear in court May 15 to explain Why he is refusing to surrender the documents. Special prosecutor Leon Jaworski is seeking the contents of three locked filing cabinets in the offices of the committee for the re election of the president for which stans a former Secretary of Commerce served As finance chairman. Jaworski a office told the court in a statement filed Friday that the investigation also centers on allegations of illegal Campaign contributions and possible violation of a Law forbidding promises of government employment or benefits in return for political actions S.C. As Campaign contributions. The statement called the documents sought a relevant and important evidence and added Quot it appears that or. Stans has attempted to place these documents beyond the reach of the grand jury on the basis of his fifth amendment privilege against compulsory self incrimination a Jaworski maintained that the fifth amendment does not protect records filed in the course of a political Campaign. He said his office has no interest in any truly personal records but does want stans political files appointment and Telephone logs contribution records and All lists recommending Campaign contributors for Federal jobs the subpoena issued feb. 25, also asked for All lists prepared by stans of persons who were asked to contribute to the Nixon Campaign but refused. Last week stans and former atty. Gen. John a Mitchell were acquitted in . District court in new York City of conspiracy obstruction of Justice and perjury in a Case stemming from a $200,000 contribution to Nixon a Campaign by fugitive financier Robert l. Vesco. Tax Cut passage expected Washington it of a the chairman of the Senate finance committee has predicted Congress will pass an income tax Cut this year and president Nixon a would be Wise to go along with sen. Russell b. Long d-la., said in a television talk taped for constituents he believes that a tax Cut would help the Economy. The administration has voiced opposition to any tax Cut. Quot what we Are going to vote is a straight tax Cut a Long predicted adding Quot there May be enough votes to override a veto if the presi by Brooks Jackson Dent vetoes it. Associated press writer Long a committee has a Washington apr proved a proposal by Sens. The White House asked Dairy Edward m. Kennedy d banners cooperatives to mass., and Walter f. Reaffirm a Promise of $2 Modale d-minn., that would million in Campaign either increase the personal donations the night before exemption from $750 to $825 the administration raised or provide a $190 tax credit Federal milk Price supports for exemptions. In it 1971� House judiciary committee lawyers say. A former White House aide i Murray m. Chotiner who was being paid $50,000 a year by the dairymen at the time amusements. 3b relayed the request to a Bridge. 8b group of Dairy cooperative classified ads. 4-7b officials and said it came comics. 10a from president Nixon a chief crossword. 8b Domestic adviser John d. Editorials. 4a Ehrlichman according to a obituaries. 3a letter from the impeachment sports .1-3b investigators. Television. 8b a emr. Chotiner stated to weather. A several dairymen that or. But other California Law enforcement authorities say they have no evidence that any S.C. gang exists outside san Francisco. Four men arrested in the Case were released thursday night for Lack of evidence. They were Tom Manney 31, san Francisco state football Star in the Early 1960s Clarence Jamerson 37 Dwight Stallings 28, and Edgar Burton 22. Chief of inspectors Charles Barca said release of the four Quot does not preclude any prosecution in the future if we develop additional evidence Quot before the arrests police had listed 12 murders and six injuries in the Zebra file. All the victims were White and shot Down without apparent reason by assailants witnesses described As Black. But Green was charged with one count of murder one of conspiracy and two counts of kidnapping in the oct. 20 decapitation slaying of new woman Quita Hague 28, and the slashing and beating of her husband Richard 30, an incident not previously listed. But As Kissinger flew Here from Damascus to Confer again with egyptian president Anwar Sadat these officials aboard the Kissinger plane said the two sides remain far apart on where to draw the disengagement lines. Kissinger called on Sadat again seeking his influence with president Hafez Assad of Syria. Newsmen were told that while the soviet Union is not obstructing a settlement there is no indication of it helping one along a or that the syrians Are susceptible to soviet pressures. Russian diplomats in Syria disclosed that soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyk would arrive in Syria on sunday to give the soviet response to Kissinger s latest peace shuttle. Newsmen in Alexandria were told that Israel and Syria Are now within Quot negotiating Range of each other on almost All issues. This includes the creation of a Buffer zone its being manned by a United nations Force the Quot thinning out Quot of Armor behind the disengagement lines and an Exchange of prisoners officials said. The . Officials unnamed under briefing rules said that some Progress has been made toward the cease fire which Israel has insisted is a prerequisite to subs tentative negotiations. These officials said they would not be surprised if restraint in the fighting becomes evident. However Israel said today its warplanes strafed Arab guerrilla concentrations on the slopes of my Hermon and Syria reported tank and artillery Battles All along the Heights. It was the 54th straight Day of fighting on the Golan front. In Alexandria four soviet made helicopters ferried Kissinger and his entourage to Sadat a Seaside Retreat. Sadat greeted Kissinger with a warm embrace. Steelworkers sign no strike pact Pittsburgh a the nations to largest steel producers and the United steelworkers Union have formally signed their first contract reached under a no strike agreement. The three year pact signed Friday gave 350,000 workers a 28-cent an hour wage hike which amounts to 6.3 per cent. It takes effect wednesday. They will get another 16 cents an hour on aug. I 1975, and again on aug. I. 1976 it also provides a revised Cost of living formula giving a Penny an hour pay raise for each 0.35-Pomt increase in the Federal government s consumer Price Index. Industry sources estimate the contract which eventually will cover 500,000 workers Wilt Cost a total of $3.25 per hour per worker. The steelworkers received an average wage of $4.42 an hour under the old contract. A half dozen major steelmakers have raised prices on some or All of their products since Federal controls were lifted wednesday with Bethlehem steel joining the rest on Friday. All cited increased costs including the Cost of the labor agreement. Before milk Price hike Dairy Promise asked Ehrlichman expected the Dairy Industry to reaffirm its $2-million Quot commitment in Light of a forthcoming increase in milk Price supports a the letter said. The letter said the assertion is based on Quot material in the Possession of the this material was supplied by the Senate watergate committee which opened its files on the milk fund affair to House impeachment probes Chotiner a alleged request came one Day after Nixon overruled the agriculture department on milk prices and one Day before the decision to raise prices was announced officially. The White House has said that president Nixon was aware that dairymen had promised to give up to $2 Mil lion to his 1972 re election Campaign. That word had been relayed to him by his special counsel Charles w Colson but the White House has denied that the Promise of Money played any role in Nixon s decision to raise milk prices. It says he was influenced by a traditional political considerations a including pressure from Congress for a Price increase. The impeachment investigators Are seeking 45 White House tape recordings of conversations president Nixon had about the time of the milk Price increase. They Are seeking recordings of talks with Colson Chotiner Ehrlichman and Treasury Secretary John b. Connally who pressed hard for a Price increase and who has been accused of taking $10,000 from dairymen in return for his help something Connally has denied consistently. The letter which was sent april 19 and made Public Friday was intended to Back up the judiciary committees request for the tapes. Nixon ordered the Price increase after meeting face to face with a score of Dairy cooperative officials in the White House March 23,1971. After Nixon ordered prices up Ehrlichman called Colson and Colson called Chotiner the House letter said. Chotiner died last Jan. 20. His former Law partner Marion Harrison declined comment

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