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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 4, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page four Sec. High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina thursday May \. 10so High Point Enterprise published afternoons and sunday mornings a a a i j p Rawley publisher Ami 1915�?1937________ r. B. d. A. Rawley Sec a and treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Caplis m. subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve Mon the. Is months. A three mentha.,. I Doe month. Raj one wee. Carrier in nearby Towms Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance. Carriers la City Are not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks a a subscription for a longer period is desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated Presa is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second class matter at the Post office in High Point n. C., under the act of Congress of March it. La<3. National adv. Re presenta tips emf Fohn by i co. 430 Lexington ave. New York City. Thursday May 4, 1939. Ujj Wunej he answer eth and Saith unto them Ila that hath two coat lot him impart to him that hath none and to that hath meat let him do Sill. A a a the deeds of Charity we have done shall stay with us the wealth we have so bestowed do we keep the other is not . Council manic acts in 8 dec rat session the old Council approaches the close of its period of service in High Point by holding one of its closed a executive Quot sessions and dealing in secret with a Public matter of some importance. Every one of the closed sessions of the Council has constituted a Black Mark in the Good will of the Public. Every one of them ought to make such a Mark. There is no valid excuse no sound reason whatsoever for an administrative body in charge of the City a business to keep from the people the full truth about what it is doing in the transaction of their business. This paper has no desire to be labor the Council present or future into performing like the fish in a Gold fish bowl. We recognize the desirability for conference under conditions which permit the freest Exchange of opinion about persons and things. We see no reason Why the City Council should be denied this privilege of conference through any strained concept of the importance of open dealing. But we say now As we have said before that every official action of the City Council should be performed in open meeting with press and Public invited to be present. The present reference of course is to the action of the City Council in secretly completing the i it personnel of the Power commission saturday and administering to the new members the oath of office. We hear that the timing of the appointments was intended to prevent any question of Council manic performance in consonance with the terms of the special statute which provided for the creation of the commission before May i. With that precaution the City can have no quarrel but Why act and kept the action secret ? the unfortunate general presumption May to that the secrecy was a kind of political Connivance a stratagem intended to prevent the Choice of men for the commission having any effect on tuesdays voting. If that was a reason the secrecy is All the More objectionable since the eligible voters have a right to express themselves on the Issue of City government with the full truth about City Hall performances in View. These observations Are not to be taken As implying Adverse criticism of the Council s new Power commission members. We Are dealing Here with Council manic method Only. The new electric rate lowering the rates for electricity at retail in High Point voted yesterday by the City Council is an action which Calls for endors pc ment on the asumption Thyi was taken with a keen weather Eye to the budget. The Small consumer has been paying of late More for his current than the Small consumer pays in neighbouring cities of our general class in these Days of downward revision of charges. The City in the role of retailer might defend its higher charges by alleging that the wholesale rates demanded by Duke Power company would not permit the reduction were it not for the fact of the substantial net profits from the business. High Point in acting As middleman for current should account As part of the overhead the equivalent of the taxes which the City would derive from a Utility company operating under franchise. The profits in excess of that amount of Revenue Are justifiable fully Only after the people Are accorded rates As Low As the Utility company would give them. Any charges above those rates Are and have been a taxation of the users of electricity to avoid an increase of the tax Load at some other Point. The expiring City Council has carried on with the old rates for some time now and has had the Benefit of the income in its operations. Its Hasty move now right at the close of the administration to revise the rates will leave the new Council to carry on without that Benefit and As we stated before we must conclude that the Council acted after the most careful examination of the City a budgetary situation. Otherwise the conservative course would have dictated leaving the action to those who Are to carry on. In the news John hairy More of Hollywood gallantly gave to his last wife Elaine Barrie Barrymore and her Mother Legal right to proceed with the Purchase of property to the amount of 100,000. Now while the actor Seks a separation and Elaine a divorce John says there has been no accounting and he is not getting his property Back. In a chivalrous manner he has refused to contest suits brought by his three former wives but a the worm has turned a a and he wont be treated so a for this is great in tragedy John is now going in for comedy in a practical Way. It is in the news that great Britain has tentatively offered a non aggression pact with Germany As suggested in hitlers speech. I it us Hope that this will not mean Selling Poland a Down the the twin City Sentinel Ca Fries an item that a the twin City a Mecca for homeless cats a a veritable feline salvation army station has enabled 53 Long lost cats and Kittens to Start life Over again has rescued them from a life of Alley browsing and truck dodging to set them Down in the Gold plate i existence of private Beds milk bowls fish and perhaps a Pinch of Catnip on saturday night if they re All this is in line with the work being done by the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. As far Back As the 18th Century consideration was shown dumb animals if we May judge from a verse written by Alexander Pope a but thousands die without this or that die and endow a College or a we learn from the Concord Tribune that a within the near future the Concord Public Library will be moved to handsome new Community Center n o w under construction on North Union Street. The City of Asheboro has recently completed new Library quarters and asked the Public to contribute $3,000 for furniture and it is Only a question of time when the High Point Public Library will have to be moved into other quarters unless the old Post office building now housing it is purchased from the Federal government and made the permanent seat of the Many books. The Board of directors of this City institution have heroically tried to make the Library All that it should be and Are by no Means now remiss in their duty in trying to get an increase of funds for the Purchase of books and the securing of commodious quarters in the event there will have to be a removal. However the Public really supports the Library and it is not too much to say that our citizens should be More a Library the City Council can and will act to secure a Library that is adequate for a grow ing City like ours when once there is concerted action by a people in dead Earnest. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people if you Are visiting new York this summer i warn you to watch your change. Nowr yorkers and visitors to new York lose perhaps millions of dollars every year because they Are too thoughtless or too confused to see that they get the Correct change. To illustrate How the a Short change artists Quot work i bought a three cent newspaper last night in one of new York s Large railway stations. I paid for the palier with a half Dollar. But he gave me in return Only Twenty two cents which would have been the Correct change for a Quarter. When i called the shortchange artists attention to this fact do you supposed he argued no. Sir he was afraid he would be reported. And he afford to be reported More than once. So he quickly handed me a Quarter. I smiled and remarked Quot you must do very he smiled and replied. A i do. My guess would be that he knocks Down on the Side More than he gets in salary. However the big time Short change boys done to waste their time behind news stands or behind Cash registers in restaurants. Some of the big time lads manage to get jobs in the subway change Booths. Customers hurrying into the subway eager to get Home their minds concentrated on the problems and anxieties of the Day Rush to the window of the change Booth present a Quarter of a Dollar for change and Are hardly conscious of what they Are doing. Often this is what happens a customer hands in a Quarter for change three Nickels Art shoved toward him. Then a carefully timed pause. If the customer does no to dash away two More Nickles Are forthcoming. But these High priests of Short change Are at their Best when handling five Dollar Bills. They quickly give the customer a Dollar s change in Silver. Then turning away they place the five Dollar Bill in a Box and slowly count out four ones. If the harassed subway strap Hanger is still waiting for his change when the crooked change maker turns around he will get the four one Dollar Bills. But if he is dashing for the Bronx express As it thunders into the station. He often forgets that he handed out a five Dollar Bill and the Crook is four dollars to the Good. Neither Thurston Houdini or Herman the great Ever timed their tricks of magic More carefully than these shortchange subway shyster time their operations. Why the subway management does t make a More strenuous Effort to catch these Petty thieves has always been a mystery to me. Am i insinuating that All men who make change in the subway Booths Are dishonest far from it. Many of them Are As trustworthy As a presbyterian elder with White gloves and a Carnation passing the collection plate on sunday morning. Rut some Are not so i repeat if you Are visiting the world s fair this summer or if you Are attending any circus watch your change. He said it i hopi Elaine gets along like a House afire. She is a very intelligent girl and a Fine Barrymore complimenting estranged wife. I was the happiest Guy alive when the Doe told me i had escaped a break. Joe Dimaggio new York Yankees outfielder. I gather that Hitler was trying to Tell the a s. That in the world War Europe took our coat and Vest and is now getting ready to take our pants. Senator vie Dona hey of Ohio. Music is the Universal language. The people of one country who begin to appreciate and feel the music of another nation not Only lose their jealousies but learn to Trust and Honor their Marx brazilian composer conduct or. The Success of democratic institutions is measured not by extent of territory financial Power machines or armaments but by the desires the Hopes and the deep lying satisfaction of the individual men women and children who make up its citizenship. President Roosevelt. To Humi guess i m getting Spring fever i / Norm 5 european \ a j Isi .ii.__111"__l�l Walter Winchell a d it in Broadway in . Lilt Delly Mirror. Inc. In d aging fall Ter to Nile the cares of state have Little effect on president Roosevelt a sleeping. He snored right through Herr hitlers thunderous tones at 6 a in. What goes on dept in order to fight the menace of dictatorships Many anti dictatorship states Are be coming dictatorships. New York heartbeat faces about towns Eleanor Powell her Silken Clad Gams encased in Patent leather roofing pumps rhythmically clacking across the Astor lobby trailed by the orbs of gaping gobs. Marshall Field Chicago a merchant Prince inspecting the Broadway lights from the Comer of 45th Street. Helen Claire the Suhy then Gal in "k.t.b. even writes with a you All accent. She autographed shirt fronts this Way Quot Good Luck Suhy. Barbara Hutton perched on a Stool at Hick s Emporium on fifth Avenue sipping a two bit Strawberry soda thru a Straw Jimmy save looking As Mek As Milquetoast when a bus Driver lorry no. 2171 gave him a Sassy look because his Segar was still on fire. Beatrice Lillie the Darling of the press Section in the Stork club wearing out the carpet there but you must ask her to explain it,.in the Cotton club Doris Duke the richest girl in the world As the saying goes featuring a new hat with Gold discs. Quot Are those Gold pieces Quot one of us asked her Quot indeed not a she replied with a laugh Quot i never had a Gold piece in my life a a sallies in our Alley Blue Barron the Maestro and some dramatic critics were gabbing about the conscription Law in great Britain. inquired Blue a do you think will happen to Noel Coward now that theres a draft Quot Quot he will probably catch cold Quot was the snappier. John Emery the male Lead in a new Flop sent a pal out at 4 a. In. To get the papers containing the critics pal returned Reading one of them. A what kind of notices Are we getting Quot impatiently asked Emery a Good actor. A mixed notices Quot was the reply Quot divided opinions bad and Lousy Quot memos of a midnights Jack Osterman May try it again with Betty Weaver. Barbara Evans one of the nicer Guys now prefers a weekly editor. Fred Wildman. Of Bellows amp co., had no Brawl at Bleeck she swears Over any match game merely the usual beefing. The players club Rumor of a gun is silly too. No gun a Cap pistol. Dan Healy and Helen Kane Are something new with an old hotels which put out regular paying guests to make room for the Rush of worlds fair visitors at higher rates spent All monday waiting. The Only footsteps heard were those of mailman. Glenn Millers band starts at Glen Island Casino on the 17th. Girl friends say Dorothy Lam our talks in her army of show folks will miss Mack Appleton now free Lancing after 25 years in the actor-sector.,. The n. Y. Times refuses to permit a information please Quot to broadcast that John Kieran is on their sports staff. Ernest Hemingway a new Book on Spain will take 5 years to Complete. No novel. Description of celery tonic jewish Champagne. Midtown melodrama the papers Sand she was on her honeymoon at the hotel in 47th Street and that nobody could learn Why she jumped or fell to her death while her husband slept. Only married three Days attaches Clear up the a mystery Quot. The Lovely brides Groom it api it ears. Found a letter to her by which he Learned she had a touch of tuberculosis. Fearing her deception might cause him to leave her. She stepped out the window and the bitter irony.,. The autopsy convinced Medicos that her Case was mild and could have been arrested in no time. Broadway ticker tape from the april 14th cold my the army is planning a big air base at san Juan puerto Rico As a direct answer to nazi aggression in s. America. The Story will break next week a. From the May 2nd n. Y. Herald Tribune a front Page a a a. S. Creates puerto Rico military zone a. After 25 years with the world and world Telegram. Rollin Kirby resigned recently. The other Day a letter reached him at the players club forwarded from the world Telly where it was marked Quot not known Here. Judge Pecora a Book Quot Wall Street under oath a is an Exciton Lew Brown has signed buddy be sen for Quot Yokel boy Quot rehearsals begin on the 15th. Buddy was collared for the role on his Way Back to Hollywood. Why is the Only imported Beer nazi at the Casino of nations at the fair Many patrons Are indignant. Prices there Are too fancy anyhow. Quot general Krivitsky a Quot author Quot of the sep a pieces on Russia is named Shmelka Ginsberg an austrian in parse. Isaac Don Levine ghosted. New York novelette lies facing one of those life and death crises. And maybe Shell never know he is even ill., her sole Contact with him is through his broadcasts and this column published in her tiny Home Burg in Ohio. But when his name is mentioned in either medium a dial is turned or a column clipped. You see her a and a done to like him. It All started when he played in the band at a summer resort where she was vacationing and they were wed but her adoring parents had it annulled because of her youth taunting her with a musicians Seldom amount to anything. An Only daughter and doubly Dutiful she returned Home All but her a famous swing Star today and Rich too. But this makes no difference to the parents of the girl who Waits and considers it her daughterly duty to sacrifice her soul to their selfishness. He still arranges All his Tours to play cities near her Home and at their trysts he begs her to in his Bride again. Perhaps if she sees this through the chum who sent us the tale Shell go to him and say yes. He a so very very ill. Her love would help him live. New Yore hid Paul Whiteman a 12-Inch Platter of a deep purple a a symphony by Golly. Jean Ellington a thrusting at Bert Frohmann a the Zingy singing of Marcella Hendricks at the fairs Zuyder Zeta peaches and Cream descendant of Hendrik Hudson the River discoverer. The a amazons Quot on the Midway Ris gayest of the girl frolics with 50 of them tossing javelins and hips my mrs a goodbye or. Chips Quot destined to make movie hit history. Nypower and Alice Faye in Zanuck a a next Click a erase of Washington Square Quot Dick Robertson a recording a to live the life of a lie Quot Decca a such a Torch. Henry Dreyfus per sphere Interior. Sound Iii tilt night in the Paradise Quot when Rich people marry for Money it Isnit a marriage its a merger Quot. In the Village barn Quot he Sall wrapped up in himself and he makes an untidy package Quot. At Kents Quot she a the kind of a girl who will look at anybody a etchings. At the famous door Quot everything he hears goes in one ear and out behind your Hack Quot in the tavern Quot kissing her is like scratching a place that does no to Jack Whites Quot support her i should say not Why buy the cow when the milk is so cheap?&Quot,.,. Ten years ago local news the Junior High school nine Defeated Salisbury on the Home ground Here yesterday afternoon score. 7-0. J. Elwood Carroll delivered an address before the literary societies of High Point College this morning during the societies anniversary program subject Quot literature in the age of Point High school debaters Defeated the Greensboro team at Greensboro yesterday. About people a miss veral idol is spending the week end in Raleigh the guest of mrs. L. L. Ivey. Miss Elizabeth Snow Welborn and miss Billie Hiatt will attend the dance in Chapel Hill tonight. Knox Wilson Charles Kephart and Walter Murray left today for Chicago where they will attend the furniture exposition. News briefs slim Hope is held for a reparations settlement with Germany. The Tornado toll in the South is placed at 38 a grand juries in Chicago have returned 125 indictments against booze gangsters and Slot machine racketeers. Twenty years ago compilers notice the Enterprise was not issued sunday May 4, 1919. The following lines Are excerpts from an editorial in saturdays Issue May 3. 1919 a lot of Money America was turning out War materials so fast when the Annist ice was signed that in the next few weeks before All the machinery could to stopped a we had enough guns clothing ammunition aeroplanes trucks a to equip in every detail a new army As Large As the one we had in France. And Germany knew that this material was ready. It fought to bring a speedy Victory just As much As that which was actually used. But it Cost was scared to death. She knew that if she did no to quit when the quitting was Good american aeroplanes would Blacken her skies american shells would blow her cities off the map american soldiers would be marching through the streets of Berlin singing. Quot Hail Hail the gangs All Here Quot before the leaves were Green again in Linter Den Linden it costs a lot of Money to scare a nation to death. And that s the Money that must be raised by the Victory Liberty loan. At the famous door Quot everything he hears goes in one ear and out behind your Back.,in the tavern a kissing her is like scratching a place that does no Titch a. In Jack Whites a support her i should say not Why buy the cow when the milk is so cheap Quot. At the russian a r t a what a prude walks around with a Fig Leaf on her thoughts.in la Conga Quot Darling you go to my head like Success Quot. In the Onyx a you treat me As though my Loving you has Hurt you instead of Leon and eddies a hello tall dark and Handoff Quot in the Stork a the Best Way to become his enemy is to first become his friend.at Reuben a Quot her figure is the first Stop on the Way to a broken heart.,.at the Queen Mary a i knew he had a Lotta Dames on a string but the one with him looks like she should be on a Leash Quot Broadway confucius remarkable remark of the week funny thing that girl on mind always More dangerous than girl on Lap. Bruce Cotton in Washington by Blue Catton Washington May 4. One of the toughest of Uncle same a Economy problems is just beginning to attract Public notice. It is the constantly growing system of Stateline barriers to the movement of Trade within the United states. The recent Confer ence on interstate Trade barriers in Chicago helped to focus Public attention on this problem. You Are due to hear a Good Deal More about it brie a Causa from Washington during months. In the opinion of some Higl officials Here the problem is one d the most pressing before the country although the Prosperity of the nation was built on a free movement cd Trade inside the National boundaries Secretary Wallace recently a Markoc that today Quot we cannot say Flint i have free Trade Between the states in he departments of Commerce and agriculture the situation is considered extremely serious. Barricades Are numerous these harriers Are of Many kinds there Are truck and motor vehicle regulations and taxes special taxes or products like Ole Margarine fruit and vegetable quarantines and inspection fees restrictions on the movement of Leer and liquor a g movement of Dairy products ports of entry restrictions on retailers and taxes designed to keep residents of i state from buying goods produced Oug Side of the state. These Laws come from two source a to protect the business interest within a state and to find new fund for hard pressed state governments.1 in either Case their effect is to Sel up Tariff barriers along late lines today a ring to a recent Survey made by the agriculture depart Mentz practically every state has put rest notions of one sort or another on intern state Trade in foods or other commode ties. Some of flies taxes arc retaliatory Arkansas for instance puts a 25 be cent tax on milk butter cheese an apples from Washington Minnesota Iowa and Wisconsin and these stated in turn Lay a special tax on arkansans cottonseed Oil and its by products. Other barriers designed to protect Home producers have the effect of almost completely shutting certain markets off from outside producing areas new York City a milk inspection restrictions for example make it practically impossible to bring in fluid milk or Cream from the Middle West. Tariff on # trucks restrictions on interstate truck movements Are considered equally serious. Some states Arizona Kansas Oklahoma and Wyoming a require practically All out of state trucks in Register and pay a fee. Or make them pay higher ton mile taxes than domes tic trucks. There Are innumerable regulation about the weights trucks May carry the permissible length of their wheel base the sort of equipment they must have running in some cases to Thi types of Windshield wipers they must use or the sizes of their gasohol tanks. There Are now in existence upwards of 170 different state Laws on the grading and Labelling of farm products the agriculture department looks or these Laws As Good things but de it clares that when they Lack uniformity As among these 170-Odd Laws they emphatically do they Are a decide hindrance to agricultural Trade. All in All the Bureau of agricultural economics figures that these Trade barriers add hundreds of Mil Lions of dollars to the Money the am Eriean consumer pays annually Foi food products alone. Attack is being mapped the whole problem la highly com plex and it cannot be solved by the Federal government alone. The recent Chicago conference is looked upon Ai having paved the Way toward co oper anon Between the Fedora government and the governments of the various states and several modes of attack or the problem have been suggested. One idea is to have the states adop1 a Standard milk ordinance which would protect the Public health but by its uniformity would not halt Thi free flow of Dairy products. This might he supplemented by a system a Federal inspection. Uniformity in motor truck Laws ant regulations Midi to obtained by agreement Between the states or i is suggested the Federal government might step in by stipulating that in further registrations could be requires of any motor vehicle moving in inter state Commerce that was properly registered in its Home state and hell an interstate Commerce commission registration. A Survey of tile Legal aspects of the problem is boing prepared by the commercial Law division of the department of Commerce. A Kansas fellow went into a Hole to retrieve his hat we hich had been whisked off by the wind. He couldn1 get out for four hours. And at thai he probably had been wearing the same Topper for the last to years. The miners and operators Are deadlocked. If their hotel had run of Coal to heat the conference a it bet they a have reached an agree Long Aga

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