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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain ending colder Mort data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 91 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon March 31, 1972 30 pages Call us circulation. 1821719 classified ads.ms-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c �?�8� i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Caught in the act o. I wonder Why the people at Street which is a new Section in the Ridgecrest area Are moving in a second House trailer and today they have been hooking up sewer lines. I wonder Why the City of High Point permits this to go on when it is in violation of a City ordinance. The neighbors definitely do not like the situation. Thank you. D. J. A. A mistranslation of the Street with one of a similar sounding name complicated things but the building inspectors searched the area and found an illegal Mobile Home at the right address. The owner was notified to remove this says inspector Hill and agreed to comply. It it it pen pal prospects 0. I am a 5th Grade teacher at Pilot school and my students Are interested in obtaining pen pals. I would like to have them from foreign countries but the lepers must be translated before they can receive them As they cannot read foreign languages. Please give me the name of and address of a reputable service for this purpose. Thank you. D. My. A. You can write the student letter Exchange Waseca. Minnesota 56093. And they will Send you a form on which you can indicate the country preferred the age and sex of the pen pal wanted. There is a Small charge of about 40 cents for each foreign name. The unabridged dictionaries have vocabularies of the More common foreign languages in Back a French German Spanish italian a but if you get a pen pal who Speaks swahili or tagalog Kurush or uighur you re on your own. It in War o the worlds q. Could you give me the Date of Orson Wells broadcast of the War of the worlds Over the radio a halloween 1939 a a tapestry hanging q. I have a tapestry 4 feet by 6 fee and i want to hang this on the Wall in the living room Wall or bedroom. I would like to know the Correct Way you can hang this As we have plastered Walls. Do you hang it directly on the Wall or do i use something like a curtain Rod what is the Correct Way and would appreciate an answer to this and am waiting to get this displayed and it is very Beautiful and was sent from Germany thank you very much. Mrs. , a. In reply to our inquiry to the North Carolina museum of Art curator Benjamin Williams says the museum uses the following method tapestry rings Are sewn to the top of the tapestry spaced on about 4-Inch centers. A Board penetrated with Hooks coinciding with the 4-Inch centers on the tapestry is then suspended by wires from the picture molding. The rings Are simply hooked Over each Hook allowing the tapestry to hang free at the sides and Bottom. In it in if s All very Legal 0. I was questioning the right of the off duty policeman to step traffic in front of big Bear on North main Street to let people out of the parking lot and did not know this was allowable for a private business to Stop traffic on a Public Street. There was a question about this several years too and it stopped for a Little while and wondered Why it started again. Thank you. S. P. A. The High Point police department advises that the officers presence and traffic direction reduces considerably the probability that a frustrated shopper will make some desperate attempt to get into the traffic flow thereby setting up the possibility of or perhaps becoming the cause of an Accident. While it is True in this Case that the big Bear store hires the officer As a Courtesy to their patrons the police department says the officer has the authority to be there and through his presence eliminates to a great extent a potential traffic Hazard. It Icie near vertical dive b52 hits Orlando houses Crew and civilians killed Tony Boyle convicted by jury Washington apr w. A. A a Tony Boyle president of the United mine workers was convicted today by a Federal District jury on charges of illegally spending Union funds on political contributions. He was found guilty on All 13 counts in an indictment. Two other Union officials were acquitted of similar but fewer counts. Boyle made no comment As he left the courtroom for an elevator. When asked for his reaction to tre verdict he compressed his lips into a thin line and Shook his head. Charles Huff head of the governments prosecuting team told reporters a i think Justice was Boyle s Bond was continued until sentencing for which no Date was set pending an expected Appeal of the conviction. Two Union officials charged along with Boyle were found innocent on All counts. John Owens the Union s Sec retard treasurer was found innocent on two counts and James Kmetz was found innocent of the four counts with which he was charged. Kmetz is director of the Union s political Arm. The 67-year-old Boyle president of the Union since 1963, received the verdict without any apparent show of emotion. He stood facing the jury along with the other defendants with his hands clasped before him Boyle could receive a maximum of 32 years in prison and up to $120,000 in fines. He also could be barred from holding Union office for five years. The verdict came after a Day and a half of deliberation by the Federal jury climaxing a two week trial in the first prosecution of a Union officer for making illegal Campaign contributions in elections for Federal office. Boyle was convicted of con it piracy consenting toll specific illegal Campaign contrib Ion funds to the use of others. Owens 81, had been accused of participating in one of the contributions and in the alleged conspiracy. By Pat Leisner associated press writer Orlando. Fla. A a giant b52 bomber crashed and exploded in a residential area today and mayor Carl Langford said seven crewmen aboard were killed. He also said there were numerous civilian casualties. People who saw the eight engined Jet crash said at least eight Homes were damaged when it slammed into the ground in a near vertical dive. Three of the Homes were gutted by flames witnesses said and the roof was ripped off a fourth. Bart Forster a spokesman for Mccoy air Force base where the plane was based said it carried a Crew of seven when it exploded and burned about a Quarter mile Northwest of the base. The base is just South of Orlando. Witnesses said the bomber still was burning about an hour after the crash and that residents of Homes around the crash site were being evacuated because one Wing of the aircraft still was filled with fuel the Pentagon said the bo2 carried no nuclear weapons. Forster said the Crew had declared an in flight emergency and reported they had a fire on Board just before the crash. An air Force spokesman said the plane was attached to Tho 306th bomb Wing at Mccoy and was returning to the base from a routine training flight. The b52 is the mainstay of the air forces heavy bomber Force and has been used extensively in the War in Southeast Asia. It. Charles Goulder of the Orlando fire department said casualties were taken to the Mccoy fab Hospital and other hospitals in the area. A pieces were falling off the plane before it said an employee of a car rental Agency at Mccoy which also serves As a commercial Airport. A it banked and angled toward the ground crashed and started w. M. Tayolr the taxi supervisor at Mccoy said a i saw the whole thing and that pilots action kept the plane from hitting the Airport terminal. A was he came in he was stir above the Clouds but the engines sounded unusual so i went out to see what it was. A when he broke through the Cloud cover he could t have no More than a Joo feet up a Taylor said a when the Pilot of that ship saw what was happening he pulled it to the right and dumped it in a Field. Money could be better used congressmen question hiring civilians for up by Robert a. Dobkin a military writer Washington a the army a plan to do away with he in a the new Volunteer army by hiring civilians for the Job has run into fire from some key congressmen. They say the Money could be better spent elsewhere. A House appropriations committee spokesman says several members have expressed doubts Over the army a request for $99 million in next years budget to make permanent i t s Experiment of replacing soldiers with civilian Kitchen policemen or . This has been one of the army a key some put freeze on Selling Points in its Campaign to recruit an All Volunteer Force. The committee spokesman said some members feel a a that a a lot of Minev and a big departure from the Way the army has always done business a a in hearings with top army leaders Over the past several weeks the spokesman said some committee members questioned whether the Money could be spent a on cancer research or even a new other members some of whom pulled up in their army Days suggested the troops might be better off keeping Busy by peeling potatoes and washing dishes a than smoking marijuana a t h e spokesman said. In response the army has gathered ammunition from its top Field commanders for a counterattack to impress upon the committee t h e importance of the up replacement program to boost troop morale. Gen. Michael s. Davison the army a commander in Europe says keeping up As part of a gigs duty a would be to renege on a Promise and to undercut Progress toward the modern Volunteer the general said that by hiring civilians in Europe the army has been Able to return 3,500 soldiers to their primary duty. A this equates to More than four mechanized infantry battalions a he said. Davison s comments and those from several other generals were released by the army after being extracted from periodic reports by the commanders evaluating Progress in the Volunteer army Campaign. Gen. Ralph Haines commander of the Continental army command called up the most a onerous and counterproductive task and said the troops believe that a society is intelligent enough to recognize that soldiers have More to learn from their squad Leader than their mess r chains move against prices by Michael j. Reilly associated pres writer Washington a a Day after Treasury Secretary John b. Connally talked with leading Cha in store executives about the High Cost of food. Three supermarket chains moved to Stop the spiral. Grand Union and Winn Dixie put freezes on current prices thursdays. Safeway stores inc., Cut beef prices in its 246 stores in Maryland Virginia Pennsylvania. Delaware and the District of Columbia. Grand Union froze fresh meat and poultry prices for 30 Days in its 500-plus stores in the East and Winn Dixie with 871, stores in the Southeast froze All food prices through april. The agriculture department meanwhile announced that the prices paid to Farmers for beef on the Hoof dropped 20 cents per hundredweight in the month ending March 15. A record High of $32.60 per Hundred pounds of beef was set Secretary recalls typing Beard memo complaint dept. O. Who would you report a probation officer to that is not doing his duty mrs. H. A. You May Contact Aubrey Strother at the District court Telephone 882-2591. Strother says that the Case loads of All probation officers Are so High that they can to do the Job As they a like to do it but if you have a specific complaint get in touch with him. A re action q. Somebody wanted to know where you could have an a handle put in or shovel handles. Wards saw shop at 3607 South main puts them in and Sharpens tools too. Anon. Q. Someone was wanting to know about putting handles and things in hoes rakes and everything. Or. T. C. Sumner on Lowe Avenue is the Best i it flow of. Thank you. Anon. Washington apr mrs. Susan Lichtman a Secretary for seven weeks to mrs. Dita Beard said today she remembers typing a memo which indicated former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell played a part in placing the Republican National convention in san Diego. Mitchell has denied any such Orle and mrs. Beard Washington lobbyist for International Telephone amp Telegraph co., has said she did t write anything about Mitchell and the convention. The memo published by columnist Jack Anderson also Drew a link Between the convention and the out of court settlement of three antitrust suits brought by the Justice department against itt. Mrs. Lichtman now a College student in Toronto has said she has no memory of that portion of the memo which has delayed the confirmation of Richard g. Kleindienst to succeed Mitchell As attorney general. At a news conference mrs. Lichtman also said it was not uncommon for itt to provide favors for congressmen and senators. She recalled a Call from the office of sen. Vance Hartke d-ind., who she said wanted a plane ride on one of a Fleet of itt jets. Hartke wanted to Fly to a midwestern speaking engagement mrs Lichtman said but he was turned Down. Another time she said a congressman whose name she could not remember wanted to pick up two itt owned camper vehicles in France for a tour of Europe with his family. Mrs. Lichtman said she had no idea How the Anderson published memo came into existence. Last month. It fell to $32 40 in the latest Price period the decline though slight was the first since last summer. Safeway said it lowered its meat prices As a result of the drop in prices paid for cattle. Basil Winstead vice president of Safeway said the reductions had been planned for some time to take effect during the easter weekend but a Safeway decided to make these reductions effective two Days earlier than planned As part of its pledge to the administration to do everything in its Power to help keep food prices Low a a on several cuts of beef. Safeway reduced prices to cents a Pound. Wednesday Connally summoned representatives of the 12 largest food chains to discuss the High food prices. Those taking part in the meeting said no pressure was exerted by the government but Connally and agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz said after the session that a drop in prices of meat could be expected soon. Both said it would be a result of declining wholesale prices of beef not because of government pressure. Interviewed thursday by the National Public affairs Center for television Butz said the drop could be expected in the coming month As declines in prices at the farm filter through the farm to Market Channel. Christ s final Steps Are traced by the associated press Christian pilgrims flocked to Jerusalem today to retrace Christ a final footsteps along the via Dolorosa the Way of sorrows to the traditional scene of the crucifixion. Thousands of visitors from abroad passed through the narrow lanes of Jerusalem for the annual Good Friday pilgrimage of mourning to Calvary. Warm Spring breezes swept the City As the pilgrims some of them carrying 2-foot wooden crosses on their backs began the in 11 a Long procession through Jerusalem a bazaars. It was the fifth Good Friday in Jerusalem since Israel captured the old City from Jordan in the 1967 War. In Berlin a massive Good Friday flow of westerners crossed the Wall into East Berlin and East Germany. West Berlin police reported crowds at All nine Border crossing Points. A processing continues Quick but the crowds apparently have overburdened the Eastern they said. Cars carrying West berliners into the East German Countryside for the first time in 20 years were lined up As much As two Miles at the three main Access Points. In the Philippines several Hundred Flagel lants underwent their annual torture rituals to recall the sufferings of Christ and atone for their own sins. With some wearing headpieces of vines they were whacked on the Back with wooden bats covered with razor Sharp Glass then flogged with whips of Bamboo rods. In Ulster violence grows before easter by Colin Frost associated press writer Belfast a. William Whitelaw Britain a minister for Northern Ireland started his new assignment today As violence escalated among catholics protestants and troops before the easter weekend. The new Secretary of state arrived from London thursday night amid tight Security precautions. During the coming year Whitelaw will try to find a solution to the strife that has thrown the one million protestants and 500,000 roman catholics of the province into ferocious enmity. He has said he will stay in Northern Ireland throughout the critical weekend which launches the provinces a marching annual protestant parades celebrating Battle victories Over catholics centuries ago Are due to Start soon. What s inside amusements 10-11a Bridge 16b classified ads 8-1 so comics 13a crossword a editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries so sports 3-4b television 7b women s news 79a weather 3a thousands of catholics also Are expected to take to the streets Over the Holiday defying a ban on parades. Many want to Honor the memory of Irish Republican army men killed by the British army in recent months while others commemorate those who fell in the 1916 easter uprising against British Rule. This brought a civil War ending in Ireland a partition into an Independent South and a British North. Britain a worry is that the Catholic parades will provoke Battles with militant protestants and spark a new civil War. Normally the protestants do not interfere in the Catholic marches but Security officials fear they will this year because of Britain a takeover of the province. London has promised to add 600 troops to the 14,500 already in the strife torn province but in 1916, even the presence of 70.000 British troops failed to Avert civil War. A wave of violence thursday brought Northern Ireland a death toll in nearly three years of fighting to 293. A woman bystander was shot dead during a three hour gun Battle Between Ira Guerra lots and British soldiers along the twisting streets of Belfast a Catholic enclave of Andersons town. A British army explosives expert trying to dismantle a bomb was killed and at least 30 civilians were wounded in bomb blasts in several cities. South Viets lose two bases by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a a swelling North vietnamese onslaught in the far North drove South vietnamese from two More bases today m the heaviest fighting there in four years. Field reports said a third base also May have been abandoned. One base was Given up thursday in the first Day of enemy attacks on bases along the demilitarized zone. The air War also heated up As a North vietnamese mig21 was shot Down and the United states lost its second computerized four engine gunship in two Days and one of the air forces biggest Rescue helicopters. New . Air raids were launched inside North Vietnam after a nearly two week Lull and american jets attacked enemy gun positions in the Southern half of the Doz. Hundreds of South vietnamese troops and some american forces at the option of local Field commanders were ordered on heightened Alert. . And South vietnamese Field commanders in the 3rd military Region that includes Saigon and la surrounding provinces increased the state of readiness for All of their troops. The . Headquarters for Saigon ordered All americans off the streets of the capital. But an hour later the Headquarters of Gen. Creighton w. Abrams the top commander rescinded that directive. In the Central Highlands six government bases were shelled from Dawn to dusk Friday and one of them was hit with too mortar rounds. One ground attack was reported. First reports said the Only government casualties were three troops wounded. North vietnamese troops battled government forces and armoured columns near Dong a nine Miles South of the Doz and farther West near Camp Carroll. The Saigon command said 115 North vietnamese troops were killed in three Battles 17 South vietnamese were reported killed and 31 wounded. The . Command said that one of two air Force f4 phantom fighters escorting bombers on raids against the to Chi Minh Trail Supply network in Laos intercepted and shot Down a soviet built m1g21 on the North vietnamese Side of the Border thursday night. I / i

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