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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Old ruins in Turkey Mark first High Point Enterprise Friday March 31, 1972 7b by Nick Ludington Cata Chuyuk Turkey apr Suleyman Kaya a pleasant primary school graduate in a worn Grey uniform with Gold stripes presides Here Over 9no of the worlds most important archaeological Sites. A a it a the worlds first City a he said accurately blowing dust off his Short barrelled automatic pistol and strapping it on before taking visitors around Cata Chuyuk. Cata Chuyuk according to one top archaeologist a the first truly great achievement of Mankind a is decaying and eroding in the Winter Rains and hot winds which sweep the treeless wheat growing Konya Plain 160 Miles South of Ankara. The 32-acre Mound remains of a City of 10,000 which flourished f.600 years ago was excavated for four Summers until 1965 by James Meyaart of the British archaeological Institute. It produced a number of sensational finds. # Cata Chuyuk developed an advanced agriculture including wheat Barley peas lentils apples amonds and berries As Well As domesticated sleep and goats. Residents had a Rich varied diet and skeletons showed unusually tall prehistoric men ranging up to 5 feet 9 inches with Good Teeth. This a neolithic revolution a organizing food production freed Man from hunger and gave him time for other pursuits. A a Many a first great works of Art a in the description of a historian were found at Cata Chuyuk. The first known murals on Man made Walls. Walls of houses and shrines yielded Lively scenes of bearded men Hunting Deer boar asses bulls and Bison in the forests which once surrounded the City. The worlds first Mirror of Polis de Obsidian was found Here. Woman also carried makeup kits with Rouge and Sticks for applying Green Mascara. For men there was an advanced array of 57 different tools for cutting Boring shaving and stabbing. The technological revolution at Catal Hevuk in the 1,000 years the City flourished until 5,700 b c. Included the use of Copper and Lead and the first known textiles of both animal hair and Plant Fibre. The Art at Cata Chuyuk was used in the service of a highly Suk at Catall i k on Konya Plain developed religious cult. Shrines about one to each four houses and like the houses entered through the roof by ladders were elaborately decorated. According to archaeologists Only one thirtieth of the Cata Chuyuk site has been excavated. Then Meyaart found the site in 1958 while hiking through the Konya Plain in search of a Likely spot to dig he described it As a a whopping great Mound covered by turf and it has reverted to that status in the six Idle years since Meyaart was banned from digging. He left at the end of the 1965 digging season accusing turkish authorities o spying on him and treating him a like a Suleyman Kaya who also worked at the site during the excavation politely says that digging stopped after a a mix up which is Best not gone into. Kaya says the reason the turks have not taken up the dig at Cata Chuyuk after Meyaart left is that Quot this is not America we can to suddenly find All that but Raci Emizer director of the Anara museum where most of the Cata Chuyuk finds Are displayed gives another reason he claims there is no Way to preserve the Beautiful Wall once they Are exposed. Itemize said some of the Cata Chuyuk Wall paintings although carefully recorded fell apart As Little As two Days after being exposed. He said nothing is being lost by leaving most of Cati Chuyuk underground a we waited nine thousand years to dig these up. We can wait a few he said. Is i Hyman Kaya. Caretaker Ani Lari Emizer said a process to preserve the murals is being worked on in Rome London and Turkey. Kaya says one or two cars with visitors come in on the Dusty farm Road each Day in the summer. What s a College degree Worth by Carlton Smith interested anybody in an investment that promises to return $44 for every Dollar you invest by the time you reach retirement age that s the Worth of a College education As figured by a Man who should qualify As an expert since he runs a financial conglomerate that manages assets of More than $4 billion a Julius Jensen chief executive officer of Continental investment corporation Boston. Beginning with what workers at various Levels of education can expect to earn this year. On average figures from government sources show $7,451 for the worker 25 to 30 years old with Only a elementary school education. $10,187 for the High school graduate. $13,786 for the average College graduate under 30. As for lifetime earnings its assumed that a College degree enables a person to move up through the years to higher Levels on the salary scale. The degree in the Long run becomes Worth considerably More than the initial difference of 3.600. Between Ages 25 and 65, it s estimated the College Man will average about $5,850 a year More than the High school graduate. That Means the College degree is Worth More than a Quarter of a Mil lion dollars in lifetime earnings a roughly $234,000. How Good is that As a return on investment considering the Cost of the College education it depends on whose estimates of College costs you use. Jensen cites figures showing current average four year costs of $1,349 a year at state supported schools and $2,906 at private schools. Using the lower figure you come up with $5,3% As the Cost of a College degree and the increase in lifetime earnings would make the degree Worth $43.37 for every Dollar invested in education. Those figures on College costs however seem too Low. A Survey last fall of too u. S. Colleges and universities private and state a supported reported by Mutual of new York put the average four year Cost at $12,770. Nowhere among these too schools could a student get by for less than $8,008. Even using the higher Cost figures though a College degree still comes out As a Good investment returning $18.33 on the Dollar. Where else can you double your investment every two and a half years you May have been wondering by the Way Why Julius Jensen a obviously a pretty Busy Man overseeing the management of $4 billion in assets a spends his spare time figuring out things like this. He did no to Tell us but we can guess. Continental investment corporation is the umbrella for a collection of Mutual funds insurance companies a real estate investment Trust a mortgage loan insurance company a Developer of Leisure communities and so on. They All need your Money. They want you to earn lots of it. So hit those books kids and get your As in College. See me this week for alow Cost Auto loan bal Hilton manager Stephenson finance Southgate shopping Center highpoint no Nixt to ickers drugs tii iphone 812-6833 j r rent a to National tee Vee rentals i 532 English Road phone 883-1781 automatic car Wash High Point t Only full a Cai Wolf twin Oaks car Wash 2013 n. Main Street All makes authorized sales amp service dealer for Admiral Quality to a Alto offer to and car Antenna installations All at reasonable prices. Charlies radio amp to service Motorola has instamatic color tuning the finest color tuning system you can buy quasar. Portable color to instamatic color tuning system has automatic color circuits that lock in color to help keep color constant when changing channels or when signal varies. Sea it on Model wp563gwa. High Impact plastic Cabinet with Walnut Gram finish. Replaceable mini circuits u in repair is Ever. J needed a replace q ment can be snapped in. Usually in just minutes. Solid state Mai circuits replace ail but Ive Chassis tubes. Television log or. Joyce joins the "soaps7 i he has decorated his Shack with a Small but varied Flower Garden in the Only constructive activity on the site now overgrown with nay and Thistle. A we have to make it look Nice for visitors a he said of l is ancient City. By Cynthia Lowry new York api a or. Joyce Brothers almost any Day now will turn up on abcs soap opera a one life to playing herself. She will help one of the series suffering characters overcome an anxiety neurosis. Or. Brothers has never acted before Learned lines and responded to direction. But because of her frequent appearances on radio and television when she arrives on the soap scene it will be for women just like the arrival of the cavalry in a Western. Joyce Brothers a psychologist graduated from Columbia University has spent More time talking into microphones than directly to patients. Her Day starts Early with a live 60-minute broadcast on a new York City radio station whee she has Telephone conversations with people with a problem. She also has a taped daily program heard on radio around the nation and appears twice weekly on no cd a once a month she is a guest on lbs televisions a Captain a there we take up children s problems a she explained. A i talk to puppets who Are really surrogate she also writes seven columns a week for newspapers knocks out a column for a 8 00 the Brady Bunch 8 30 the Partridge family 9 00 room 222 monthly women a Magazine and turns out an occasional self help Book. She lectures and even serves As a consultant to business firms. This still leaves time for a Happy Homelike and for occasional guest appearances on late night talk shows and on variety shows. I never have to prepare ahead for the talk shows a she said. A the Host just asks me questions about human relations and i answer. Sometimes in be been called at the very last minute when a scheduled guest has not appeared. But i always appear on television As myself i even did on a the Dean Martin show a a slight blonde she is the wife of a. Milton Brothers an internist. Their Only child Lisa is a pre med student at Princeton. A my husband is As Busy As i am and does not restrict me at All a she reported Over a luncheon plate of Spaghetti. A and since we Are Likely to eat at strange hours in a a very Good Short order she keeps voluminous files Cross indexed for Quick reference and she reads a lot in her Fields a a in a a rapid Reader about 3,500 words a she has a couple of part time helpers to sort her mail but that is about it. Or. Brothers believes she is serving As effectively As any of her Fellows even appearing in a soap opera. A the character in trouble is shown getting professional help a she said. A that right there is a ugh pts cd of my Greensboro x a Btu Charlotte 4 Wunch University station a a Gap High Point 3 soc Charlotte 9$ Wols Roanoke a a Wujs Winston Salom in 6 00 . News weather sports scene tonight electric company Abu news eyewitness news 6 o clock news 6.30 . Lbs news Lang of the deaf to Tell the truth 3 9<j Binic news 7 00 . 2 9 Andy Griffith 3 news 4 evening edition 2 3 4 8 9 10 2 4 8 18 to truth or consequences b news 7 30 x a at the clock 3 8 Mayberry Fri 4 Engineer review 9 Hee Haw 9$ to Tell the truth 91 Green acres 8 00 . 2 3 a the crucifixion d Washington week 8 the Brady Bunch to u Sanford l son 8 30 . 4 film Odyssey a the Partridge family 3x1�92 Abc movie 9 . 2 3� Friday movie cd room 222 9 30 . A Odd couple 10 00 . 8 love american style 10 30 . 2 3 Don Rockies 9 Sanford a son 30 this is your life b rolling on the River 11 00 . 2 night beat news 3 scene tonight 8 x eyewitness news 10 news 11 news. Weather. Sports 11 30 . 2 3d movie i Dick Ca vet show x to 12 Johnny Carson Sis Ltd it Friday night at the movie cat on a hot tin roof starring Elizabeth Taylor Payl Newman 8 30 . Saturday to 2 i it a 91 to 6 30 . Now 7 00 Sunrise semester Kirby in friends capt. Noah Popeye insight b farm report 7 30 . 2 Tom and Jerry 3 4-h to science 8 to science club a Abbott and costello 9$ profile b cartoon carnival 1 00 . 5 3d bugs Bunny j Loix or. Doolittle a real Jerry Lewis 1 30 . X 3 Scrooby Doo 8 Road runner c9 to 12 Deputy Dawg 9 00 . Xxx Harlem globetrotters to Funky phantom x to 12, Woody Woodpecker 9 30 . X x the Bair Bear Bunch 3 10 la Pink Panther 8 Jackson five 10 00 2 3 pebbles amp bamm barn 3 bewitched 3 to 12 the jetsam 10.30 to 3 Archie a to funnies 18 lids Vale in to 12 Barrier reef 11 00 . 2 3 Sabrina. Teen age Witch 8 curiosity shop x Ioji giant step 11 30 x cd Josie and the pussycats 12 noon x 8 the monkeys 3 110 a or. W Izard i Johnny quest 12 30 . 3 children a film festival 8 Lancelot link to wrestling x rolling on the River x99 91 tile Buga Loos 1 00 . 3 8 East West games to wrestling 12 secret agent 1 30 . X sports Challenge 9� Bui Jefferson 2 00 . J Aba Basket Bau 9� roller Derby Xii saturday matinee 2 30 pm. 2 water world $ death Valley Days Xuncax basketball 3 00 . 3d Porter Wagoner j survival to outdoors 3 30 . 3 survival x pro bowlers to Arthur Smith a a the Nazarene 4 00 . X x logo 4 30 . A a family theater s 00 . 2 roller Derby 3d wrestling 8 wide world of sports 9 untamed world in Nat quiz 5 30 . X Here a Lucy 3 Simon Locke m d. Capsule views of today s evening programs Bright picture tube rare Earth phosphors provide a Bright. Sharp color picture with dazzling highlights. Crisp detail. 7 30 . 8 the Brady Bunch 2 a beat the clock a Jan finds difficulty in Stab Meredith Macrae is the Lishing her own identity be guest Star. Cause of Marcia a Success in 8 Mayberry red scho01 Howard who collects coins 12 a Sanford a son a Gabe is eager to share hobbies with Dell sex dead end kid. Is still a lighted dial Channel selector a vhf uhf antennas a out front sound a pull push on off control compare All other color tuning systems. You la choose Motorola instamatic color tuning see a demonstration today at. Owned and operated by Paul Wilson Rose radio sales amp service 438 n. Wrenn phone 882-6426 a new girl Friend but is horrified to learn she is a skydiver. 12 Green acres Hoot Erville a Farmers fear that Oliver a work costume will ruin their image and protest. Lisa a answer of tailor made overalls does not help. 1 00 . 2 _ appointment with destiny a the crucifixion of Jesus a a documentary drama special covering the period Between Christ s triumphal entry into the City on what is now Palm sunday and his crucifixion on Good Friday. Tough As nails in this comedy about a gunman whose stolen loot is now the property of Sanford amp son. 1 30 . 1 Partridge family Danny attempts to raise Money by Selling Keith a personal possessions including much of his hair. 9 Friday night movie a a cat on a hot tin roof a with Elizabeth Taylor Paul Newman and Burl Ives. 9 00 . 2 Friday night movies a a trilogy a Bobby Joe and the big Apple goo time band a with Forrest Tucker a my sister Hank a with Jack Ging and a miss Steward a sir a with Joanna Pettit. I room 222 or. Kaufman decides to take a years sabbatical when he becomes too frustrated by school problems. 9 30 . I the Odd couple Oscar becomes a sleepwalker and pummels Felix to relieve his frustrations. 10 00 . 1 love american style a four a love and a episodes with stars including Ronnie Schell Bernie Kopell Dick Gautier and Meredith Macrae. 10 30 . 2 Don Rickles Don chaperones a slumber party Given by his daughter and discovers his expensive Stop watch is missing

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