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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Officers clash with cuban exiles protesting visit of soviet vessel Miami Fla. Apr cuban officials. Pate in a series of conferences marched on the Dock carrying exiles demonstrating against the incident took place at the with officials of the National signs saying a free soviet the Miami visit of a soviet Miami docks about 200 Yards oceanic and atmospheric they were kept behind oceanographic research ship from where the 404-foot facade ministration Noaa. A barricade and dispersed clashed briefly with police sat Mician Kur Chatov docked after about the time russian pro about noon or Ltd a. Its arrival earlier saturday for Fessor Vladimir g. Kort was prof. Fort and ship capt. De five refugees were arrested a four Day stay. The 6.800-ton welcoming newsmen aboard the Ward rubeans showed newsmen and charged with assault and vessel s 170-Man Crew and Sci sleek modern vessel a number around the Kur Chatov a 23 Labo Battery and obstructing police in Tiftic staff Are Here to Partici-0f exiles were peppering the stories. The ship which has sides of the White ship with to previously visited other Ameri i net pm act Matoes. Can ports is engaged in a 15 lu5l shortly afterwards. Dude Natman study of the Caribbean High Point Enterprise sunday March 26, 1972 Arlington burial asked for Soldier shortly afterwards county sheriffs officers and seats currents fisheries and Miami police in riot gear set up meteorology among other top barricades a Good distance is away from the Kur Chatov. A the cubans part of Miami a Small crowd of cuban pickets exile Colony of some 300,000. Were joined by some too other carried signs Reading a Cuba is. Men women and children. Russia others demanded witnesses said violence the ouster of a russian oppress erupted As five or six russians sors our police reported there were no including a Wixman were is persons who die while on Active Cor dec rom the ship by police serious injuries Miami Beach Fla. Api the old Man was on his death duty winners of the medal of i pfc Nar the Barr Cades. J. U., cuban attempted to spit on bed. He had but one wish Honor retired members of the the visitors and was pushed a just give me six feet of dirt in armed forces and honorable Back by police the witnesses Arlington cemetery a he told discharged veterans who also said. Other exiles than began to his a in. That s where my Bud 2? and the government. Before the re police cars with their fists and Dies Are striations there were 7,000 Bur with that a. Henry Kauff gals a year but since then it research station to remain open Raleigh a the us. Waving a Large cuban Flag. Department of agriculture has when police tried to restore chanced is Quot cd about Coslic filled easter baskets Man. 73. Died after a life of has been running at 3.700 to Ord the hand inv a a tobacco marketing research a. 4.000. Broke into fisticuffs and police j,10&Quot 1sar r?,8h state commissioner of Agri proud memories. Among them was when Gen. John j. A Black Jack a Pershing pinned on him the distinguished service Cross for bravery under German fire in 1918. Kauffman died March 16. But his body Clad in his uniform still Waits for a Soldier s grave Hobby hits Campaign Cost culture Jim Graham announced used their Long wooden Duns. The five men arrested were. a into a police Van where a l hey sat until the port closed at Butz had he a pleas not to 5 p m. And the crowd dispersed he u they were then taken Down Lac am gated the research town and booked. �?ol1. Has t m a lmpr0, before disbanding the cd Hazel Williams decor a top dont maims hot Phoneil hoi Aoi Asti Iaggi so Lac 7ion of Hants and Cut to wins Dat Chiv Mill to nosh Al Ano unit Al Homis credit cards honoured ln8m8e a for vacation. Lumberton api say cured tobacco markets is rec he did not qualify for burial at eng it was a a disgraceful that a p but As Vataj to our Over adj Arlington under restrictions in Campaign for governor in North at. Economy a Graham said posed in 187. Carolina could Cost As much As Harer of. Dot Kauffman a son Jack says be $2 million Wilbur Hobby Satur Are of action aka not is determined to fill his father s Day night again challenged oth j p Cut a swarm or retest and will not permit the or candidates in the race for As e Vesse a led old Man to be buried anywhere governor to disclose their Cam . ,. E be. Even though he says the pain contributions.a5�?T,l0n. Ai. If delay clashes with religious tra Hobby who made Public cd re ? i rom f m edition among orthodox jews tuesday a list of More than 600 jewish defense league that burial should occur within contributors to his Campaign three Days of death. Said in a talk prepared for a the Kauff mans plight is Sim democratic party rally at Lumbar to that of Many families Berton that neither the highest since february 1967, when Lack or lowest office in the state of space forced military author a should not be up for cities to impose rigid limits on where Hobby asked does who could be buried at Arling the Money come from to Pav ton. In turn military represent for the billboards and the tvs natives Are faced with the in ads pleasant task of saying a a not to a it is no secret that Money the bereaved families of Veter Means Hobby ans who had wished to be by added. A and the people of ried at Arlington but do net North Carolina have a right to qualify. Know just who will have the earlier this month for sex most influence Over the next ample the authorities under the governor of North Carolina rules had to turn Dowie the apr will it be the big boys of peal of 14-year-old Bonnie Del banking the Utility companies Aguila of Detroit. Her father the insurance companies or air National guard Edward g will it be the poor average tax Del Aguila. 39, was killed in the payer of North Carolina a he line of duty when his plane asked. Crashed on a training flight a the people have a right to March 7, but he did not qualify know now. Each candidate for Arlington because he was should disclose All his Cam on guardsman status not a pain contributions immediate Tive when killed. By so that the people can see under the 1967 restrictions just who he will owe his elec burial at Arlington is limited to tons i super i Siluk a you Are invited to come in and see the largest and finest selection of Luggage in High Point. 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