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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy today and monday 88th year a no. 86 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning March 26, 1972 112 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c i is in a jail in t n. M a % for answers to questions or help with o problem Coll or writ action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every one. Wheels of Justice q. When a person has a trial at the High Point court and the judge gives the order Why is it not carried out we had a Small trial concerning a bicycle and the judge gave 15 Days for the bicycle to be Back or else he would give the others a sentence. That was in november and we have heard nothing since. Judge Washington was on the Case and i would like to know Why we Don t hear from this. I even issued papers on the boy and still nothing has been done or i have never been notified As they have told me nothing about it. I would like to know Why a judge s orders Are not carried but by the people in the courthouse that should carry it out. . A. When a judge gives an order it must be carried out unless he changes it himself. Since you gave no name we can to Check on this but suggest you go to the court or Call them to see what the problem is. A Doggie permits q. What is the penalty for having a dog 19 months without having a tag a. Until the dog reaches the age of four months. No License fee is charged. The annual fee $1 for any male dog or spayed female $2 for females not spayed is due and payable on july first and if not paid by August first the fee is increased by 50 per cent. A a spraying the fridge o. Is Thoro any place in High Point that will Spray paint refrigerators . A. Have a paint store Salesman recommend the Best kind of paint for the Job drape everything in sight with drop cloths or old sheeting a and Spray away. No place have we found that will do it for you but from those who be done the Job themselves it s not too awful a task and the results were satisfactory. Better get some masking tape while you re at it to protect any Chrome or trim you Den t want painted. A a Sage advice q. When is the right time to pick Sago i planted a number of Saga Bushes and they lived a few years and then died. I have been told if you gather the Sage at the wrong time it will kill your Bushes. I have just planted a new Bush and am hoping so much it will make it. Thanks a lot. Mrs. . A. Sage plants done to last More than four or five years so its a Good idea to develop a new Plant or two each year. New plants be until they Are at least 8 inches High. The Best time to and dry Sage for Winter use is just before flowering cutting the tender Young leaves from the tips of the branches. Fresh leaves May be any time during the growing season. In the fall plants should be Back to about 8 inches to encourage new growth the following Spring. What is off can be used for cuttings. Root them Over the Winter in Sand to set out in the Spring. Have you tried Sage Tea its said to be soothing for a sore Throat. It in let s look again q. Lest fell i celled action line in reference to East Fairfield Road which was widened to within 25 feet of the second Entrance to Fairfield Plaza. I finally had a reply in the Enterprise not really an answer and if they were just covering the intersection of South main and East Fairfield Why did they go beyond the first Entrance. I said before they went to within 25 feet of the second Entrance and just stopped which is clearly a dangerous situation for anybody not familiar with the Street. There is no place for that Lane of traffic to go. It might help motorists into the first drive safely but it left us hanging before we got to the second Entrance. The engineers should take a second look at their safety project since the work has been completed. Mrs. . A. You paint a picture of modern Day riders being off at the pass. City traffic Engineer v. Moss gives his Assurance that a second look will be taken. A a a out of Stock q. I have a 28-Inch bicycle and can t find tires for it size 28 x in tires. Or. . A. You must have an old velocipede there for the Bike dealers we called said they just done to make Mem that size any More a but bicycle toy so Hobby sales said they did happen to have a size 28 still around. A a a reaction q w e noted in your feb. 13 column you listed the name of National epilepsy league in answer to an inquiry from an epileptic. We Are grateful to you and would like you to have our new address for your files 116 s. Michigan Avenue Chicago Illinois 60603. Enclosed please find a copy of our a a horizon publication which contains much information on epilepsy As Well As details concerning our Low Cost pharmacy service for epileptics. James j. Daleiden executive director National epilepsy league. A a n let him sow nearly everyone else was inside watching Carolina defeat Louisville but Dan Jackson of 601 colonial or. Here was out a Are carpeting his front Lawn. As any Gardener will Tell you Jackson Hasni to gone Daft the Best time to reseed is during a Light snowfall. _ us photo of aft Richardton s. Viets making Cambodia move Saigon a South vietnamese troops pushed deeper into Eastern Cambodia saturday uncovering More enemy Supply dumps along the Way. Tile South vietnamese reported they seized quantities of Rice and gasoline and two trucks 20 Miles inside Cambodia and 85 Miles Northwest of Saigon. . B52 bombers raided suspected enemy troop concentrations ahead of the drive. To the rear enemy forces shelled Tay Ninh 60 Miles North of Saigon and the major base for the 10.000 South vietnamese in Eastern Cambodia operating to smash enemy Supply dumps. Enemy gunners slammed four shells into the grounds of the Cao Dai Cathedral in Tay Ninh. There were no casualties and the main Cathedral was not damaged. A House on the Temple grounds was hit. There has been fighting near the Cathedral in the past but a pornography mailed voter list sales cause complaints Raleigh a some of the states voters complain they Are getting pornographic material in the mail because counties sell voter registration lists to anyone who wants them according to North Carolinas director of elections Alex Brock. Brock declined to say How serious the problem is but he said the state Board of elections is concerned enough that it is planning to ask the next general Assembly to regulate the Sale of the lists. He said some counties have a almost no problem at ally of the lists being used for nonpolitical purposes. But some counties a seem to consistently have the problem a he added. Brock said it would be unfair to name the counties where voter lists Are purchased regularly by direct mail firms or other businesses. The state Board of elections has no lists of All voters. Such lists must be purchased at the county level. An associated press Story last year reported that the North Carolina motor vehicles department Sells computer readouts of the names and addresses of motor vehicle registrants to junk mail companies. Later legislation to prohibit such invasion of privacy died in a legislative committee after a direct mail company in Detroit sent one of its lobbyists to Raleigh to fight the Bill. Brock says the state Board of elections has never been Able to confirm that voter registration lists have been used to solicit customers for pornographic material or other a undesirable items for a but its difficult to deny when a Man who has his name listed a special Way on voter registration Rolls gets something in the mail using his name exactly that Winter weather pulls a last Power play Snow to remain Only Short while Saigon command spokesman said he believed this was the first time the site itself had been shelled. There Are about 15 million Cao Dai followers in South Vietnam. Tie religion is an amalgam of buddhism. Christianity confucianism Taoism and other faiths. Enemy shellings also were reported in the Central Highlands and along the demilitarized zone in the far North. In the Central Highlands North vietnamese troops fired 200 mortar rounds into South vietnamese Ranger positions South of Oak to and followed up with a ground attack. Three South vietnamese soldiers and six enemy troops were reported killed. The Saigon command said 24 soviet heavy rockets crashed into Camp Carroll one of the South vietnamese positions South of toe demilitarized zone. No casualties or major damage were reported. By the associated press a fast moving Spring snowstorm which pounced on North Carolina saturday was expected to be Short lived with the . Weather service predicting High temperatures in the 50s Over much of the state sunday. Office ulv. The weather service was predicting a a several inches accumulation in the mountains where the storm first struck about 8 a in. By Early afternoon Asheville had about five inches of Snow and higher elevations had even More. Snow mixed with sleet was expected to invade even the Eastern part of the state through the night. Travel Erst warnings were issued by the Highway patrol in the mountains where chains or Snow tires were advised for most roads a rash of accidents followed the onslaught of Snow. A seven car pileup occurred without any serious injuries on a Snow Slick Bridge Over the Yadkin River on the Davey Forsyth county line. The snowstorm with about the same intensity As one which struck the state on the same Date last year also swept across parts of Georgia and Eastern South Carolina. North Carolina s multimillion Dollar peach crop would not he Hurt unless temperatures in the san Hills dropped into the 20s. According to t. Clyde a Man a Veteran peach grower and former president of the National peach Council. Saturday nights Low for the san Hills was expected to be about 40. Auman of West end in Moore county said the temperature and not the Snow would be the determining Factor for the Success or failure of the crop. High Point got 3 inches a Spring storm saturday dumped slightly Over three inches of Snow on High Point but temperatures weren to cooperative enough to allow much accumulation on streets. The Weatherman said a Low pressure Ridge passing South of North Carolina and a High pressure area forcing cold temperatures Down from the North caused the unexpected Snow. forecast Calls f o r decreasing cloudiness and not As cold today with a High near 50. Skies will be partly Cloudy tonight and monday with a Low tonight in the Middle 30s and a High monday in the Low 50s. There is near Zero Chance of precipitation today and tonight. Probably mumbling about the Snow under his Collar postman Russell Payne brought the mail to residents of Parkway while that genial practical joker old Man Winter was getting in one final laugh saturday. Presumably it will be his last since his departure was scheduled six Day ago. State photo by Arf it Sharon Al Salvador Catholic endorsements hit by coup say radios revive peace prospects san Jose. Costa Rica apr radio stations in three Central America countries reported that president Fidel Sanchez Hernandez of i Salvador was overthrown by a military coup saturday and is being held by army troops in the san Carlos Barracks. A san Jose broadcast said Napoleon Duarte of an opposition party had been called to form a triumvirate. A Costa rican government source said unofficially that his government w As informed of the coup. In Guatemala an Amateur radio operator said he had received reports that troops of the san Carlos Barracks who carried out the coup and forces of the capote Barracks Loyal to Sanchez Hernandez continued fighting. According to the radio reports from Guatemala Honduras and Costa Rica the coup was led by Gen. Jose Alberto Medrano a candidate in the feb. 20 presidential election. Communications to Al Salvador from Mexico Central american countries and Panama were off and flights to san Salvador were cancelled. The country a Borders also were reported closed. Belfast a the first faint Hopes of peace Rose in Northern Ireland on saturday. Key roman catholics accepted British reforms and pressed guerrillas of the Irish Republican army for a cease fire. William Whitelaw newly appointed British governor of the embattled province arrived in Belfast and told a news conference a i want All men and women of Good will to help me in the immense task 4 helping them to live in Britain announced Friday that the province would be put under direct British Rule with Whitelaw in charge. The Catholic based social democratic and labor party Northern Ireland a main opposition group promised Whitelaw its cooperation As he implements reforms designed to ease tension and off Catholic support of the outlawed Ira. Ira leaders in Dublin and Belfast rejected the peace pleas and ordered their men to go on fighting to oust the British and unite predominantly protestant inside Reading backyard plane builders Page 1-d changing an 2-a two party system sick. Page 8-a editorial. Page 4-a women a news. Section b sports. Section c television. Page 15-c entertainment. Pages 14-15c obituaries. Page 4-d classified. Pages 4-20d peace Hopes Given blow by Lewis Gulick associated press writer Washington a president Nixon a Shock treatment to the Paris peace Talke reflect s an administration estimate that no Vietnam settlement is Likely this year. Administration strategists figure Hanoi will probably sit tight on the negotiating front until it sees a How far tile United states goes with its withdrawal. A the outcome of the 1972 presidential election in which Vietnam will be an Issue. A the extent to which the Saigon government under the victimization program proves Able to carry on its own. Under these assumptions no Indochina peace Deal is foreseeable until 1973 at the earliest. Some see no Prospect of a negotiated settlement until even later after the fighting fades away. The theory is that North Vietnam will continue to press for a takeover of the South until it decides it has no Chance of Suc Esse and that the South will show it can defend itself indefinitely. Nixon was said to have decided Early this week on his new tactic of suspending the Paris sessions until the enemy As he put it Friday a is ready to negotiate if a new communist offer is just around the Corner he has risked snuffling it out before it reaches the bargaining table. Administration aides contend on the other hand that a Nixon a formula is flexible enough to resume the talks any time the communists really want to get Down to negotiating. A the lengthening Parley was going nowhere and As Nixon stated something had to be done a to get the talks off dead a neither Side wants to collapse the Paris conference altogether since that in diplomacy would be like being against motherhood. A the end to automatic every thursday sessions will strip the other Side of a regular weekly forum for propaganda. A the new . Tactic May Jolt the communist delegates into a More serious approach since they will not want to lose face by showing up at the conference table with nothing but a propaganda diatribe. Northern Ireland with the overwhelmingly Catholic Irish Republic to the South. But some Ira members were reported leaning toward a truce. Whitelaw was asked How he would respond to that. A if anyone comes out with a statement that they Are going to Call off violence or anything of that sort they will find me immensely grateful and i Hope responsive to it a he said. But he added a i cannot say in what Way i would respond a at another Point in the news conference Whitelaw said that the sooner the violence ends the sooner the British will be Able to Stop interning suspected terrorists without trial. A we will seek to phase out internment As the Security situation permits a he said. The internment policy has been a major source of Catholic bitterness. Gun Battles flared saturday in Belfast and Londonderry and a Belfast youth was shot dead. He was the 287th person killed in 32 months of violent. Two British soldiers in an armoured patrol car were slightly wounded by a one at the Border. A gel ignite bomb wrecked a service station saturday night off Antrim Road in North Belfast and started a fire. First reports said no one was Hurt. Earlier a bomb planted in a parked car caused extensive damage to the main Street of Market Hill a Small town in county Armagh. Two persons were taken to a Hospital with Shock. The area had been cleared after an Anonymous Telephone warning. Legislator backs pet project Sacramento Calif. Apr if it costs More to give medical care to pets than to children should t there be some sort of med pet Carlos Bee of Hayward democratic speaker pro tempore of the California Assembly thinks maybe there should. So he has introduced a Bill into the Assembly that would make veterinarian Bills deductible from state income tax As Are medical Bills

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