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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 3 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper 0. A. Rawley president mrs. C. H. Lockwood Viet pre. Randall b. Terry treasurer David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Quot can t you see we re Busy Quot Page 4-a wednesday May 3, 1972 state county races elsewhere in today a Enterprise is a reproduction of the extremely complicated ballot which voters in All of Guilford county will face on saturday. Paper ballot voters in other Piedmont counties will be confronted with a similar line up but in different form. There Are 97 names for Guil Fordiani to choose among along with two state Bond matters. Any citizen who feels sufficiently informed to make a considered Choice for every Post might Well be in the Genius class. Despite a Day to Day dealing with the subject we Are frankly at a loss in some cases. There Are however some choices in which we feel strongly enough to offer an endorsement in the belief that they have demonstrated a High degree of qualification. Cases in Point Are a number of High Point people who Are offering themselves for nomination. T. Lynwood Smith on the democratic ticket for a state Senate seat is certainly deserving of support. With his retirement from a career As an Industrial executive and the taking on of Law duties Smith has been Able to Combine availability with his Devotion to Public service to make a forceful and effective Highway commissioner. He would we believe represent Guilford county Well in the state Senate. In the same race our votes will go for Veteran legislators Elton Edwards and Mcneill Smith of Greensboro. Another High Pointer Edmund Lowe is on the Republican ticket for a state House Post. He is a Veteran member of the local Legal fraternity and the Only High Point Man in either party offering for one of the county a seven state House seats. Several incumbents in the House races both Democrat and Republican have served the county Well. I hey include democrats Henry Frye Charlie Phillips and Mark Short and republicans ted Hunt and Odell Payne. All voters will participate in the nonpartisan selection of three members of the Guilford county Board of education. Until now this has been a Well balanced and Strong governing Board in county school affairs drawing its membership from various parts of the county As Well As from the two cities. Mrs. Katharine Kirkman of High Point and William Barton of pleasant Garden Are seeking re election and we believe it would be a serious loss if either should be lost to future service. In the races for county commission nomination republicans Dick Maxwell and Bob Shaw Are asking to return for four More years. They appear to be the Best qualified in a three Man race. And we have been impressed by Marion g. Follin Democrat who has Given distinguished service on the Airport authority on top of his equally distinguished career As an insurance executive. Voting on saturday will not be easy but the responsibilities of citizenship were never meant to be so. Party nominations Are quite As vital As the general election in the democratic selection process. Who makes the Law Superior court judge James g. Exum jr., a Jurist who on several occasions has proven himself fearless by taking potentially unpopular positions defended his Fellows this week from Public criticism. There is a considerably body of evidence that tends in the opposite direction. Judge Exum decried the fact that the courts Are a roundly criticized today for being soft on instead of condemning the courts he said the proper answer is to a change the while the thrust of his remarks As reported in the press had More to do with specific decisions in the Fields of desegregation and pornography the More frequent circumstance that brings on suggestions of too gentle handling of wrong doers is in the Day to Day decisions of the lower courts. We would recall for instance a recent Day in which a news account of a courts Calendar started o of by saying a Blank charged with three felonious drug offences entered pleas to misdemeanours and was Given suspended four paragraphs later a Blank charged with Drunken driving was projecting the news found guilty of reckless driving. He was fined $75 and next paragraph a Drunken driving charges against Blank and Blank were reduced to reckless driving. Each was fined $75 and next paragraph a a drunk driving charge against Blank was nol pressed with if this were an isolated Story it would not be Worth citing. But this is a regular thing. In drug offence cases and in Drunken driving arrests reduction of charge is the Rule not the exception. And Here judge Exum. We have a Case of the courts not following the Laws but making Laws. Faced with dicta from the legislative Branch of government that certain offences shall require certain minimum punishment the courts regularly get around the Rule by arbitrarily changing the language of the charge. And the policeman who handled the arrest in the first place is told to go out and try again. We would not suggest that the entire weight of the problem is on the shoulders of the court. But we would be disinclined to give judge Exum a nol pros with leave in this matter. A literary Trousseau London a for All their literary pretensions the French remain one of the least read people of Europe. Half of the population admits to owning no books at All. Many frenchmen never touch a Book after leaving school. To Correct this situation the ministry of National Educa Uon is giving away six volumes of the French classics bound in red As a cultural Trousseau to each couple marrying after april 29. Olivier Guichard the minister of education explaining the move on French television confessed to personally selecting the books in order to save paying royalties the minister Only included those classics whose copyrights were in the Public Domain. Even so it will Cost the state about $14 million to produce the 2 million copies which Are to be distributed to the 350.000 French couples who Are expected to marry this year. A books Are a school always open says a covering note which accompanies every free set. A they Are instruments of Liberty of culture a and while it May be a Good Way to celebrate 1972 As the International Book year proclaimed by Enesco the French classics May ultimately serve to deepen the fears and matrimonial doubts of the newlyweds. A Good Book May be the Best of friends but As in life one must choose carefully. The first set contains a the red and the Blacks by Stendahl. This is the Story of Julien Sorel who begins his career by seducing the Mother of the children he is tutoring and ends up at the Guillotine. Hie second set includes Gustave Flaubert so Madame Bovary a a frustrated despairing Bourgeois woman who not Only betrayed Ber Boring husband but also led him to the Brink of financial ruin before ending it All with an overdose of arsenic. Hardly a recipe for matrimonial Bliss. It is All very Well to tick off a list of classics a but has the ministry of education Given careful thought to the selection a ale Pere go riot by Balzac another Choice is a tale of extreme filial ingratitude. Perhaps the selections Are saved by the inclusion of Madame de la Fayette so the Princess of Cleves a the first great French novel written in 1678. It tells the Story of a woman a renunciation of an illicit love. Certainly the French move is a provocative and imaginative one. It leads one to speculate what tomes an american couple might receive along with their License at City Hall. A list of books in the Public Domain could include such classics As Hawthorne so Scarlet Henry James so Daisy Miller and Stephen Crane s a Maggie a girl of the if the Choice were extended to include English novelists Thackeray so vanity fair a Jane Austen so Pride and prejudice a Samuel butlers a the Way of All flesh and Emily Bronte so a withering Heights would have to be included. But who could impose such a diet of disillusionment on the newly married a one can Only think of Rudyard Kipling a verse a the Devil he grinned behind the bars and banked the fires High a did be read of that sin in a Book a said he and Tomlinson said May a a probably the american answer to the problem of the literary Trousseau would be to give each couple a copy of that literary catch All and current Best seller a the last whole Earth compared to and tithe Muskie course by Bruce Biossat newspaper Enterprise Assn. Washington a reflecting on the rigorous ordeal of presidential campaigning a close Friend of sen. Edmund muskies told me a what has happened to him this year is unconstitutional. Its cruel and inhuman from his behaviour and from Many utterances. It is Clear today that the battered senator has probably always Felt a kind of Stevenson Ian distaste for the absurdities and brutalities of american campaigning. Tile late Adlai Stevenson hated every moment of it. In a curious Way his new posture withdrawal to the relatively quiet enclave of the u. S. Senate May fit pretty closely muskies idea of How campaigning ought to be done. It May be reasonably accurate to say that he wants the presidency but does not want to fight for it in the accepted clawing american style. One of his aides said some weeks ago a a he a make a great president but he a a horror As a when his double defeat april 25 in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania brought matters to a critical Point muskies decision to opt then for the enclave strategy came rather easily. Actually he weighed four possibilities to do what he announced april 27 he would do to postpone such a decision another week until after the big Ohio primary to get out of the 1972 race altogether to stay in and go full tilt to the end. People who were with him at his Home in the aftermath of his defeats say that getting out altogether was the first thing he a ejected. Too Many of his key supporters senators and governors he telephoned that Day told him to keep himself available As a candidate. Almost As quickly he decided he could not go the full route through the new York primary june 20. The key reason advanced. A crippling shortage of Money was real enough. But it is also evident that he faced further defeats in Ohio Michigan Oregon and California. He checked people carefully in some of these places and got persistently gloomy reports. Put together with his proved distaste for the whole process these arguments for abandonment of the primaries were compelling. For awhile a fair Case seemed to exist for keeping his Bond with gov. John Gilligan of Ohio and going at it hard for one More week. But several Telephone conversations with Gilligan produced such dark forecasts for that primary that even hanging on that Brief period seemed a fruitless course. Neither Muskie himself nor his principal strategists have any illusion that the a Retreat to the Senate is a promising course for a presidential aspirant. Seldom do american politicians and voters look to the Man who is standing in a Circle of sandbags waiting for the action to come to him. They tend to pick the aggressive figure the Man with the political killer instinct who is out there braving the fire and trying to slash his Way to the top. Yet both among muskies own immediate entourage and in the Circle of his endorsers and backers in the democratic party a notion persists that he is the Best Man the real Choice of the voters the one with the Best Chance to defeat president Nixon next november. An Odd piece of supporting evidence turned up after the Wisconsin disaster but before Massachusetts Pennsylvania a poll in a fairly Liberal new York City congressional District gave Muskie 33 per cent Hubert Humphrey 29, George Mcgovern 13. But whoever these people Are they done to seem to be the kind who vote in primaries. Sen. Soaper says the Man at the next desk is being Brave even though his doctor has told him there is no known cure for his ailment chronic hypochondria. Witchcraft is now in the curriculum of some High schools. A new Challenge for fathers trying to find Newt eyelashes for their daughters lab experiments. A dedicated Public servant is a bureaucrat who belongs to your party. President Nixon a next trip will be to Russia. We imagine that for a change head like to go somewhere that does no to specialize in All those toasts before dinner. Florida has a state Shell the horse conch. Less progressive members of the Federal official Bug. A new publication of the agriculture department defines farming terms such As apparently its not just any place a ranch House has been built. Who does the ombudsman s wife Tell her troubles to violence is disappearing from the nations campuses now that the political ferment seems to have died Down and the basketball season is Over. The Bathtub assumes new and More glamorous shapes. Perhaps a space capsule Model could lure the reluctant Young. We wish these politicians keep showing up with a a a new personality when we Haven t made up our minds about the old one. A Virginia High school offers a course in a Young love a and we re not quite sure How parents will react when their daughter comes Home with an a. As the work week gets Shorter it will no longer be necessary to Moonlight on a Par time Job instead you can hold Down two full time jobs. Smirks Are being smirked because some Campaign backers done to want their contributions to become Public knowledge. Haven to we always been taught to do our charitable deeds in private Teddy s ploy by Henry j. Taylor United feature Syndicate sen. Edward m. Kennedy has now lifted the last Block in his under cover run for the democratic presidential nomination. He has privately achieved the consent of mrs. Rose Kennedy 81, his Mother. Only mrs. Kennedy had been previously opposed although senator Kennedy a disavowal of his candidacy is patently false. This private lifting of the last Block coincided with the sudden upsurge of sen. George Mcgovern. It could tear or. Kennedy a scenario to pieces. Within the Kennedy family mrs. Kennedy was not involved in that part of it but political brain Trust brother in Law Stephen Smith sounded the decisive alarm. He did so immediately after senator Mcgovern a Strong showing in the april 25 Massachusetts primary smack in the heart of Kenn Dyland. Senator Kennedy a scenario is basically a rerun of his 1968 behind the scenes push for the presidency. As in 1968, the scenario Calls for the carefully contrived tactic of falsely protesting that he is not a White House candidate. Brother Robert f. Kennedy used the identical tactic throughout the period from president John f. Kennedy a assassination until openly declaring for the presidency. Edward Kennedy likewise used no Chance Kennedy Ite senator Mcgovern in 1968 while publicly disavowing All interest in the presidency. And As again today his scenario was based on a convention you feel a wave of Dejavu. This writer attended the 1968 democratic National convention in Chicago and reported at that time that the Kennedy a draft movement was carefully fed out by Stephen Smith and other Kennedy agents to newsmen and commentators. It was timed against sen. Hubert h. Humphreys weakest moment in Chicago balloting. Then senator Kennedy denied the whole thing when the Kennedy scenario failed and disavowed even any vice presidential ambitions. Well senator Kennedy did not decide to Issue this statement until late on the tuesday night before the balloting began and actually Only when Stephen Smith and or. Kennedy a other convention agents determined that or. Kennedy a hoped for help from sen. Eugene j. Mccarthy and Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley would not come to him. Or. Kennedy a refusal of a vice presidential nomination was an honest disavowal. But his Pursuit of the presidential nomination is undeniable. And the final defeat of or. Kennedy so a in a not a candidate strategy came when the big labor controlled delegations from Michigan Pennsylvania and Ohio refused to go along with him and notified or. Kennedy that they were sticking with or. Humphrey the candidate of Al Cio president George Meany As he is again or. Meany a candidate today. But or. Meany is not a Man to be caught on the end of a political limb if he can help it. And the Al Cion a political Arm the committee on political education cop which spent $25 million to elect or. Humphrey is now worried and or. Meany is showing his Jitter Ness As is senator Kennedy to his intimates. The Al Cio precinct organization delivered handsomely for senator Humphrey in Pennsylvania. But or. Humphrey obviously May not get the Nom mation even with the collapse of sen. Edmund s. Muskie. The sudden upsurge of senator Mcgovern a strength May win him the Miami Beach nomination. This would create an impossible situation for or. Meany and senator Kennedy alike. The Al Cio is too committed to senator Humphrey and too notoriously anti Mcgovern to effectively make the about face at the Vita organizational level. Senator Kennedy in turn is depending on a convention his ambitious game is full of carom shots at everybody else. He pours Oil on the political fires of each democratic party rival and refuses to endorse any of them. His game also Calls of course for avoiding the risk of the primaries. But the Mcgovern upsurge now threatens the entire Kennedy scenario. Stephen Smith has warned or. Kennedy that a Mcgovern May Well be too Strong at the in Short the deadlock fundamental in or. Kennedy a undercover plan could evaporate. To a Large degree the new Mcgovern strength takes Tho strategic initiative away from sen. Kennedy. And it drove him to mrs. Rose Kennedy. The Mcgovern strength now puts senator Kennedy at a turning Point and at another test of Public opinion since his Chappaquiddick demonstration. Senator Mcgovern has punched a dangerous leak below the scenarios waterline. Letters to the editor Sanford it Wallace analysis challenged to the editor re editorial april 28 a a Sanford is. Wallace no doubt Liberal democrats will agree with the statement a a the democratic primary offers an Opportunity to choose Between old South ism Wallace and modern America Sanford a but level headed common sense democrats reject the premise of this political equation. It seems to be a loaded proposition. As Many of us see it a vote for Terry Sanford is nothing More or less than an endorsement for the same old socioeconomic policies of the left that obviously Haven to worked. So Why to use a Middle class cliche add insult to injury by voting for More of the same it is like praying for rain when the ground is already sopping wet. To our simplistic minds this just does no to make sense. A vote for Wallace is a definitive declaration of protest against the Liberal faction of the democratic party. While neither Sanford or Wallace As pointed out in the referred to editorial is Likely to be nominated As the presidential democratic Standard bearer for 1972, nonetheless the outcome of the North Carolina primary will have significant Impact on the nominating convention at Miami Beach. A Victory for Sanford is tantamount to an endorsement of the Liberal establishment. On the other hand if Wallace goes to the convention with sizeable support the democratic party for sheer practical reasons will inexorably move from the far left position they have held for decades towards a More Central position that reflects the will of the majority. The primary is not As the editorial would have us believe a contest Between a old South ism is a modern America a rather it is a struggle within the party Between progressive conservatism Wallace is. Old liberalism Sanford. Vote your Choice but vote while you still have an Opportunity to express your views via the ballot Box. Mrs. John w. Dyer 134 old Mill Road Graffiti

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