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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile High Point Enterprise sunday March 24,1974 5a William Kuhn building the salvation army William Kuhn by Hobert Marks Enterprise staff writer in his second term As a member of the advisory Board of the salvation army in High Point William o. Kuhn is to serve As chairman of that Board for the next year. He sees the year ahead As one of building for the salvation army and for High Point. A my major goal this year a our goal a is to have the salvation army a new Center under construction and Well on its Way toward completion. Our plans have been approved at the regional Headquarters in Atlanta and at the divisional Headquarters in Charlotte. A was soon As they Are returned to us we will proceed with seeking bids and letting the contract for construction to begin a Kuhn said. A this should take place in the near the salvation army feels a sense of urgency in the Effort Kuhn indicated because of the response from High Point to a building fund Campaign two years ago. The goal was $400,000. More than $1.2 million was raised. The Money received during the Campaign has been invested and drawing interest pending completion and approval of the plans. The new Center is to be constructed on 17.8 acres off s. Main Street Between 1-85 and w. Springfield Avenue. A a the response of High Point to the building fund Campaign attests to the Faith the Community has in the salvation army a Kuhn said. A the salvation army has a reputation for rendering the utmost in service for each Dollar it receives. We intend to maintain that degree of service in the construction of the new installed last week As the advisory Board chairman for 1974-75, Kuhn was vice chairman of the Board last year. His work with the salvation army is however but on aspect of his involvement in the Community. He is Active in the Myca having served on the Board of directors As treasurer and As chairman of various committees. At Wesley memorial United methodist Church he has served on the administrative Board and the finance committee. He is a member of the rotary club and a former member of the Jaycees. A native of Pender county Kuhn attended new Hanover High school in Wilmington and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He played football and was named to the All state team while in High school and to the All conference team while at Carolina. He returned to Chapel Hill after two years of service in the air Force to receive his degree in Law. Graduating in 1957 from Law school he worked one year As research assistant to Justice Emery b. Denny who later became the chief Justice of the North Carolina supreme court. Kuhn came to High Point in 1958 to join the firm that he is now a member of a. Haworth Riggs Kuhn and Haworth. His work is primarily in the Field of corporate and tax Law. He had decided even before he entered High school that he wanted to be an attorney Kuhn said. A i think the biggest influence in my decision was my admiration for Abraham Lincoln a he explained. Kuhn is a member of the High Point North Carolina and american bar associations. He lectured at the Institute on taxation sponsored by the North Carolina bar Assn. In 1964. Mrs. Kuhn is the former Joann Wilson also from Pender county. But she and Kuhn did not meet for the first time until both were students at Chapel Hill. She was working on her masters degree in education and he was in Law school. Mrs. Kuhn is now a math teacher at Westchester Academy. Kuhn his wife and their three children make their Home at 188 Seminole Lane in Willow Creek. Roaming the Piedmont experience of childhood at gardening recalled Davidson dateline certificate of occupancy Issue in housing by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville with notable infrequency the Thomasville City Council is called upon to judge an Issue of critical importance to the welfare of the Community. Certificate of occupancy a matter councilmen Are now pondering is one of those rarely significant issues. If passed it could mean the eventual eradication of slum housing in the City. Opponents of the proposed measure who May not represent the majority View but who unfortunately possess the greatest clout claim the Law would cause a precipitous Rise in rent prices forcing Low income families onto the streets. In simplest terms the ordinance would require inspection of All suspected substandard dwellings. If substandard conditions Are indeed uncovered the owner would have to make the corrections specified by the inspections department. Otherwise no new tenants May legally move in. To protect tenants against eviction the Law stipulates that the dwelling would not be posted a a placarded with signs barring occupancy until the unit becomes vacant. Any currently vacant unit would be placarded after confirmation of the inspection departments findings by the City Council. That a virtually All there is to it. The landlord is allowed a hearing and he is availed an appeals procedure. But there Are no dilatory loopholes which landlords have consistently exploited until the existing ordinances prohibiting substandard housing. The Board of realtors and local landlords have registered objections on three grounds one of which is not really valid. As the proposal was originally portrayed an inspection would be required for any dwelling unit whatever neighbourhood its in each time it becomes vacant. A later explanation however revealed that the ordinance would apply Only to those dwellings Likely to be unfit. With that argument out of the Way there Are two other obstacles supporters must overcome. Landlords and realtors contend that tenants would be required to shoulder none of the expense for destruction they inflict on rental property. City attorney George Saintsing enumerated several provisions for tenant responsibility he had inserted but he hourly predicted that a half of them Are unenforceable. The most formidable argument however is the Contention that tenants will eventually end up footing the Bill for mandated repairs. Making this assertion opponents appear benign motivated solely by altruistic concern. What could be More pathetic than asking us to show compassion for the Man who can to afford to live in a decent House Robert Schoch a High Point attorney who appeared before the City Council last monday presented a cogent rebuttal. As a member of the High Point Model cities Board of directors Schoch prepared the certificate of occupancy ordinance that was enacted by the City Council there last november. In his statement Here monday he made reference to the minimum housing code already on the books. Provisions in the code stipulate hot and cold running water for All dwelling units adequate bathroom facilities underpinning to protect the House from rat infestation enough wiring for illumination and structural soundness. The certificate of occupancy Law would change none of these requirements said Schoch but would Only assure that they Are enforced. His premise was Quot you draw the line somewhere As to what Are acceptable living conditions. Since a Clear delineation is supplied in the minimum housing code he suggested it is past time to begin abiding by it. Charles Lambeth an attorney from Thomasville brought Schoch to the meeting monday night. Before the latter made his presentation Lambeth himself addressed the Issue. A the evolving standards of a decent society require that we do everything in our Power to improve the lot of our fellow Man a he said. A i think it is unconscionable in our affluent society for working people people of no Means to have to out Money for substandard it is regrettable that the people who agree with Lambeth Schochet a1, have the least influence at City Hall. The ones who do hold the Power Are reportedly tightening the screws on the members of the City Council. The arguments Are perhaps As predictable As they Are irrelevant. In essence the real Issue is whether the Council will condone conditions that Are in a word intolerable. Lets Hope members of the Council wont. Spotlight on education evidence Points to environment Factor by Benjamin Fine a crts americas newspaper Alliance new York a University of Pennsylvania anthropologist has presented new evidence supporting an environmental rather than genetic explanation for the higher scores of . Whites Over Blacks or other minority groups. The research of or. Peggy Sanday an associate professor of anthropology also indicates that social class integration in schools usually accompanying racial integration leads to improved in scores for both Blacks and lower class Whites. Whether Blacks have a lower in score because of their environment or because they Are generally inferior has been the Bane of a growing controversy that has created bitterness infighting among psychologists and scientists and Campus disturbances. The Issue was joined when profs. Arthur Jensen of the University of California William Shockley of Stanford and r. J. Herrnstein of Harvard reviewing studies Over the past half Century reached the conclusion that on the average Black children had an in of about 15 Points below their White classmates. This has been sharply contested by Many noted psychologists who hold that the difference if it exists at All is caused by the Lack of adequate school facilities for Black children. Also they maintain that 300 years of slavery social discrimination and economic deprivation have left their toll. As a result it is unfair to test Black children with the existing in exams that Are standardized on groups of White Middle class boys and girls. In studying the in changes of All ninth graders attending primarily segregated Pittsburgh pa., schools in 1971, or. Sanday found that a school segregation had a negative effect on the in scores of Blacks. Removed from mainstream culture Blacks lost in Points Between kindergarten and ninth Grade while Whites gained. A changes seemed to reflect school environment rather than predetermined racial aptitude. Both Blacks and Whites lost in Points when enrolled in lower socioeconomic schools. Both improved when Peers held higher social class status. A the pattern of White gain and Black loss appeared to be set by the fourth Grade. This suggests the importance of integration at an Early age. After the fourth Grade the magnitude of the amount gained or lost increased each sunday accent year. Supported by a Grant from the office of education department of health education and welfare the study indicates that in changes at least Between kindergarten and eighth Grade Are a function of peer and parental class status rather than predetermined racial ability. A it suggests a maintains or. Sanday a that what academicians Call intelligence is not a unitary fixed predetermined trait but on that develops Given enough exposure to the style of life and thinking for which intelligence tests were a mathematical anthropologist or. Sanday a research tested her theory that in scores reflect the degree of Contact an individual has had with mainstream culture a in this Case White Middle class America. Based on earlier studies noting a built in Middle class Bias in in tests she developed a theoretical Model suggesting that children Black or White who have most input from Middle class America will score Best on in tests. She suggested that school and Community segregation together with racial prejudice have a debilitating effect on the cognitive development of Black children with the result that their mean in Falls below that of White children. Although integration is now under Way Pittsburgh schools in 1971 were essentially segregated. On the average Black children went to schools which were 75 per cent Black. White children attended schools which averaged Only 13 per cent Black. In effect two separate cultures existed. Or. Sanday found that the in scores of Blacks worsened steadily Between kindergarten and eighth Grade while scores of Whites improved. The differences seemed to parallel the segregation of Blacks from Middle class culture. In kindergarten 84 per cent of the Black Sample attended schools where the average social standing based on parents occupation and education was Low compared to 19 per cent of the White Sample. By Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer this is that time of year when a lot of folks get the gardening fever. This annual urge is spurred on by the greenish tint that now surrounds Many of the Oak and similar Trees the Beautiful Blooming azaleas and other similar plants of the area. And no doubt the desire for growing vegetables is aided and abetted by the prices of produce in the various stores. For those with Green thumbs this Garden project business could be a Good thing indeed. However the above is a preamble to my annual statement that i refuse to make any attempts at growing things. I tried it once. That was enough. After spading up a Small area it seemed awfully Large to me i then Laid off the rows and lovingly planted the seeds according to directions on the packets in which they came. Alas that was the last i Ever saw of those seeds. If any of them came up they were so similar to my eyes to weeds that i must have pulled them up. Either that or the plants went the other Way because i certainly never got anything from them. I tried Tomato gardening at another time figuring that anybody should be Able to grow a simple Tomato Plant. That also was just a figment of my imagination. Of the plants grew All right they just did no to Flower. Or if they flowered the blooms died before any edible love apples matured. So when someone suggests that gardening is the answer to Many problems i nod my head in assent and think to myself a you just do not know my thinking Back i suppose that my inability to Garden goes Back to an earlier Day. Daddy decided one Spring that it would be Nice to have a Garden one in which the family cooperated. That meant me for my sister after All was a girl and be expected to Hoe and my brother was a mite Young at the time. So it was he and me a and the me part was a most reluctant partner. I always had something else in mind As How to Best spend an afterschool afternoon. The family had a Garden and i enjoyed eating some of the things that were grown in it. But what results were obtained were through dads efforts and not mine. I seem to recall that he finally gave up on getting help from me an editor s Outlook deciding that what help he got from me was not Worth the Effort. The reasons that i did not help him too much with the Garden in the 30s Are the same that i use today a laziness and the thoughts that there must be something More worthwhile. Clothes Are valued As streaking shows by Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate the sons and daughters of collegiate goldfish eaters and the Little Brothers and Sisters of panty raiders Are now one result of streaking is that it has awakened the theoreticians. There is the theory for example that permissiveness and porno have led logically to Public exhibitionism. There is the apocalyptic or Gabriel is raising his trumpet to. His lips theory. In the words of the Book of Nahum a i will show the nations thy nakedness and the kingdoms thy shame. And make thee vile and will set thee As a then there is the Youthful exuberance and rebellion theory. As one Florida coed put it Quot streaking has nothing to do with sex. We just like to Shock our some have asserted that this phenomenon represents a breakthrough to new frontiers in Liberty awareness and soul expansion. But because it is beneath the dignity of columnists to theorize simply i have come up with the Rousseau hypothesis which i am having patented. And it goes like this people who have had too much eventually rebel or pretend to rebel against things. When the court of the last Louis buried itself in lace Gold lacquer and powdered wigs Jan Jacques Rousseau arose to proclaim the nobility of the Savage and it caught on. Marie Antoinette went what the writers of the Constitution meant by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer one thing the watergate scandal has done is to bring All of us into a National study course on the Constitution its meaning and its purpose. The Central Issue is impeachment. On the one Side there is president Nixon in the White House invoking separation of Powers and executives privilege talking about National Security and asking for a definition of an impeachable offence. On the other Side there is specifically the House judiciary committee citing the Constitution for the authority to return a Bill of impeachment against the president defining an impeachable offence not As a clearly identifiable criminal act but in the broader terms As used in English common Law and in the experience of the american government and asserting its own constitutional authority to proceed. In the Middle is the majority of the people who through the polls indicate their feelings that president Nixon is involved in criminal acts and abuse of his Power and authority but shying away from the word a a impeachment itself. One of the Best and most concise expositions about the impeachment process i have yet encountered is offered by Elizabeth Drew in an article in the new yorker for March 18. The article is the second in a two part series in which miss Drew recounts events in Washington from october through december of last year. The Kellmell Rush of events a the resignation of Agnew the firing of Archibald Cox the Resigna Tion of Richardson and Ruckelshaus the Middle East War the world wide Alert for american military forces the subpoenaed tapes the tape with the missing Gap the naming of Ford As vice president a Flash across the mind. So much happened so quickly. Now we Are at the stage of impeachment. As miss Drew notes the Constitution says in Section 4 of article ii that a the president vice president and All civil officers of the United states shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason bribery or other High crimes and in other sections the Constitution gives to the House the a sole Power of impeachment and to the Senate the a sole Power to try All impeachments a with conviction coming upon a vote of two thirds. The punishment for impeachment is removal from office and someone so removed can still be liable to a indictment trial judgment and punishment according to what the writers of the Constitution meant by impeachment was lifted from English common Law with which they were familiar. The division of impeachment Powers Between the House and Senate correspond to the division of impeachment Powers Between the House of commons and the House of lords in parliament. In 1787, the year in which the Constitution was written the parliament was considering the impeachment of Warren Hastings former governor of British India. The men at the constitutional convention followed the debate miss Drew says. What does the Constitution mean in listing a treason bribery or other High crimes and misdemeanours a As impeachable offences miss Drew offers some examples of what the men who wrote the Constitution were talking and thinking about. George Mason said that a a corruption would be impeachable. James Madison said that the president might be impeached if he Quot be connected in any suspicious manner with any person and there be grounds to believe that he win shelter to Alexander Hamilton writing in federalist paper no. 65, impeachment was intended to reach a the misconduct of Public men and a abuse of violation of some Public Madison again during the first Congress said that the president was subject to impeachment for the conduct of his subordinates. The passage is quoted by miss Drew a i think it absolutely necessary that the president should have the Power of removing subordinates from office it will make him in a Peculiar manner responsible for their conduct and subject him to impeachment himself if he suffers them to perpetrate with impunity High crimes or misdemeanours against the United states or neglects to superintend their conduct so As to Check their excesses. On the constitutionality of the declaration i have no manner of the Confidence of Madison and his compatriots in the impeachment process is not without its meaning for us today. Through the elaborate motions of pretending to be a simple milkmaid and she even built a Dairy on the grounds of Versailles featuring a few manicured and per fumed cows. Paris aristocrats went ape Over Benjamin Franklin a simple Quaker dress and followed ism around in droves. People who done to have much like to dress up. Nineteenth Century immigrants dazzled by the free schooling in this wonderful new land sent their kids off polished and if possible starched. We depression age collegians went to class in jackets for we were conscious of our rare privilege. It was Only after Prosperity reared its ugly head again and College was considered an unalienable right that the Campus scene degenerated into jeans and dirty shirts. The Rousseau syndrome seemed to be progressive in reverse. First it was Beaver trapper coiffure then Apache headbands then Iroquois moccasins. All that on a motorcycle was really something. So what a wrong with the ultimate leap to the australian Bushman costume which of course is no costume at All streaking to give it its due will be educational. Collegians will discover that most naked people Are not particularly pretty. Most boys buttocks Are either too lean or too fat. Most girls bosoms Are either floppy or rudimentary. There will always be More mutts than show dogs and Only a favored few of us Are proportioned like Venus or Adonis. I once met a rather shaken new Jersey reporter who a Tad talked his Way into a. Nudist Camp near Absecon. Seeking a great Psyk Etiological truth i asked a did you notice any common characteristic among the nudists a a Strong stomachs a he replied wanly. Clothes of properly designed emphasize our Strong Points and conceal our failures. Man invented them not out of shame but out of vanity. They let us display our accomplishments. The Admiral and the Seaman second class May look alike in the Shower but there is a vast difference Between Gold braid and deck swabbing dungarees. They give us option. A Man May own Only two ties a one purple and one with yellow and Green stripes. Both May be awful. But in the very process of selection before his Mirror he exercises a right denied the faceless hordes that repressive states have poured into quilted jackets. %

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