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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 3 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Car inspections do not Cut accidents study reveals Washington a state a Uto inspection programs have not been proven to substantially reduce accidents the National Highway traffic safety administration says. But said Nitsa administrator Douglas w. Toms state programs Are necessary and if run right can keep unsafe vehicles off the Road. A we feel that some kind of a vehicle inspection program or some kind of a state operated program to take the unsafe vehicles off the Road is desirable part of balanced system a Toms said in a statement March 14 to the House appropriations subcommittee. It was released today. Quot we have not pushed hard for a compulsory. Program a Toms said. A rather we have tried to let the states Experiment to find ways that the obviously unsafe and polluting vehicles could be taken off the Road without forcing everybody into an absolute periodic a there Are no data a he said a showing the vehicle inspection programs in themselves have brought about any substantive reductions in Deputy administrator Charles h. Hartman said a the real culprits Are steering and suspension systems brakes and tires rather than. A lot of things that Are being checked such As Windshield wipers and horns and other things which Are easy to Check but May have Little if any relevance to the Accident producing Toms also said there is Clear evidence that the number of Auto fatalities increases As the nations Standard of living rises. A there is no question but deaths Are related to the economics of the country a he said. A one of the major reasons that we had a Good decrease in 1970 is the fact that with the reduced economics and some reduction in travel there was some reduction in drinking and this in addition to the safety programs brought about a 1,100 decrease in Highway Toms said he thinks the goal of cutting Highway fatalities in half by 1989 from the approximate 55,000 in 1970 can be met but he added a i think we Are going to have to apply massive Toms said the effect of drug abuse on Highway accidents negligible a few years ago is increasing. His Agency requested extra funds for its office of alcohol countermeasures to define and develop programs on drug problems related to Highway , hate cited As ailments Memphis Tenn. A the top executive of the Southern Baptist brotherhood commission says the greatest sin is to avoid fighting a giants of prejudice and giants of a there Are some giants who stalk our land today giants of prejudice giants of hate a said Glendon Mccullough of Memphis. A your greatest sin is to avoid taking on these Mccullough made the statements in a keynote address at a regional training Institute designed to train 250 Baptist Bro brotherhood laymen from 13 states in Mission action brotherhood organizational methods and other Mission activities. High Point Enterprise wednesday May 3, 1972 a churches deplore anti busing moves Chapel Hill . A the North Carolina Council of churches has adopted a Resolution deploring attempts to halt busing taken by president Nixon and other politicians. At its 35th annual Assembly the delegates approved a Resolution which stated in part tactics whatsoever to inhibit the fulfilment of the 1954 ruling of the supreme court ordering school integration. The amendment was adopted by a 29-28 vote after a tie was broken by the Rev. James h. Light Boule or. Of Burlington outgoing president. However it also criticized the Stab their services to disturbed schools. A we deplore the actions of after the amendment was president Nixon other Cong res adopted the entire Resolution signal leaders and political can Obj a a an 0v or and moratorium against bus been used for Many ing. Whose actions and words be Arlin Mastain segregation Only tear Down the educational Progress that is being made through racially pluralistic the Rev. Richard w. Rhyne of Greensboro offered the Sec cacti Btij i Tion citing Nixon As an Amend a a Quot ment to a previously prepared Quot 3k�s the Voity paper a opposing the use of any out of wearing dentures. Lish ment of private schools for Whites to avoid integration and opposed the use of Public Money in court fights against desegregation. The Resolution however commended those who have worked for racial Harmony and called on ministers Church groups and Lay people to offer another Resolution asserted that a progressive income tax is a a More equitable form of taxation than a sales tax and said that a citizens in general and particularly Christian citizens should be willing to pay taxes for essential human serv ices. F f bite Fash Ith a political advertising elect Jim Hunt lieutenant governor High Point committee for the election of Jim Hunt Jim Morgan chairman remarkable Man Hoover legend covered 50 years Washington a from Whiz kid Nemesis of John i i Hinger to a near Recluse whose bulldog face was marked by age John Edgar Hoover lived a crime fighting legend that spanned almost half a Century. Even in his embattled final Days the 77-year-old Fri directors Triumph of tenure stirred admiration and downright Devotion among the vast majority of americans. He was said president Nixon a a truly remarkable Man a who had served eight presidents and 16 attorneys general with a unparalleled Devotion to duty and dedication a Hoover died monday night at his georgian style Home on the Edge of Washington s Rock Creek Park. Word of his passing triggered a vast collection of tributes from Public figures around the nation including Many of his More vocal critics. It was in a Way a storybook ending for the Man and his 48-year career As director a Man regarded by politicians and the gangsters he pursued As untouchable. A onetime presbyterian choir boy who always retained a deep religious Streak. Hoover began his government career while still in High school As a $30-a-month messenger for the Library of Congress five blocks from his childhood Home. In those Days he fancied himself a baseball player but after on misjudged Fly Hall coma gently flattened his nose turned to debating and then to Law school. His first big Job with the Justice department was in world War i when he handled deportation proceedings against 250 a alien he was named assistant director of the Fri in 1921, and acting director three years later. He was Only 29 years old. In surprisingly Short order. Hoover was credited with having folded the Agency into a Law enforcement Model. He began with fewer than 500 employees. Now the Fri has More than 19,000, including 8,600 agents. And Hoover added a massive crime lab a training Academy and among All manner of files some 81 million sets of fingerprints. In the Early Days. Hoover was the Darling of newsreels and his pugnacious face graced the front Page of untold tabloids in Sharp contrast to his More recent disdain for newsmen As his men captured or killed one Brazen a Public enemy after another. In one of the few Early instances where Hoover ran into congressional criticism sen. Kenneth d Mckellar called him an armchair detective who left it to his men to risk their lives and had never made an arrest himself. Shortly thereafter Hoover flew to new Orleans and personally nabbed Albin Karpis a kidnapper who had written some needling letters to the director and the Issue never again surfaced. An Fri highpoint during the War is the capture of several nazi saboteurs landed on . Shores by submarine Many of whom were executed after Hoover an attorney personally assisted in their prosecution. In the postwar Era Hoover triggered a relentless Hunt for communists convinced that communism a is not a political party but an a evil and malignant Way of and the Fri also began to use wiretaps in what the director called Quot internal Security Case hoovers own life was circumspect. A Bachelor he spent most evenings watching television or lavishing attention upon his two Cairn terriers one1 of them Blind and deaf. The director placed Tennis often turning to gardening in his later years he usually ate his lunch at the same downtown hotel the Mayflower and never deviated from the order of Grapefruit cottage cheese and Black Coffee. Fur storage. Fully insured controlled vaults. Chane to i in is an outstanding record of distinguished and capable service to Guilford county f Mark Stewart Register of deeds experienced and proven ability Mark Stewart is recognized As one of North Carolina s most efficient progressive and energetic registers. He has served on the legislative committee and the state Board of health advisory committee of the North Carolina Register of deeds association. He has been the Secretary treasurer and vice president of this organization and is to be installed in june As it s president. Your vote will be appreciated re election will assure continued capable and Able leadership for Guilford county s rightful and responsible Ploce As a a space setter among North Corolina counties. 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