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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Thursday May 4. I�?~>39the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center a High Point North Carolina Page five Sec. A spa work halted by Union strike Greenville s. May 4it a a a strike of members of the worker Alliance in protest against working conditions threatened today All Greenville county spa projects employing about. 3,50b men and women. Fife spa projects employing bes Ween 800 and 900 workers were suspended yesterday when the Alliance an unaffiliated Union of spa workers went on strike. J. A Kirby business agent of the workers Alliance said All projects would he picketed today. A. M. Rickman spa area supervisor said All work would Stop when pickets were in sight. One of the complaints of the workers was that they were required to carry tool to and from projects on their personal time. Ots Distria requests ancient tribute to dog editor the Enterprise please publish the attached tribute to the dog. Reader. Enclosure the immortal a tribute to the dog a delivered by senator George Graham Vest during a damage suit in Missouri in october 1870, follows. The Best Friend a Man has in the world May turn against him and become his enemy. His son or daughter that he has reared with Loving care May prove ungrateful those who Are nearest and Dearest to us those whom we Trust with our happiness and our Good name May become traitors to their Faith. The Money a Man has he May lose. It flies away from him when he needs it most a Many a reputation May be sacrificed in a moment of ill considered action. The people who Are prone to fall on their Knees to do us Honor when Success is with us May be the first to throw stones of malice when failure settles its Clouds upon our Heads the one absolutely unselfish Friend that a Man can have in this selfish world the one that never deserts him the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous. Is his dog. A Many a dog stands by him in Prosperity and in poverty in health and in sickness he will sleep on the cold ground where the wintry winds blow and the Snow drives fiercely if Only he May he near his master Side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer he will lick the sores and wounds that come in encounter with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master As if he were a Prince. When of other friends desert he remains. When riches take wings and reputation Falls to pieces he is As constant in his love As the Sun in its journey through the heavens if misfortune drive the master Forth an outcast in the world friendless and homeless the faithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him to guard against danger to fight against his enemies. And when the scene of All comes and death takes the master in its embrace and his body is Laid away in the cold ground no matter if All other friends pursue their Way there by the graveside will the Noble dog he found his head bet Wen his paws his eyes sad. Hut open in Alert watchfulness faithful and True even in death. Guilford county realty transfers hh1h Point township the new w Sprinkle trustee to i Ell Point perpetual building and i in association lot on Walnut Street Park cemetery company to Everett Marsh and wife lot in Block c of Oakwood cemetery. Morehead township w a. Thomas to a w Lackey and wife. Lot on Beasley Street. Paul 8 Smyre and wife to Margaret prance Irene Smyre. Lot on Madison Avenue. Home building and loan association to r b. Staley lot at intersection of Dillard and Richardson streets. City of Greensboro to Percle x. Ric Rac four lots of a w Norman property on Railroad Avenue. Jamestown township r. T. End c l. Amos to Edgar Wilson Smith and wife lot in Melbourne Ketch Tami so Veo s James m King and wife to David e Leonard 23 lots in Morehead and Gilmer townships David e Leo Nail to James m King 23 lots in Gilmer sad Morehead townships. A Quot the binding tie of rotary Quot is subject of publisher at District meeting of rotary Pinehurst May 4. Flat a Ihn Park Raleigh publisher. Lee Ted a the finding tie of it Aryl a a the topic of a speech Day before the second annual inference of the i is the District rotary International or Roscoe Mcmillan of red iring presided at a luncheon fore which or. Hornell Hart Ike University professor of biology spoke on a the world j. Mack Hatch of Belmont strict governor delivered his Nual report and j. Shepherd Yan of Dunn reported for the Ance committee. Tonight s speakers will he it try Dwire. Secretary of the Ike University alumni Assoria a a and John to it male grave. Put second editor of the bit ngh Atn news a a a a at the request of Tho govern it Ute London county nun la preparing a plan for the i caution from London of More in 1,309,00 persons mostly Ildren in knee of was. Capital Short shots Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henr Averill Raleigh May 4. A Here s a lawyer who does no to seem to think much of the states evidence concerning the mental condition of one pricey Hammond convicted in Robeson county of Firat degree murder. At least Here what he said in his Brief a the defendant contends that the evidence of i mental condition at the time of the crime show that not Only a the imitate substituted invention for evidence hut that its inventions Are not even in the same ase the Sam a lawyer presents a vivid picture of a Man Hunting a potable draught at 411 it 11 whiskey joints a it i not unnatural for a customer of such an establishment to leave it for another in the Hope of finding a drink less sep be p Calendar for the fall term of the supreme court shows that first Oral arguments will be held tuesday August 29 and the inst of the term during the week of tuesday december 12. Date for calling District calendars Are first twentieth and Twenty first tuesday August 29, second and nineteenth tember 6. Third and eighteenth tember 19. Fourth and seventeenth september 26. Fifth and sixteenth october la. Sixth and fifteenth october it. Seventh october 31. Fourteen a november 7. Eighth and thirteenth november 21. Ninth and twelfth november 28. Tenth and eleventh Decem Ber 12. Hts in North Carolina but its supremacy was being challenged i by Chadbourn which has this year shown a tremendous growth in Berry shipments. Through april 29. Wallace had shipped 89.14 8 crates by truck and 3 it Ai lots by rail while Chadbourne a corresponding Fig urea were 72,09 4 and 3, this come a ared with Wallace a 117,086 and 20 for year to the same Date against Chadbourn ,. 45,482 and 13 Wallace and Warsaw incidentally Are the Only shipping Points to show losses As compared with 1938 to the same Date. In less than a week now North Carolina fishermen will begin telling about the big one that got away. The state fishing season in non commercial Waters opens May to. Its Safe to get the Toothache in Raleigh now the it la in Isle have ended their convention and gone Home for another year and Only the local rankers remain to be feared. Commissioner of agriculture w. Kerr Scott is in Washington to attend a conference on a interstate Trade barriers a called by Secretary of agriculture Henry Wallace in meet today tomorrow and saturday. A in addition to the conference on interstate Trade Barrier it is expected that senator Bailey s Bill railing for an appropriation of $5,009,600 a year for the development of marketing and marketing service for farm it Ltd memo cities will he discussed a the commissioner said before leaving for the National capital. Commissioner of paroles Edwin Gill has drawn More than a Little undeserved criticism on delay in a decision regarding the Fate of Charlie Smith. Columbus county negro on it e sentenced to die. Later Given a commutation and now in state s prison. Prosecutor in of the negro recanted and retracted her identify cation of Hie prisoner sonic months ago and Many seem to think that Smith should have been immediately liberated his innocence so they said having been established. Fact i that there is More than a reasonable doubt about the authenticity of tic prosecutor in latest action. There Are plenty of wheels within wheels in the Case Sud when the commissioner report is finally made Public i Whit h will he within the next few Days i there we Likely to be a much clearer understanding of the matter than now is the a ase. Two members of the state Rural Electr cation authority will end their terms of office june 5. They Are a e Purcell of Reidsville and s. A Hobbs. Jr., of Chapel Hill. Or. Hobbs is Prat to ally certain of reappointment hut there ate Strong indications that or. Purcell will nor he named he Hii on the Board. Through saturday. Wallace vim holding its Lead As the largest shipping Point for St raw her caught recently by norwegian Crew a whale bore in its body a Harpoon of the Type used 40 years ago 3 unheard of values priced far below our Normal Cost Graal shirt value we were very fort in Al in buying Titer r lose on f of Woven material Thirl for our May Day Sale. Beautiful no trimmer pattern ant colors. Sues 14-17. The a shirts were made to sell for 1 is on Sale Friday morn la. / Mph 2 for $185 in a big Purchase in slightly Mill damaged sheets at almost half Price pc 81x99 As Well As 72x99, High count better constructed bed sheets values that would be sold in a regular Way at from 89c to $1.00. To go on Sale Friday morning special Vav silk Ady remnants f Bao j urls be in Berg cheers printed and striped acetate Satin Plain and printed Shantung. Vantage is from 3 to to Yards in r piece. Enough in Mot pieces for a Drew. Value to $1.10 a re. 35c til to ii Yard efrids High Point a c. Polish envoy in German Parley Homer Myers on trial for Bovender slaying g May 4. In the ase of Homer Myers Greensboro Man charged with murder in connection with Tho fatal shooting june of. I Bovender. Was called for trial today in Superior court. Myers and Jimmy Clark were tried Aud convicted june of recon degree murder. Both were sentenced to 30 years but Myers was granted a new accepted Bis soil Poison ring used ancient Hemlock to kill victims gel Suka Keils appealed and trial. Clark Terne. Police said on the front boo rider porch of was shot his Home an attempted Holdup. Lawson Ingram gets bid to Phi Eta Sigma chief negotiator for Poland in its increasingly tense diplomatic dealing with Germany is Joseph polish ambassador at Berlin. Lawson Ingram of High Point was one of the freshmen at state College who received invitations to join Phi it a Sigma fraternity which recognizes first year men outstanding for scholarship. Running amok among native Hilts in Zululand a crazed Rhino cer oils was shot dead by a missionary. Phil i Muju i pm Hemlock Poison tin lewdly drink quaffed Socrates the philosopher when lie was put to Deal ii a was identified by j in ii be chemist today a one Ion Codon employed by a murder ring which nut nor tie lie Hove May have killed Mai Ter sons for insurance Money. Chemist Eduard Burke and Chulio i min pert reported traces of the Poison one of the old est in the world were found in the hotly of Pietro Stea one of the latest exhumed in ail Iii pc ligation Hurt has resulted in the Arnt of i i persons including a physician. Still another Poison a a less Sula in one was found in aunt Lier recently exhumed hotly the chemist said. Ii was of tilt a be known to the rings member As a switch s brew anti fed to victim so slowly thai Eien of tending physicians were duped. The chemists report followed by Only a few hours the Ariet of a Dapper no year old pity detail or. Horace i. Perlman who wits held without Hail after assist int District attorney Vincent i. Mcdevitt declared at a hearing he a furnished Poi min and obtained Prospect a for the ring. He was charged with being ail accessory to the murder. Or i erbium w to has practice in Philadelphia forum years was taken into custody at his Home where detectives also seized Medicine and records. Raleigh May 4. Imp Secretary Henry London said ton at that Edmund Ruffin Beckwith f new York and John Dickinson of Philadelphia would he i be principal speakers at the annual convention of the North Caroline bar association at Wrightsville Beach june 22-24. Personal to fat girls police Captain James Kelly said the arrest was made on information Given by Moi of Bolber know ii As a Al Nice the llah big and described by them a Hie of the a ibo Sest of the ring. Bullier is charged with murder. 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Sharp May Day super values store fitted with Spring and summer merchandise Efird s super values make shopping a pleasure an Lettes misses and children san kist in Ioc i4�-Iitif Fitl sheep stockings 4i i on Stile Friday morning Vii silk. High Twat sheer Stew King in All the new summer shades to go on Sale for the first time Frt Dot morning when store open. Per i \1r 48c senior class stockings Beautiful stockings All silk Gigantic Towel Sale n 11 newest summer col or. 68c up were fortunate in buying wineral Thon and Cannon run of the Mill turkish Towel in All their Beautiful Oil a a and design. All site. Value to jih.50 each. Prices 2 pairs $1.35 5c 10c 14c 19c 24c 29c 39c ladies silk briefs assorted styles Good Quality of Rayon. Some with lace trim. Special 25c ladies Cotton gowns ladies puerto Rico gowns in assorted colors and sizes special 25c and 47c ladies Rayon panties one lot of silk Rayon panties. Assorted colors and sizes. 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