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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 4, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Infill in Cuil Heater prise Satin Day May 4, 1974 3bhome run King Maris will never escape Challenge by Bill vegan Gainesville Fla. Nana a Roger Maris will never be Able to escape. Every time some kid gets Bot pops a few Over the Fence Early in the season. Roger Maris will be in trouble. This time the kid was Craig Nettles a Yankee just Tolan wins in arbitration new York map an arbitration panel says the Cincinnati reds must rescind a suspension and refund the fines levied against outfielder Bobby Tolan last season in a team dispute. Gabriel Alexander panel chairman said Friday there was no evidence to support the baseball club s actions against Tolan. Who subsequently was traded to the san Diego padres the reds confrontation with Tolan involved allegations of insubordination. Abusive language. Lack of interest in practising and failure to keep a doctor s appointment. The major league players association had appealed the resulting disciplinary actions in Tolan s behalf. The matter went to arbitration under the new labor agreements a we think the ruling s very said reds president Bob Howsam in Cincinnati. The reds also claimed that the arbitration panel refused to order them to apologize to Tolan. A your people Here and our fans Are aware of what happened and Many of them saw for themselves at the Ballpark. Said Howsam. A to us that is the important series tickets san Diego a the san Diego padres have received their first request for playoff and world series tickets but the fan who wants them apparently has kept a slight grip on reality. The padres still last in the National league West despite winning eight of their last nine games said thursday race n. Wilt of san Diego had asked for four seats in the general admission Section behind the Loftfield foul pole. Is Iii the barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the Quot magic stage s efe Ltd a Ltd trill not Airport imm Timi nil iis-7914 open 7 nights Ach Wiek sunday night special 8m Pir person dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing a George Washington slept Here a comedy like Maris and Ruth before him. And he needed a Mere 50 Home runs to match the record. But Maris was quickly dusted off and propped up again for target practice by the press. Twelve seasons have intervened since the breaking of the babe s record by Maris but the gentlemen of the press have never forgiven him. There were times he talk to them and always remember. One Day Marisa obituary will depict him As being surly sneering uncooperative. If they would take the time to see him now. He has gotten Pudgy. He has become satisfied. A week ago. In Tallahassee. Fla., he played with Mickey Mantle again Only this time it was in a celebrity Golf tournament and their scores weren t compared. At 39, Roger mans has what he always treasured most his privacy Down in Gainesville Fla., where he lives amid the lakes and Mossy Oaks and serenity baseball is a game played on television on monday nights and by his four boys on sandlot. The Yankees Are a team he watches for a few games during Spring training. Craig Nettles is a player he knows very Little about. New York is a City he has t visited since 1968 the room he sat in on this Day Down in Gainesville was decorated in a comfortable executive Quot style a Large desk an insistent intercom buzzing to he answered he is the Beer Baron of North Florida the King of Budweiser distributors in the South. Like a Good brew. Roger Maris might have mellowed with the years. If anyone believed All that stuff printed in the papers. A mellowed i Haven t mellowed a he said voice Low and booming. A i done to see anything in the Way of mellowing. I Haven t changed at All since 1960 and 1961.&Quot perhaps not. However everything else has changed. No athlete in history was subjected to As much pressure As the season Roger Maris took on the babe and beat him. The Strain had made his hair come out in clumps. A memorable number 61 in 61. Quot the reporters started the pressure in the Middle of August Quot he recalled. Quot i think things would have been a lot different a lot better in my playing later if i had t hit the record. Because there was a Point along the Way when the writers were creating a lot of pressure on me through the fans. It got to be where the game Wasny to fun anymore. It got to be where id go out there and play think i was doing the Best Job i could but the desire just Isnit the same As when i had the people with me instead of against me. A but a he shrugged a a that a water Down the his glory lasted for Only a few blinding crashing seasons. It burned out quickly and he could never ignite it again. Comparisons Between his achievement and Henry Aarons Are inevitable and impossible. It is like trying to measure a sprinter against a Miler the sudden movie ratings for parents and Young people f pc a c a Ltd to h i�4mm Pafe it a amp a a a #4 a a a tot. A by Tho id of. A Ages aomitl\0 a a a. �4 stint g of All Ages admitted a of a ii Gwo a sow May be by Job to i a a ��9>i e i i i a restrict id in us of. I 7 of aau go it do. O its i Moomi a not 17 a0mitk0 in i of urn i a amp of a a it if a eat at b cd cd Nwa off in i o in in atm new cml of uni a Samoa the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise it the method athlete of the decade of n Dill m pitting gaining favor i Here Are almost As Manx pulling styles As there arc putters it s a highly individualistic part of the game. However most of us fall somewhere Between the two extremes of a wrist putting Quot in which the arms hardly move at All and a farm putting Quot or a pendulum in which the arms move while the wrists remain relatively firm. It seems to my that in recent years the trend is More and More toward the latter method. One reason. I think is because Arm putting tends to Nin irm a the problem of wrists tightening during the stroke on important putts. For Arm putting to be most effective you must eliminate Kristin ass from your stroke. T he Best Way to do this is to stand closer to the Ball than Normal and hold your wrists High. You should Sec no wrinkles As you look Down at your wrists. Also hold the club a bit firmer than Normal. Arm putting requires constant practice to retain sufficient a feel Quot for distance but it can help golfers suffering from nervousness on putts. Burst against the Long haul. Yet Roger marts perhaps Felt Best the pressure that beset Aaron on his quest to break Ruth a career record of 714 homers. A sure he had to feel a big Relief a said Maris. A because the Day i hit 61, that was the last Day of the season the end of the season and i was so relieved that the season was Over that it was unreal. I was just relieved that was the last Day not about the Homer. The Only thing disheartening was that i had More games left in the world series. I was so mentally warped i needed to get away and then i still had the world there Are vast differences in the men As Well As in the achievement. Not the least of the differences is the Way they cashed in. Aaron has been merchandised like a loaf of bread placed on billboards and television by the time All this ends. Aaron will be Rich beyond Normal comprehension. His salary in $200,000 a season. On the other hand. Maris did t bite off the big Money his salary was $33,000 when he broke the babes season record. Quot when it comes to Money you have to weigh out your Type of life against Money Quot Maris explained Quot like the old Story goes Money in t everything. There slots More besides that. I did t get myself involved in All sorts of stuff in 61. I took certain things. I turned Down certain things. I really tried to keep away from All this running around and being tied the Hank Aaron Story was on bookshelves within Days of his 715th Homer. It was a heartwarming harmless Story. Maris never deluded himself that his life was like that. Quot there won t be a Roger Maris Book Quot said Maris. Quot i could never write a Jim Bouton Type Book. People would be burned if i wrote a Book and i done to believe in writing things like Craig Nettles will probably Settle Down to what was expected of him. The cliches about garrulous and terrible Roger Marls will he filed away again. However someday his precious anonymity will shatter. Someday a kid like Craig Nettles will bust Roger Marisa quiet Moss Laden life wide open and the press will cheer not because the record is broken but because it belonged to Maris. The press will turn the jubilation sour. Quot i guess they be expected it to happen every year Quot mans said. A their attitude is that if Roger Maris can do it anyone can do it. Its just one Homer every two and a half adult entertainment saturday night Only 11 45 . A High Rise Quot admission 2.00 11 45 . Saturday late show Towne theatre f no a is no one under 18 admitted meet a Brand new face with a body that s right in place Iron out those Iron shots Arnold Palmer s Booklet a a hitting int Irons Quot gives championship tips to help Sharpen your Iron shot technique. Send 20< and a stamped return envelope to Arnold Palmer in care of this newspaper. Too big for one theatre Igi ant horror features screaming Nightmare frenzied _ fright x freezing terror done to dare come alone Marki Bey 3 00, 5 00, 7 00, 9 00 j g. Martin twin i Imi Westchester 009 meanest Kung fun killer in the world. The Best Kung fun movie Ever made Robart re forc Umili for Roux pm the Gre Fol ght/6y 4th and absolutely final week 3 00-6 00-8 45 Quot Challenge Quot starts wednesday us the female Bruce Lee 18of who giant horror features till past Civ Quot to 0 4 l .j"4 in it tot tut to Ojo Quot to. Martin twin s 1801 Tsi Custer 009 3 00, 5 00, 7 00, 9 00 Center b downtown main it 8 Friday and saturday 12 00 Midnight a seats $2.00 last 7 Days comedy Western of the Century Butch amp the kid Are Back just for the fun of it Crown mud Johal tents Kim hmm late shows will Start at 12 00 we will Only run the regular movies once. Everyone must leave and buy new ticket for late show. Too big for one theatre v2giant horror features s screaming Nightmare j frenzied _ in. I y. Fright f freezing terror done to dare come alone x in color Paul Newman Robert Redford Katharine Ross. Quot Butch Cassidy Andje the Sundance kid Quot adventure it Leif in Mfacham a her re i n Dro Skee p Pallin on my Lead As Sung by bits email a a a k pm nov a a min Iaia Center shows at 1 16, a a Joa 9 00 Voo adults 2.00 children giant horror features Felt Pas j Vii nun in i or it orig a i Quoton. Quot. Vincent Price Diana Rigg a i artists thunderbird drive in theatre f 812 Greensboro Road f i i

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